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Interlude 18: Candlelight

By Celievamp

Teal'c wasn't the only one who liked candles. Sam Carter loved to see her lovers by candlelight. Especially someone as beautiful and rare as Janet Fraiser. The shimmering light brought out the reds in her hair, the subtle warm caramel tones of her skin. It made her velvet chocolate eyes even deeper and darker, mesmerising. There was something about making love by candlelight that seemed to take them outside normal time and space to a world of their own making where every sensation seemed magnified, elongated. They could (and had) spent what felt like all night making love to one another only to find that when the candle finally guttered and died only an hour or two had passed in the real world. The concerns and worries of the day just fell away - this time was theirs and theirs alone.

Sam loved to curl up with her lover to touch her, stroke her fingers over that smooth soft skin, to feel her lover's hands on her own skin to be so close that in the moment she did not know where she ended and Janet began and it did not matter because they were the same, feeling the same, wanting the same. Each touch bled into the next, a slow upward spiral of want and need and fulfilment.

In the subtle light all secrets were shared, all things known, all transgressions forgiven. It was not something they undertook lightly, it was not something they planned. It just happened.

Some people you touch and some people you dream about. In Janet Fraiser's experience Samantha Carter was such that you only ever dreamed over. It was three years since they had got together, three years since Samantha Carter had reached across a restaurant table to run her fingers down Janet's cheek and tell her that she loved her. For a moment she had thought she was dreaming. This beautiful woman was touching her, wanting to be touched in return. Sometimes she thought she had never stopped dreaming.

Like tonight. The shadowplay of candlelight across Sam's pale skin took her breath away. Janet reached out, touched her lover's face, her breast, feeling her nipple firm beneath the thick cotton of her black t-shirt. She smiled to hear Sam's breath hiss in her throat. "You are wearing too much," she whispered.

Sam reached out to finger the dark wool of her sweater. "As are you, lover," she drawled. She let her fingers drift across the soft wool. "I love you, Janet."

Janet captured her fingers brought them to her lips. "I love you, my Sam." She released Sam's hand, let her fingers drift to the hem of the black t-shirt. Her eyes never left Sam's. She watched the amused smile on her lover's face as it widened to its full sexy glory as the hem of the black t-shirt inched higher. "I love you so much." She let her fingers skim the taller woman's ribcage feeling the strength of bone and muscle beneath the soft skin, unable to resist the urge to tickle her, laughing at the sharp intake of breath, the sudden convulsive movement as Sam moved to protect herself.

"Minx!" Sam pouted. "You know. I could change my mind about all of this. My laptop is just downstairs and I have a load of reports." Her voice tailed away as Janet pulled off her sweater revealing her body to her lover. "Oh.."

Janet unfastened her bra, let it slip from her body. The candlelight sheened across her skin, darkening her erect nipples, shadowing the cleft between her breasts. Her eyes wide and dark with wonder Sam reached out to touch her lover again. Janet captured her fingers once more. "You were talking about paperwork."

"No I wasn't. I was. I don't remember, care even less. You are so beautiful, Janet." Sam sat down on the edge of the bed, tugging Janet closer until she was standing between her thighs which more or less put Sam's head at a level with her breasts. "I want you so much." Janet hissed as Sam's lips closed around her nipple, one hand cupping her other breast kneading it softly as her other hand deftly unloosened the button on the waistband of Janet's trousers and began to ease them down over her hips.

Janet wrapped her fingers in Sam's short hair, holding the taller woman to her. "I'm yours, Sam. All yours." Sam's hand slowly pushed her pants down, her fingers teasing down the cleft of Janet's buttocks making her shiver. Her other hand gave Janet's breast one last squeeze before moving down to splay across her abdomen. Janet felt her muscles involuntarily contract at the touch, the subtle heat. Her knees were starting to buckle, she knew she would not be able to stand up much longer as the fingers that had been teasing her butt moved round to curl around her hip bone. Sam's lips were pressed to her sternum now, kissing her way down the cage of bone as long fingers softly touched her centre for the first time, causing Janet to gasp. She felt Sam's lips against her skin stretch into a smile. Her hands had moved to rest on Sam's strong shoulders, more to hold herself up than anything else. One long tapered finger dipped inside her, rubbing gently against her sweet spot as the heel of Sam's hand pressed against her clit.

Sam lips continued to roam across her upper chest planting butterfly kisses and soft mouthings as her fingers stroked across her core. Janet could feel how wet she was getting, knew she would not be able to last much longer. She could feel the tightness begin in the pit of her stomach, her thigh muscles beginning to burn. The exquisite pressure on her clit was sending signals to all the right places.

"Love you, love you so much," she whispered, biting gently on her lower lip as Sam's lips fastened over nipple once more, her fingers dipping deeper into her core. This was it this was.

Candles multiplying burning brighter than the sun each tiny point of light setting her nerves aflame as she crested, her body stiffening, back arching before she collapsed into Sam's arms.

Sam carefully cradled her smaller framed lover to her as she rolled her gently to lie on the mattress, Sam straddling her body now. The candlelight flickered over Janet's sweat beaded skin making it appear jewelled. As her breathing slowed, she smiled, stretched, arching her body against Sam's.

"Every time you do that to me I think it can't get any better and every time it does," Janet whispered, her arms going round Sam's neck as she drew her down into a searing kiss.

"I can't help it if I'm a high achiever," Sam whispered, returning the kiss with interest. She did not resist as Janet pushed her, rolling them until the smaller woman was on top, her dark hair tumbling around her shoulders and flushed cheeks.

"Well I'd have to give you a 10 for effort, another 10 for technique," Janet smiled. Her hands smoothed across Sam's abdomen and ribcage, cupping her breasts, her palms pressing lightly into the sensitised nipples. "As for style."

Sam started to giggle. "Idiot."

"The number of synapses you just blew, hun, I'm surprised I can string two words together." She settled herself beside the taller woman, letting her fingers scribe gentle circles over her lovers soft skin, watching the candlelight send pale shadows across the living landscape. There was a comfortable silence between them for a time, they just gazed at each other. Nothing needed to be said.

The End

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