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By Firedancer


With a sigh of relief, Major Samantha Carter closed the front door to her house and leaned back against it with closed eyes for just a minute as she soaked up the peaceful quietness of her home. All in all the mission had been a good one. There had been no one trying to kill them, torture them, imprison them, or any of the other dozens of unpleasant things SG1 had endured over their three years of gate traveling. It hadn't played out as General Hammond had quite hoped for, but it had been one of her better visits to a civilized and technologically advanced planet. Unusual, yes. Memorable, most definitely. A snicker worked its way out and with a shake of her head she stood back up in the dim light of her entryway and headed deeper into her house.

She smiled happily at the neat pile of mail stacked on her kitchen counter, and her still alive plants, thanks to Janet's care and attention. She'd been disappointed that her best friend hadn't been on-base when they had returned, but then SG1 had been given permission to spend a few extra days of R&R on P3X-912, or Nystari as the inhabitants called it, and had returned a little earlier than anticipated. Even though the talks had fallen through and the Nystarians refused to budge on their position, they had insisted that SG1 take advantage of all their beautiful world had to offer. The Colonel had more than happily agreed to that, and no one on the team argued with his decision. General Hammond had been a little hesitant, but had allowed them two days to enjoy themselves so long as they checked in at least once a day on a pre-determined schedule.

Sam had to agree that it was probably the best two days off she'd had in a very long time. Maybe not as relaxing as the others, but damn if she hadn't had fun! She had just wished Janet had been able to come. Ah well, maybe next time. At least they had secured an open invitation to return any time they wanted so long as it was for leisure reasons. She really needed to figure out a way to make operating the Stargate less costly so she could take advantage of that offer in the future.

Picking up her bag, Sam headed into her bedroom and began stripping out of her clothing so she could enjoy a long hot shower. She'd bypassed one on the base in favor of coming home and relaxing properly. Besides, she'd managed to sneak a little something off base that she was eager to try out. That thought caused her to blush, but with an impish grin she finished undressing and stepped under the now hot spray with a sigh of contentment.

Twenty minutes later she strode back into her bedroom, wearing nothing but a towel and picked up her bag and dropped it onto the bed. Fishing inside the small backpack, she pulled out a carefully wrapped bundle, set it on the bed and dropped the bag back to the floor out of the way. Blushing furiously, she unwrapped the device from the silky cloth around it and examined it closely. Curiosity was pushing her scientific mind into overdrive, and she poked and prodded at the device for a few minutes. But she finally gave into her eagerness to try the device out and tugged the towel free from her body. Deciding she was going to fully enjoy herself tonight, Sam went around the room and lit a few scented candles, turned on some quiet background music, and killed the lights. Pulling the sheets back, she reclined onto her bed, sighing contentedly as she finally relaxed in the safety and comfort of her own home. With a happy smile, her eyes drifted shut as her hands and mind began to wander.

Janet Frasier fumbled in the dark to get the key into the lock, before finally getting it. She entered the dark house and slapped her hand along the wall until soft light filled the entryway. Heading towards the kitchen, the petite doctor, dropped the mail she had in her hand onto the counter and began straightening it when she noticed the keys on the counter. Sam's car was in front of the house as it had been all week, since they had rode into work together the day Sam had left for P3X-912. If she had come home today then she would have gotten a ride from someone on base, but since both her car and bike were still out front that meant she hadn't gone back out. And yet the house had been completely dark and quiet when Janet had entered.

"Sam?" she called out softly as she made her way to the back of the house, just in case Sam had come back tired or hurt and was already asleep.

For a moment she heard nothing and was just about to retreat, when a low moan filtered through the closed bedroom door. Janet turned back to Sam's room and called out her friend's name quietly again. Janet thought she heard the faint sound of music, but Sam's door was sturdy and all sound from the other side was muffled. The silence was broken by a sharp gasp from within the room and then Janet clearly heard Sam utter her name in what she thought was a whimper of pain. Worried that something was horribly wrong with her friend, Janet approached the door and opened it without a second thought. Sam's name in a concerned voice was upon her lips, but the moment she caught sight of what lay before her, all sound caught in her throat.

There on the bed in all her nude glory was one stunningly beautiful Samantha Carter, obviously caught up in the throes of self pleasure. Janet stood rooted to her spot in the doorframe, her mind screaming at her to leave quickly before Sam realized that her privacy had been intruded upon. But for the moment, Janet's senses were on overdrive as her heart tried to urge her forward.

Janet Frasier, had held a secret longing for her dearest friend for the last two years. Time and circumstance had slowly brought the two women closer together, and they now spent the majority of their downtime in each other's company. As Janet had gotten to know the brilliant soldier-scientist better, she found herself admiring the tall blonde more and more with every passing day. Sam wasn't just brains. She was compassion, courage, determination, strength, and self-sacrifice embodied. Janet had become Cassie's official guardian and adoptive mother, but Sam was as much of a parent to the young woman as Janet was. The three women spent most of their downtime hours together, and Cassie had once told her that everything just 'felt right' when Sam was with them. Janet couldn't have agreed more.

