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Sugar & Spice 1
Love Trust
By Celievamp

Do you love me?


Do you trust me?


Her hands tie the scarf over my eyes, blinding me. I love you, I trust you, I tell her over and over again before she places a finger against my lips. Silence she commands, I obey, but part my lips slightly, drawing her finger into my mouth. I feel her breath against my cheek, the aura the afterburn of her smile. Bad girl she whispers, withdraws her finger. I feel its wetness trail down my skin from the hollow of my throat to between my breasts. Her tongue snakes against my cheek, licking a bead of sweat from my skin. The room, our room is warm, scented with the many candles we had lit earlier sandalwood and jasmine honey and beeswax. I feel her move away from me and blindly reach for her but she catches my hand loops soft fabric around my wrist and then carefully ties my wrist to the bedhead. She straddled me, her hot centre only inches from mine and gives my other wrist the same treatment, kissing palm and pulsepoint in silent benediction. Her breath on my cheek again, a featherlight kiss on my lips, her fingers tracing patterns across my shoulders, the rise of my breasts, my ribs, my abdomen. More butterfly kisses punctuate the calligraphy of her fingers across my skin. I know what it says. Mine. Mine.

I try to move my hips to touch the sweet hot centre I can feel tantalizingly close to mine, achingly unfulfilled for the moment. Please I whisper. Please. Her hands mould my breasts a momentary harshness as her thumbs press hard into my nipples. I gasp. Silence, remember she whispers again. Silence or I will have to punish you my love. Her mouth closes on my nipple, laving the small hurt with her tongue. I groan, feeling the pulse begin inside me. Her mouth on my other breast now, easing the hurt building the heat inside me. Such a talented tongue my lover has but I know places it could be put to better use. I will risk her punishment, risk anything for her touch. Please.

Her lips touch mine, her tongue slips between my lips, we duel until we are both gasping for air. I can feel how hot my skin is but it is nothing compared to hers. She seems on fire. She presses herself against me, belly to belly, breasts to breasts. The extra weight is almost painful, the muscles in my arms ache a little but I am stronger than I look. I will not beg her again. She will only use it against me. One last touch to my lips and I feel her weight leave me.

Something soft trails up between my legs across my belly, cool, organic, a flower. I catch the scent of jasmine sharper sweeter and more immediate than the scent from the candles that imitate its aroma. She trails the blossom across my face and tucks it behind my ear.

Are you ready for more she whispers

I nod. I will not speak. Her laugh is husky borderline evil. What has my beloved got planned? Her weight leaves me again my body yearns for her return. i strain to hear but there are no clues. I turn my head, trying to sense her. Then I hear a glass chink and then she is back. She holds something to my lips - a wine glass. It is full of the red wine we drank with our meal earlier its heady bouquet sends my head spinning again. She lets a few mouthfuls slide down my suddenly parched throat and then I gasp again as I feel cool wetness run down my skin, pooling in the nape of my neck, between my breasts and in my navel. Some makes it as far as my centre and I welcome its coolness against my fevered skin knowing that my lover will follow its trail. She kisses and licks at the skin at the nape of my neck, continuing between my breasts, giving each nipple a little extra attention just to show she has not forgotten them. Now her tongue swirls in my navel and I almost lose it, my abdominal muscles fluttering wildly. She moves down my body, straddling my left leg now. Deliberately I raise my knee, push it against her centre. I hear her gasp, giggle as she arches against me for a moment then I feel her withdraw to kneel between my legs. Her hair brushes against my belly. It is my turn to gasp as she blows gently across my centre. My hips rise off the bed and she pushes my knees up and apart opening my secret self to her gaze. She runs her fingernails up my inner thighs, then presses her knuckle to my clit. My hips buck again, my breath hissing, thigh muscles quivering. She runs her fingers along my slit, collecting the juices that have gathered there. And then I feel her tongue cat lick quick teasing. Her fingers pierce me, play me. A touch again on my clit and everything silvers. I am alone in a high cold place far away but I am not afraid for I know that she is there to catch me when I fall as fall I must.

Her weight is on top of me again, anchoring me, soothing me as my heartbeat slows. She kisses me, and I taste myself on her lips.

Sugar and spice and all things nice she whispered. That's what my girl is made of.

The End

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