Nephalim's Gate
By Elizabeth Carter

Chapter Four


"Your Majesty, I have a small question on semantics." Cassie started the conversation as the Carter-Fraiser family plus the Queen entered the splendid bastion that was now the home of Sam and Janet. When she gained the attention of both her mothers and that of the Queen the girl started, "Okay, I've heard the word 'Song' used to describe a soul and I've heard it used to describe gifts or powers..."

The conversation was being led to the opulent parlor of Carter-Fraiser home. The parlor hosted a wide fireplace large enough to roast a full grown male buffalo and have room to spare. The mantle was held aloft by white marble pillars in the image of oak trees. Above the mantel a painting of Sam and Janet in royal regalia behind them their winged blue maned pumacia mounts.

Several blue and gold overstuffed couches were scattered about the chamber in a semicircle perfect for conversations. And upon the gold-blue marble tiles a massive oriental-like rug, bearing the design of a rampant lion and oak tree upon a shield, the crest of Carter and Fraiser. The design always reminded Sam of the Seal-rug in the Oval Office. And some how the rug gave the chamber a very official if not royal feel to it.

Novalis took one of the low backed chairs, her great wings arching over it comfortably. "And this usage of the word Song confuses you." Novalis redirected the question back to the young woman.

"A little." The girl confessed.

"Yes they are interchangeable. You have heard of a song having soul." the Queen said.

"Sure there is even a whole genre of it." Cassie answered. "Soul Music."

"But if Music isn't sentient how can it then have a soul?"

"I see where you're going with this. Soul has a few more meanings than just... 'the' Soul. So a Song is a Soul, but it also is used to describe the power someone has."

"Precisely so. Just as now your mother carries the Song of Healing within her being."

"Yeah about that," Janet commented. "I don't even know how that happened," she looked at her wife who was holding Rebecca upon her lap. The girl was looking at her blonde mother's bandaged long fingered hand and than her own tiny one in wonder. "I knew only that I wanted my little girl to be better, that she was no longer hurt." Janet placed her hand on her eldest child's shoulder indicated she did not blame Cassie for hurting her sister. After all Cassandra was only following the edicts of the Ceremony of Adoption. "And then she was healed. There is no indication she was ever hurt. No trauma to the wound site, no scarring, even the flesh is in advanced stages of healing." Janet announced. "I want to run a few tests, MRI's to start with."

Novalis smiled, how like the tiny physician to want to scientifically explain the wonders of the Great Song. Janet had tapped into the essence of the World Symphony and made manifest her Song of Healing of course she want to know how this came to be, the why wasn't as important.

"Samantha, Janet I know that all who enters the Cleansing Lodge touch the Great Song each in their own pivotal ways, and you need not share your visions with me for they tend to be profoundly private. But I do give you this bit of advice, if I were you, I'd heed the visions given to you. They are generally precognitive of future events."

Both women reflected upon the images, the sounds of their visions. Both alike and yet so dissimilar to have a meaning only to the dreamer.

... cries went unanswered, their hurt uncomforted, their pain unhealed. Too much pain, too much hurt. All screaming crying out for her to heal them, to save them. And Janet was helpless. She couldn't reach them. They spun away like brown leaves from the seat of a whirled merry-go-round, drifting into darkness

... Sometimes it isn't life that dies... .Many voices were heard in the Great Song, and so stirs the World Symphony. Always there must be a balance when great power is used. The Song of Unmaking was sung, The Harrowing summoned but unleashed... Samantha go with great care. Those you love will be protected under the House of Thrones, but you will be hunted.

… "Your Song is greater even than that of the Nephalim. Because she carries the song of a Warrior. Your battle is with a greater foe. That of the unknown, the unseen. Your battle often is time, for rarely is it your ally. You are a healer....beyond all healers. That is the power of your Song. Healing and Compassion are your Great Songs. Your every essence dominates the Nephalim otherwise she would not have turned away from the Harrowing, the making of the Sundering. Seek ye well your path, Liege Healer. Guard ye well the edges of Life for lo there shall be those to seek to purloin it from those you cherish most. One will fall to death and you must allow it so; for even your compassion will decimate the greater whole. One will fall and can not pass into death, for their demise will decimate the greater whole."

…"not all can be protected, Samantha. Know in your heart that sometimes there are those who lay beyond your ability to protect, and the fault is not your own. Samantha. Behold your Music, Nephalim. Your minstrelsy is in the like not heard in eons within eons. The World Symphony sings of the memory of the Nephalim that came first and ascended into the Great Song until their melodies fused into one chord"

… "You are Balanced in your Harmony. The World Symphony is rife with Discord. There are wounds you will not be able to heal, beware Liege Healer of the Malakim of the plague of averse that infects like a disease. You pulled the Nephalim from the Abyss, and turned her power of the Harrowing benign, you resolved the turmoil the First Fallen created. You may be required to do something similar."

