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Interlude 6:
The Christening Ceremony

By Celievamp

"Our house," Sam breathed.

Janet reached her arm around her wife's slender waist to give her a hug. "All ours," she agreed, warmly. All the papers were signed and sealed, money had changed hands. Moving day was a week away. There was so much to organize, with the closing down of two houses and their amalgamation in this place. And Sam was due on a three day mission the day after tomorrow. She glanced up at her lover's face to see an expression somewhere between lustful and devious flit across it. Oh goddess, she was planning something.

"You know there's a tradition of `christening' each room when you move into a new place, especially with one's wife."

"Oh my," Janet said. She glanced fondly at her lanky lover and gave her another squeeze. "My libidinous one."

She got a patented Carter grin for that one. "There we go… see, kitchen table… you… me…."

"On the worktops… top of the washer/dryer… in the bath, the shower stall, bedroom – but that's obvious… spare bedroom, staircase, hall table, attic…"

"Living room floor," Sam supplied. "Dining table… in front of the fire in the den… on the couch… on all the chairs…"

"In the cupboard at the top of the stairs… the cupboard under the stairs," Janet's fingers eased under Sam's shirt at the back, stroking over the bare soft skin she found there.

Sam's grin got impossibly wider. "Against the front door, up against the back door."

"The wall in the hall... the floor in the hall… al-fresco on the patio…"

Sam started to laugh at that, turned and hugged Janet close, her lips whispering against her cheek. "Al-fresco, huh, my little exhibitionist. I love you so much."

"I love you too, hun," Janet wrapped her arms around her partner. "This is going to be great. Our own place… together."

A week later…

Sam waved goodbye to her team mates and Ferretti and Maslin from SG3 who had helped them move in. Placated with pizza and beer the work had gone quickly with minimum breakages and injuries. But all the furniture was at least in the room it would be occupying if not positioned exactly.

And at last they were alone. Sam closed the front door and leaned back against it for a moment. She had four days downtime to get used to the new living arrangements, to get all the electricals sorted out, the cable hooked up, her wireless network established. Fun things…

"Sam, do you want to start stripping the wallpaper in the spare room tonight or leave it until tomorrow?" came a disembodied voice from the den.

Or she could help Janet decorate. Not so much fun.

"Stripping wallpaper definitely for tomorrow," she called back, standing straight. "We have another ceremony to perform tonight, remember?"

"We do?"

Sam walked into the den, at first seeing no sign of her lover until she saw the sneaker-clad feet hanging over the arm of the armchair. She leant over the back of the chair, reaching over to smooth ruffled dusty bangs back from her lover's forehead. "We do."

"Is this some British thing you got from your Mum?" Janet asked. "Or is it just a way of avoiding decorating."

Damn. Busted. But the situation was still recoverable. Unless she was deathly tired she could usually count on Janet's libido to kick in pretty quickly. "We talked about it last week. Christening the house."

Janet gazed up at her, her smile widening. "You just earned yourself a reprieve from decorating, sweetheart," she laughed. "So, where shall we start?" She sat up in the chair and then knelt, reaching up to put her hands on Sam's shoulders, tilting her head as Sam reached down to kiss her, almost chastely at first and then deepening it, pulling the smaller woman to her. The kiss went on long enough to leave both women breathing hard when at last they parted. Janet gasped, fanning herself with her hand. "Wow. Great start. Now what?"

Sam closed her eyes for a second. Janet knew that she was recalling their conversation of a week previously, probably word for word, from her remarkable memory. Irritating as it occasionally was to have a lover who never forgot anything, Janet just added it to the list of her lover's remarkable attributes. She also loved the look that came over Sam's face when she did something to short circuit that perfect recall. She squeezed Sam's left breast, feeling the nipple come to attention against the palm of her hand. Sam's eyes flew open as she unsuccessfully stifled a moan, her gaze unfocussed, her eyes almost crossed as she blinked rapidly, her brain slipping a gear or two. "Kitchen table," she gabbled. "First we do it on the kitchen table."

