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PAIRING: Sam / Janet (sorta Cassandra / Dominic)
SPOILER: This is two years after Rites of Passage.
CATEGORY: romance / humor

And They Grow Up So Fast
By Elizabeth Carter

Sam watched from the garage as the young man walked up to the front door, ready to knock. Wiping her greasy hands on a rag, the tall blonde moved tiger like around the Harley she was restoring towards the porch.

"Hey there." She greeted warmly. "Here to pick up Cassandra?"

The dusky haired lad flashed an all too pleasing smile. "Yes Ma'am." He stepped up to the tall blonde woman, a part of his young mind became washed into a spiraling wonder he was agog at her beauty. Hell both Cassie's moms were bombshells. Still Sam intimidated the hell out of him.

Sam dropped her voice an octave. "Say, Dominic, I want to talk to you a moment." She pulled the teenager into the garage. "About Cassie. I know you feel for her, that you like her."

"A lot, she's a real babe….er….um smart…real smart…pretty too." The kid stammered as he saw impossible blue eyes narrow and become ice.

"Right." Sam coiled her arm around him, "Look Cassie…you don't touch her got that? She's a virgin and when she comes home tonight, she is going to be a virgin, understood?"

"Yes ma'am." The boy nodded emphatically. "No problem…I mean I wouldn't…"

"Dominic I was a teen once don't try to pull one over on me. It won't work… you like breathing right?"

A nod.

"You know Cassie is a military brat?"

Another nod.

"Military people…have guns…"

Brown eyes grew wide. Dominic turned, staring at the blonde who gave him the look of a lioness about to pounce on her prey for the kill. He swallowed and nodded. "I won't touch her, I swear! Hands to myself…"

"Good boy. You want to date Janet's and my daughter; you date her by our rules. I don't care if she initiates something, you don't touch her."

"Yes, Ma'am." He choked; sweat beading upon his forehead, his breath erratic.

"I'm glad we had this little chat. Aren't you?"

A terrified smile flashed on the teen's face. "Yes, Ma'am."

"You can go now, after all you don't want to late in taking out my daughter to the movies."

"No Ma'am." He swallowed again, feeling as if she should perhaps salute her or bow, or something. He stumbled backward nearly tripping on the parts box Sam had out before managing to find his gangly feet and going to the door.

"I think you put the fear of god in him, Major." Siler said as he rounded the corner carrying a cylinder head. "I don't think Cassie has anything to worry about, with roaming hands."

"She better not, or he is going to have to change his religion." Sam said, her voice still low, her overprotective nature when it came to Cassandra knew no limits.

Several months later.

"You should talk to her, Cassie." Jenny said. The older woman had watched Cassandra when she was just a kid and now she was a frequent visitor to the Fraiser-Carter house. The older woman was very much like an elder aunt to the girl.

"I don't know." Cassie stared into her cup of tea. "I think she'd be a little miffed."

"I think she'll be miffed if you didn't tell her. She's been your mum and doctor for last six years. She would want to be involved."

Cassie looked at the older woman, seeing wisdom in her eyes. Knowing that Jenny had known Janet when she was only a child helped. After all Jenny knew all the quirks of her adopted mother and how she would respond to the subject Cassandra was about to open.

"I guess. I just don't want to disappoint her."

"Cassie your mother would be disappointed if you didn't talk to her about this. And she will see just how adult you are. I know you feel that sometimes your mum will only see you as the child you were, but you have to trust her."

The dark sandy head nodded. "I guess you're right." She took in a heavy sigh. "And I do trust her. I just don't want to let her down. I did that once…" Cassie looked back into her tea, thinking of when she was sixteen. She had been so hard on Janet then that even now she had a hard time forgiving herself. Cassandra could never shake the look of pain on her mom's face. To hurt her again like that was inconceivable. True they had, had their fights as all teens did with their parents but Cassie never again crossed the line of saying Janet wasn't her mother.

"Cassie?" Janet's voice called out from the hall, the sound of the front door closing behind her.

Jenny smiled warmly. "Speek of the devil."

Cassandra held her breath.

Janet was a little surprised to see her long time friend in the kitchen with her daughter. "Jenny, I didn't expect you here."

