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Suds and Chocolate
By Elizabeth Carter

The last time Major Samantha Carter had tried to make a cake it had been a complete disaster. The certified genius was many things but a pastry chief wasn't one of them. Granted the blonde could make a mean soufflé and to-die-for chocolate chip cookies, but cakes seemed to beyond this astrophysicist ken. But she had wanted to try for Cassandra and Janet knowing how much it had meant to the lanky blonde, gave her the green light.

The cake, Sam had tried to make for Cassandra's Sweet-Sixteenth wasn't so sweet. In fact it was an inedible black charred brick. Three attempts later and three pans thrown out in the trash as they were unsalvageable, Sam had given up hope of ever making the cake. She resolved to go to the local bakery and asked them to make a cake that looked as if it was homemade, and they had taken pity on the major and did as she asked. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and sixteen candles.

Of course Sam couldn't allow her lover to think she had created the delicious dessert and so when Janet demanded the willful teen to have some cake Sam had baked, the blonde corrected the smaller woman by saying she had bought. Janet simply said brought.

For the previous week mother and daughter had gone around with the typical drama-queen teen angst. Janet being a doctor was almost reluctant to allow her child out since she had just got over the flu and was expecting a relapse but it WAS Cassie's Sixteenth so she would allow her to go out with her friends. But not before she had cake with her family.

It seemed a life time ago.

Now two years later another birthday was cause for a large celebration. Janet Fraiser was another year older, and it was something both women welcomed. Only two weeks ago, the petite doctor had died and had been restored to life, by a sheer miracle of intervention. Daniel Jackson had managed to keep her alive for a few seconds but Janet was DOA, after crossing the Wormhole. Warner had a crash cart at the ready and brought Janet back. For her part Sam had drawn on Jolinar's memories and used the Healing Device recovered from Nirrti's lab and poured her soul into bringing Janet back. The effort had nearly drained the major of her own life, but Janet was restored to them.

Biting back happy tears her lover was alive, Sam went to work on her attempt to once more make a cake. "Okay I am astrophysicist, I can do this. I can make a souffle, a stupid cake can't be that difficult."

Growing up Sam's mother had never actually liked cakes and so never made them, though she would buy a small one for birthdays. Instead she instructed her children how to make cookies and soufflés. Sam had never actually bothered with making cakes after all as she wasn't a fan of that particular pastry herself. But Janet enjoyed rich chocolate cake and Sam wasn't going to disappoint her lover. And the smile the tiny woman displayed was well worth the pain of making a cake.

"Okay Carter, this time don't do it from scratch, just use a box and read the directions." The blonde set out the mixing bowl, beaters and the ingredients: eggs, oil, butter, milk everything the back of the box called for. Reading the Betty Crocker box step by step, she poured the powder into the bowl, folded in egg-whites and then the milk and corn-oil and beat it exactly for the prescribed time. She set it aside thinking she did a pretty good job, even the batter tasted pretty good. The oven was pre-heated just as the box told her to do and Sam set about doing the next part of the baking. Taking the stick of butter she greased the pan and set it aside as well. She smacked the palm of her hand against her forehead shaking her head as she forgot a step. Shifting flour into the cake pan she shook it around until it was now coated with a fine thin white covering.

Waiting for the oven to signal the preheat was ready, Sam decided multi-tasking was a good thing and made use of her time and threw in a load of laundry. So distracted by the thought of making an edible cake for once she forgot she had purchased concentrated eco-friendly laundry detergent and instead of pouring a fourth of a cup she poured in a full cup and started the water.

Going back into the kitchen Sam placed the mix into the oven, set the timer and returned to the laundry nook to throw in the clothes.

About fifteen minutes latter Sam had a disaster.

The washing machine continued to pump out suds and wouldn't stop. They were just coming exponentially and it didn't help that the blonde had to allow the wash to continue so that it would drain. Taking a mop the blonde set about cleaning up the mountain of suds bubbling over the lip of the washer's lid.

"Of all the stupid mistakes...." For good measure Sam kicked at the suds, sending a plume of bubbles into the air that decided to stick in her unruly locks of gold.

In hearing the buzzer siren from the kitchen the major moved out of the swamp of soap suds so she could turn the oven off. Using a towel instead of hot pan holders she singed her fingers when she removed the pan from the oven. Growling she set the pan on the cooling rack, put the side of her finger in her mouth to sooth the burning sensation and headed back to the laundry room.

Janet returned home from her day out with Cassandra as her daughter had wanted to take her mom out to dinner at Chillies, one of Janet's favorite restaurants. The younger Fraiser woman knew Sam had something special planned for her mom and simply dropped the doctor off at Sam's house, with a deep hug and a kiss to the cheek, making sure to tell her mom she was loved, before leaving. Since they had nearly lost each other fourteen days ago, Cassandra had been extremely reluctant to let her mother out of her line of vision.

The day's celebration was kept low-key as Janet was still healing and needed a lot of rest. Sam and Cassandra were if anything exceptionally overly protective. If Janet rubbed her forehead she was almost swept up off her feet and sent to bed. So when she came into the house smelling of chocolate and found Sam thigh deep in suds she burst out laughing so hard she doubled over.

Sam heard the doctor but saw that Janet was on the floor holding her stomach. The blonde flew for her lover thinking something was wrong, slipped on the suds sending her ass over teakettle to the highly waxed floor and she skidded on her bum to her lover. Of course Janet burst out laughing all the harder, until she couldn't breathe.

"JANET!" Sam slipped, this time into panic mode. Her worry over her Janet was greater than the power of the Stargate.

"I am sorry," The redhead uttered between giggles.

