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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I watched the Xena ep and was inspired! Janet just seemed to be the type that would say the same thing as me. Plus, it looked like Xena was enjoying Gabrielle's bite.
SPOILERS: Xena season 2 – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
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Caught Red Handed


Janet scoffed at the television. "I bet she does!"

"Does what?" Sam asked, causing the brunette to jump.

Sam had been up stairs helping Cassie with her science project, and Janet had taken the opportunity to tune into her favourite show. Xena: Warrior Princess. She's never told her best friend about her fascination and enjoyment of the show, but this time she had been caught red handed.

"Um, well, Xena just saved Gabrielle's life and she wanted to thank her." Janet said quickly.

"Ah, right." Sam frowned, "Then why did you say 'I bet she does' in that tone?"

Janet shrugged and tried to hide her blush as she turned the TV off, skipping her favourite part of the Xena credits, and strode into the kitchen. "No reason."

"Yeah, right. Janet I know you better than that. There had to be a reason. Now spill it."

Janet paused at Sam's words. That sounded awfully like something Xena would say. She turned to face her friend who also sported a smirk that resembled Xena's. This is too strange!

"They were fighting Bacchus and his Bacchae, Gabrielle got turned, and Xena saved her. Gabrielle wanted to thank her. That's all."

Sam's eyes shone wickedly, "That still doesn't explain your tone."

"What is with you and my tone? Why do you need an answer? Can't you just accept that I watching the damn show?" Janet snapped.

"Easy, easy... I was just wondering if you were hinting that she wanted to thank Xena in a way other than getting rid of Joxer. No need to bite my neck." Sam winked and walked out of the kitchen, leaving a gaping Janet in her wake.

"Did she just…?"

The End

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