"Well hello to you to Janet." The elder woman smiled a grandmother's smile. Jenny had been a life long friend to the Fraiser clan. Janet had known the older woman since she was five and she had been a friend in many ways.

"Sorry, just you took me by surprise." The smaller woman smiled warmly then hugged her dear friend. Jenny was like an aunt to Janet. She was a cache of advice, and Cassandra like Janet before her sought her out for wisdom.

"Cassie is a little old for baby-sitter I know. But sometimes she needs to make a dry-run with me before she approaches subjects with her mums."

Cassie flashed a sheepish expression when she felt her mother's dark eyes rest upon her.

Jenny placed an aged hand upon the young woman's shoulder. "Just remember what I said." The old woman walked up to Janet and placed a motherly kiss upon her cheek. "Now you, just sit and listen to her." She winked and started for the door.

Janet pinned Cassandra with a wilting look. "Want to tell me what that was all about?"

"No." Cassie sighed.

There was that look again.

"But I will."

"I want to go to a doctor."

"I am a doctor in case you've forgotten. Your doctor."

"Um not that kind of doctor."

Janet narrowed her dark eyes. "Stop being cryptic Cass what is this about?"

"Well." Suddenly the tea became extremely interesting. "Um…well you see… Er… DominicandIwanttogotothenextlevelandIwanttogoonthepill."

Janet pursed her lips, crossed her arms and said nothing.

"He'll be responsible too. Condoms and all."

Janet gritted her teeth.

"I'm being adult about this." Cassandra protested.

"I see." Was all Janet said.

"It's not like I am not being responsible. And I am eighteen! I thought you'd appreciate me coming to you." Cassie was now standing. "God, Mom I could just go to a clinic or something but I came to you. Jenny said I should." Cassie was pacing. "I mean come on…its not like am twelve anymore. And I waited until now. And see the whole doctor thing…and all and…and…well we want to…" Cassie pinned her mother with a look of pleading. "I am ready."

"I see." Was all Janet said.

"Ah come on Mom. You can even go with me to the doc…it'd be too weird going to you for this. Its not even your field. We can go to your and Sam's gynecologist."

Janet sighed.


"We'll go. But after I want you and Dominic to watch a certain tape. The plot is all about what happens if you're not careful. Very graphic."

"I've seen that video in health class. And if you remember we even had to carry around those dolls that were supposed to be like real babies."

"You're watching it again." Janet said soundly. "Count you're lucky stars I don't make you and Dominic carry around the training dolls." This woman would not take no for answer. "Dominic will watch that video again as well. And I want to make sure Dominic's mother knows what is going on."

"What?" Cassandra blinked. "You want me to tell her that Dominic and I are… um… are…"

"If you can't say it then you are too young to do it."

"Okay. So you want Dominic's parents to know we are in engaging in intercourse?" Cassie decided on the more clinical term. It felt less weird talking to her mother about it.


"Fine." Cassie said slowly. "But…um can we not tell Sam yet?" Cassie looked deep into Janet's eyes. "I don't want her to…"

"Blow a gasket?"

"Or disappoint her." Cassie looked down to her shoes. "I think sometimes she sees me more of a kid then you do Mom. Even more now that she's really a part of our family."

Janet grinned. "Yeah, I had a hard time when my Dad found out too. Sam's kinda that role for you." Janet put her arm around her daughter. "But she will have to find out sooner or later."

"I know." Cassie said softly.

Janet had dropped Cassandra off at Karin's house as the two teens were going to hit the mall with their friend Dawn. It had been a trying day for a mother, realizing that her little girl had suddenly become a woman. Right now all that the petite doctor wanted to do was to veg in front of the TV watching old family videos pretending her little girl was not contemplating having sex.

Janet walked into the house and headed for the fridge. She knew she would find a Sky Blue along side Sam's Heineken's. Taking out the blue bottle and twisting off the cap she took a long swig before setting it down upon the counter.

"God when the hell did she grow up? And where did the time go? It s just not fair."

"What's not fair lover?" Sam said as she came into the kitchen from the garage. She was wiping her greasy hands upon a blue cloth as she went to the fridge for a soda.

