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SERIES: The sixth in a series of vignettes from those close to Sam/Janet.
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Outside Looking In:
Sergeant Davis

By Celievamp

I've seen everything, I suppose. Been here pretty much from the beginning. If you asked anyone, they probably wouldn't remember whether I was there or not. I pride myself on doing a good job. A lot of people rely on me. I suppose you could describe my job as making sure the good guys get to where they're going and home again and keeping the bad guys out. I'm just a part of the scenery around here. And if I'm doing my job right that's exactly how it should be. I don't think Colonel O'Neill has got my name right once in seven years.

Major Carter is one of the few who does see me. You have to be right on top of your game when she's in the control room just to keep up with her. She is something else. A lot of the guys here have the hots for her – Lieutenant Simmons for one. And Colonel O'Neill of course. She doesn't notice. It's just not important to her. There's only one love in her life.

She trusts me to do my job, to let her know when things with the Gate are screwy, to know when to stand back and let her do her thing. Dr MacKay called her an artist but I think it goes deeper than that. She understands more about the Gate than anyone, more about the Gate than I think she's comfortable with sometimes. Maybe its because she had naquada in her blood – the same metal that the Gate is made from. It's kinda cool in a scary way. Much like the Major herself.

It's like she works on a different time frame to the rest of us. For quite a while when I first got to work on the project with her I didn't think she had a home to go to. I would come in and she would already be here, hard at work. I would do a full duty shift and she would still be here working hard on teasing out everything she could about how the gate operated, shaving off a tenth of a second here and there on the dialling programme – stuff I wouldn't understand if I looked at it every day until I was a hundred! And when we were trying to reach Edora, she worked herself into the ground to build that particle accelerator.

She seems a lot better about pacing herself now. I think the Doc has a lot to do with that. She seems to be the one person who can persuade the Major to take downtime, to rest when she's just put in a thirty six hour shift without blinking or to vary her diet from coffee and jello. And that's some achievement let me tell you.

I don't think there's a person on base who doesn't like and respect the Doc. She's tough but fair. When I got badly burnt by that electrical entity that went on to nearly kill Major Carter she couldn't do enough to help me. I know part of it was that caring for me helped take her mind off what was happening with Major Carter and the fact she didn't know how to help her but I sure appreciated it. They are good friends and the stronger for it and we're (the SGC I mean) the better for it. So if there's anything else going on then I don't know and I don't much care.

As I said, people forget I'm there sometimes and I see things that maybe I shouldn't. But like the Gate and everything that comes and goes through it, it's secret.

The End

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