"Novalis," Sam started shifting the direction of the conversation. "There are those in the government who do not fully support my holding the office of Prime Minister, and truth be told I was satisfied with being the Prime Minister of this outpost, But I still do not know enough of the government to even be a simple figurehead, and let's face it I am."

"Yes you are, but there are much more than political motives at play here. The Nephalim as the Prime Minister holds a stability for much of the Empire now that I am cut off from the essence of the Great Song. And the Grigori are now a recognized Choir had they not been recognized there would have been greater unrest in the Winds of the Empire. For the Grigori will fight for on one else but you, Nephalim. 200,000 souls and the number increases. At the battle of the Nephalim you had 180,000 warriors at your command.

"The number increases as those of other choirs hear the Song of the Grigori and answer to it, they go into the Cleansing Lodges just as you and your family have done and shed all music from their Songs as they take up the essence of the Grigori. Now the Eighth Choir is diverse as it is made up of others from other Choirs but soon the Grigori will have its own designations, like the Ofanium have a slight build and greater wings spans or the Cherubim favour darker hues in their feathers or the Kyronite's ability to blend in well with the other species of the universes. The Grigori will evolve. But one thing will remain a constant: the Grigori will for ever be the Nephalim's own and no other.

"I understand this, Novalis. And I understand why you had to give me an office of power. But what kind of effective leader can I be, even if I am a figurehead if I don't know the full history of the Malakim, or the legends, the songs, the music. Minister Namcheal questions my motives in the negotiations between Earth and the Empire."

"She will not now."

"Why?" this question came from Janet. "Because we are now members of your House?"

"Because you are members of 'a' house, Healer. You are now Malakim in the heart of the Great Song. You have undergone the Cleansing and have been touched by the Great Song, its notes are left upon you and even the deafest of us can hear plainly the music of the World Symphony is now yours. You are Malakim and thus your word is your bond, your honor. Minister Namcheal may fully disagree with the position the two of you hold but she dare not question your honor now. You have given your Oath to the Empire. If she questions it she must now face you in an open duel and she chances to lose much face in the eyes of the Empire. And if she loses she will lose her position as Minister of the Guild of Alien Affairs. Her position in her House and most of all she will lose all honor."

"She may feel justified in risking it," Janet persisted. "There are some things you are very willing to risk because you feel justified and your actions are exonerated. We can help be a liaison between Earth and the Empire, but any other political interactions, and Minister Namcheal may have a cause to challenge."

Rebecca sitting on her Mama's lap had thought the entire conversation very boring but then most 'Tall-Talk' was incredibly boring. "Well if Minister-Namcheal is grumpy because she feels left out just make room for her in the game." The girl said easily.

Indeed politics was very much a game.

All eyes fell on the babe in arms. So simple an answer and so easy a solution. If Minister Namcheal had an office here in the Capital city of Kalevla even in Incarna Academy she might well stand down her protests, or at the least lesson them to a degree that it was not as grave an issue she was making the affair out to be.

Novalis smiled "The most truthful simple songs are always sung by featherlings."

Sam hugged her daughter closer to her body in shining pride. "You're right baby-girl" the blonde addressed her child. "We'll make room for Minister Namcheal in our 'game'."

"Janet, Samantha speaking of the games of politics all negotiations between the Empire Earth and Atlantis lies within your hands. The minister of the GAA will have documented files on what the Empire expects of its allies and what we give in return. This is standard procedure for allies of the Empire. Further if any of those of Earth and or Atlantis wish to set up trade agreements, including technology both militant and mundane, food stores or land it will be on your judgment and what will best benefit the Empire. The Empire is more inclined to assist Atlantis because they have the Archives of the Ancients at their disposal."

"And the Empire is interested in the Ancient repositories." Janet said.

"Yes it is." Novalis nodded. "The Ancients and ourselves have the common enemy of the Wraiths. The Ancients were wiped out by a plague that swept across the galaxy, those that could Ascended the rest died out. Most sought refuge in Atlantis the Lost City." Novalis turned her numinous eyes to Janet. "I have read your reports concerning the Ancient named Ayiana and the fact she was a carrier of the plague. Though she had healed most of SG1 and the Antarctic research team she had been unable to heal Jack O'Neill and herself. She had died because of it. This same plague had nearly wiped the Ancients out, and what the plague didn't take, and those that hadn't ascended were hunted down and culled by the Wraith."

The Queen sighed thinking of arcane times. "What you might not know is that it was the Wraith that had given the plague to the Ancients in the first place. It was carried in the larva and fecal matter of large insects that fastened itself onto a host's neck where it sucked the life out of the body, just as the Wraith siphon the life from their pray."

"Novalis are you concerned the Wraith will try to spread this plague again?" Sam asked.

"That has always been a possibility. Now that they are fully awakened they have become a dire threat to the Empire and mortals that now control Atlantis and its allies. I am more concerned Nephalim with the increasing cullings. For the last eight years they have slowly progressed. There are more Hive ships than before and the Wraith are increasing in numbers. They have now grown as powerful as they had once been before their hibernation."

