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AUTHOR'S NOTE: the lunar eclipse that happened on Nov. 8 here on the east coast of the US inspired this vignette. So, well, it wasn't seen in Mountain or Pacific regions but I took liberties here too.
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By Elizabeth Carter

Janet scrambled. She didn't have long before Sam would be coming home from her jump. The doctor planned to meet her lover at the entrance to the mountain complex's garage. It would give her just enough time to set things up.

Tonight was very very special. Even though Sam had been off world when the information about the lunar eclipse was announced on the news it was a good guess that the young physicist already knew about it since the astronomical section of SGC kept track of such things. But still Janet might manage to surprise Sam with what the good doctor had in the trunk of her car.

Going over to Sam's Indian, Janet opened up one of the leather saddlebags and placed her surprise in the specialized knapsack. It was one of those new picnic packs that was polar insulated so hot and cold things remained that way. It had all of the trimmings, plates, flatware, glasses, both wine and tumblers, and it also had a blanket. She had even thought to include a sleeping bag and had strapped it to the back of the cycle using small bungee cords.

Janet had taken a side trip earlier that afternoon to Trader Joe's and picked up a bit of food. Hummus, pita bread pieces, smoked deli meats, cheeses, champagne grapes, cherries and chocolate dip. She also had a bottle of her favorite merlot.

Sam stepped out of the mountain and into the parking lot and stopped dead in her tracks. There was Janet sitting on her bike wearing bike leathers. The scientist's blue eyes flared in quiet desire.

"He-ey, Major," Janet greeted. "What do you say you make good on your promise and show me what this baby can do fully opened up?"

"Ummmm," Sam stammered. She still couldn't take her eyes off the black leather clinging to her lover's body. She had to remain cool and professional as she was still on base. What she wanted to do was to run her hands over the leather clad legs and ass of one Janet Fraiser. She used the Sign for beautiful, so she might convey to her lover her first thought.

Janet replied 'Thank you' also using sign language.

Both women were learning Sign along with Cassandra who was taking it in school so she could better communicate with one of her best friends who was deaf. And to help her study both women decided to study the language along with the young girl who had become their daughter.

'Janet, my God, you are glorious. Leather?! Do you have any idea what you are doing to me?'

'Of course. That's the point.' Her smirk confirmed the movements of her hands.

The airman guarding the parking lot had no idea that there was a conversation going on between the two majors. His mind couldn't get off the fact that the two hottest babes in the whole mountain were wearing black leather and mounting a massive bike. He thought at first it was a hog, but it was an Indian not a Harley. Still, it was bitching to see two gloriously beautiful women on such a machine.

The massive red and gold bike roared to life and peeled away from the checkpoint.

Janet clung to Sam from the back of the bike, not out of fear, for she trusted her lover, but because she loved the feel of Sam. She directed the blonde where to go but didn't explain further.

Sam parked the bike and ruffled her already unruly blonde bangs. Setting the full-face helmet aside she watched her lover take the picnic knapsack from the saddlebags. The blonde chuckled softly to herself as Janet was still wearing her purple full-face helmet.

"So, Hon," she started. "Want to tell me what's up?" Sam padded up behind her beloved and wrapped her arms around the tiny waist.

"No light pollution," mused the doctor. "It's one of the best viewing places up here."

In truth, the place Janet had chosen was both remote and dark and incredibly perfect. It was a small plateau on the side of the mountain that overlooked a forest. Near them was a small lake, again remote and secret. Its waves lapped up against the shore with a soft caress.

Sam didn't know what Janet was truly up to, but a nighttime picnic sounded fun, loving, and so totally Janet.

Being early fall, it was nippy out, so the arctic sleeping bag on the back of the bike made sense to the blonde scientist, she still wanted to know exactly what her love was up to. Taking the sleeping bag off the back of the "bitch-seat," Sam unrolled it and set it up a few paces from the picnic blanket.

When the tall blonde had finished, she saw that Janet had their dinner all set up. Meats, cheeses, grapes, cherries with chocolate to dip them in, and red-wine. The helmet was now off and set aside. Despite that tousled helmet hair look, Sam thought Janet completely adorable with the wild look to her longish shoulder length hair.

