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By ralst

Sam looked at the screen, then at the clock on the wall, then back at the screen. "Damn!"

"Is there a problem Major Carter?"

"No, no," Sam's fingers tapped frenetically at the keypad. "I'm just a little behind on this...this..." She stopped for a second to look up at Teal'c. "Thing?"

Slowly, Teal'c's eyebrow rose, as he took in Samantha Carter's uncharacteristically harassed appearance. "I do not believe I am familiar with the 'thing' to which you refer."

Hitting the save button, Sam turned her attention to her large friend. "Professor Jenkins asked me to submit a paper on the effects of electromagnetic thata radiation on wormhole dynamics," she explained, "two weeks ago."

Teal'c nodded in the slow and methodical way that usually calmed Sam's nerves, but at that moment had her wishing she could put him on fast-forward. "The task is not yet complete?"

"No." Sam's complexion took on a rosy hue. "I was kind of distracted."

"I see."

Sam very much doubted that. "Doctor Fraiser and I have been," she paused, "working on another project."

"And your project with Doctor Fraiser took precedent?" Teal'c guessed.


His eyebrow did its little curve and lift. "Then why do you not simply inform Professor Jenkins of this fact and request an extension on your paper?"

"I..." Sam could just picture it, 'hello Professor, sorry I've not finished the assignment but I've been spending all my spare time perfecting the art of cunni..' "I don't think so."

Teal'c stood perfectly still for a moment before bowing slightly. "Then I shall leave you to continue with your work."

"Yeah, thanks." Sam read through the last four pages on the screen, unsure whether she'd written a bunch of gobbledegook or cracked the code for unlocking the secrets of the universe.

"Hey," Janet drawled, her petite frame allowing her to slip past the stacks of boxes and equipment to stand behind her lover.

"Where did..." Sam's surprise was forgotten as she felt Janet's strong fingers begin their work on her overly tense shoulders. "That feels good."

Janet's hands descended beneath Sam's tee. "I'm glad you like it."


"What you working on?" Janet breathed in Sam's ear, her hands having come to a rest on her girlfriend's waist as she read over the blonde's shoulder.

Sam depressed the off button, and in the seconds it took to respond she'd turned to face her lover. "Nothing at all."

Janet smiled. "Oh, goodie."

The End

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