"Oh taking Cassie to the gynecologist for the pill." Janet said offhandedly.


"Oh shit." Janet sighed. "Sam she wanted to tell you herself."

"She and …and he...they've…"

"Not yet." Janet said. "They are only talking about it."

"Oh." Sam said all too calmly. Then a heartbeat later she turned on her heel and headed back for the door separating the garage and the kitchen.

"Sam, where are you going?"

"The garage."

"The garage?"

"The garage. Dominic came over to get help for his Honda. He's in the garage. I am going to kill him. To do that I have to go into the garage."

Janet hugged her beloved tightly. "You are wonderful" she smiled. "Only you can't kill him."

"Maim him?"


"Not even a little?"


"You're a doctor you can put him back together."

"Tempting, but no."

"Please." Sam begged. "Just a little. You know change his religion."

"Very tempting but you can't."


"Sam, hon let Cassie come to you and tell you herself. You're not even supposed to know right now. I kinda told her I'd let her tell you. But I think putting the fear of God or rather Samantha Carter into him will be okay."

Sam grinned. "Just what the doctor ordered." Her smile brightened. "But I'd prefer to send that little twit to the moon. Let him meet a hungry Unas or something."


"Okay, okay…" Sam said. "No killing Dominic. How about changing our religion? Make Cassandra a Nun?"

"I don't think so."

"Damn." Sam pouted. "Okay I'll behave. But I don't have to like it."



"I love you."

Sam kissed her lover on the lips and winked as she left for the garage. "Love you too."

She turned over her shoulder. "Are you sure I can't just maim him a little bit?" Then she was gone.

Janet smiled for real. "Sic him Sam!" She said to the closed door.

Sam walked into the garage and stopped in her tracks as soon as her blue eyes spotted the young boy. She was seething, as she thought of this punk-kid touching her little girl.

Dominic was completely unaware of the glacial stare he was receiving from the tall blonde. He dropped the shining chrome wrench he was using on the intake manifold and moved to pick up a socket.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sam suddenly snapped.

"Miss Carter?" Dominic yelped as he was startled by the crispness in the woman started to approach him. For some bizarre reason she looked absolutely pissed off.

"I asked you what you are doing." She snapped. "That's a new wrench. Never been used before."

"I needed to use it." The lad said defensively.

"So you just opened up the new case set and used a brand new wrench?! Then what you just dropped it on the greasy floor like it was nothing?"


"So what…you use that one and then you go on to use another?"

"Er… no Ma'am…I was going to use it again."

"Use it again? You think you can just use it again?"

Dominic was white as snow. He had never seen Cassandra's blonde mother so ticked. All he did was to use a tool. It was not like he hadn't used them before.

"I…didn't think you'd mind?"

Sam was seething. "You broke open the seal on the case and ripped the tool from is perfect foam fitted place and used it without care. As if you had right to it."

"I…am sorry." Dominic stumbled. "I didn't realize how special it was."

The boy wilted in front of the cold glare he received, thinking that was obviously the wrong thing to say. He thought for sure he was dead.

"I am really, really sorry. I'll make it up to you…" Dominic stuttered. God he wanted to run away to his mother. He had never known such fear before. He was positive that Major Sam Carter was going to shoot him and all for just using a new tool. God if she ever found out about Cassandra and him, he was dead way before he hit nineteen.

Cassie waltzed into the kitchen as she saw Dominic step out of the garage… she had spent the last several hours with her friends shopping and being typical mall-rats. She smiled as she kissed her boyfriend. "Hey."

"Hi." She smiled then rubbed the back of his head.

"Hey…Cassie." He looked down to the tile then back up to the grey-hazel eyes of his girlfriend. "Say…Cassie I am really sorry but I can't make our date tonight."

"What? Why?"

"Well I promised I'd clean the gutters of your moms' house then your uncles houses."

Cassie smirked a little. "All three uncles?"


"And this house?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry. But I think I somehow pissed off your mothers."

Cassandra had a sinking feeling. "Hey it's okay. I think I'll just spend some quality time with Mom." She kissed Dominic again. "She…er knows about us."