But there was much she risked by telling Sam how she felt. They were both career military, both worked at the most top secret facility in the country, and she was granted custody of an alien girl by the military. If Sam didn't return her feelings, Janet stood to lose everything. Her military career…well she could manage to deal with that. The CDC would have her back in a heartbeat as a civilian doctor. But to lose Sam and Cassie? That wasn't something she had been willing to risk. So she stuffed her feelings into a box inside her heart, and was content with just enjoying the closeness she had with her best friend.

Never in a hundred years would she have ever thought she'd find out her friend not only felt the same way, but in such a visceral and stunning manner.

A tiny portion of her mind noted that Sam was wearing some kind of….toy. An eyebrow raised as she realized that Sam was panting hard as she stroked the shaft of said toy, apparently able to feel a great deal sensation. Her physician's mind might have been more curious if it weren't for the fact that Janet was too consumed by everything else. The heady scent of the candles and Sam's own arousal, the visual of her shifting restlessly on the bed as her pleasure grew, and the quiet noises of ecstasy she made, all threatened to undo Janet right where she stood. Her body responded instantly to the erotic tableau before her, and Janet was forced to finally drawn in a shaky breath she hadn't known she'd been holding as she licked suddenly dry lips.

My god, she is even more beautiful that I could have ever imagined, the small doctor thought as she watched her friend draw closer to her release. She knew she had to do something. But her mind and heart warred, freezing her in place until her name escaped Sam's lips once more and finally broke her free of her indecision.

Sam was in heaven.

Her personal assistant back on Nystaria had unabashedly explained that their people believed firmly in a healthy sexual life. Whether it be with a lover, friend, or even through self- gratification, they did not have the typical taboos that most other cultures had in regards to the topic of sex. They were freely open in its discussion and pursuit. And with their advanced medical knowledge, worry about your partner's health and any risks involved with casual sex wasn't something they were concerned with. Sam had been somewhat embarrassed with some of the standard 'amenities' that came with her assigned suite. But her guide had explained they were as common as the complimentary soaps and shampoos back on an Earth hotel or resort.

Sam's curiosity had led her to examine the devices once her guide had left for the night, but she hadn't felt comfortable enough to try any of them out while not in the comfort of her own home. So she had selected one that had piqued her curiosity the most, carefully stowed it deep within her personal gear, and had managed to sneak it off the base once she had returned to the SGC.

According to the information given to her, it worked much like a strap on….without the straps. A slim shaft was inserted into the wearer, the main base of the toy would mold to cup the rest of the wearer's groin, and somehow it would interface with the wearer's central nervous system. When Sam expressed concern about it not being calibrated for someone from Earth, the Nystarian guide assured her that the technology was highly advanced and actually calibrated within ten seconds to whatever race the wearer might be from. If it couldn't establish a safe connection it simply would not interface at all. A problem they had yet to encounter. Setting aside its intended use, the potential applications of such a device in the medical field alone were exciting. However, Sam was more focused on testing out its true intended nature first.

The tall blonde had settled herself back into the comfort of her sheets and had begun one of her more daring fantasies. It stemmed from when she and Janet had led the rest of the women in a battle against Hathor and the men of the base to take back control of the SGC. Only in her fantasy, Janet hadn't been hurt, and they had incarcerated all the men until Hathor's effect on them would wear off. Sam had left the other women in charge of guarding the men and had escorted her good friend back to the now deserted infirmary on the premise that Janet was going to try and find a quicker solution of restoring the men. Instead, they engaged in passionate lovemaking, right there in the middle of the SGC. In some of her renditions of this fantasy, Sam would indulge in some of her darker desires, and she would imagine the brunette bent over her desk with Sam taking her from behind with a nice thick strap on.

After a few minutes of warm-up, Sam reached for her new toy, spent a moment figuring out how to attach it and then gasped as new sensations flooded her body. It was almost indescribable. She tentatively stroked the shaft and groaned as her hips jerked upwards and her eyes rolled back in her head. Her mind was a blank slate for several long seconds before she finally came back to herself.

Jesus…if this is what a guy really feels, no wonder they try so hard to get into a woman's pants.

Stroking the shaft once more Sam couldn't keep in a gasp of pleasure, and as her eyes slammed shut, she let herself fall back into the fantasy. Between the soft music, and the rush of blood in her ears, Sam never heard the soft sounds coming from her living room. Nor did she hear her bedroom door open. So locked in her own fantasy and pleasure, she never even registered the silent intruder to her room as her fantasy lover's name escaped her lips in a breathy moan.

It took the petite brunette several moments to realize she was standing at the foot of Sam's bed, her shirt pooled on the floor, as her fingers worked to undo the button and zipper of her jeans. Breath catching in her chest, Janet froze in panic. Dear god what am I thinking?

