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Legacy: The Real Story
By John O'Connor

Samantha Carter hurriedly followed Janet Fraiser into the B Haz Mat Three isolab. Time was of the essence. They had to determine what had apparently infected her teammates Daniel Jackson and, later, Teal'c.

The SGC had just received a rush delivery of Goa'uld Page Turning Devices, among other items salvaged from the alien lab, that had been in storage in Area 51 for the past six months. They had been confiscated from the alien Machello's lab after the ancient scientist had died. Daniel was sure the answer was in the devices as they were the same as the PTD they found in amongst the dead in the Linvris' sealed chamber. After he had become infected, Daniel had seen and heard Machello when the infection left him.

Jack O'Neill began to follow the women into the lab when Daniel Jackson stopped him. "Where do you think you're going, Jack?"

"In there," Jack nodded towards the lab, his voice tense and clipped.

"To do what? You're not a scientist, Jack." Daniel's voice was equally short and terse. His tone softening, he went on, "I know you're concerned for Teal'c. We all are. But you're not going to do anything but get in the way in there." Jack looked like he was about to say something and Daniel held up his hand, "Come on, you can observe from the control room with me. Okay?"

Jack nodded reluctantly, secretly agreeing with his friend as he followed Daniel into the lab's control room. Daniel seated himself in the room overlooking the lab, and Sam and Janet as they entered the lab.

The two scientists slipped their hands into the rubber sleeves of the small table-top isolation chamber to handle the potentially deadly items. Flexing her fingers, Janet stated, "On the right is the PTD from the Linvris and the one on the left is from Area 51."

Sam replied, "They look exactly like the one we found on Argos. The Linvris probably thought it was one of their own."

Over the loudspeaker, Jack, referring to Daniel's earlier comment about live mines still hidden on European battlefields from the First World War, threw in his two cents, "It's a good way to hide a mine."

"Yeah. Question is, how do we set it off?" Sam asked, nodding towards the devices. She picked up a clamp and tapped one of the devices.

Seeing no reaction, Janet said, "No. Okay. Um, let's see what happens when we use it on the tablet."

Sam picked it up and waved it over the Goa'uld data tablet. While there was no change to the tablet, the device suddenly released ten white, gelatinous-looking blobs which began to scurry around the small iso-chamber.

Janet's eyes rapidly followed the forms. "There they are! I'm counting five...ten altogether. So if all PTD's are the same, we're looking at ten per device."

From the control room, Daniel said, "That explains how I got infected. There were nine Linvris."

Sam added, "And when you activated the device, the last one went into you."

"Let's try and immobilize one and put it under the scope," Janet said as she tried to capture one of the little objects. Abruptly, it and the others slipped through the heavy protective rubber sleeves into Sam and Janet's arms.

"The gloves are breached!" Janet shouted in alarm.

Sam jumped back with a startled, "Whoa!"

Seeing his coworkers frenzied actions, Jack unconsciously echoed Sam's surprise, "Whoa! Who-whoa!"

Flipping a switch and yelling into the microphone, Daniel said, "General Hammond, B Haz Mat Observation right away!"

Janet and Sam both rubbed their arms furiously, as if to stop the things from getting any further into their bodies. Janet whispered in horror, "No!"

"Great," Jack said angrily as George Hammond entered the room behind him.

"We have a breach," Daniel explained to the older man.

Leaning into the microphone, Hammond asked, "Is there any chance of further contamination to the base?"

Janet frantically shook her head, "Judging by what happened to Daniel, Sir, as long as we stay in here and don't go near anyone else, the base is probably secure."

Flicking the intercom switch, Hammond again spoke into the mike, "Doctor Warner to B Haz Mat Three Observation stat. Containment team to B Haz Mat Three for containment integrity scan."

"There has to be an answer in this tablet," Daniel said, trying to fill the empty silence.

"Is there anything we can do from here?" Jack asked.

"Nothing, Colonel. All the specimens are inside us. Since we're infected by multiple organisms we can expect our symptoms to be rapidly acute," Janet said, trying desperately to remain calm. She then added, "I'd like to apologize in advance for anything I may say or do that could be construed as offensive or inappropriate." She slumped down to the floor against the containment chamber, her body beginning to shake and sweat gleaming on her face.

Sam leaned over, "Janet?"

"Carter?" O'Neill asked anxiously.

"Sir, there's nothing wrong with me," Sam said unbelieving.

"Sam, you've got at least four of those things in you," Daniel observed.

Sam nodded, looking at the booth, "I know that, but I feel fine."

