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WARNING: Powerplay, bondage. Totally consensual.
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By Celievamp

It's times like this that I remind myself just how lucky I am to have found someone like Janet. Someone who understands me so completely, who knows what I need and when I need it, who matches me in every way. She completes me. Thesis and antithesis. Yin and Yang.

My breath shuts off for a moment. A warning. She did order silence but I don't think I said anything aloud. Did I? Her hand touches my hair. "Stop thinking, Sam," she whispers. "I can hear the cogs turning. I told you to be still and silent. Don't make me punish you."

I try to still my mind but its not easy. She has me exactly where she wants me. Where I want to be. Anticipation sizzles through me. Dare I disobey? What has she got planned?

I order my breathing, remembering some relaxation techniques that Teal'c taught me. Find my still point. Be in the moment and for the moment. Nothing else will be acceptable.

I smell sandalwood. She has lit the candles around the room. I keep myself relaxed as my arms are pulled up, ropes attached to the leather cuffs around my wrists. She knows exactly how far to tension them, holding me in place without hurting me too much. Just enough for the muscles to begin to burn.

Velvet touches my cheek, slides down my throat, across my bare breasts. I shiver as she kisses the base of my throat, her fingers caressing the collar that she placed around my neck. I am hers. And she is mine. There is power here, but it is by mutual consent. I give it over to her. I give myself to her. Willingly.

She settles herself over me, feasting on my breasts, my belly. I can bear her slight weight with ease. Her hair brushes over my face. I washed it for her earlier and the scent of jasmine is a powerful reminder of how it felt to hold her, to run my fingers over her delicate skull, her slender yet strong shoulders. Later, when I am permitted, I will touch her again.

I remember the first time I washed her hair for her, the same day that we realised what we had between us. It seems strange to want to thank Hathor for anything but she truly did bring Janet and I together. It started during the firefight. I saw how she looked when the adrenaline rush hit, saw the fire in her eyes. I had been noticing her eyes for weeks, ever since the Broca thing hit, when cavewoman Sam saw what she wanted and unlike her modern self had the guts and audacity to reach out and take it.

She likes to be in control. And I like to be controlled. To give over my will to another. To place my absolute trust in someone knowing that they will never let me down.

After Janet was shot she trusted me to help her. One of the things she let me do was wash her hair for her. It was an amazingly sensual experience considering that at the time we hadn't even kissed or made any kind of declaration to each other – at least not when both of us were in their right minds.

She lifts herself off me again, walks round the bed, inspecting me, checking the ropes. I hear her pick up and put down various toys, the momentary buzz of a vibrator as she checks the battery. I will myself to stay still and silent knowing that if I make any kind of noise or movement she may just walk away. Not a mistake you make twice, believe me. Her hand slides over my left breast, cupping it for a moment. Something shockingly cold rests against the nipple – ice. Another piece coats my lips for a moment before slipping between them. Icewater melts on my tongue. Another sensation to add to the mix.

Her hot mouth replaces the ice against my nipple sending an almost electric surge through my body. The icecube rests on my abdomen, drawing slick circles around my navel. A gentle tug on my thigh is my signal to part my legs and I feel the mattress give a little as she kneels between my parted legs. The sweep of her silky hair over my lower abdomen is the only warning I get as cool lubricant drizzles over my skin. A single finger traces a line from my clit to my anus and at her silent bidding I lift my hips so that she can put a pillow underneath me. Slowly she works me, inserting her finger up to the first and then the second knuckle. Her lips whisper a trail against my inner thigh, kissing, licking and biting. Her other hand rests on my hip. My legs twitch and her breath hisses its displeasure, fingers digging into my hip.

"Must I bind you?" she asks.

"I'm sorry," I whisper. But I'm not. I move my leg again, deliberately this time, contriving to rub against her hip. The finger is removed and I feel her shift on the bed. Then I feel the second set of cords being attached to the leather cuffs around my ankles, drawing my legs further apart. I am open to her now. There is nothing I can do. The release is invigorating.

She begins again, another piece of ice this time against my right breast, circling the nipple slowly for what seems an age. Then it vanishes and a second later her lips are pressed against mine and I can feel the coolness of the ice cube against her tongue as I take it into my mouth. Her skin is so warm and I can smell her arousal. I'm about ready to combust. She shifts down my body and I feel her fingers skate down my thigh, follow the line of my cleft. I'm not even breathing as a finger probes me again. It took time for me to get used to this but it was worth it. Her finger is removed slowly and then as I try not to tense up the smooth cool ridge of the plug touches my anus. Slowly she pushes it into me giving me time to get used to the intrusion. I can hear myself panting as I fight the urge to tense up, to fight against the intruder.

I feel her lips on my brow. She is pleased with me. Her fingers stroke over my clit, spreading my folds, testing how wet I am. I wonder what she will use on me? Anticipation thrills through me again and I buck against her fingers, trying to push them deeper into me.

The fingers withdraw immediately. I still myself again.

"Poor baby," she whispers. "Speak now. Tell me what you want."

"You inside me," I whisper. "I want to cum, Janet. Make me cum." I know I'm probably blushing. Considering what we're doing it's ridiculous really but talking dirty still embarrasses the hell out of me.