And then Sam whimpered once more, thoroughly caught up in whatever fantasy she was having about Janet and the smaller woman swallowed hard as reality caught up with her. It was strikingly clear now that Sam desired her, and Janet was being offered everything she'd ever wanted on a silver platter. They would be risking everything, but there was no way in hell Janet was going to walk away from an opportunity like this. Honestly, she didn't think she retained enough willpower to anyway.

Mind fully cooperating with her heart and body now, Janet silently removed all but her underwear in record time as she moved to the side of Sam's bed. Her mouth went dry as Sam's arousal filled all of her senses, making her own body ache with need and desire. Wary of Sam's ingrained instincts as a soldier, Janet carefully reached out to rest her hand over Sam's as she leaned in to whisper in the blonde's ear.

Sam's eyes flew open at the first touch and the whispered "I'm here Sammie," and then they slammed back closed as she hissed and arched off the bed when manicured nails gently raked along the shaft in a slow firm stroke.

The bed dipped, and Sam forced herself to open her eyes and take in the stunning vision before her. "J-Janet?"

The shy smile she was graced with was one of the most beautiful things she'd ever seen. Along with the fact that the woman of her dreams was currently crouched over her, wearing only a pair of black silky underwear. "Hi," Janet said with a slightly impish grin.

Sam knew the grin that was spreading across her face must have been completely ridiculous. Right now she didn't care one bit. "Wh-what are you d-doing he-," her voice trailed off in another groan as Janet stroked the toy's shaft once more, her eyes holding the blonde's.

"I can explain later. But for now, I'm real and I'm here," Janet whispered as she gave the shaft one last stroke before releasing it and lowering herself closer to her new lover.

Sam blinked hard, trying to comprehend what chain of events had led her to this incredible moment. But the instant Janet's body pressed down into hers Sam's mind shut down in happy acceptance. "Oh god Jan," she whispered as she reached up to brush back stray hairs from Janet's face before cupping it tenderly. "Do you know how long I have wanted you? Dreamt of you really being here, in my bed with me?"

Janet offered her a fond smile. "Probably as long as I have wanted you Sam," she admitted.

They held their position, gazing into each others eyes, searching for, and finding, their deep love for the other being returned. Sam's hand shifted to tangle in soft brunette locks as she pulled Janet down completely, their lips finally meeting for the first time. It was soft, achingly tender, full of hope, love and a promise of many more wonderful things to come.

They got lost in the kiss and the feel of their bodies pressing against one another for many long minutes. They both poured every ounce of love into that connection, and when they broke apart panting for air, there was no doubt in either of their minds that tonight was the beginning of something long hoped for and more wonderful than they could have ever imagined.

Strong hands were stroking along Janet's back as the smaller woman began trailing slow wet kisses along Sam's jaw, neck and collarbone. The blonde groaned into the contact and then gasped loudly as Janet honed in on some of her more sensitive spots. Sam's hands clutched at her lover, and then she cried out as wet silk ground firmly against the phallus she was still wearing. Janet pulled back again, smirking a bit when Sam made a noise of protest, and then purposefully and slowly, thrust her hips once more against her tall lover.

The doctor was treated to the sight of Sam's eyes rolling back in her head as a shudder worked through her entire body. "J-Jan….please….if you don't stop….I'm….I'm…"

As Janet ground herself against the shaft, her own body shivered in intense pleasure. Sam's voice caught in a decidedly feminine cry of ecstasy, and Janet nearly came undone right then and there. She knew that Sam had been close before she'd interrupted her friend, and truth be told, Janet was more aroused than she'd been in a good long while, and she wanted tonight to last. She had plans for Major Samantha Carter, and right now, she decided, they needed to take the edge off.

With a wicked grin, Janet reached behind her, and deftly undid her bra. She flung the garment off to the side, and leaned down until her body was flush with Sam's, their breasts sliding against each other. They both whimpered slightly at the contact and Sam reached up to pull Janet in for another deep kiss, her body trembling with need and desire.

Janet lost herself in the taste and feel of the woman she'd loved for so long, drinking in the feeling of being wrapped in those strong arms. She tried to hold off for a little longer, but the growing need within them both was just too much, and Janet began gently rocking her pelvis against the firm shaft that pressed tightly against her silk clad crotch. She knew her panties were soaked through, she could smell her own arousal as strongly as she could smell Sam's.

Sam's breath caught and then she hissed as Janet thrust against her again. Her own hips jerked upwards into the contact. ""J-Janet…I'm….I can't…."

Janet brought her mouth down next to Sam's ear. "It's ok Sam……just let go sweetheart…..come for me….," she breathed into her lover's ear even as her hips ground down more firmly, feeling her own body respond to the strong stimulation.

