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By John O'Connor

Samantha Carter stood at the door to the Cairo hotel room she was to share with Janet Fraiser, fumbling with her keycard. Then with a muttered "Damn!" she dropped it on the corridor floor.

"Oooohhh!" she exclaimed as she knelt down to pick it up. Rising brought another groan to her lips. Her entire back from her ribs to hips was sore from the impact with the temple wall. She knew Janet was suffering as well.

Osiris, in his new host body, had blasted Janet and Sam back against the wall when they attempted to stop the Goa'uld from escaping. Janet had determined that they had no broken bones. Fortunately, they went limp before hitting the wall and lessened the severity of any injuries. They mainly suffered the trauma of strained backs; Sam in her lower back and Janet more in her upper back and shoulders.

As she keyed open the door, she saw the young doctor was sitting stiffly on the edge of the bed. Sam gave a half wave and went into the bathroom.

Finishing, she moaned again as she stood up and flushed. Looking at the large tub, she considered the idea of a warm bath. She thought the combination of the therapeutic effects of the warm water and the psychological effect of washing half the Sahara off her would make her feel much better.

Stepping back into the main room, Janet waved her over. Holding her hand over the mouthpiece of the receiver she said, "Cassie."

Sam smiled. She loved the teenager that Janet was raising almost as much, if not more than, Janet did. Doing some quick calculations, she realized that since it was 8 PM in Cairo, it was about 11 AM in Colorado Springs. Cassie was probably getting ready to spend the afternoon with her friends at the mall.

"I'll take a quick shower while you talk to her," Sam said. She grabbed a hotel robe from the closet and began to walk into the bathroom.

"Here, she wants to speak to you," the dark-haired woman said.

Sam took the receiver and said, "Hello? Hi Sweetie! How's life at the Anderson's? Yeah, I just confirmed it with Daniel. We'll be back in the US late tomorrow and probably fly home the next day. Yeah. No, nothing really exciting. Lots of sand and camels. Bring you back something special? What did you have in mind? Remember, the Egyptians are strict about what can be taken out of the country. Alright, I'll see what I can do. Here's your mom again. Bye Cass. Love you."

Handing the phone back to Janet, Sam went back into the bathroom to wash the day's grime from her slender body. After a quick shower, to save some hot water for Janet, she began to brush her short, blond hair as she walked back into the main room. Her back did feel a little better after letting the hot water pound down on it for several minutes.

Sam fumbled with the brush, dropping it to the floor. As she bent over with a groan, Janet gave her a sympathetic smile and ended her phone call, "Yeah, sweetheart. I miss you too. I'll see you in a couple of days. Yes, I'm sure Sam will want to go for pizza when we get back. Love you too. Goodbye, hon."

"That call will cost a small fortune." Slowly leaning over, Janet deposited the receiver on the cradle of the telephone. Moving back just as slowly to an upright position, she said, "I will never make light of you or Daniel again when you show up injured."

Sam smiled as if to say "Yeah, sure." Then she said, "Daniel has us booked on British Airways nonstop to Heathrow tomorrow. From there, we take either American or United to Kennedy. Tomorrow night we'll be back in the U.S. and on to Denver the next morning."

"Why not on an Air Force transport like we used getting here?" Janet asked. She wasn't complaining though. She wasn't sure her back could take the uncomfortable seats on a typical transport plane.

"Well, the transport we flew in on continued on to Diego Garcia to complete it's regular mission. The next available stateside military flight isn't until the day after tomorrow," Sam explained. "Anyway, Daniel got us first class seats."

"I don't know what to do. I ache all over." Janet tried to stretch and groaned.

"I was thinking a hot bath could do wonders, if you want to take one," Sam suggested. "Anyway, Doctor, you do look a little dusty."

Janet smiled at her friend and said, "So did you. How's Daniel doing?"

"He seems to be okay. You know how he is," Sam observed. "Keeps things to himself."

"Still, it can't be easy losing two women he loved to the Gao'uld."