Janet climbed off the chair and took her lover by the hand. "Kitchen table it is." She led the taller woman into the kitchen. Unopened boxes of saucepans and crockery were stacked under it, waiting to be transferred into cupboards, but the surface was, for the moment, relatively clear. Janet put her fingers in the waistband of Sam's shorts, pulling her lover in for a bruising kiss whilst her fingers undid the zip and fly on the shorts and tugged them down over her slim hips. Her cotton panties went the same route seconds later. She pushed Sam back against the edge of the table. "Up you go," she said.

Sam looked at the table dubiously. It was of a reasonably solid construction but she doubted if it had been designed for this sort of thing. "Okay, but if we need to buy a new table after this, it's not my fault, okay." She sat on the edge of the table and was about to scoot back when Janet forestalled her. "You're still wearing way too much, sweetheart." Sam grinned, lifted her t shirt off over her head. Janet came and stood between her legs, her hands smoothing over the soft cotton of Sam's bra, feeling the flesh beneath perk and harden against her ministrations. She reached up to kiss her again, feeling Sam smile into her mouth as Janet's nimble fingers made short work of the bra catch. They continued to kiss as Janet ran the fingers of her left hand up and down the soft skin of Sam's thigh, her right hand cupping and stroking Sam's breasts. Sam braced herself, her hands flat on the table slightly behind her body as Janet broke off the kiss only to lavish her attention on Sam's breasts. Her lover's touch was like fire on her skin, her kisses and soft mouthings soothing and stimulating at the same time. She felt her body begin to respond, the slick heat between her legs intensify.

Then Janet's fingers trailed up to the junction of her thigh and her hip, slipping down the crease to touch her mound. Sam let her head fall back, not holding back on the moan of pleasure that escaped her. She brought up one hand to cup and stroke Janet's cheek for a moment, then wove her fingers in Janet's dark hair as Janet switched her attention from Sam's right breast to her left, the flat of her tongue swabbing over the erect and highly sensitised nipple, making Sam shudder with pleasure. Janet gently pushed her back until she was lying on the table. The wood was cool against her skin, contrasting with the heat that Janet's ministrations were beginning to generate. Janet maneuvered her right leg, propping her foot up on the edge of the table to give her better access to Sam's core. Her fingers teased the lips of Sam's labia, slid easily into the moist silky cavern. "You're so wet for me," she whispered. "I think you're just about ready for this." She bent her head, swabbing her tongue over the damp sensitive flesh, her fingers slowly massaging and pinching Sam's clit. Sam had propped herself up on her elbows, watching as Janet continued to pleasure her with her lips and tongue. A delicate flush spread across her cheeks, upper chest and breasts in response to the heady sensations running through her. Then Janet switched, her tongue curling over and round her clit, drawing the little bud into her mouth as her finger gently penetrated Sam's centre, stroking the sensitive tissues. Sam was unable to suppress another moan, as she felt her muscles twitch and tighten. Her head dropped back again, her hips lifting off the table. Then Janet's hand was on her hip, anchoring her in place as she switched again, her fingers pinching and tweaking her clit as her tongue laved her all the way up her perineum, before cat-licking at her centre again, the sensation exquisite.

"Sam, can you sit up again. I want to share something with you."

Dazedly, Sam managed to sit up, her stomach muscles fluttering, her arms just about strong enough to hold her though if Janet did what she had just done with her tongue again that wasn't going to last very long. Her lover was standing between her legs, one hand pressed firmly to Sam's centre, the ball of her thumb firmly against her clit, her fingers dancing through Sam's folds. Her other hand caressed the short hairs at the back of Sam's neck as she pulled the taller woman down into a mind-searing kiss, letting Sam taste herself on Janet's lips and tongue.

"See how delicious you are, how fine you taste," Janet whispered. "So wonderful."

