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SERIES: The fourth in a series of vignettes from those close to Sam/Janet.
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Outside Looking In:

By Celievamp

Most days I love my job. I get to work with all this technology – real cutting edge stuff that most techheads would give their right leg or their firstborn to take a look at. Of course I can't tell anyone what I do but I can live with that. Some ladies like the air of mystery.

The technology isn't all that I get to work with. Cheyenne Mountain gets the best and brightest. Major Carter for one. I'm better than most, I get maybe one word in five when she's in full flow, most don't get one word in ten. Yet she'll take the time to explain stuff as well. She's not arrogant, always has the time of day for people. Trusts them to do their job as well. She'd make a damn good teacher one day if she ever wants a change in career. Not afraid to get her hands dirty either considering she's an officer. If there's a complicated repair to do especially if its something to do with the Gate system I know I can call on her and she'll be there. She knows those systems better than anyone else. And she'll be there until its done to her satisfaction, no matter how long that takes. She's a damn fine mechanic as well. That bike of hers runs like a dream and she rebuilt it from scrap. Helps me with mine as well. Got a lot of common sense too unlike some of the high-powered minds we have here. That Felger for one. Wouldn't trust him to wire a plug. And yet she's a lady. I mean a real lady, not just a female officer.

And then there's the Doc. Doctor Fraiser. Another real lady. There's a story going round that I must have the hots for her because I spend so much time in the Infirmary. Yeah, right. I mean you'd be an idiot not to feel something when you see her. She's a looker, all right but there's more to her than that. Even when she's giving you one of her telling off's for doing something stupid and let me tell you that can take a layer of skin right off you, her hands are so gentle as they sew you back together or bandage you up. And she'll take the time to talk. And she remembers stuff – she always asks after my mom after I happened to mention once that she'd been diagnosed with late onset diabetes and she remembers my sister's kids names. She's a better shrink than that McKenzie guy ever was even though it's not really her job to be one. You feel you can tell her anything that's bothering you and she'll do her damnedest to make it right. And then she's done and she smiles at you and suddenly the day is a better and brighter place.

I remember the first time Major Carter brought the Doc with her to one of our bike meets. I knew they were friends – good friends. It was the first time I saw that they were more than that. My ladies were together, as close as you could get and still be two people, I suppose. Any fool could see that they were made for each other that this relationship they had was the best thing to happen to either of them. And they trusted me enough to show me the truth. Damn if I didn't feel honoured by that.

So I've got their backs, see. Anyone makes any trouble for them and they have me to deal with – probably back in line somewhere behind the General and the rest of SG1. But I'll be in line – even if all I have to do is dispose of the pieces after Teal'c's finished with them. They're real ladies, you see, and real friends as well. Even to a lowly tech sergeant like me.

The End

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