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By Debbie


Sam stood watching the falling snow. She laughed as the words of a sappy childhood song rattled around in her head, 'looking out my window, at the softly falling snow, that dances in the early morning light'. Behind her, she could hear the quiet talk of two women, comfortable in each other's company; a mom and a daughter.

Turning away from the view, she walked over to the kitchen doorway and watched Janet and Cassie Fraiser at work. They moved in perfect tandem; as her mom reached into the fridge, Cassie moved to the sink; as her mom moved to the sink, Cassie moved to the glass cabinet. It was a dance they had perfected over time.

Grinning to herself, Sam's usually razor sharp brain simply refused to work out how many dinner parties the Fraiser household had hosted the past 30 years; she was too busy enjoying the familiar sight of Janet's still tight little ass as it shimmied across the kitchen.

Suddenly, Cassie glanced her way and smiled.

"Hey Sam, you're up at last."

"Huh, I've been up hours, I'll have you know. I took Josh and the kids to the mall…"

Cassie laughed. It was so easy to wind Sam up these days. "Yeah, I know, you did. It was me they left behind in the guestroom remember."

"Oh, yeah, there is that. Anyway, for your teasing, you can pick them up in another hour while I spend some downtime with your mom."

At her words, Janet's eyes met her own, and the pleasure was so genuine it made Sam's heart skip a beat.

Cassie hugged Janet's shoulders and whispered, "You've still got it, Mom."

Sam walked out of the kitchen area laughing happily at her family.

Taking a seat in front of the large bay, she pulled her long legs under her, and snuggled against the window, allowing the snow to guide her thoughts back to her previous life.

Stargate Command and her adventures into other worlds seemed like a different life, and yet, the benefits of that life were readily visible these days, improved medicine, improved building materials, and though she hated to admit it, improved weaponry. These were some of the things that Stargate travel had given the world, but for Samantha Carter, it had brought so much more. It had brought a family, and more importantly, it had brought an extended family.

Her previously damaged relationship with her father had improved with his own involvement in everything Tok'ra until his untimely death. Because of that, her relationship with her brother and his family had survived until even now. Her brother had passed in his 60's, but his children still adored and visited her whenever they could.

She'd gained four other brothers and a sister, all who would be here today; Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, Cameron, and Vala. They'd loved and supported each other through every atrocity and danger known to man and alien. Sam laughed out loud; even today, the easy acceptance the world had of alien species filled her with amused wonder. Never, in the dark, hard days of fighting off the Goa'uld, would she have dreamed that beings from far away galaxies would sit down to eat with her fellow earth inhabitants, but it had happened, eventually.

Cocking an ear to the kitchen, she heard Cassie start to leave, and she remembered the most important thing the Air Force had ever given her; Janet Fraiser. It had been hard back in the days of don't ask, don't tell, but the love that had grown, surviving that particular hardship, had been too strong to fail. Now, both approaching 70 years of age, they still adored each other.

It was all she had ever really wanted, and she'd lived it.

She lifted her eyes to watch Janet walk slowly across the living room. Despite all the wonderful Asgard technology, the doctor had never managed to lose the mild limp caused by the shattering of her pelvis and ribcage at the hands of the Goa'uld. Caressing Janet's face, she allowed a tear to fall down her cheek as a long hidden memory surfaced amongst the happy ones.

"Sam, what's wrong. I thought you'd be happy, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Stargate Command closing down with our family and friends."

"I am, Jan, more than I think even you know, but…"

"But what?" Janet pushed gently.

Sam beckoned Janet to join her on the window seat, pulling the smaller body back into her own, and wrapping her arms protectively around her love.

"I'm going to tell you something I've hidden away for so long even I'd forgotten it until now."

Janet snuggled in and waited.

"Do you remember P3X-666?"

Janet glanced back incredulously. "How could I ever forget?" The sarcasm dripped from her words.

Sam nuzzled her ear, "Yeah, me neither, but a couple of years after that, I had cause to realize we were lucky, so very lucky."

"Lucky, Sam?"

"Yeah, lucky. One day, we had a problem with parallel universes; you know like when my double came through the door."

Sam felt Janet nod and continued.

"Well that day, I got lost in a wormhole and ended up on another earth; there I met up with another Sam Carter. We, I mean me, her, and about 20 other Samantha Carters worked out the reason for the anomaly; it was caused by a ripple effect; eventually, we managed to get us all back home, and I… " She turned Janet's head and softly caressed the lips. "… I came home to you."

Her voice stilled for a moment, and Janet turned to watch her face. Sam smiled sadly and whispered, "But you know what, Jan? Half of those Samanthas had lost their Janet on P3X-666. Thirty years of not having this; it would have killed me."

Sam's voice lost its serious tone as she turned to teasing. "At least I got the pleasure of knowing that my tongue just sits perfectly in that indentation." She placed her hand over Janet's diaphragm and tickled. "And, at least I got to know that when you're all hot and worked up, all sweaty over me, a little pool of sweat sits in that spot, and I know there's only me who'll taste it. Right then, I know you're mine, that you've always been mine, and that you always will be mine. Yes?"

Janet turned and climbed off Sam's body. Pulling the taller woman to her feet, she wrapped her arms around Sam's waist and began to sway to some imaginary music. Sam joined in perfect synchronicity and allowed a grin to crease her face at Janet's whispered words.

"Forever and always, Samantha, that's what I said then, and that's what I mean now. Always."

The End

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