Sam deepened the kiss, letting her tongue explore Janet's mouth and lips, tasting herself on her lover. She cleaned herself off Janet's lips and cheeks her tongue exploring deeper into Janet's mouth as Janet's fingers explored her folds, the pressure against her clit driving her further towards the edge. Janet broke off the kiss so that she could put her mouth on Sam's breasts again, suckling and toying with the erect nipples.

Janet enjoyed the different textures of Sam's breasts, feeling the woman's juices pool on her hand as she slid her fingers deeper into the excited woman, listening with pleasure to the series of breathy moans that Sam was making. She swabbed the flat of her tongue over first the right then the left nipple and then kissed, sucked and licked her way down Sam's toned abdomen towards her centre again. She kissed the inside of Sam's thighs, her fingers teasing down her centre from her slit to her anus, pressing against the puckered opening for a moment, smiling at Sam's startled gasp. She swabbed her tongue over Sam's erect clit, as Sam lost the fight to support herself again and laid flat on the table, her hips bucking upwards in response to Janet's continued stimulation. As she ducked her head down again movement caught Janet's eye and she realised that Sam was playing with her own breasts. Sam caught her watching and reached out to caress Janet's cheek, pulling back to grasp air as Janet inserted a finger inside her again, her thumb pressing firmly against Sam's clit. She cried out Janet's name, her voice breaking as her back arched off the table.

Sam gave her self up to pure sensation, Janet's lips, tongue and fingers moving across her skin seemingly at random, pausing here there to deepen the sensation. Her breasts, her navel, the base of her rib cage, the crease of her thigh, all received Janet's loving attention before she settled again at her centre. Sam could not keep herself propped up any longer as Janet took her clit into her mouth again, her tongue pressing into the sensitive nerve bundle. She began to play with her own breasts, squeezing and stroking the hypersensitive flesh. She saw that Janet was watching her as she played with her nipples, circling and pinching them, mirroring the actions of Janet's fingers on her clit. She let herself become more vocal knowing that Janet enjoyed hearing the noises she made when she was close to climax – and she was so very close. She could feel her internal muscles begin to tighten, and then it washed over her, her back arching, her bottom lifting completely off the table.

Janet leant against her lover, stroking the bare warm flesh of her thigh as she came down from her orgasm. She presented such a beautiful sight her pale toned flesh sprawled across the table in a posture that left the observer in no doubt of what she had just been up to. Her whole demeanor screamed satisfaction, satiation. Janet smiled fondly at her lover. It would have made the most wonderful painting if only she had the talent to do her justice.

Perhaps there was a way to preserve the moment. Sam showed no inclination to move. Careful not to completely lose contact with her, Janet reached across to the worktop where she could see the digital camera they had been using earlier to make a record of their moving day. Okay, so this snap would remain in their very very private collection but at least she would have it. The likelihood was that Sam would kill her for taking it, of course, but Janet decided to take the risk.

Sam's eyes flew open as the camera flash went off. She sat up, grimacing as she realised that areas of her anatomy were rapidly going numb from prolonged contact with the hard wooden surface. "What just happened?" she asked.

"I took a picture of you," Janet said. "One for the private album I think. You just looked so beautiful, I had to preserve the moment."

Sam eased herself off the table. "I see." Another question temporarily drove any discussion about the sensibility of having nude photo's of each other out of her head. "How come you're still fully dressed?"

"Because you, my sweet, haven't undressed me yet," Janet said, smoothing her hand over Sam's abdomen, then hooking it round her hip, pulling Sam closer into a long, deep kiss. "So," she said at last. "Kitchen table well and truly christened. Now where?"

Sam took her by the hand and led her out into the hallway.

She paused, turning them so that Janet's back was to the wall. She cupped the smaller woman's face in her hands, her thumbs traveling gently over her cheekbones as she drew her in for a kiss, almost chaste at first, then deepening as she suckled on that deliciously full bottom lip for a moment. Janet's arms were around her, pulling her into her body, one thigh pressing between Sam's legs.