Sam's breathing was ragged, the trembling increased, and her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Her own hips began a counterpoint of movement to Janet's and the noises…..god the noises she was making were the most erotic thing Janet had ever heard. Janet felt her own stomach muscles tighten and knew she was moments away from release when Sam's eyes suddenly flew open, her body went rigid, and then she began bucking wildly against Janet's pelvis.

The blonde practically shouted Janet's name in a voice filled with love, wonder, and unadulterated passion. The brunette was happily tossed over that blissful chasm of pleasure, crying out Sam's name in her own release as she continued to grind against her lover, her whole body quaking in relief, enjoyment, and sheer happiness. She collapsed completely into the strong embrace of her love and they lay there together for many long blissful minutes, soaking up the powerful sensations and emotions running through them both.

Sam was finally the first to find her voice. She cleared her throat a bit and slowly opened her eyes to stare past brunette locks at her ceiling in wonder. "Wow," she whispered. "That was…." her voice trailed off as her overwhelmed mind struggled to find the appropriate word.

Janet finally managed to lift her head up from where it had been snuggled against Sam's shoulder and grinned down at her lover. "Amazing?"

A dreamy smile filled the taller woman's face and lit up her eyes. "Beyond amazing," she told Janet as her eyes grew a little moist. She reached up and brushed back a few strands of dark hair that was plastered to Janet's forehead. "You've never looked so beautiful as you do right now. I've wanted this for so long Janet….I just never dared hope that you would feel the same way."

Janet felt her heart melt with the tender admission and cupped her hand over Sam's, drawing it to her lips and kissing the fingers lovingly. "I love you so much Samantha Carter….have for so long that I don't even remember what not loving you was like. I look at us here and now and I wonder why we wasted so much time when it was right before us the whole time."

"Shhhhh. No regrets Jan. We were both afraid of what we could lose and in our position we have every right to be worried. We still have reason to be concerned," she added with a sad sigh. But then her smile returned and Janet could see the resolve in her eyes. "But I promise you this Janet, nothing will ever come between us again. Whatever path we decide to take, I'll be there by your side no matter what. I love you and now that I have you, I never want to let you go."

Janet felt her breath catch at that promise. "You would resign?" she asked in disbelief.

"I would give it all up if it meant staying with you…and Cassie."

Janet felt tears come to her eyes at that fervent admission. She knew how much the Air Force meant to Sam and that the Stargate Program was her life's work come to fruition. She knew what it all meant to her lover and yet Sam was willing to give that all up…..for her. "Oh baby, I would never ask that of you. But just knowing you would-," her voice failed her as her throat tightened and she leaned in to kiss Sam deeply, trying to convey just how much she loved Sam in that moment.

The kiss lasted for a good long while and both were breathless once more when they finally broke apart. The tears of joy had abated and were now replaced with desire-filled looks. Janet moved off her lover so that she could remove that last article of clothing she wore. She smirked as she watched Sam watch her with a hungry gleam in her eye. Her own eyes raked over the fit form of her lover, and she allowed herself to admire Sam openly- something she had never been able to do during the countless times Sam had been naked or mostly naked during her physicals.

Her gaze was drawn to the accessory Sam was still wearing and an almost feral grin lifted her lips. "So tell me Major…where on Earth did you pick up this little gem hmmmm?" she asked as she lightly traced the shaft with her fingertips.

Sam inhaled deeply and shivered. "N-not from Earth. Gift from the Nysterians….oh god," she exclaimed as Janet gripped the fake cock in her hand and squeezed gently.

"Ahhhhhh. So alien tech. I'm going to go out on a short limb here and say that apparently it's high tech as it seems you can feel everything I am doing to it?"

"Y-yes. F-figured it would have some am-mazing m-medical applications," Sam managed to stammer out.

Janet paused mid-stroke as she contemplated that, her physician's mind suddenly leaping into action as she thought of all the research and developments this little device could unlock. Paralysis related injuries were just the start. Sam's frustrated groan however brought her back to matters at hand….literally. "Brilliant Sam. I have to say, these are a series of case studies and tests I am very much looking forward to running," she told the blonde with a leer and a wink.

Sam laughed, and reached for her lover to pull her in for another kiss. "I have to say, I enjoy getting to see this side of you. I've seen playful Janet, but kinky bedroom Janet is all sorts of sexy," Sam told her with a bit of a growl to her own voice.

"You ain't see nothing yet Major," Janet promised.

"I look forward to it Doctor," Sam grinned back at her.

"So tell me, did you clear taking this little toy off base with the General?"

Again Sam laughed, a blush rising up from her chest to her neck and cheeks. "Oh god no! Uncle George might know of my….leanings, but there is no way in HELL I could have shown him this."

"OoooOOOoo so contraband at home eh? I didn't know you were such a rule breaker."

"The hell you didn't. You forget how much I know you Janet Frasier. You act like you like to play it safe, but I've seen the glint in your eye every time you get to step through that Gate and every time you are up against a challenge. You like to push that line my dear doctor and it's one of the reason you and I have been such good friends," Sam told her smugly.