Sam couldn't help but feel a small spark of accountable guilt as it was her people the Air Force who had awakened the malice from their sleep. True it was Major Shepard's team who had done the actual awaking but Sam still felt responsible.

"Cassy, little pitchers don't need to hear 'ghost-stories'" the blonde hinted at the bundle in her lap.

"Right." the elder daughter nodded getting the hint to take a sleepy eyed Rebecca away from the parlor and the heavy topic of Wraiths, culling and threats to safety. "Come on Little-Bit, its like way past your bed time."

"Awww Mum can't I stay up?" Rebecca gave pleading blue-brown look to Sam.

The blonde shook her head.

"Mom?" the girl tried her smaller mother.

"Off to bed with you, Little One, you've had a long day." Janet opened her arms to welcome her daughter hugging her tightly. "We'll be up soon to kiss you good night, until then you can read Harry Potter."

"Harry Potter?" Cassy smirked, "I loved those books when I was a kid. So what book are you on?"

"The seventh, on the last four chapters. I can't wait to see what happens."

"Great, it's been awhile since I've read it, I think I forgot." Cassie picked her sister up and carried her over to Sam so the blonde might hug and kiss the tot before the girls disappeared to the upstairs bedrooms.

For a moment Novalis looked to the child, still in awe how much of a perfect blend the child was of Samantha and Janet. Only the Nox were capable of such harmony to blend such perfection into a Song. The Malakim resorted to science to blend cross-ovum embryos. And though they shared DNA of each parent, the children were not wholly perfect as a Nox blending. The child would more strongly resemble one parent or the other, where as Rebecca was the absolutely a perfect blend of both Sam's and Janet's DNA.

The Queen turned back to the couple before her, feeling perhaps she had long outstayed her welcome, what needed to be discussed concerning the politics of the Alliance could wait until the morrow.

"Perhaps it is not entirely necessary to speak of such matters now." Novalis attempted to smile. "This is a night of jubilation, they celebrate for you. Would you like to join the festivities?"

"We should make an appearance." Janet agreed. "If only to be seen."

"I'll tell Cass." Sam said pulling her wife into her arms for a kiss. Janet didn't need the bond to tell her, that her wife would much rather be occupied with something else than making a show at a party.

"I promise you Lover, I'll rock your world later." Janet uttered softly.

"I'll hold you to that." Sam whispered back licking Janet's earlobe making the doctor slightly weak in the knees. "Be back in a while." When Sam turned to Novalis the forever young warrior was flushed and her blue eyes so dilated with her desire they were nearly black.

Novalis shyly smiled 'Ah to be so young and so in love...Both so young to have boundless energy and libidos....Great Song in the Dark that was ages ago I was that eager!' "We shall wait for your return."

Sam smiled in hearing her dismissal and passed the Queen heading for the circular stairwell, taking them two at a time. She wanted to make just a quick appearance at the celebration then excuse herself and Janet so they might return home. It had been at least two days since she had made love to her wife and it was forty hours too long. It was strange the way her mind went from thinking of ravishing her lover to playing at politics.

"Hey..." Sam said as she entered her daughter's room to see that Rebecca was remarkably asleep. The tot clearly took after Janet as the child was very hyperactive. Or rather simply 'busy' she just had so much energy to burn and when she lost her energy she crashed hard, slept hard. Sam couldn't resist but to pad in and kiss Rebecca on the forehead and tucking her in.

"I remember you doing that with me." Cass smiled. "The best was when I was so sick and dying in Mom's infirmary, you leaned over and kissed my forehead. You stayed with me until I fell asleep. It was such a 'mum' thing. I loved you for it."

Sam flashed her best 'Carter Grin' a she leaned over and kissed her eldest on the forehead and winked. "Still the Mum." she smiled. "My dad still kisses me on the forehead." the blonde shrugged. "A parent thing."

Cassie set the thick edition of Harry Potter down on the night stand and turned to Rebecca then back to Sam. "I am glad she will grow up here, its so safe here."

"I hope so." Sam responded. The words of warning echoed in Nephalim's ears that 'treachery was everywhere.' So where now does it lay? "Say your mom and I are going to the party for a moment. Jailil will be here to watch over Little-Bit if you want to go."

"Okay." Cassie stood and suddenly grabbed Sam into a tight bear-hug. "I love you."

Taken aback slightly but the sudden movement, Sam responded automatically and held her eldest to her in a very 'mama bear hug'. "I love you too. What brought that on?"

"My vision... I saw my birth mother."

"Oh." Sam didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. She decided to allow Cassie to set the stage on how she should react.

"She said she would have hand chosen you and Mom… Janet ... Mom for my new mothers. She happy for me that I have you two to love me and well....okay I am adult now but you kept me safe. You always try to keep me safe. I want that for Little-bit and any other baby that you guys might decide to have." Cassandra's eyes were nearly glossy with her depth of emotion, all of it simply overwhelmingly good.