Sam slipped her hands inside Janet's shirt, smoothing her palms over the soft toned skin of her lover's abdomen, grazing the edge of her breasts. Janet sighed, her eyes fluttering closed for a moment as Sam's thumbs pressed into her nipples for a moment before releasing them again. Slowly she began to undo Janet's shirt, taking her time over each button, kissing the bare skin that was revealed. She eased the material away from Janet's body and dropped it to the floor. Janet just stared at her, her eyes huge and dark, pupil's dilated. Sam ran her hands over Janet's breasts again, feeling the nipples swell and harden through the lacy material of her bra. Janet reached behind herself to unloosen the catch, the straps falling down her shoulders. Seconds later the scrap of satin and lace joined her shirt on the floor.

Janet felt her legs beginning to tremble and Sam had barely got started yet. Her taller lover continued to cup and stroke her breasts, the sensations running through Janet's body already so extremely. If her panties hadn't already been soaked from watching Sam climax earlier, they certainly were now.

Sam dropped to her knees in front of her, pressing her face into Janet's abdomen for a moment, kissing and licking around her navel. Her pale skin seemed almost luminous in the dimly lit hallway, Janet let her hands smooth over Sam's shoulders and upper back, automatically tracing the lines of old scars and injuries. When they first got together Sam was more than a little leery about Janet touching her back. She thought the scars were ugly. But Janet told her that they were a badge of honour, and Janet could never find anything about her lover even remotely ugly.

Sam buried her face in Janet's mound, inhaling deeply. She sat back a little and smiled up at Janet. "You are so ready for this, aren't you, baby. I think I've kept you waiting long enough."

She slipped her hands in the waistband of Janet's jeans, flicking open the flybutton and easing down the zip. She pulled the heavy material down until it bunched around Janet's ankles, supporting the smaller woman as she stepped out of them. She nuzzled again at Janet's panties. "Oh yes, you are so ready, Janet, so wet for me. I need to see you, Janet. I need to see how ready you are for me."

Janet found that she was already almost beyond speech. "Rip… rip them off me," she whispered. "I need you… I need you touching me now. Now, Sam!" She let out a startled squeal as Sam pulled her towards her, turning her so her back rested against Sam's front. Sam started to catlick and kiss her way along Janet's shoulder and up her throat, one hand gently squeezing and massaging her breasts, the other cupping her, long fingers parting and massaging her folds. Janet could feel her juices start to flow, her legs trembling with the effort of staying upright. She raised one hand, reaching behind her to touch the back of Sam's neck, turning and angling her head so that they could kiss, Sam's tongue plundering her mouth at the same time as her fingers pinched her clit and penetrated her. Janet mewled into Sam's mouth as the intense sensations she was experiencing made her shiver from the top of her skull to her toes. Her other hand continued to squeeze and massage Janet's breasts, her calloused fingers brushing deliciously over hypersensitive nipples. Janet's pulse was thundering in her ears, each breath of air seeming to sear her lungs. She braced one hand against the wall to keep herself upright.

Sam smiled, nibbled the lobe of Janet's ear, sensing just how close she was to bringing her lover to what looked to be a respectably earth shattering orgasm. She could feel the heat pouring off the smaller woman, the honey that was pooling in the palm of her hand. She drew her head away quickly as Janet's head fell back resting against Sam's upper breast, her eyes fluttering closed as she gasped Sam's name. Janet braced herself between Sam's body and the wall desperate to keep herself upright as her legs threatened to give way under her. Sam felt Janet's internal muscles flutter, tightening around her fingers as Janet crested her orgasm.

She felt the smaller woman collapse against her and carried them both back a few feet to sit on the stairs, Janet more or less draped over her lap as she recovered. Sam was just about to ask if she was okay when Janet reached up to kiss her hard. "Where now?" she asked.

Sam grinned. "Your turn to nominate. My turn to …." She waggled her eyebrows, her smile widening even further.

That look, so naughty, so Sam made Janet melt every time she saw it.

"Well, how about…."

The End

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