Janet quirked an eyebrow. "Oh really?"

She suddenly found herself flipped onto her back, Sam's body pinning hers to the bed, a smirk on her lips and a wicked glint in her eye. "Oh yeah. The fact that you broke in on me enjoying some…'me time' and then decided to invite yourself in on the fun is a pretty big give-away too."

Janet grinned back. "Well….there is that I suppose. But you were the one calling out my name in the middle of what looked like a spectacular fantasy. I don't suppose you'd like to share?" she asked as her hands slid up Sam's back, marveling once more at just how fit her lover was. Strong muscle was encased under soft skin, marred only by the occasional scar of battles hard fought and won. Her eyes traced along the sculpted muscles of Sam's shoulders and arms as she held herself up, and Janet's hands traced the lines, admiring the definition without being over bulky. Sam's physique had always presented the greatest temptation for Janet during the blonde's physicals. For years now, she'd wanted to run her fingers along Sam's strong body. Feel the strength for herself, watch as that soft skin raised in reaction to her caress. And now she was finally here, and it she felt like she couldn't get enough of the sensation.

Sam, who was resting her weight on her arms, had closed her eyes and sighed contentedly at the caresses. Goosebumps were raised in the wake of Janet's loving touches, and the blonde had gone completely still under her lover's skilled hands. It took her several moments to remember that Janet had even asked a question of her. When she finally opened her eyes, she relaxed her body carefully down onto her smaller partner, her hands stroking into Janet's hair as a loving smile spread across her lips.

"You have the most amazing hands. All the times you've cared for me…healed me…I've always marveled at how strong they are…how gentle they can be. I always know how you are feeling by watching your hands."

"You do?" Janet asked raising one of the appendages in question.

Sam shifted her weight to one arm and captured the hand in her own and threaded hers into it and brought it to her lips to kiss the knuckles. "If you are bored you twiddle your pen in it. If you are working through something and focused intently on a problem you tap your finger against your lips or chin. If you are angry, your knuckles can get so white I wonder if your palms are going to start bleeding. If you're nervous or worried they never stay still. You'll triple check a monitor, adjust a blanket, toy with your stethoscope, brush your hand through my hair. And if you're happy they become so animated that half the fun of listening to a story is watching your gestures."

Janet felt tears well in her eyes once more. "You can tell all that from my hands?" she asked in soft amazement.

"Yeah," Sam breathed, leaning down to kiss the tears away. "I love you Jan. I've never noticed things like that about anyone else before."

"Oh Sam," Janet whispered as she brought their clasped hands to her own lips and mirrored the tender knuckle kiss. "The moment I met you I felt myself respond in such a visceral way that it scared me. Every time you would step into the same room as me I would lose complete focus for a few moments and it would take every ounce of discipline to control my reactions to you. It was like my body became hyper-aware of everything about you." She paused and then chuckled huskily. "You have no idea what kind of private hell I was in those first few weeks of doing your physical were."

Sam chuckled back. "Oh I have a pretty good idea Doc. And just imagine how hard it was for me! I was the one naked on your table trying desperately to think of anything that would take my mind off the fact that I had your hands all over me., and not react physically."

"Well I have to say Major, you did a damn fine job, because I had no clue."


"Ok…so maybe there was a time or two when I noticed stuff out of the norm. But I chalked it up as nerves or adrenaline over a mission and tried not to get my hopes up."

Sam leaned in for a kiss then and Janet gladly accepted the diversion from their conversation. When they separated Sam smiled down at her. "Well, while it would have been nice if we could have figured this out sooner, I'm glad things turned out the way they did. We've had time to build this amazing friendship first and I wouldn't trade that for anything."

"I wholeheartedly agree. Now…I believe you were going to tell me about that spectacular fantasy I interrupted?"

Blue eyes sparkled in amusement as soft lips captured hers once more. "Mmmmmm. I think I will save that for later. Right now however, I want to make sweet love to you. Question is, do you want it with or without the toy?"

"I most definitely plan on you and me exploring each other sans toys. But for now? I want to feel you fill me and I want you to experience what it's like be deep inside me….feel me gripping at you….," Janet answered in a breathless whisper of want and need. She emphasized her words with her ever expressive hands which raked gently down Sam's back and then firmly cupped her ass, pulling Sam against her.

Sam's eyes closed briefly at the erotic images that assaulted her with those heady words, and she groaned as her toy came into firmer contact with Janet's body once more. "Just…just know that I uh….haven't done this with anyone before so I might need a few moments to um…experiment?"

The grin Janet gave her was positively wicked. "I every faith in your abilities to learn quickly Major."

Sam grinned, feeling a little of her sudden nervousness fade. "You'll tell me if I do something wrong or it becomes uncomfortable?"

"I highly doubt it will come to that, but I will if I need to," Janet assured her. "Now, less talk and more kissing."

