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SPOILER: Brief mention of "1969"

Sugar & Spice 2
By Celievamp

Loving you is natural. As natural as breathing. Loving you is the breath of life to me. I could no more stop loving you than I could stop breathing.

I love to watch you sleep. I know you sleep better here beside me than you ever do in your quarters on base or when you're offworld. I keep the nightmares from your door you told me, quoting an old song. I protect you from the Hooded Claw. But that's not true. It's you who protects me. You are the one who keeps me safe. It saddens me how much the world owes you and how little that would mean if the truth about the two of us and our relationship got out. I know how much that scares you, how much time we lost because of our unwillingness to cross the line.

I press my fingers to your fair skin for a moment, leave a red mark that slowly fades away. You stir but do not wake. Your hand is curled loosely in a fist, resting close to your mouth. Did you suck your thumb as a child, I wonder? I would love to have seen you as a toddler with your silky blond hair and your blue eyes. To see you as you would have been in 1969 – did you get the urge to go and see yourself as you were, I wonder when you took that wild trip? To see your mother again for the first time in twenty years. I know what that would have meant to you. She would be so proud of you my love, my scholar-soldier; proud of all your achievements, of the beautiful wise and resourceful woman you have grown into, of the wonderful mother and companion you are to our daughter, Cassie. Of the way you have managed to follow your heart despite all the difficulties put in your way.

Deep in my soul where it matters the most where no lies can hide I know that loving you is the most natural thing in the world. And as I watch you breath deeply and open your eyes, a smile blossoming on your face as you realise I've been keeping vigil over you again, I know that you believe it too.

The End

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