"You should tell Janet. Your Mom needs to hear this too." Sam whispered.

"I will." Cassandra agreed. "So .......your dream and Mom's what did you two see?"

Sam thought for a moment as the two headed back down the long snaking hall to the stairwell. "A cryptic warning about the future." Perhaps before going to the party it was wise to relay to Novalis and of course Janet what she had seen in her visions. Besides she was infinitely curious as to what her beloved wife had seen. It there was treachery afoot it would be a wise thing to have four sets of eyes open for such things rather than a single paranoid set.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Jacob-Selmac asked of his mate Arian-Xad. "I mean... once you do it you can't go back." The balding gray haired man took a hold of his lover's hand and squeezed it. He was never one for the whole touchy-feely bit of a relationship. In fact it was pretty amazing he had so long ago gotten his deceased wife pregnant once let alone twice he was so removed from physical contact. Selmac had indeed smoothed some of the rough edges.

"Jacob, I've been severed from the winds, my wings are all but useless now and a constant reminder of my Exile. With them gone I can forget the past and move on and live my life as Tok'ra and not a Remnant of the Malakim."

Jacob had seen many a vet who in Nam had lost limbs because of amputations. And they had always had phantom feelings, they lamented because they were no longer a whole person. In fact some of them had come quite bitter about their amputations. He did not want that to happen to a woman who was in all intents and purposes his newlywed wife.

"It's your choice Arion, of course." Jacob would say little more on the issue. "Good luck with the surgery, I am sure you'll think yourself happier." The proud man turned and left the chamber he shared with his mate. He had completely disagreed with her decision to amputate her wings. But it was her body and he had learned from his long dead wife and his daughter he had no right to tell the females in his family what they could and could not to with their bodies simply because he was the man of the house. Sam had more than proved that when she had had her navel pieced.

He was sure that Arion was being rash even if she had taken some time to come to the decision to have her wings removed. And he had to be fair, she was older than he was, older than Selmac even. "Still a stupid idea," he grumbled, wondering why it was the women in his family were always ignoring his wisdom. "Well the kid's decision to stay where she was when she was still a Captain makes sense since I didn't know she was into the SGC program. SHE didn't need my help. But Arion...she's just brooding because the Malakim kicked her out of their military."

Jacob knew that the amputation was a very drastic solution for sour-grapes. *The amputation removes a huge part of her personal identity surely, not to mention any hope of restitution or reconciliation with the Malakim.* Selmac said within the general's mind.

"If they found her taking a symbiote hard, cutting off her wings has got to be a huge no no." Jacob agreed. "We both know Xad has a hand in this. He's the type to cut out what hurts."

*You had done the same until I forced you to reconcile with Mark. I could not tolerate the discord between you two anymore. You said as far as you were concerned you didn't even have a son. And yet it was your error that caused the death of your wife. Xad is doing the same to Arion now. She carries a deep sadness within her because she knows she can never go back whilst she is paired with Xad. She feels they have cast her out for all time and rather deal with a constant reminder of that, perhaps also of what her actions did to cause Samantha's torture, she cuts her wings off, removing the reminders.*

Arion-Xad had placed herself into a very deep state of Kel-nor-reem, her twin eight chamber hearts beating only once or twice every minute. Anise and Garshaw were overseeing the procedure of the wing removal. The Leader of the Tok'ra High Council was concerned over Arion's rash decision, she knew the Malakim could regenerate muscle tissue, even bone but she doubted even with Xad's augmented abilities to regenerate, that the wings could be regrown. But Arion said there was a very slim chance she could indeed have her wings grown and restored to her. This was the only reason she consented to have Anise perform the procedure.

It was an interesting relationship the 'four' had. Where Yosef and Freya got on well, both hosts found the other's symbiotic self a bit much to handle even for Tok'ra standards- far too arrogant and overbearing. Whereas Garshaw and Anise saw eye to eye on most things doing things that needed to be done without hesitancy, but thinking the other's host is a bit of a pantywaist. Still Garshaw saw little value in mutilating one's body. And Anise seemed far too eager to help Arion-Xad blend in with the Tok'ra.

For the past several months Anise and Arion had their heads together pushing scientific envelopes. Since the Taur'i had been able to reactivate or even introduce the Ancient gene in their chromosomes, Anise was eager to see if she couldn't find the same gene in the Tok'ra host bodies as well as Malakim. The levels of mitochondria in the Malakim were far higher than in the Tok'ra or humans, and it was the mitochondria that allowed the angelics to tap into the World Symphony. The higher the concentrated cells of mitochondria the greater the control over the World Symphony.