"You're not seeing or hearing anything unusual?" Jack asked.

Sam shook her head, "No Sir, I feel completely normal. Somehow I must be immune."

Doctor Warner strode into the booth at that moment. He leaned into the mike and asked, "Doctor Fraiser, what can I do to help?"

Janet replied, in a shaky voice, "Not much I'm afraid."

Sam looked up, "Doctor, there's nothing wrong with me." Then she directed her gaze to Hammond, "Sir, I'd like Doctor Warner to take some tests, try to figure out why."

Shaking his head reluctantly, Hammond denied her request, "I'm afraid that's not possible. That would risk another person being contaminated, if not the entire base."

Daniel offered, "Sir, those organisms left my body, I might be immune. I may be the only one who can go in there and help them."

"We don't know that, Doctor Jackson," Hammond replied. "I can't let you risk it." He leaned towards the mike, "Doctor Warner will stay here. We'll get whoever else you think can help. But you're going to have to figure it out in there."

"I understand, Sir," Sam acknowledged. Then she turned round and winced. "Whoa! Oh, I think I spoke too soon."

"What's wrong?" Daniel asked fearfully.

"Oh, God, something's happening," Sam moaned as she leaned against a console.

The organisms began to come out of her ear and drop to the floor. As she bent down and poked them, she quickly determined that they were dead.

"I think they're dead. Daniel, I could have sworn I heard..." Sam's voice trailed off.

"Machello?" Daniel asked.

"Yes. He said my Goa'uld captor is dead, but I don't have a Goa'uld," Sam said puzzled.

"You did," Daniel observed.

Sam looked up excitedly, "That has to be it. Janet said that when a Goa'uld dies, it dissolves into it's host and leaves a unique protein marker."

"So these Goa'uld killing inventions die because they detect the protein marker?" Daniel asked, referring to the genetic traces in Sam's blood from her short time as a Goa'uld host.

Sam ignored the question and leaned over her friend, "Janet, can you hear me? Can we extract my blood and inject it into anyone that's infected?"

"No, your blood types don't match," Warner interjected. "You have to separate the protein from the rest of the blood."

"Okay, how do I do that?" Sam asked.

"You don't have the necessary equipment there. Even if you did, it would take weeks," Warner said.

Refusing to accept the older man's comments, Sam said, "Come on, there's gotta be a way! We've got all this stuff."

Shaking his head sadly, Warner started to explain, "I'm sorry, but you need to use high pressure liquid chromatography to separate and isolate the protein factions from the rest of the blood. That would yield thirty to forty proteins. Then you'd have to test each one of them to find..."

Sam held up her hands, "Okay! I get the point."

"Cen-centrifuge," Janet forced out.

Turning quickly to the young doctor, Sam asked, "What? What about the centrifuge?"

Shaking and perspiring as if she was suffering a severe case of the flu, Janet stuttered, "P-put as much blood as p-possible in cen-centrifuge."

Sam quickly rolled up her sleeve and prepared to take her own blood.

Meawhile, Janet started stripping off her blouse. Sam was surprised that she had to force herself not to look at the other woman as she opened her shirt.

"Major, you're wasting your time. If she thinks there's another way, she's not in her right mind. There's only one way to separate that protein," Warner said.

"Do you have a better idea, Doctor?" Sam demanded.

Before drawing her own blood, Sam slammed her hand down on the counter, "Damn! There's no centrifuge in here! General, can we get one sent in here?"

"I can't risk opening the lab and possibly allowing the contagion out," Hammond said sadly.

"Okay. Now what?" Sam asked angrily.

Pulling her blouse fully open, Janet moaned, "It's too hot! It's too hot! They're trying to suffocate us."

"Janet!" Sam shouted in alarm. She knelt next to her friend, clearly concerned for the young woman.

Janet looked up and saw Sam's eyes flash. She tried to scramble away, "No! You're a Goa'uld! Stay away!"

Trying to reassure her friend, Sam said slowly and calmly, "I'm not a Goa'uld, Janet. It's me - Sam. I'm your friend."

Nodding slightly as understanding returned, Janet said, "P-put the test tube in the cen-centrifuge."

"Janet, we don't have one."

"Ge-get one!" Janet said through clenched teeth.

"We can't. We might infect the entire facility," Sam said.

"N-no, put in th-the airlock. Ne-negative p-p-pressure..." She reached up to Sam, as the major started to rise, and her palm brushed Sam's chest. Janet's eyes sparkled briefly and Sam stood quickly as a spark flashed through her.