"Oh God! I am so Dead!" The boy looked like he wanted to vomit. "She is going to kill me. She's gonna kill me!!"

Cassandra took pity on him. "I'll handle her. Mom's cool she took me to the doc and everything. My other mom…well…I'll talk to her."

"She has a gun Cassie! She's going to kill me!"

"I'll handle it. Give her a day then we'll talk to her okay?"

All the young man could was to nod and trust his girlfriend. He wasn't entirely sure that Sam wasn't going to off him. "Maybe I'll give ya a call later?"

"Sure." Cassie said walking her boyfriend to the door. "My moms are a little over protective but they won't hurt you."

"I'm not so sure." Dominic muttered as he left the house.

Cassandra shrugged thinking it could have gone a lot worse. After all Sam could have found out. Dominic really would be dead.

Janet heard the door close and was a little puzzled to see Cassandra walk into the living room "I thought you had a date with Dominic."

"He had something he had to do. Apparently Sam roped him into doing the gutters." She smirked. "Frankly I think he is just trying to earn brownie-points."

"I'm sorry sweety." Janet said honestly.

"It's okay. I don't mind a little mother-daughter time. Heck we don't do it often anymore." She knew this would make her mother happy beyond belief. So what if she had to sit and watch JAG. She found the show boring; it wasn't as cool as CSI but her mom liked it. And after today a little bonding couldn't hurt.

"Cassie since you are stuck here for the night, how about we watch a movie?"

"Cool. I'll get the microwave popcorn. You get the sodas." Cassandra smiled. Sometimes it was so easy to make either of her mothers smile and become happy. All she had to do was to spend a bit of time with them. Hell she had Sam wrapped around her little finger from the get go. Still she never wanted to let either of them down. Especially Sam, who was still her hero.

"Cassie you know, just because you have the protection, it doesn't mean you have to go through with it. It's okay to wait. For along time you can wait. Dominic is a nice guy. If he cared for you at all he won't pressure you to do something your not fully ready for." Janet winced. She truly had no desire to see Cassandra as a young daughter. Twelve, thirteen…safe ages, she still hated boys then. It was all horses and motorcycles…. Now it was Dominic…

"I already…er had. Dominic and I …we used condoms." Cassandra wouldn't lie to her mother. She couldn't bring herself to do so. Hell she already felt as if she had let Janet down as it was.

"Oh." Was all Janet could manage.

"I just want to be safe. Extra safe."

"Good." Janet thought she was hyperventilating. "Extra protection." All thought just up and left the brilliant doctor.

"Please…please don't tell Sam!" Cassandra begged once more. "She…I …"

Screw the soda Janet wanted a beer. "Cassie she knew I took you to the doctor. I won't tell her about you and Dominic already having…" The mom in her simply could not bring herself to say the word sex in the same sentence as daughter. "I'll leave that up to you but, she knows you're thinking about it. Sorry sweety it slipped out."

Cassandra looked crest fallen, but tried to smile. "Its okay…I'll talk to her. Maybe tomorrow." She bit her lower lip. "Do you really think she'll kill Dominic?"

Janet didn't answer right away. It wouldn't hurt to let Cassie sweat a little. "Cassie, Sam loves you very much. You are her daughter as much as you are mine. I think she'll be a little shocked and Dominic might become an indentured servant, but I don't think Sam will kill him."

Cassandra thought of the gutters that Dominic had suddenly agreed to do. Perhaps Sam already knew. If she didn't, God have mercy on Dominic's soul.

A little while later…

Sam lay on the couch her head resting upon Janet's lap. She was listening to what might have been a bedtime story. Okay a fractured fairytale.

"…and…the nasty ogre named Cool was forever vanquished at the hands of the blonde – leather clad knight as she shot him twice with a zat gun. Triumphant in her quest the knight had saved the virtue of the princess Cassandra. Then she returned home to her beloved…wife the Queen. And they lived happily ever after the end."

"Oh I like that story!" Sam smiled. "Tell the part where the knight was battling the ogre again," she said in her best little girl's voice. (None would have known it but Sam Carter could do one hell of an impression of Minnie Mouse.)

Janet would deny Sam nothing and so began the silly story once more.

The End

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