Anise wanted this ability for the Tok'ra, more specifically for herself. And the only way she knew if the Tok'ra would be compatible with the Malakim chromosome / Ancient gene manipulation would be to test her theories on the one person who had all three within her. Samantha Carter: Nephalim of the Malakim Empire. If Anise could analyze the DNA of Samantha, the Tok'ra scientist gathered she might be able to create gene therapy for the Tok'ra. Her desire was two fold: to create a superior host for the Tok'ra and awake the power within a Tok'ra symbiote.

Samantha had the protein marker of a Tok'ra as well as naquada within her blood. She also had become the mythic figure of the Malakim thus prone to use the power of the World Song and possibly the Ancients. It might be possible to create very powerful blank clones with imprinted consciousnesses ready for implantation for a Tok'ra symbiote, thus eliminating the problems facing the near extinct race. Anise was dedicated to the cause of the Tok'ra and would do what she had to do to ensure their continued survival.

Anise had already obtained the DNA samples taken from Samantha by Doctor Beleth Andrealphus and Director Vapul via Farland-Shedim the Tok'ra agent inside the Calabim followers. They had taken blood, bone marrow, tissue, urine, and brain-fluid. All the tests had proved one thing: Samantha Carter was not entirely human.... The Calabim doctors began considering various theories. Most of it sounded like something out of science fiction. Was she a genetic experiment? Was she a genetic mutation or perhaps the next step in the evolutionary scale? They didn't have the answers and Anise had only theories, the genetic changes were to do with Jolinar's body being absorbed into the blonde warrior.

Anise even took into account the drug Shedim had confiscated. It was amphetamine / hallucinogen. It had a base in opium. Anise had tested it on some plasma; on the cellular level it was a hyper-accelerate, the same as any amphetamine. An antidote would be thyroxin or a depressant, as it would with a hallucinogen. Doctor Vapul had used the two together, because introduced to Samantha's blood it acted as pure adrenaline aggravating the effects. It would have a euphoric effect, at first. Then there would be a gross change of effect: disassociation, a lapse in judgment, and a seeming heightened sensation of strength, dexterity and stamina. Leaps in logic. An overdose would normally result in uncontrollable shaking and shivering, difficulty in breathing, high heart-rate and raised blood pressure, possibly leading to a heart attack or stroke.

Anise knew Samantha had experienced paranoia, loss in judgment, inability to make realistic risk assessments and a willingness to try suicidal maneuvers. A person under the influence would fixate on a subject or a single task with myopic vision. And she would have had an altered perception of time. Minutes could last forever, and hours fly by. It was completely amazing Samantha's heart hadn't stopped from atropine-toxicity. Somehow she had survived and Anise was far too intrigued to allow this phenomena to slip past her. Through Farland the Tok'ra agent inside the Calabim network, she had managed to get a hold of the documents detailing Director Vapul's findings. Anise knew a great deal about Samantha Carter.

Once more the 'not entirely human' came up as did the fact Samantha had been through a gestalt, a gene alteration. She had the protein markers of the Tok'ra within her, but there was more. Her cellular regeneration was so acute that it had effectively slowed her aging process. The Director had run extensive tests on this; the only answer he could fathom was spontaneous evolution. Either that or down to the molecular level she had been deliberately altered.

Samantha was resilient. Even under the Inquisitor Kobal's most intensive questioning she was able to withstand great persuasion. What was more impressive was the Nephalim's ability to remain coherent enough not to betray her people. Indeed, she went as far as to fabricate a mendacity to protect her own. The Inquisitor was most impressed with Samantha's stamina when she was within the Calabim custody. She had the most remarkable ability to withstand much. Of course there were Goa'uld Inquisitors who has reported exactly the same thing.

Anise of the Tok'ra wanted this power, she convinced herself it wasn't just for herself but for the continuance of the Tok'ra. Samantha Carter the Nephalim, the Scion of Balance of the Malakim Empire was the key to this survival. To fully start her research all Anise needed was Malakim DNA fused with Tok'ra: that proved to be Arion. The Tok'ra scientist already had DNA from said woman from before her blending, but that would not contain the naquada now present.

With the DNA of a blended Malakim and the DNA of the Samantha after gestalt when she became the the Nephalim, Arion intended to graft the cells together to create her first viable clone blank.

Jacob-Selmac went out into the night air leaving the crystalline bunkers behind him. He breathed deeply for a moment simply enjoying the night sounds. He couldn't help but think of his daughter. He wasn't looking forward to telling her the truth of Arion in his life. He knew Sam wouldn't want to think him capable loving anyone else but her mother. And Jacob would never love anyone as deeply as he had his late wife, but he no longer wanted to be alone.

For so long Sam had been alone because she was terrified of finding love and losing it just as she had lost her mother – suddenly, tragically and once more impotent to do anything but mourn. It had almost happened. Jacob knew of P3X-666 and the death of Janet, and of the resurrection by Sam's diligent tenacious actions. George Hammond had told him Sam had barricaded the door to the ICU room so she could use the Healing Device without being impeded. Sam had suffered a minor stroke because she had pushed the very limits of the Healing Device's power. Even Selmac was impressed with the young woman's ability to do what she had done.

