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"Sam!" Janet jumped out of her chair and practically tackled Sam into a bear hug. Sam stumbled back against the door and unintentionally closed it.

"Janet, what's wrong?" Sam was confused as to why Janet had reacted so dramatically when she had entered Janet's office.

Sam had just returned from helping Warrick in The Loop. She was annoyed that she didn't win because of the petty cheating of Murios, but she fully intended to return next year and 'kick butt'. She had gone to the infirmary for their regular medical after returning from another world. She never expected Janet to leap into her arms, hoped, but not expected.

"Don't you ever do that again!" Janet stepped back and started yelling at Sam, just as she would scold a child after running onto the road. First hug them, and then yell. "You could have been killed! What were you thinking? What ever possessed you to actually go ahead with that damned race? Didn't you consider the risks? What if you'd been killed? What if…"

Sam cut her off, and not by conventional means when a CMO is yelling at you. Sam placed her hands on either side of Janet's head and kissed her. It took a moment for Janet to realize what was happening, but when she did she responded immediately. Sam felt Janet's arms slip around her waist and pull their bodies together.

Sam nipped softly at Janet's bottom lip, requesting permission to deepen the kiss. Janet replied favorably, and parted her lips. Sam took that as all the encouragement she needed and slipped her tongue between Janet's lips to duel with her counterpart.

After a few moments of fierce battle the two women were forced to part for air. They held each other tightly and panted in unison. When they had regained the majority of the composure they locked eyes.

Sam grinned mischievously. "I had an urge."

"Do you always follow your urges?" Janet returned the toothy grin.

"I would have thought that was evident with my tendencies to enter dangerous alien races under the guise of learning about new technology, when we all know I went for the exhilaration of racing a spaceship against others."

"You know, I'm having an urge right now…" Janet purred.

"That makes two of us." Sam claimed Janet's lips again as they both gave into their urges.

The End

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