Sam shook her head, glad she never had to suffer such a loss, but feeling pity for her friend. "His friend should be okay," Janet continued, changing the subject subtlely. "I talked to the hospital before I called Cassie. His internal injuries shouldn't keep him laid up for too long. He's the embassy's problem now, though."

Sam stood up and said in a solemn British accent, "Madame, I will draw your bawth."

Janet smiled, "Very good, Jeeves."

Sam walked into the bathroom, and soon the sound of running water came through the door. Janet also heard a loud groan. "Sam? You okay?"

"Yeah, it only hurts when I bend over. Or lean down. Or turn. Or move in any way."

Janet stood and took off her safari jacket, dust falling off it to the bedspread and the floor. 'Housekeeping is going to love us,' she thought as she tried to pull the low-cut t-shirt off. Finally she gave up and called Sam.

Sam appeared in the doorway, holding her dusty clothes she had left in the bathroom earlier, and said, "Yes, madame?"

"Sam, I need some help," Janet said sheepishly looking over her shoulder. "I can't, uh, I can't get undressed. Sorry."

Sam walked up behind her friend and said, "Let me see what I can do."

Pulling the t-shirt up and over Janet's head, she heard Janet grunt when she had to raise her arms. "Sorry, Janet."

Janet turned and crossed her arms over her bare chest. "That's alright. I just feel so helpless."

"It's okay. It's about time I helped you for a change." Sam slowly knelt, her breath hissing through her teeth, and began to unlace Janet's boots. "Lift your foot. Yeah, that's it." Sam pulled off the boot and rolled the sock off Janet's left foot then did the same to her other foot before slowly standing up.

Seeing Janet's discomfort at being half-naked, Sam went to the closet and grabbed a hotel robe and draped it over Janet's shoulders. Janet glanced at her gratefully.

"I guess it's kind of stupid to be self-conscious in front of you. I mean, you're one of my best friends and we're both women..." Janet let the rest remain unvoiced.

"Janet, it's okay. I usually don't feel too comfortable being naked in front of you during exams. I guess we're both a little self-conscious." Sam grinned and added, "By the by, madame, your bawth is drawn."

Janet pulled the robe on and dropped her slacks with another small cloud of dust billowing out. A pair of thin cotton panties fell from under the robe. "I'll get those when I get out," Janet declared.

Disappearing into the bathroom, she began to close the door and then left it ajar. 'Stupid to be this way with Sam,' she thought. 'After all...'

"Aaah!" came out of the bathroom.

Sam looked up and asked, "Janet?"

"Oh, this feels wonderful!" Sam smiled and picked up her friend's dirty clothes, stuffing them into a disposable hotel laundry bag with her clothes. As she stood she gave out another groan. The benefit of the shower was fading.

"Sam? Are you alright?" came a voice out of the bathroom.

"Yeah. Just a little stiff." Sam sat on the bed and considered the ramifications of changing into her sleeping gear or going "commando" for the night. Considering she was sharing the single large bed with Janet, she decided to fight her way into her t-shirt and shorts. Just as she was about to get them from her bag, Janet called her.

"Sam, I hate to be a pain but could you come in here, please?"

Dropping the clothes on the dresser top, she said, "Sure. Be right there."

When she walked into the bathroom, she realized how big the tub really was when she saw her friend in it. 'How could her ex-husband give her up? He must've been stupid or gay,' Sam thought. "What would Madame be requiring?" Sam said in her exaggerated Jeeves voice.

"I'm sorry, hon, but I can't reach my back. My shoulders go into spasms every time I try. Could you...?"

Sam knelt down with a quiet grunt and took the wash clothe from Janet's hand and began to lather it up. Then, pushing Janet forward gently, she began to slowly scrub her soft back. She also began to massage the tight muscles in her shoulders. Janet gave a contented sigh. "Oh Sam, that feels marvelous!"

"My pleasure, Madame." Sam grabbed the small bottle of shampoo and began to work it into Janet's long hair. After thoroughly working it into her hair, Sam cupped water in her hands and rinsed Janet's hair. "Keep your eyes closed," she warned.

