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SERIES: The sixteenth in a series of vignettes from those close to Sam/Janet.
SPOILERS: Set during the Season 2 episode "Serpent's Song."
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Outside Looking In:

By Celievamp

They granted me Kal Mah and in return I bring them death. Sokar will come for me and his revenge against the Tauri will be glorious. It is a pity I will probably not be alive to see it.

I am in their medical facility under the care of their doctor. A strange situation. She is small but fiery. A certain beauty to her as well. Too much spirit perhaps to be a good host, but as a pleasure slave she would have many delights to offer. Many delights.

Those that call themselves SG1 seek to interrogate me. Do they really think that after surviving the anger of Sokar all these months that I will tell them anything! Even the Sho'vah Teal'c dares to affront me with his presence. And the annoying one, O'Neill. And he who calls himself the lover, the husband of my queen - Daniel Jackson. And another, a woman warrior, her hair like gold, her eyes like sapphires. Samantha Carter. What a prize she would have made. Sokar might even grant me a quick death if I could present this one to him as a host for one of his children.

She knows my pain. It has the same source. She was once blended. The Tokra bitch Jolinar of Melkshur who was once Sokar's prisoner. He would have used the same methods of persuasion and control on her. The Hara'kesh, the weapon of choice for inflicting unimaginable neverending pain. And this one remembers.

I am dying. Without access to a sarcophagus this host body will deteriorate quickly. I have requested a new host for them in return for the secrets of the Goa'uld. They are fools. They have refused me.

No matter. I will live long enough to see them destroyed at the hands of Sokar. I knew they would grant me sanctuary. I gambled that they would show compassion even to their worst enemy. And I was right. They believe my host is innocent. I am a `prisoner of war'. I have rights. They have to protect me. I can see how it eats away at them.

The little one, the healer bends over me. O'Neill cautions her. He is right to. My host grows weak. So do I. If I am to take a new host it must be soon. But not this one, too small, too fragile for my needs, my appetites. Though it might be amusing to have a female host for a while. However when I have a new host I will take her for a plaything.

I watch the healer closely until she grows uncomfortable with my scrutiny and moves away. Samantha Carter moves closer to her. Her stance is protective. More than that of a warrior protecting her charge. Are they mated? How would it be to watch them together? Maybe I will take both of them with me when I leave this place.

Sokar will come for me. It may be that he will only find a corpse. It demeans me to bargain with this creatures but if I can get a new host, I could hide amongst the teeming billions on this world. How many will die before Sokar tires of the chase, how long must I hide until Sokar's attention turns to other things? Would there be a carnage that would sicken even his appetites? I will hide, gather my strength, assemble my forces. I can be patient. And when the time is right, then Apophis will arise once more.

The End

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