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For Want of a Nail
By kimly


"Sam," the Doctor called across the clearing. "Could you bring me a set of collection jars? They're in the third tote on your right."

The Major finished securing the last tie line anchoring the portable lab she just erected. They were in a secluded dell containing a pool fed by an underground spring. The natives of P4X-752 claimed they used the pools waters as a cure-all. The study was prompted because although bacteria was plentiful on the planet, it never caused so much as a rash to the indigenous population.

Carter had flipped the latches on the case but just stared at the contents before opening the other cases as well. Case One contained all the lab equipment. Two was filled with reactive agents. And Four had general field supplies: MREs, aid kit, extra amo, rain gear.

"Ummmm, Janet, we have a problem," the Major called back across the area as she closed and relatched the lids.

"We'll deal with it as soon as I get the first set of samples taken." Janet reached behind herself expecting an uncapped specimen jar. Instead long fingers twined with hers. "Now's not the time, Major," she chided, knowing work really should come before play.

"No joke, Doc. We've got the guys' third case. Don't know how they got swapped." Sam sat cross legged beside her friend never releasing the fingers in her grasp. She kissed the knuckles that weren't her own. Hoping to cut off a tirade, she continued. "I'll radio the Colonel and have them come back and make the switch."

Janet settled back against Sam, her sharp retort dying since the situation was being handled as well as it could be. "So, what'd they stick us with? Anything useful?" She looked up at the dual suns, felt a gentle breeze and figured there were worst ways to spend a day than alone with Major Carter on a secluded world.

"Rope," Sam answered with a chuckle. "They'll figure it out as soon as they get to the crater and try to rappel with you jars." She stretched out on the grass taking Janet with her. The Doctor rested her head against a strong shoulder.

"Carter to O'Neill." Sam click her mike.

"Go ahead, Carter."

"There's been a mix-up, Sir. You have the Doctor's collection vials."

Several beats of silence passed before O'Neill's voice came over the radio. "Improvise, Carter. You're good at that."

The women exchanged an exasperate look. Sam shrugged.

"Will do, Sir, but the vial case got switched with your rappelling rope. Carter out." Sam released the mike switch and pulled Janet tighter against her side. She held up a hand and ticked off four counts before her radio crackled to life. She shook her head and gave Janet a lazy grin.

"Teal'c's on his way back to get our stuff." A second went by. "You don't have to look so smug, Carter! And stop laughing, Doc! O'Neill out!"

A combined "Yes, Sir!" echoed through the clearing.

The pair watched fluffy clouds amble across the sky before Janet rolled onto Sam and kissed her senseless. "You know," she started when they broke for air. "Teal'c wont be here for four to five hours…"

"I thought we had to work first?" Sam smiled up at her, worming a hand under Janet's shirt.

"No problem." Janet nibbled behind Sam's ear. We'll conduct an in-depth stuffy of human hormonal responses during off world intimate encounters."

"Well, as long as we're contributing to the advancement of knowledge…" Sam's words morphed into a moan as Janet took note of several reactions to external stimuli.

The End

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