It took a moment for Sam to realize Janet wasn't in pain, or hurt but laughing. Relief flooded the blonde so much she grabbed her lover into her arms holding her so tightly the lack of oxygen was no longer due to laughing but because of Sam's embrace.

"Honey, I love you, but loosen up just a little I can't breathe." She wouldn't say that her chest hurt from where the staff blast hit her because of the pressure of the embrace, Sam might not touch her at all then.

Sam let go only a fraction and Janet breathed deeply. "Hummmmmmm!" Janet smiled. "Is that cake I smell?"

"You're okay? In pain? You need to get off the floor that can't be good." Sam's rambling had Janet giggling all over again.

"Sweety..." I love you, I am fine. Just seeing you in suds was simply too funny."

Sam looked behind her and it struck her just how funny it really was. "Too much soap in the washing machine."

"Done that myself." Janet smiled.

"Haven't we all?" Sam was now in good cheer.

They giggled as they rose to their feet and looked at the mound of suds. "Well you needed to scrub the floor anyway right?" Janet asked optimistically. "And what about the cake? I smell chocolate."

Sam winked before taking the hand of her lover and led her into the kitchen. But winced once Janet squeezed her hand.

"What happened?" Janet rather then to wait for answer looked at the hand in question. "This is a second degree burn! Samantha!"

"It hurts only a little."

"Liar." Janet frowned. "Sit."

"What about the suds and the chocolate?" Sam tried to argue.

"Sit," Dr. Fraiser's voice took command. "Sam, this is a very bad burn and needs treatment. Now."

The blonde ducked her head and allowed her love to get the first aid kit and treat the burn. Once Janet was satisfied with the poultice and wrap she washed her hands in the sink once more. It was then that the doctor saw the cake on the drying rack, and grimaced.

Sam saw the wince. "No! Don't tell me its burnt!"

"Not quite." the smaller woman bit her lower lip trying so hard not to laugh at her girlfriend's plight.

Sam rose from the chair at the island and wandered over to the counter where Janet despite her diminutive size attempted to hide the cake from the blonde's view. But given the height difference it was futile. All Sam had to do was stretch a little and she could easily see over the doctor's head.

"Oh...damn it!" Sam pouted as she looked at the cake that was now a crater. "I can't believe it fell! I ruined it! How in the hell could I? I followed the directions exactly! I can make a naquada reactor. I am the leading expert on Stargate physics, I wrote a two thousand page book on wormhole theory and ....and....I can fix the hyperdrives of alien spacecrafts and a stupid cake stymies me!"

Janet turned the box to the side and showed the blonde the directions that had been modified for high altitudes. "Honey...." Janet kissed her pouting lover. "It's okay really."

Sam rolled her blue eyes, "God, you'd think I'd know better. I know exactly what I have to do to make soufflés... how could I just forget?"

"Sammy, it's okay hun," Janet kissed the pouting lips, but gained a scant reaction.

"Sorry about the cake," Sam muttered. She truly wanted something special for Janet. A few days ago....she had been critically wounded on P3X 666. And now she was alive to celebrate her birthday on the twenty-eighth. But it had been ruined, first the suds, then Janet had to go into doctor mode and fix the burn on her hand and now the cake.

The blonde blinked suddenly as she felt something cold and pasty on the bridge of her nose. She was shocked when Janet's tongue slipped out and touched her nose.

"What are you doing?"

"If I can't have frosting on my cake, I'm going to have it on you," Janet flared an evil grin as she drew two fingers out of the frosting container and painted a line down Sam's chest dipping into the blonde's cleavage.


The petite doctor knew it wasn't an admonishment and she knew Sam wouldn't stop her. "Happy birthday to me." she said in a sing song voice, causing Sam to giggle. As her arms gingerly went around the thin waist, mindful of the wounds still so fresh.

"Happy birthday, baby. God I love you, so much." Blue eyes rested on brown.

Janet smiled warmly. "You must love me to let me play with frosting," Janet said before kissing clean the chocolate. "How about we leave the suds and go into the living room and play with chocolate?"

Outside Sam's house, Jack, Teal'c and Daniel had come to pay a visit to check on their favored ladies of the SGC. It was Janet's birthday and they wanted to pop in and tell the doc, happy birthday, they had even brought a chocolate cake and beer. The three stopped short as they saw through the picture window the small doctor lower her lips to Sam's chest that had been painted with a strip of frosting.

'Who knew the Doc and Carter were into kink.' he smiled 'good for them.' "Come on guys I think this is a private party." Jack said aloud.

Teal'c looked past the general and saw both women snuggle closer. "Indeed."

"Oh yeah...."Daniel echoed. "Say.. Teal'c… seen the Attack of the Clones?"

"Eight times." The large man said. "I prefer Star Wars."

Jack glanced over his shoulder not voicing his sophomoric fantasy of what he preferred watching: his favorite ladies 'playing doctor' at home. ' Now that is what I call a house-call. Have a good birthday Janet. Glad you're around for this one.' He touched the bandages around his own waist thinking that it was a pure miracle that Janet was indeed around to celebrate her birthday.

"Guys you know we can't say anything about what we saw." the colonel said firmly.

"Don't know what you're talking about Jack, the girls weren't home." Daniel shrugged.

"I will say nothing." Teal'c commented.

"Really?" Jack scoffed lightly,"normally it is so hard to shut you up," he clapped a hand on the large man's back. "Come on, lets enjoy some suds and chocolate cake."

"I hope you do not intend to enjoy in the same manner as Major Carter and Doctor Fraiser. I do not think I will enjoy it as much as they do." Teal'c said seriously.

Jack looked over his shoulder and caught Janet planting a kiss on Carter that seemed to suck all coherent thought out of the astrophysicist. 'Happy Birthday doc, live up the life.'

The End

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