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Chocolate Surprise
By Celievamp


"I saw it in a film `Volare Volere'. I've always wanted to try it."

"Let me get this straight. As a birthday treat for yourself you want me to get naked on the kitchen table, pour chocolate over me and then decorate me as if I was a cake. And then take pictures."

Janet's grin got impossibly wider. "Please, Sam. Pretty please."

"With cherries on top?" Sam shut her eyes, a smile playing about her lips as she pictured it. It could be kind of fun. Definitely up there on the kink level, but fun nevertheless. And it was for her girl's special day. How could she say no? "Come on then, lets get those supplies."

Janet was just about bouncing up and down in her seat. She reached over and planted a kiss on Sam's lips.

Sam reciprocated and was just getting seriously into it when she realised two things. One, they were in the middle of Walmart's car park on a very busy Saturday morning. Two, her Commanding Officer was standing in front of their car, a bag of shopping in his arms which seemed to mainly consist of chips and beer and a smile on his face as he enjoyed the free show. Sam pulled back so fast she almost got whiplash.

Janet stared at her wondering why she was blushing so hard and then followed the direction of her lover's gaze and winced. O'Neill came to stand by her window.

"Enjoying your downtime, I see Doctor, Major."

"Sir," Sam said, swallowing hard. He knew about their relationship but knowing about it and seeing them making out like teenagers took it to a different level.

"Well, I must be going. A Simpson's marathon awaits. Enjoy your birthday, Doc."

"Thank you, Colonel. I will." Both women stared after him as he sauntered across the carpark to his truck. "If only he knew," Janet snickered.

"Let's not go there," Sam said. Her fierce blush had simmered to a glow. Janet thought she looked about sixteen. She took hold of Sam's hand, brought her fingers to her lips and kissed them gently.

"If this is too weird for you a normal cake will be enough, it's just a fantasy after all. I can still play it in my head."

"It's your fantasy and your birthday." Neither gave voice to the fact that it was one Janet had very nearly not seen. Her road to recovery had been long and hard but she was most definitely back. "And I can't deny you anything. You know that, Jan." Her free hand gentled her lover's cheek. Janet turned her head into the touch, kissing the scarred palm.

"I know."

Walmart turned out not to have had enough chocolate frosting in stock for what Janet had in mind so it was three shops later, including a visit to a very expensive chocolatier, before Janet had everything she thought she would need.

She sent Sam up to have a shower and began to make her preparations. She cleared the kitchen table and laid a sheet over its surface and then half filled her biggest pan with water and put it on the stove to simmer so that she could melt the chocolate, breaking up the bars into small chunks (and testing the taste out herself) whilst she waited for her lover to reappear. As well as the real chocolate, there was readymade chocolate frosting, icing sugar and little bottles of red, green and blue food colouring, glace cherries, hundreds and thousands, sugared almonds, smarties (which brought back memories of one hot summers day) and various piping bags and nozzles.

The chocolate was melting nicely. She gave it a stir, making sure that it was smooth and dipped her finger in to test how hot the mixture was. That of course meant that she had to lick her finger clean which was when Sam came into the kitchen.

"Hey, I thought that was meant for external not internal application!" Janet's only answer was to dip her finger in the chocolate again and hold it out for Sam to taste. Sam gave it all the loving attention she had come to expect, closing her eyes in quiet bliss. "Mmm, that is definitely the good stuff."

"And it's ready to be applied." Janet turned off the heat under the pan. "Now, hop up onto the table onto your tummy and hold still, especially when it starts to harden. I don't want any cracks.

Shaking her head at the madness of this endeavour, Sam shrugged off her robe and carefully climbed up onto the table, lying down on her front, her head pillowed on her crossed arms. "This okay for you?" she asked.

"Beautiful," Janet said softly, taking in the sight of the long lean legs and pert perfect bottom. "Just beautiful."

She tested the chocolate for temperature one more time and decided it was safe enough to pour. The bowl was heavy and she grunted softly as she lifted it.

"Careful," Sam said gently. "Don't hurt yourself." Janet could see the worry in her eyes.

"It's okay, I've got it." Carefully she tilted the bowl and watched the rich dark chocolate slowly pour over the creamy white skin of her lover's lower back. Sam's breath caught in her throat. The chocolate was hot, but not enough to scald or burn her. The sensation of the thick liquid flowing across her skin was indescribable.

"This isn't going to give me pimples, is it?" she asked.

"Only if I let you eat it all," Janet said, smoothing the chocolate over her lover's buttocks and thighs with a plastic spatula. "And if you think about it, all that cocoa butter – got to be good for the skin."

"I suppose," Sam said. The warmth was very soothing. Her eyes drifted closed and then opened again. "Just how are you going to get me out of this when we're done?"

"I'm hoping it'll just lift right off, like a mold," Janet said. "Now hold still while it sets." Janet's fingers traced a line up her spine to the back of her neck. "I love you for agreeing to do this for me, you know."

"Only you would think of doing this," Sam grinned. "How many other people want the shape of their lover's butt preserved in chocolate for their birthday?"

Janet dissolved into laughter, the spatula dropping to the floor as she wrapped her arms around herself, her nose crinkling in the way that Sam loved to see.

"C'mere," she said, carefully raising her upper body a little.

Janet came over. Sam traced a finger down her front. "Just you wait until it's my birthday, missy. Just you wait."

The End

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