"Okay, Sam, but you have to be quiet, understand. No noise, or it all goes away. Do you think you can do that or do I have to gag you?" Her fingers touch my mouth and I can smell myself on them. I open my lips slightly and she slips her fingers inside. I gently suckle them whilst I consider my answer.

I release her fingers. "I will be quiet, I promise," I said. She had gagged me once before and I found it a little too much. I had a flashback to one of Jolinar's exploits and scared the hell out of her. Our game was swiftly abandoned as Janet held my shaking body, calming me down, bringing me back to myself again.

"Okay," her damp fingers stroked my cheek. I felt her weight on me for a moment as she reached across me to one of the toys and I felt the coolness of it tease my clit. She eased the tip inside me and I relaxed as she pushed it home, filling me, stretching me. I breathed deeply. My skin was beaded with sweat, I felt as if the temperature in the room had hiked about ten degrees. She rubbed and pinched at my clit and moved the toy inside me as my back arched off the bed. Her hands lifted my hips slightly as she fastened the harness in place, holding the toy inside me and her fingers pulled and twisted the plug in my butt.

"So beautiful, she whispered. "You look so beautiful, Sam, so wanton, so bad. No one else sees you like this, only me. Don't you know how special that makes me feel knowing that I can do this to you, make you feel so good." She ran her hands over my body, tracing the lines of muscle across my abdomen, the taut tendons in my arms and legs. Her hand smoothed over my abdomen again towards my mound and touched the end of the dildo. She switched on the vibrator attachment and I swear for a moment that I levitated off the bed. The self control it took not to cry out.

Sensation exploded through my body, I swear my blood began to boil. Bright light exploded across my vision as I bucked against the restraints, the burning in my muscles intensifying, my bones liquefying. I could hear my breathing coming in pants as I tried desperately to draw in enough oxygen to fuel the fire that was building inside me, the pressure that was threatening to explode through me, the tsunami, the ninth wave.

"Janet!" I screamed her name as it swept me away…

Soft fingers ran up and down my arms which were freed from the restraints and resting at my sides. The gentle massage was like soft rain after the storm. My legs were also free but the plug and dildo were still in place as was the collar and blindfold.

I felt as if I was coming back to life again. "I'm sorry," I whispered. "I disobeyed your order. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I cried out your name."

"I'll forgive you - this time," she said. I felt her fingers at the Velcro that held the blindfold in place and shut my eyes in anticipation of the return to sight. After a few moments I cautiously opened them and could not help smiling as I saw her beautiful face leaning over me.

"Hey," she whispered, reaching in for a kiss. "You okay?"

"Better n'okay," I whispered. Actually, I was starting to cramp a little, the dildo and plug had outstayed their welcome. Sensing my discomfort she undid the harness and eased them out of me, replacing the dildo with her fingers, massaging me gently. I was still outrageously sensitive so it didn't take much for me to cum again. She sat and catlicked her fingers clean before crawling up my body again.

"How did it make you feel?" I asked, slipping my hand between her legs. Oh, she was wet, her inner thighs damp with moisture, so wet and hot for me and this was the first time I'd touched her.

"Like God," she whispered, catching hold of my hand and settling herself over my fingers. She rode my fingers, her hands at either side of my head her beautiful body arched over mine as we kissed. After only a minute or so her breath hitched, her back arching as she screamed out my name and I caught her as she started to collapse, rolling us so that she was on the bottom. My turn.

I did not give her any recovery time but continued my assault on her body, kissing and biting, licking and rubbing until she came again, her voice hoarse now as she screamed out my name.

We lay side by side, her on her back, me on my front, my arm resting across her abdomen. The night air was chilly across our cooling skin. I reached down and pulled the sheet over us. Janet reached up and undid the collar that was still around my throat, gently pulling it off and dropping it over the side of the bed.

"You okay?" she asked again.

"Wonderful," I smiled, kissing her nose, her cheeks and finally her mouth. A long time later "You were wonderful."

"We are wonderful," she corrected me, nuzzling my throat. "Think you could sleep now?"

"Think so," I whispered still apparently obedient to her will as my eyes were closing of their own accord.

When I woke some time later, our heads were on the same pillow. It was early morning, just past dawn, the light grey-gold. Her face was just inches from mine, her eyes open. She had been watching me sleep. One of my hands was on the curve of her hip, the other resting on the pillow between us, clasped in hers as she mirrored my position. I shivered as her fingers moved across my skin.

"Hey beautiful," she smiled.

"Hey yourself," I whispered, my voice scratchy with sleep. "Did you sleep at all?"

"Too busy watching you," she said, reaching over to kiss me. I brought my hand up to touch her face.

"It's still early," I said. "Let me return the favour for a while. Get some sleep, Janet."

She smiles as my fingers caress her cheek, play with her hair. Her dark eyes watch me silently, closing every now and then, before fluttering open as she fights to stay awake. But my baby is tired and at last her eyes stay shut and I can tell by the subtle shift in her breathing that she is asleep.

I keep my promise. I watch over her sleep, marveling at how beautiful she is as the morning light gilds her skin. And I thank again whoever or whatever it is watches over us in this life for bringing us together. For making us who we are.

The End

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