"Yes, Ma'am," Sam chuckled as she leaned back down for a slow lengthy kiss as they started their intimate dance.

For several long minutes both women simply enjoyed slow, wet kisses, tender, exploratory caresses, and the feel of their bodies pressed together. Sam had tried to keep her weight on her forearms, but Janet had insistently pulled the blonde down fully against her, happily accepting all of Sam's weight with a moan of pleasure. Sam had to admit that feeling Janet's breasts pressed fully against her own, and feeling their skin slide against each other as their bodies shifted instinctually was intoxicating.

The heat at the juncture of Janet's thighs called strongly to the taller woman, and she wanted nothing more than to bury herself deeply into her lover. But Sam forced herself to retain her control this time because she had wanted and fantasized about this for a very long time. And she would be damned if she rushed through the experience without a little exploration first.

Janet made a noise of protest when Sam's lips left hers and she raised up slightly on her arms once more. But when the blonde began trailing hot kisses and tender nibbles along her jaw and then down her neck, Janet's voice caught in her throat. She willingly turned her head to the side, allowing her lover better access to the sensitive skin there. The brunette gasped out Sam's name and her finger's dug into the blonde's strong shoulders when Sam's lips and tongue focused on a spot just below her ear that shot straight to her core.

Pleased with the obvious sounds of pleasure coming from her lover, Sam smiled into Janet's neck, and took her time laying wet teasing kisses along soft flesh as she worked her way down the brunette's body. By the time she was teasing the sides of soft breasts, Janet was writhing beneath her and firm hands tangled in her hair guiding her mouth where it was wanted the most. "Sam, please!" Janet begged of her and the blonde was only too happy to comply as she leaned in and circled a mocha nipple firmly with her tongue before she suckled it between her lips. With her free hand she circled, pinched and tugged at its twin and Janet cried out and arched up into the contact.

Sam lost herself in the taste and feel of Janet for several long minutes, but she wanted more and she knew Janet wanted…needed more as well. After placing a few lingering kisses on the soft full breasts, she dragged her lips in a straight line down the center of Janet's toned abdomen, her tongue briefly dipping into Janet's navel- a tease of things to soon come. As she reached the line of Janet's hips and pelvic bone, Sam strayed to the sides, once more laying open mouthed kisses, her tongue and teeth scraping across the aroused skin there.

By now, Janet was nearly hyperventilating. Every nerve seemed to be on high alert, attuned to every little breath of air that ghosted across her flesh, to every feather light caress. She knew her fingers were clamped tightly against Sam's skull insistently pushing her lower even as her legs fell open in eager invitation. She knew the erotic cries, pleas and other various noises were coming from her. But it was almost surreal, because never in her adult life had she ever experienced a level of intimacy and arousal this intense and meaningful. She'd had good sex in the past. Hell, she'd had great sex. But nothing had ever turned her into this wanton being of need and overwhelming desire.

Sam kissed and suckled on the inside of the Janet's thighs, smelling her lover's arousal and seeing the manifestation of it on the glistening drops of moisture on the dark and neatly trimmed curls surrounding Janet's sex. Sam's mouth watered and a shiver of anticipation ran along her spine. She unconsciously thrust her hips forward into the bed and groaned at the sensations that produced as she had almost forgotten about the presence of the toy in the face of her lover's overwhelming display of utter desire. Sam closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths trying to focus herself and when she finally opened them, Janet was finally meeting her gaze. The love , desire and need for her…and only for her….that she saw in Janet's gaze caused the blonde's breath to catch.

"Sam," Janet whispered in a needful tone as her fingers tightened in Sam's hair.

With a groan of her own, Sam slipped her arms under Janet's hips and leaned down to fully taste her lover for the first time. None of her secret longings or fantasies could have ever compared to that moment in her life. Sam greedily partook of all that Janet had to offer her, showing the same intense focus in bringing her lover pleasure as she did to any other task in her life.

Janet found herself rendered completely incoherent as Sam's skilled tongue drove her to new heights of pleasure. She writhed uncontrollably, Sam calling forth noises from her that she'd never heard herself utter before. She knew she was on the verge of cresting once more and was trying to hold back, but Sam was having none of that. Janet's eyes screwed tightly shut and her toes curled as she came, screaming Sam's name.

The blonde gentled her ministrations, but never let up, allowing Janet a moment to recover, but without letting the arousal fade. When she felt Janet begin to respond once more, Sam's lips left her lover's mound and began moving slowly upward along the petite form. Janet groaned in protest, but the sound was swallowed up as Sam pressed her lips against Janet's.

Tongues dueled, and Janet whimpered at the taste of herself on Sam's lips and tongue. When they broke apart, panting for air, Janet finally noticed the trembling tension throughout her lover's body as she tried to keep her own desire in check. Wrapping her legs around her lover, she drew the blonde down and in, a hand sliding down and between them to firmly grasp the toy and guide it.

"In," she demanded and Sam shuddered against her.