Brushing back her sodden hair, Janet looked at her friend and saw the pain Sam was feeling reflected in her blue eyes. "Sam, there's enough room in here for two. And the hot water does feel great." Janet scooted over a little, causing the water to slosh.

Sam, thinking of women's showers in the locker room in school, said, "Alright, you twisted my arm. I'll sit at that end." She stood and undid the belt on her robe, hanging it on the doorhook over Janet's robe.

"Don't be silly. There's plenty of room in here and up there you'll be leaning against the faucet. That definitely won't help your back," Janet declared.

Sam acquiesced and slid in next to Janet. As she felt the warm water, she sighed. "It does feel good!"

She settled into the tub and realized she was pressing up against Janet. Feeling a little embarrassed, she tried to move over. The curve of the tub caused her to slide back against the other woman's hip.

Janet laughed, "What? You trying to do the Hustle?"

Sam hesitated before replying, "Uh, no. I, uh, just didn't want you to get the wrong idea. You know..."

Janet nodded and placed her hand on Sam's thigh. "I've had the wrong idea for a long time." Then she leaned toward Sam and kissed her.

Sam was startled by her friend as she felt soft lips pressing against hers. Janet pulled back and looked at Sam before pressing her lips against Sam's again.

When she felt Janet's tongue slide against her closed mouth, Sam gasped and Janet's tongue slid in and began a highly erotic dance of exploration. Her hand slid up Sam's thigh to the sensitive skin hidden between her legs.

Without conscious thought, Sam returned the lusty kiss, dueling with Janet's tongue and forcing the supple flesh back into Janet's mouth as Sam began her own exploration.

Sam's hands cupped Janet's face as they continued to share the deep, wet kiss. She pulled back and looked deep into Janet's brown eyes. They were glazed with lust and Sam again kissed her.

Sam had no idea what she was doing but she knew it felt right, somehow.

She slid her mouth down and kissed the hollow of Janet's throat, bringing a deep moan from the brunette woman, a moan of pleasure this time.

While Sam was beginning an erotic journey through, to her, unexplored territory, Janet slipped her fingers into Sam's warm center. She slid her finger tips up and down the very edges of Sam's outer lips, barely grazing the sensitive tissue.

"God, Sam," Janet breathed as Sam kissed her way up to her ear. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to be with you. Oooh!" Sam's tongue slipped into Janet's ear, sending electric shocks down her body to her own, already aroused sex.

Janet pulled back, breathing heavily, and took Sam's face in her hands. "Let's get out of the water and into bed, love. I want to feel your whole body against mine."

Sam sat on the edge of the tub and stood. Reaching down, she took Janet's slim hand in hers and pulled the shorter woman up to her.

Wrapping her arms around the sexy, slick body, Sam again kissed Janet as Janet's hands traced patterns up and down Sam's wet back.

Sam looked at Janet again, took a towel and began to dry her off. As Sam knelt down to work on the lovely legs, she realized abstractedly that her back wasn't as sore and tight as it had been.

Janet, in turn, began to dry off the woman who had formed the centerpiece of her erotic fantasies for the last three years. As she reached up, she felt sharp twinges in her shoulders. "Ooh!"


"I'll be okay, love. Just a little tight still," Janet replied.

Sam took her hand and led the doctor back to the bed. Pulling the spread and blanket down, Sam made her lay face down on the bed.

As she stood there for a moment, taking in the beautiful back and legs, Sam muttered, "Lovely."

Sam crawled up on the bed and straddled Janet's back. She leaned forward and gripped Janet's shoulders gently and began to knead and run the still-tight muscles. As she massaged Janet, her mound began rubbing back and forth on the rounded cheeks of Janet's shapely ass. The feeling this gentle friction created was unlike anything Sam had felt for a long time, if ever.

As Sam felt the warmth spread from her crotch, she whispered, "Janet, I don't know what I'm doing. I never thought I'd ever be doing anything like this with another woman."