"General, she's right. This is a standard negative pressure lab. Anything in the airlock will be sucked back in here," Sam said, ignoring the pleasant tingling as her nipple strained against her bra. "The inner lock has been sealed since we entered. You can put the centrifuge in it, seal the outer door and when we open it, the negative pressure will keep anything in here."

"Very well. Doctor Jackson, please bring a centrifuge to the airlock," Hammond directed the young archaeologist. Daniel nodded and scurried out of the control room.

"Sir," Sam said as she felt a hand caress her leg below the table. Trying to ignore the unexpectedly pleasant sensations she was feeling, Sam continued, "I'd like to request you shut off the security cameras and close the shield, Sir."

"Why, Major?"

"Sir, if these devices cause Doctor Fraiser to react in a less than professional way, I think we'd all feel better if no one could use that information against her or anyone else here in the SGC," Sam replied, as the hand slid further up her leg under her pants to squeeze her shin. What was Janet doing? It had to be the devices...

"I don't know, Major. That's strictly against SOP," Hammond replied.

"Aw, c'mon, General. Give the doc some privacy. I mean, what's she gonna do? Assault Carter?" Jack asked.

"Very well," Hammond agreed. He flipped several switches and the red indicator lights on the security cameras blinked out. Shields also closed over the windows. "Can you still hear us, Major?"

"Yes Sir. Thank you, sir," Sam replied.

"Want you. Need you," Sam heard Janet whisper. She felt hands wrap around her waist and grasp her belt. Sam tried to grab the hands but they twisted and slid out of her grasp. She whispered, "Janet! Get hold of yourself!" She looked and saw Janet had lost her blouse and bra, her chest was heaving in excitement. Sam had to force herself to look away from the woman's bare breasts, trying to ignore the desire in Janet's brown eyes.

"Wanna hold you! Wanna taste you!" Janet said in a husky whisper.

"Uh, Major? Is everything okay in there?" Hammond asked.

Sam answered quickly, "No Sir. Doctor Fraiser is having an unusual reaction to the organisms."

Taking advantage of the distraction, Janet quickly opened Sam's belt and yanked her pants down. She pushed her head under Sam's lab coat and bit the shapely figure hidden beneath the thin cotton panties.

"Hey!" Sam squeaked. She batted away the hand that slid over her cloth-covered crotch but couldn't seem to get Janet to move away from her ass.


"Uh, it's okay, sir. I have things under control..."

Janet pulled the cotton panties down and buried her face between the curvy cheeks. Sam couldn't help but moan quietly as she felt her friend's tongue slide along extremely sensitive flesh. "Janet!" she hissed quietly. She had never had anyone touch her there before and it felt...good.

From under her coat, Sam heard a muffled, "Want you. Nothing else to do..." Then the tongue was again occupied, exploring Sam's ass. Janet's tongue sent thrills up her spine.

Janet began to toy with the furry mound in front. "So wet..." she moaned between Sam's rear cheeks, the buzzing erotic in itself. Her fingers slid along the outer folds, caressing, pinching, and tweaking the damp, aroused flesh. She pushed two fingers into Sam, causing the tall blonde to hiss in surprise, and began to saw them in and out in time to her tongue's actions.

Sam by this point had given up trying to stop her friend. It just felt too damned good! Better than...anything! She moaned quietly, but not quietly enough.

"Major? Are you sure you're okay?" Hammond asked.

"Uh, yes sir. Just, uh, trying to make Janet comfortable," Sam managed to say. God, she should stop this.

"Very well. Carry on," Hammond replied.

Sam quickly muted the lab's mike. As much as she knew they shouldn't be doing this, she wasn't about to make Janet stop!

The young doctor began to strum Sam's clitoris with her thumb. Her actions, combined with the unvoiced sexual need Sam had suppressed for too long, brought her to a powerful orgasm. Clutching the table, she moaned loudly. "Oh God! Janet!"

Sam slumped to the floor, sitting against the work bench. Trying to catch her breath, she looked at Janet, clad only in her blue slacks with her pert breasts hanging free, the nipples sticking out like brown erasers. Janet was kneeling on all fours with a strangely exciting, predatory look on her face.

"Wha...?" Sam started to ask. She was silenced when Janet lunged forward and pressed her lips against Sam's and shoved her tongue into her mouth. Sam's tongue responded instinctively in a heated dance that had Sam's pulse again racing with excitement. Janet pulled away and then pushed Sam's legs apart, shoving her face into the blonde's wet heat.

"Oh, God..." Sam moaned. She would never have believed her friend would do this. Or that she'd be so fantastic at it!

