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Charlie's Angels - the Intergalactic remake
By ncruuk


Heimdall rushed up to Thor with a data crystal.

"Thor, you must see this primitive recording Colonel O'Neill provided for my research."

"What is it Heimdall?"

"A television programme, Charlie's Angels...." Bemused, but knowing from past experience it was easier to let Heimdall rush through his explanation, Thor took the crystal and placed it in the viewer.

"Most interesting..."

"It will work Thor..."

"You have identified Candidates?" asked the Supreme Commander of the Asgard, content to indulge the exuberant scientist a few moments longer.

"Major Carter is an excellent candidate, and I have found two more Tauri females - a Colonel Sarah Mackenzie possesses great strength but also verbal skill, and Detective Olivia Benson has knowledge of criminal minds and compassion," explained Heimdall, bringing up photographs.

"And they all look really hot in leather..." mused Jack O'Neill to no one in particular, drifting out of the shadows.

"That is important O'Neill?" questioned Thor, turning to his friend.

"Hell yeah...you'll want the Doc too..."

"We will?"

"Sure, to patch 'em up and generally be around..."

"We do have limited experience with Tauri injuries Thor..." observed Heimdall helpfully.

"You believe this will work O'Neill?" asked Thor, unable to conceal his scepticism.

"Sure it will..."

"It is a really 'dumb' idea..." observed Teal'c thoughtfully, earning a sharp look from Jack, only to be distracted by Thor's sudden enthusiasm.

"Very well O'Neill, we will assemble Major Carter, Colonel Mackenzie and Detective Benson...the Tauri have proved most successful with their 'dumb ideas'..."

"Yeah, Carter blowing up things usually works...."

"Indeed...although I would rather Major Carter restrained herself this time. It would be most inconvenient if the planet was destroyed - I am rather fond of the northern shore..." mused Thor, causing Jack's jaw to drop. Thor, fond of something? Wow....

"I'll see she gets the memo...hey, don't zap 'em up here just yet..."

"Why not O'Neill?"

"Ah, civilians? Non-SGC personnel? You can't just zap them into space....causes all manner of forms....can you give us some time...we need to do our mambo..."

"Mambo?" There was a pause as Thor consulted the Tauri language database, North American sub-directory, United States file. "You wish to dance with questionable hip movement?"

"What? NO!"

"Then why must you mambo?"

"Mojo...I meant mojo..." corrected Jack, hoping Teal'c wouldn't share this little linguistic misadventure he was currently having with anyone, especially Daniel.

"What is your 'mojo' O'Neill?" asked Thor, showing, Heimdall thought, commendable patience.

"Paperwork, transfers...you know the sort of thing..."

"I do not O'Neill..."

"You don't have paperwork?"

"The Asgard have not used paper in many millennia O'Neill...but I will return for Major Carter, Colonel Mackenzie, Detective Benson and Doctor Fraiser in 24 of your hours. Will that allow for enough mojo?"

"Yes, sure, you betcha..." confirmed Jack, once more considering the pictures being projected. He had absolutely no clue how he was going to work his 'mojo', or get them to all wear leather....but damn it, he was going die a very happy man trying.....

The End

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