Janet looked back over her shoulder, her muscles feeling much looser from Sam's gentle ministrations, replied, "All I know is that I've wanted to make love to you almost since I met you. You have no idea how hard it was to stay clinical during physicals."

Sam stopped her massage and looked at Janet, "I had no idea."

"I know. I think if I'd made any kind of move before this, you would've been shocked and disgusted."

"You're probably right. Why now?" Sam resumed her massage, more tender and loving than therapeutic now.

"I realized when we entered the tomb that I might die. When we made it out alive, I vowed to myself that I would tell you how I feel. I love you Sam. I think I have since the day the general introduced us," Janet whispered.

"Oh Janet! I don't know if I feel the same. I don't know if I can," Sam said sadly.

"I know. If we just have tonight, well I'll have to live with it." Janet rolled onto her back under Sam's body. "Kiss me, please."

Sam leaned down, her body rubbing against Janet's as they shared another deep kiss.

Janet's hand slid down the smooth skin of Sam's back and cupped her ass, squeezing gently. Her other hand slid between their tightly pressed bodies and cupped Sam's breast, her fingers lightly caressing the erect nipple.

Janet pushed Sam up and said, "Crawl up here, I want to finally taste you."

Sam, more excited than she could have believed, knelt over her friend's beautiful face and lowered her crotch to Janet. Janet grasped her asscheeks and began to slide her tongue around the wet folds beneath the dark blond tuft.

Sam groaned out loud and swayed slightly as she looked down into Janet's bright eyes. She could almost see the doctor's smile in them.

Sam leaned back and reached between Janet's legs, amazed at the heat and the wetness there. She began to explore the woman's sex, gently at first but increasing until Janet was breathing hard into Sam's flesh.

Sam hadn't felt so aroused in years. Waves of pleasure passed through her body, radiating out from the loving mouth at her core. When Janet's tongue began to flick against her clitoris, Sam cried out as her body climaxed.

Shuddering, she fell back across the slender body beneath her. She sensed Janet slide out from under her and her head being cradled in the woman's lap. When she opened her eyes, she saw Janet's smiling, glistening face looking down at her.

Sam reached up into the damp hair and pulled Janet down to her. Kissing the woman, she was overcome with the taste of herself and began to lick Janet's face clean. Janet giggled at this, until Sam's tongue became more insistent and she began to move her mouth down Janet's body.

Sam crawled between Janet's spread legs. She ran her fingers through the short, curly hair and looked up into the flashing eyes. "Janet, I've never done this before. I hope you're not disappointed."

Janet held Sam's face gently and said, "You couldn't disappoint me, my love."

Sam smiled and lowered her face into the musky warmth. As her tongue slid along the hot flesh, she found the taste even more intoxicating than her earlier tastes of the woman beneath her. Sam slid her tongue deep inside the quivering mound and began to gently thrust in and out. She replaced her tongue with her finger and sought out the little nubbin above the slit. Janet gasped loudly as she felt a powerful jolt flare out of her crotch.

As Sam continued to please Janet, the sensations grew and grew until Janet couldn't hold back any longer and cried out, "Saaaaaam! Oooooohhh! Goooooddd!"

Sam crawled up next to Janet and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman. Janet smiled and whispered, "I told you I wouldn't be disappointed."

Sam asked, "I want to know. If you have these feelings for me for so long, why did you cover your breasts when I pulled off your shirt?"

"When your fingers touched me as you pulled the shirt up, it was like an electric shock. I became aroused but I was suddenly unsure of what I really wanted to do."

"I'm glad you figured it out," Sam said as she ran her fingers through the long, brown hair.

Janet caressed Sam's cheek with the back of her hand and said, "So am I."

"Janet, what I said earlier? I don't know if I love you that way but I want the chance to find out. I don't want this to be a single night," Sam said.

Janet smiled as tears filled her eyes, "Neither do I." Then she kissed the woman in her arms, just as she had dreamed of doing for so long.

The End

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