Already highly aroused and sensitive from her initial climax, it took little time for Sam to climax again. It was better than the first! Leaning against the console, she looked at Janet numbly. Janet smiled ferally and leaned towards her once again, licking her lips.

"Sam? Sam? I've got the centrifuge..." she heard distantly. Shaking her head, Sam started to rise. Janet reached for her, but Sam managed to hold her back. "Janet, please!" she whispered.

"Daniel, just a second," Sam panted as she turned the mike's volume back up. She quickly pulled her pants up and belted them. Then she went to the airlock and checked to make sure the seals were intact. "Okay, Daniel. Close the lock and I'll get the centrifuge."

As the sounds of the airlock cycling ended, Sam opened the inner door and brought in the centrifuge. She managed to hook it up while Janet was busy pawing at her black t-shirt. "Janet...!" she hissed again. "Calm down! I need you here with me!"

Sam drew some of her blood and placed it in the centrifuge. As the device began to spin rapidly, Sam grabbed Janet by the shoulders firmly and looked into her eyes, "Janet. Get back with me here! We're trying to separate that protein from my blood, remember? The centrifuge just finished. Now what?"

"Y-you don't need to. Just need to s-separate red blood cells," Janet said. She was shivering and sweating again.

Back in the control room, Daniel asked, "What? What's she talking about?"

Warner, quiet for so long, said, "I see where you're going. I see where you're going. Don't even try to separate the proteins. Just separate the rejectable parts and give them all the rest."

"What?" Daniel asked, clearly lost.

"Yeah, what's going on?" Jack asked.

"The part that makes blood types incompatible is just the red blood cells and a few things in the plasma. If we can get those out, the rest should be safe," Warner explained.

"Oh, of course," Jack replied sardonically.

"Qu-quick freeze." Janet said, overcoming her intense arousal.

Sam looked at her blankly, "Quick freeze?"

Warner's voice came over the intercom, "Major, look in the freezer. See if there's any dry ice."

Opening the freezer unit, Sam glanced in, "Yeah, there's a ton of it."

"Good. Follow my directions very carefully".

Some time later, Sam told the people in the control room what she had.

"Sounds good," Warner said. "Now, inject the sera directly into Doctor Fraiser's vein. It cannot be an intramuscular injection but must be in the vein."

"Got it," Sam said as she forced a vein to distend in Janet's arm, using a slim rubber hose as a tourniquet.

"Janet?" Sam asked as the doctor's eyes seemed to clear.

"Uh, I'm hearing..."

Sam asked excitedly, "You're hearing Machello?"

"Yeah. Ahh!" Janet lay on her side in pain as the organisms fell one by one out of her ear and onto the floor. The six artificial organisms lay on the rubber matting dead.

After running several quick tests, directed by Doctor Warner, the isolab was opened. Janet grabbed her discarded lab coat and hurriedly wrapped it around her bare, upper body, avoiding Sam's eyes. She sped to Teal'c's bed with the remainder of the serum.

That evening, after Teal'c began to show definite signs of improvement, Sam stopped by Janet's office. She was unsure of what to do or say. Janet's actions had been totally out of character for her. And Sam knew what would happen should knowledge of those acts leak out.

"Well, we sent the rest of Machello's PTDs back to Area 51. They are going into quarantine along with all the rest of his inventions," Sam said in a light tone. Maybe if she pretended what had occurred between them didn't happen? 'No,' she told herself for the hundredth time, 'that won't work.'

Janet, eyes glued to some report she wasn't reading, responded with a quiet, "That's nice."

"Janet, we have to talk..."

Sighing deeply, Janet looked up, "Sam, about what happened in there..." Her eyes glistened with tears and her face was red with shame.

"You were under the influence of..."

"No, Sam. I," Janet hesitated, drawing another deep breath. "I wanted to do it. I...I just never had the courage to..." Her head dropped as her voice faded.

"Janet...?" She wanted to do... Janet?

"Sam, if you report me, I...I'll understand. I hope you won't and we can try to forget it happened but... Well, it's up to you."

"Janet," Sam began as she walked around Janet's desk. She had made her decision, a life-altering one. "I don't want to pretend it didn't happen."

Janet looked up, fear in her eyes. Fear of losing her career, her whole life. What about Cassie? When she saw the look of understanding and love in Sam's eyes, she felt all the tension fade from her.

Sam pulled the woman to her feet. "I know now that I'm glad it happened. I don't want to pretend it didn't happen, I want it to be the beginning," the tall blonde said before claiming her friend's soft, moist lips with a passion neither had experienced before.

The End

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