"J-Jan…I want you so bad…not sure how long…."


The command cut off any further arguments from Sam who braced herself on one arm, grasped the toy with her free hand and pressed against Janet's drenched core. "Oh god," the blonde gasped as the head of the toy began to slowly push into Janet.

"Oh god yes Sam!" Janet cried out as the blonde began to fill her. Both women struggled to hold their gazes, but Sam finally broke the contact when she gave one firm thrust that buried herself deep into Janet's tight wet heat and her eyes rolled back in her head.

"Ohhhhh ffffuck," she groaned as her arms nearly gave out. She was holding herself still, and panting harshly as she tried not to come right then and there. "N-no wonder guys try so hard to get into our pants," she stammered out, giving voice to her earlier thought.

The unexpected joke broke through the intense arousal of the moment, and Janet laughed. There was almost a sense of relief that washed through both of them as the humor allowed them to regain enough sense of control to make the experience last. "That good eh?" Janet asked with a grin and a raised eyebrow.

"God Jan you have no idea….you really need to try this o….Holy Hannah!" she gasped as Janet unexpectedly tightened her slick walls around the toy's shaft.

"You were saying?" Janet purred as she raked her nails up along Sam's back.

Sam didn't respond verbally, she leaned in for a fierce kiss as her hips pulled back slightly and then thrust into Janet. The brunette moaned into the kiss and words were forgotten as they quickly established a slow and steady rhythm, drawing out the pleasure for each other. The need for air forced their lips apart, and Janet opened her eyes to take in the stunning visage above her. Sam's spectacular body was covered in a fine sheet of sweat, her head was tossed back, her eyes still closed in ecstasy, her mouth slightly open as she gasped for air. The muscles in the arms that were braced along either side of Janet's head were beginning to stand out, the definition showing off just how cut and firm they truly were. Her hips had begun to increase their pace and the thrusts were become more firm, and Janet asked her lover for more.

Sam's eyes snapped open and locked down onto Janet's, as she quickly obeyed the request. Candlelight danced across their skin, bathing them in its soft glow and filling the already heady air with their light scents. As Sam plunged deeply into her love, she could only marvel at the incredible technology that was gifting her with this unique and truly amazing and beautiful experience.

Janet's legs were wrapped tightly around her hips, her hands were clutching at Sam's back, and whole body was flushed from her arousal. With every thrust she was making the most incredible noises that were ratcheting Sam's own arousal up quickly. She knew she wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer. Not with the way Janet's slick walls were gripping tightly at the invading toy. "Oh god baby," Sam panted out as she leaned down to suckle on Janet's exposed throat.

She shifted slightly, bringing her knee up a bit to brace herself better and Janet suddenly stiffened. "OH GOD YES SAM RIGHT THERE!" the brunette cried out. Sam paused for a second, startled, and then grinned widely when Janet next exclaimed, "Don't you DARE fucking stop Major!"

Sam pulled out slowly and then, equally as slowly, she thrust back in and felt the toy press deliciously against that oh so special spot. She shifted a bit more, and tilted her pelvis on the next slow stroke and watched as Janet shuddered almost violently. "There?"

"Oh god yes…please Sam….please sweetheart….."

Sam steadied herself and then thrust hard and deep into her lover. Her cry of ecstasy joined Janet's, and soon they were both thrusting frantically against each other, nonsensical words and sounds escaping their throats as they quickly approached that precipice of ultimate joy. Less than a minute later they were caught up in a tidal wave of pleasure, both struggling to keep their gazes on each other so they could share every moment, every emotion, every amazing feeling with the other.

Sam's arms finally gave out and she collapsed against Janet, who wrapped her trembling body tightly against her own. Tears of joy and fulfillment escaped both of their eyes, and after several minutes of trying to catch their breaths they began to chuckle at their emotional reaction to the beautiful experience. Sam shifted slightly off of her lover, removed the toy and then settled back on the bed next to Janet and drew her small body up against her own.

"I love you so much Jan," she whispered into her lover's ear after a few minutes of comfortable silence.

Janet shift around so they were facing one another and she gifted Sam with a tender smile filled with wonder and love. "And I love you Sam."

They shared a long slow kiss, one that was meant to reaffirm but not stoke the fires of passion. "Thank you for being brave tonight," Sam told her as she ran her fingers along Janet's hip.

The smaller woman blushed. "God I was so mortified…and then I was so…..enthralled. You were so beautiful to see like that, and then when you called out my name…..my heart just took over and next thing I knew I was by your bedside, undressed, and reaching for you. I couldn't believe what I was doing, but it was too late to run. I had to know."

"Well I'm glad you did. But I do have to ask…what led you to barging in on me anyway?" Sam asked with an impish grin.

Janet flushed even more. "I thought you weren't scheduled to come back until tomorrow, so I was coming over to take care of your mail and water the plants. I heard you call out my name and when you didn't respond when I called out to from outside your door I came in thinking you were hurt or sick." Janet chuckled and shook her head at the funny series of events that lead to the evening's discoveries and explorations. "Why are you back so soon anyway?"