Once more the tall scientist wrapped her arms around her lover, nipping the slender neck. "Hmmm. You smell like roses, jasmine and the wind."

"And you of wind, sandalwood, and lilac," Janet said as she turned in the arms of the woman she adored. "I imagine you forgot, didn't you?"

"Forgotten what?" Sam thought for a moment. It was too early for Janet's birthday, that wasn't for a few days yet. It wasn't the anniversary of their becoming lovers, so Sam couldn't think of what she might be forgetting. The day that she had renamed Gemini to a more proper name, Jan-an-I, wasn't until the summer, so that wasn't missed either.

"Jan, I am sorry." The voice coming from the blonde was soft and endearing. "I didn't mean to forget anything…"

Janet smiled and kissed Sam soundly. "Honey, you're not forgetting anything like what you think."

"Then what?"

"Look up."

Sam did as Janet requested and saw the very beginning of the lunar eclipse.

"Oh!" The blonde's blue eyes sparked and her honey colored eyebrows shot up into her bangs. "Oh! Wow. I had forgotten…. The mission and everything, I just…."

"I know." Janet snuggled into the arms of her beloved. "I know its not like the eclipse you wanted to see on Hanka, but…sometimes with the jumping, it's easy to forget we have some spectacular things right here on our own world. I wanted to share this night with you."

Sam turned her eyes from the moon pregnant with silver light, "Oh, I know this world has some spectacular beauty in it. I'm holding the icon of beauty right now."

Janet grinned. "You incorrigible romantic."

"Don't let anyone know. I have the tough soldier-scientist geek image to uphold."

Janet paused for a moment. "It will cost you, flygirl."

"What's the price?"

"A kiss."

"Oh, that I think I can manage."

Sam willingly obliged, her slender hands sliding under the dark red locks of hair to caress the nape of the doctor's neck, the pads of Sam's thumbs stroking the pulse points as she brought her lips to taste the soft satin of Janet's own, her tongue seeking entrance to the velvet warmth of Janet's mouth. The kiss deepened as Sam felt the grip of Janet's hands move from around her waist and slide down to the globes of her arse.

Janet wrestled with dominance over the kiss, her own tongue taking over Sam's mouth, making the blonde moan. Only a need for oxygen made them part, and even then Janet placed tiny kisses along the pale neck. She grinned through the kisses as she felt the rapid pulse of her lover.

"Look up," Janet murmured, reminding the blonde as to why they had come to this high lookout spot.

Sam managed to tear her concentration off of the fiery doctor and place it upon the heavens above. The Earth's shadow had devoured more of the surface of the moon. Janet took the opportunity to nibble Sam's ear, making the blonde weak at the knees.

Blue eyes turned away from the moon back to Janet. Tiny kisses trailed from brown eyes and seized the small woman's mouth. Long fingers slipped from Janet' neck to her waist and slid back up to cup well formed breasts. Janet's body was perfectly proportioned and Sam loved to worship it. Her breasts were not ample but full enough to fill the palms of her hands perfectly.

"You hungry?" Janet prompted.

"Have what I want," Sam mumbled, still placing kisses along Janet's throat before she took those magnificent lips once more.

Janet again took over with the kiss and easily maneuvered Sam to the sleeping bag and pushed her down. "So do I," Janet purred, now straddling the blonde. "Keep looking up."

Sam tried to comply, but as her hands wandered over Janet's body her vision was blurred not by the lunar ballet in the sky but by the beauty before her. Once Janet started to unbutton her black blouse, the scientist could feel the core of her center warming with unquenchable fire. The brunette pulled the blouse out of the leather pants, bent low and began kissing soft butterfly kisses along the alabaster flesh. Sam found herself arching into Janet's administrations. A moan escaped her lips when she felt the talented tongue of the doctor snake out to play with her bellybutton piercing.

Her hands moved to take a hold of Janet but she found herself grasping thin air. The tiny woman had moved to the picnic area and taken hold of the bag of grapes, and the wine and glasses. The tiny little nubbins of champagne grapes were extremely sweet and fun to eat right off the sprig.

