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Interlude 2:

By Celievamp

Sam Carter laid on her bedroll and closed her eyes, wishing herself a million lightyears away. It seemed an age since she had seen Janet but it was really only ten days. Two more days – two more lonely nights – to go and then she would be home.

Teal'c was on watch. She could sense rather than hear him moving around the camp. The Colonel and Daniel were both asleep in their tent a few feet away.

As it had done every night on this mission her mind gravitated towards the memory of the last night she and Janet had spent together.

It hadn't been a special occasion, an anniversary or anything like that. But Janet had decided that she wanted to make Sam feel special. So there had been soft light and scented candles and their favourite food and a bottle of good wine. And a spot of communal bathing.

Janet had walked back into their bedroom to find Sam sitting crosslegged on the bed wearing only a towel and a smile, her damp hair still tousled. Sam had watched with wonder the range of expressions that crossed her lover's expressive face – surprise, amusement, pure love bordering on adoration and ending with one that could only be described as lustful.

"You like?" she asked.

"Oh, I like," Janet whispered.

Sam was holding the towel in place just above her breasts with one hand. She let go, the towel sliding down to the sheets revealing her body to her lover. Her pale skin was still slightly flushed from her bath, almost glowing with health and happiness. She could have stepped out of a Renaissance painting of some ancient goddess: Venus stepping from her bath. Janet stepped forward, let her hand drift across the skin of Sam's upper chest and then down over the swelling breast, cupping its weight in her hand for a moment before moving on to its twin. Her other hand unloosened the tie of her robe letting it hang open so that her lover could see that beneath it she was equally naked. She felt Sam's hand brush over her abdomen and then play with the short soft hair that masked her centre. As she leant in for a kiss, Sam's fingers penetrated her. The sensation that ran through her was so intense that she felt her legs begin to buckle. Sam caught her in her strong arms, giving her time to kneel up on the bed. Once she was sure that Janet was in no danger of slipping, Sam continued to pleasure her, Janet's hands on her shoulders, their mouths locked in a series of searing kisses.

Sam felt herself being slowly pushed back against the pillows and allowed herself to fall, taking Janet with her, cradling the smaller woman to her body, their breasts touching, their skin rapidly becoming slick with sweat as their movements became more urgent. Janet's left thigh was pressed hard against her and Sam rubbed herself against it as her fingers and thumb continued their loving attentions between Janet's legs. She could tell that Janet was getting close not just because of the way her fingers and hand were rapidly becoming coated but because Janet's eyes had drifted closed, her brow creased in what her mother would have called an `I want' frown, her mouth hanging slightly open as her over heated senses tried to process what was happening to them.

Sam knew that the sight and sound of Janet's climax would probably be enough to tip her over the edge as well. The delicious friction between her legs was seriously getting to her and she fought to stay in control of it until Janet also peaked.

The grip on her shoulders tightened, Janet's head dropping to rest on her shoulder, teeth grazing her skin as she howled Sam's name, her body shuddering with reaction. Sam let go as well, her hands moving round to hold Janet's hips until they recovered.

Smiling broadly, Sam turned onto her side, wiping her fingers on the bottom of her tshirt. Her breathing slowed to a normal rhythm as she slid easily into sleep. And all her dreams were good ones.

The End

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