Anise, both Garshaw and Selmac knew was more than intrigued she was completely obsessed with how Samantha had done what she had done. A Healing Device was no near as powerful as a sarcophagus and yet had become so in the hands of the young Carter. This spurred Anise's current fervour for bio-engineering experiments.

To Jacob he wasn't surprised his little girl had managed do to what she had done. Sam loved her wife so deeply and so completely that even his old stodgy ways had to admit perfect love when he saw it and he couldn't imagine his little girl with anyone else 'but' Janet Fraiser. And no one but the little firecracker was good enough for his little girl.

For three hours during the whole of the time they spent at the celebration Sam wanted to touch Janet and make love to her. Now she could. Sam's fingers trailed softly over her wife's small hands, tracing her tendons and fine bones, turning her hands over and kissing the palms, the pulse points of her wrists.

They had spent three hours drinking and dancing with the Malakim, before they discreetly vanished back into their home. Checking on Rebecca first they discovered their tiny girl fast asleep and safe. Jailil had been sent to babysit so that Cassandra might partake of the party with Boudicca and Jennifer. The golden winged lad was a godsend as a nanny. Of course Sam wasn't thinking of nannies or parties or anything else but the love of her wife.

Janet's free hand reached behind her pulling Sam into a kiss, nuzzling into the blonde's neck knowing how erogenous it was for her beloved. "I love you Sammy." Then tilted her head just at the right angle to kiss Sam's abundant cleavage because it was so handy.

"You're just so damn irresistible," Sam murmured, kissing the top of the brunette's head as Janet nuzzled into her, the blonde's fingers stroking the back of Janet's neck under her hair, gently circling the vertebrae and then tracing the tendons at the back of her neck, and shoulder muscles, feeling them relax under her touch. "I had a hard time not thinking of making love to you in that garden. Of course the fact our kids were there as well as a whole host of angelics was better than a cold shower. But now....... its just us." Sam wiggled her golden eyebrows up and down.

Janet smiled as she felt her heart race and oddly juxtaposed her entire body felt very relaxed. The smaller woman settled into her wife's touch. Sam's kisses on her pulse points, the touch of Sam's lips on her neck. "You're incurable and incorrigible." the smaller woman giggled before her hand reached to touch Sam's long leg... and stroke in small circles, every increasingly moving upward

Sam automatically shifted, her legs parting slightly granting Janet access. Now that she had Sam's full attention Janet let one hand smooth down the taller woman's narrow back, the other cupping her cheek, and nice though it was to have Samantha pay almost reverent attention to her breasts the doctor want to kiss her beloved. She raised Sam's face to her own and softly kissed the Cheshire smile, playing with the blonde's lips for a while before deepening the kiss.

Sam leaned up and pulled the back of Janet's neck down so she could hold the deepening kiss. The lanky blonde bit Janet's lower lip suckling it. She shifted again this time so she was now standing, as Sam rose her hand continued to rise up Janet's leg stroking her through her jeans.

Janet pulled Sam to her so that she was standing between her legs, the blonde's hand trapped between them. Sam's other hand gripped Janet's shoulder as she leaned down into the smaller woman, plundering her willing mouth. One of Janet's hands rested on Sam's hip, partially to support her partially so that she could play with the soft skin just above the waistband of the blonde's leather britches. The other hand rested on her back again, but under Sam's shirt tracing the line of her spine down to the dimple just above her beautiful pert ass

As always, Janet's touch sent Sam's body into shivers of desire, her want was strong and she relays it through her tender yet demanding kisses. Her hand trapped between Janet's legs, stroking harder the leather jeans were too much of a barrier. Sam wanted them gone. Single handedly the blonde manipulated the waist band, unfastening the catch and loosening the garments. Sam started to push them down so they fell down around Janet's ankles. The doctor easily stepped out of them but Sam's hand still held her tightly lest she lose her balance.

Janet wanted the same thing as her lover. As she stepped out of her own leather pants she reached to unfasten Sam's, pulling the button fly down and reaching inside to touch her. Janet felt Sam's shiver and at the same moment the blonde's fingers slid over her labia. The sensation was immediate, like static electricity. Janet mirrored her lover's movements matching Sam stroke for stroke, kiss for kiss. The doctor's other hand smoothed over Sam's ass, tracing the crack and then the crease between her rump and the top of her thigh. The fingers that stroked Sam were slippery with her honey, Janet heard the blonde's breath catch as she rubbed the heel of her hand into her wife's clit, she could not help but groan Sam's name as the blonde did the same to her.

Janet's hand on the globe of her ass sent ripples of arousal shooting through Sam. Her own fingers sought to touch her wife's honey the pad of her thumb stroked the brunette's clit causing her own gasp to hitch in her throat. Their bodies were pressed together tightly Sam's pure want is to send Janet such pleasures that it would take her to the stars. Janet's want fueled Sam's own. Through the Bond Janet could feel the blonde's hunger for her, their movements were exacting Sam's touch deepened and pushed harder making the smaller woman quiver.