Sam snickered. "Jack sprained his back supposedly doing some kind of yoga type exercises."

Janet looked at her in disbelief. "I'm sorry, are we both speaking of the same Jack O'Neill here?"

"Oh, I'm sure he hurt it doing some kind of stretching that I don't even want to know about, but I can guarantee you it wasn't for exercise purposes. Not on that planet."

"Oh really? Do tell Major?"

"It was like Risa come to life Jan."

Janet frowned at the reference for a moment and then her eyes widened. "You mean like the pleasure planet from Star Trek?"

"Pretty much. They are completely neutral and apparently even the Goa'uld leave them alone because they pose no threat and cater to everyone's need to cut loose and enjoy life."

"I see…so….did you avail yourself to the…amenities as well?"

Sam laughed seeing a small spark of jealousy in Janet's eyes, and leaned over to kiss her lover on the nose. "Not everything on the planet is related to sex. They have hover bikes," she told Janet with a wide grin.

Janet laughed heartily at that. "My god woman. You end up on a pleasure planet, probably surrounded by beautiful people who were most likely propositioning you left and right, and you turn them down in favor of an adrenaline rush. Only you Sammie….only you."

Sam blushed at the rather accurate description of her stay on the planet, but chuckled. "Well every time I got hit on, the Colonel started glaring at them AND me. When I finally got tired of the hypocrisy of it because he was flirting with every pretty thing in sight, he just shook his head, got that serious look of his and said 'Carter, nothing here is as good as what you got back home. If you even think of touching the goods here, you will be regretting your pre and post-mission physicals for a long long time to come.' After I got over my shock- and embarrassment- I decided I should stick to other fun pursuits."

"He said that?!"

Sam grinned sheepishly. "I guess I wasn't as discreet in my affection for you as I thought I was being."

Janet's mouth opened and closed several times as worry and amusement warred within her. Sam understood her reaction as it was the same one she'd had after the Colonel's comment. "Relax Jan," she whispered, running her hand along Janet's back in a soothing manner. "Jack's known since the test that I didn't return his feelings. Guess he finally figured out who it was that I loved, that I wasn't supposed to. After his comment I freaked out a little bit, and he just gave me that little quirky grin of his and told me to lighten up. Said as long as it never interfered with my ability to be the best soldier I can be, he didn't care who I loved."

Sam paused, got a far off look and then chuckled. "And then this really beautiful YOUNG woman walked by giving him eyes and he was instantly the irritating, juvenile, Colonel we all love and know. I think she's the one who broke him," the blonde smirked.

Janet burst out laughing, partly to relieve the sudden fear that had built up inside of her, and shook her head. "That man will never listen to any of my advice will he?"

"Probably not. But…she was hot, and I honestly can't say I blame him," Sam admitted with a cheeky grin. "Besides, now we have something to tease him about for at least the next month," she added with a wicked look in her eyes.

"I can't wait for his follow-up exam," Janet snickered. Then she sobered a bit. "So you think he's really okay with us?"

"I really do sweetheart. So long as we keep this discreet, I don't think we are going to have any issues. I mean Uncle George has known since I was a teen that I was gay. When I became a part of his command he made a point of telling me that he hoped I found someone to make me happy one day, and so long as I kept it off base, he wouldn't ask and I didn't have to tell. At least as the General. What about Cassie though?"

Janet gave Sam a wry grin. "Are you kidding? She'll be ecstatic. She has been not so subtly hinting at me lately that it would be nice if we could all be a real family. You know she's always seen you as her mother too- even if I was the one to adopt her?"

"I never wanted to encroach on your parenting Jan. But you kept inviting me in as a part of your lives, and I love her like she was my own daughter too."

"When do you have to go back?"

"Team's on stand down for the next three days, until the Colonel's cleared. I was thinking of doing some work in my lab…but I might be persuaded to stay home," Sam smirked.

Janet laughed and leaned in for a slow kiss. "I can think of a few things to keep you occupied just fine right here Major Carter."

"Oh yeah?" Sam asked breathlessly.

"Definitely. Besides, your physician needs to check out that device to make sure that there are no negative impacts while using it."

"Test of tech…I could get behind that."

"I was thinking of you being in front of it," Janet purred into another lengthy kiss.

"However you want me Doctor. I'm all yours." Sam's expression softened after that and her hands reached out to gently stroke along Janet's face as she stared deep into her lover's gaze. "For however long you'll have me," she added in a whisper.

Janet's breath caught in her chest as the quiet intensity of Sam's declaration struck home. Returning the gesture, she brought their mouths together one more time. "Then you better settle in for the long haul Samantha Carter, because I'm hoping that will be forever."

No words were needed after that as they proved their love for one another long into the night and for many nights to come.

The End

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