Janet popped a few into her mouth before moving back to Sam, once more straddling the blonde's torso.

"How Greek…feeding me grapes," Sam teased as she moved up to kiss her lover. "How about I feed them to you?"

She took a couple of the little sprigs from Janet's hand, then kissed her once before holding the sprigs over her lover's mouth.

Janet moved the tip of her tongue out, slowly caressed the tiny grapes, teasing them, until they tantalizingly moved between her lips. Then she bit down.

Sam sucked in a breath of chilled air. Goosebumps covered her chest, but not because of the light November breeze. The blonde shifted slightly under her lover, feeling the quickening within her starting to grow in fervor.

Using what little strength she had left, Sam was able to take hold of Janet and roll over so that the brunette was on the bottom. The moon by now was half obscured by the shadow of the Earth, its image reflected in the dark doe eyes of the doctor.

Janet took the opportunity to unhook the front clasp of Sam's bra, freeing the beautiful mounds of Samantha's full breasts. She smiled as she saw them sway slightly as the blonde moved, causing Janet's own heat to grow more intense. She moved so she might suckle one breast before moving to the other. Her delicate hands kneaded Sam's leather covered arse, gaining yet another moan from the blonde.

Sam felt her entire body quiver under Janet's administrations. She wanted to touch this beautiful woman but she felt herself succumbing to Janet's talented hands and tongue. It was strange and she could not recall how, but suddenly she found herself on the bottom once more. As Sam caught a glimpse of the moon, she saw that it was nearly completely obscured by the shadow of the Earth.

The grapes lay forgotten, as did the rest of the meal. Janet, however, decided to prolong the teasing of her lover and leaned forwarded above Sam's head for the bottle of merlot and glasses.

Sam took this moment to start unbuttoning Janet's dark purple blouse while the doctor was uncorking the bottle of wine. Bottle opened, as was shirtfront. The moon was becoming a shade of orange. Sam's hands slid under the open shirt, enjoying the touch of lightly tanned flesh.

Janet squirmed a little as Sam accidentally hit her lover's ticklish spot. Giggling and squirming Janet spilled droplets of wine down Sam's front. Now it was a game. Sam raked her blunt fingernails across Janet's ribcage causing sensations of lust as well as tickles. Janet was giggling loudly as was Sam. Kissing each other frantically, both maneuvering for dominance, both inciting want in the other, and both yielding willingly to the other.

The tickling ceased and touches of want became more urgent. Side by side now, the lovers trailed fingers along bare flesh, and leather.

"Look up, Sammy," Janet uttered softly.

Sam had her thoughts locked on loving the woman in her arms, all thoughts of the moon had gone. But she felt her head being gingerly turned so her blue eyes rested upon the moon which now was a blaze in glowing orange-red light.

"Wow…Oh, it's beautiful…"

"I wanted to share tonight with you, Hon," Janet said. To the physician there was nothing more beautiful than Samantha Carter when she was watching the heavens blaze forth in life. Not even the stellar phenomenon could match the wonder in those blue eyes.

"Here, wait, I brought something else."

"Janet…"Sam almost pouted when her love moved from her arms to go back to the saddlebags on the Indian. The doctor returned with a small black case that the young Major recognized as military issue binoculars.

"Not a telescope, I know, but try packing yours on this baby," Janet said gesturing to the motorcycle.

Sam laughed. "Come here, you."

Janet moved back to the sleeping bag and into Sam's waiting arms. Despite boots, leather pants and opened blouses the two lovers snuggled under the warmth of the arctic sleeping bag to enjoy the theater of the sky.

"I love it when it does the red-glowy bit," Sam said.

"Hon, that isn't exactly your typical techno-speak," Janet giggled.

"Cassie-ism," Sam winked.

Both giggled.

"Yeah, well, I love it when you get all glowy libidinous…." Janet wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

They both giggled once more.

The lovers took turns using the binoculars to watch the glowing red moon and kissing her beloved's body. It was a perfect way to spend an evening, making passionate love under a full eclipse of the moon.

The End

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