Janet wanted more of Sam, more from Sam. As Sam fingers pushed harder against Janet she felt herself getting wetter, hotter. The doctor's fingers strove to mirror Sam's movements, her passion. As the blonde's legs parted a little more Janet reached with the fingers that had been playing with Sam's ass, stroking the blonde from behind as well. Janet could just reach the edge of Sam's core, circling it, and loved the feel of the silky wetness. The blonde shivered, the hand that rested on the doctor's shoulder tightening its grip. Janet kissed Sam again, causing the taller woman to gasp into Janet's mouth and pull away a little. The smaller woman kissed along Sam's collarbone instead and then as the lanky blonde pushed against Janet even harder, gently bit her wife's shoulder. Janet became pure sensation now only existing in those areas that Sam touched or where Janet touched her. The tiny woman's breath was ragged, gasping Sam's name, she licked and kissed the small hurt she made.

Sam felt her heart slam against her chest for Janet's touches both on her ass and her center the bite, the lick sent the blonde over the edge. The hand against Janet's neck kneaded in time with her hand within her wife. She pushed harder against Janet's slit the wetness pooling into her palm. Sam moved only slightly so she could suckle her wife's breast. She gently bit, licked and suckled....Janet had sent Sam into the heavens and the blonde wanted to take Janet with her. Sam's gasps became moans as she moved against Janet.

The sound of her wife's moans, the touch of her lips her teeth on her sensitive breast was more than enough to send Janet over the edge. The brunette could feel the pulse begin, deep inside, rippling out as she pushed against Sam's hand. Janet smothered her scream against Sam's breast, her fingers pinching her wife's clit, the index finger of Janet's other hand gently penetrating Sam's slit. The brunette could feel Sam's legs begin to tremble and realized that the blonde was about to fall. Moving her hand up Sam's back to support her, though Sam moaned a soft complaint as Janet stopped what she was doing, Janet used her leverage to push Sam to the floor. As the tiny doctor slid down to join Sam, the blonde's legs parted and Janet could see how the skin of her inner thighs glistened with her honey. Sam pushed blindly against Janet, the blonde's own hands roaming over Janet's curves as the smaller woman positioned herself to kiss and lick the juices from Sam's skin.

Sam loved the touch of Janet's hands on her body, the feel of Janet's flesh under her hands. The warmth the sensations rippling through her. "I love you so much, your kisses your touch make me explode." the blonde cooed as Janet kissed and licked the juices from her. Sam mimicked Janet's movements, cleaning her wife's honey from her fingers and smiled the patented Cheshire grin as she took in the scent of them together.

Janet grinned herself as she planted one last kiss in the crease of flesh at the top of Sam's thigh. "You are so beautiful," Janet uttered softly as they became wrapped around each other. "I want to taste you directly, to touch your center with my lips my tongue." She reached up to still Sam's hand where it smoothed across the skin of her thigh and tell her what Janet wanted to do, needing to know that Sam was okay with this.

Sam's Cheshire grin increased and she opened her legs to accommodate her wife, Her heart hammered, thudding so hard against her breastbone the blonde knew Janet had to have to heard it. Janet didn't know whether it was possible to love her wife any more than she already did, her heart was full. The tiny woman dropped a kiss on the soft skin just inside Sam's right knee, and then one on her left, just so it didn't feel left out. Janet licked and kissed her way down Sam's left thigh, her fingers dancing a parallel path down the right leg. And there Sam was, so beautiful, flushed and swollen still from Janet's earlier attentions, glistening with new arousal. Janet kissed her wife softly at first, directly over the blonde's center then begin to swab her tongue over Sam's labia, carefully taking the delicate tissues into her mouth to suckle on them.

Janet's hand rested on the lanky blonde's abdomen to keep Sam from bucking into her face too hard. Sam's hand wrapped in Janet's hair as she lifted herself up a little to watch what the brunette was doing. The blonde's breath came in heated gulps as she swallowed hard as Janet's touch shot lightning into her. Sam's breath hitched as Janet's hand on her abdomen stilled her, her body quaked at Janet's first touch and again at the second. The sight of Janet released a moan from her, her fingers pressing into Janet's shoulder, and into her neck the blonde's thighs quivered as Janet increased her strokes with the flat of her tongue. Sam felt the fire burn within her building into an inferno.

Janet nuzzled at Sam's clit, her fingers continuing where her tongue left off, suckling the nub of flesh and nerves, pressing the flat of her tongue against it, then flicking it with the tip before moving down to take Sam's newly glistening labia into her mouth again. Janet's fingers moved up to pinch and rub over Sam's clit as she mouthed her center, before blowing across Sam's skin for a moment. The blonde bucked under Janet again, her thigh muscles quivering. Janet let her teeth graze Sam's clit again then took it into her mouth, sucking on it. Janet delicate finger penetrated Sam, she could feel the blonde's muscles quiver, the flow of her honey increasing as Sam's fingers bite into Janet's flesh encouraging the doctor further. Again the smaller woman switched, pinching her clit, grazing her thumbnail across it.

"God..yes...god Janet!" Sam moaned, she felt as if she was flying, she couldn't stop her back from arching as Janet deftly continued to manipulate her. Sam's body quaked as Janet made her cum, the doctor increased her touch Sam could not remain grounded for long. The Blonde pulled Janet's head up hinting that she wanted her wife near her up in her arms. Janet smiled easily taking the hint as slid her smaller body along the lanky blonde. Sam kissed Janet tasting herself on her lips. "I love you, Babe I love you so much....."

Janet allowed Sam to clean her lips and cheeks of the blonde's own juices, her kisses growing deeper, her soft long fingered hands roaming over the tan skin then she broke off from plundering Janet's mouth and started to kiss across her skin instead. As always with Sam, Janet's skin became one whole erogenous zone from the back of her neck to the tips of her delicate fingers her nerves were on fire as Sam kissed her. Sam sucked and gently bit at Janet's neck and then feasted upon smaller woman's breasts. Janet felt them ache, her nipples hard demanding her touch.

First one breast then the other Sam couldn't have them getting jealous. The blonde smirked as the nipples hardened into sensitive buds, while she kissed, suckled one nipple with her fingers pinching and rolling the other. Sam heard Janet's breathing deepen. And Sam smiled she started trailing more kisses, more cat licks across her tummy, licking a rim around Janet's navel before going onto the smaller woman's thighs and back up... as Janet tasted her, Sam wanted to taste her wife. The long fingered hands were on either side of Janet's hips, she kissed only above her navel waiting for Janet's permission. It was always the way with them, always the silent question and silent answer for such an intimate touch.

Janet couldn't help but wonder if she could melt and burn at the same time. She reached out, her fingers trembling and touched Sam's cheek, her thumb grazing the soldier's bottom lip. "Please."

Sam smiled widely and Janet relaxed her thighs falling open. Janet gasped at Sam's first touch, her back arching. So that is what it felt like. Sam stilled her movements, her concern for her wife's sudden reaction winning over her libidinous need.

"Hon, I love your concern but right now I want you to ravish me senseless." Janet repeated "Please, Sam."

The blonde head dipped, her forever unruly hair brushing silkily across the skin of Janet's thighs and abdomen. And as Sam's tongue flicked at Janet again the smaller woman tried not to explode.

This was what Sam wanted to feast on, still wet from her love before, her honey is still there, Sam licked a trail into the delicately sensitive folds causing Janet's clit to start peeking out of its protective hood. Sam delighted in taking the hardened nubbin into her mouth and suckled as her fingers circled Janet's labia. "So sweet... like wine." Sam switched so her tongue could penetrate and her fingers roll that delectable clit between her forefinger and thumb "I love this taste, this part of you."

For her part, Janet could still taste Sam's essence on her tongue, her lips as her brain struggled to process everything that her lover was doing to her before giving up and telling her to just let go. The tiny woman's skin was on fire and there wasn't enough oxygen in the room. She watched Sam's golden head dip as her tongue penetrated the doctor core.

"SAMMY....SAM!! " the name was screamed she was unable to stop her hips from bucking. Try as she might to still herself again as Sam's fingers pinched her, sending white fire through Janet and with one last touch of Sam's tongue Janet couldn't hold back any longer. She couldn't see, couldn't speak beyond incoherent whimpering as her muscles spasmed as she came harder than she ever had before.

"I love you . I love you." Sam uttered over and over sliding up until she was cradling her still shivering wife to her longer body. "You are beloved. You are my everything." Sam's hold on her grounded Janet, bringing her back to herself.

The smaller woman kissed her wife, tasting herself on her lips, enjoying the fact they were just lying there cuddling. Enjoying the closeness, holding each other, kissing and touching, just to reassure not to arouse. Though with Sam in her life arousal was never far away. "I love you, Samantha, my beautiful wife, my own girl. I love you."

Sam snuggled in deeper. "I love you ..my wonderfully beautiful wife, my beloved own."

Janet's hand went to the back of Sam's skull holding her there so she might kiss her wife again. She could feel the long delicate fingers of Sam's hand on her breasts, drawing symbols for eternity, and bite back a giggle as she strayed into ticklish areas. Sam knew if she didn't stop Janet would tickler her back and the blonde was dangerously ticklish. "You mean everything to me." Sam repeated.

Realizing the shiver she felt was more than the profound love and utterances Janet pulled up the coverlet from the bed, draping it over their rapidly cooling bodies. They wiggled closer into a more comfortable position, Janet pillowed her head on Sam breast. They would lay there giggling, playing with each other's fingers, safe and warm in each other's arms. No one and no thing could touch them here.

Part 5

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