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By Olli



"Argh!" Startled, Major Sam Carter turned around. "What the frak are you doing in here?" she yelled as she held her t-shirt in front of her almost nude body. She stood in the womens' locker room wearing nothing but panties and a bra. She wanted to change before she met with Colonel O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 to return to P4X-884 to get rid of this annoying Urgo-thing in their heads.

Urgo blinked curiously at her fumbling; his fingers crossed on top of his mighty belly. "What did you mean?"

"What are you doing in here?" Sam repeated glaring at the image the alien probe in her head was generating.

"Oh, just looking around. You know… learning new things…"

"Urgo, right now you're definitely NOT looking around." Sam tried to hide behind the door of her locker. "Spying on people like this is… is rude and offensive… Get out!" She tried to step into her BDU while hiding behind the locker door. She hopped on one foot struggling with her pants.

"Oh! I'm sorry I… I…" He covered his face with his hands. "How's that? Better?" he mumbled.

"Ouch!" While hopping around Sam had hit the corner of the locker with her shoulder. "Frak it! Urgo! Get out of here, damn it!"

Urgo, completely ignoring her demands spread his fingers and looked between them at her. Finally, she had managed to get into her BDU-trousers. Sam stood in front of her locker turning her back on Urgo while rubbing her bare shoulder. He couldn't resist the picture of Sam standing there in only green pants and a sports bra which spectacularly brought out her female attributes … something he would like to see more often… He dared to let his hands sink from his face and took a step towards Sam. Helpfully, he pointed with both hands vaguely in the direction of the infirmary. "Maybe you should ask Janet for help. I… you know she wouldn't mind getting her hands on you…"

At his words, Sam spun around angrily and stalked towards Urgo who cringed under her icy glare. "What did you say?" she hissed.

"Oh, oh… I… I… thought because of your feelings and…"

"My feelings are MY feelings!" Sam yelled. "You have no right to mess with them or to know about them!"

Urgo blinked for a second, and then his expression turned into a bright smile. "Oh, that. Sam, there is no reason for fear. I wouldn't tell Jack, Daniel or Teal'c about you and Janet. I know what you know and because I like you – even if you don't behave very nicely towards me – I wouldn't do anything to cause you problems with the Air Force."

"You've already caused the problems I'm having with the Air Force." Sam sighed and ran her hand through her hair. She sat down on a bench and began putting on her socks. "And what did you mean by 'Janet and me'? There is no 'Janet and me'."

"No?" Urgo blinked in surprise. "But I thought… ah… you know… that the both of you…" He bumped the tips of his fingers together repeatedly. "You know…"

"No! We're not." Sam shot an angry glare at Urgo. Typical man, she thought. Two women and all the guy could think of was how the gals get it on.

"Oh. So it is just you who has these feelings? I thought they were mutual."

"Why did you think that?" It was Sam's most secret dream that Janet would share her feelings but she couldn't risk making a move. What if this ruined her friendship with Janet? What if Janet wouldn't have her around anymore? What if she wasn't allowed to see Cassie again?

Urgo stepped towards her whispering conspiratorially. "A while ago I was in her office. Because your thoughts about her are so intense I wanted to know more."


"She sat at her desk and held a picture of you in her hand. And…" Urgo looked around before dropping the volume of his voice again so that Sam could barely hear him. "She caressed your face on the picture and smiled… Ohhhh, the way she smiled told me that she likes you a lot."

Sam stared at him disbelievingly.

Urgo nodded vehemently.

"But… I had no clue…" Sam whispered more to herself than to Urgo. Since Janet took care of Cassie they had taken a lot of pictures, mostly of her and Cassie or Janet and Cassie and some with all three of them. But Sam couldn't remember when they had taken a picture just of her… But Janet had somehow managed to get one of her alone… Could it mean that Janet…?

"Maybe you should tell her."


"Tell her."

Panicking Sam's eyes grew wide. "NO! I… I can't…"

Urgo stared at her baffled. "You know you're nuts throwing away a chance like this."

The panic was immediately replaced by anger. "That's none of your concern. And now get out!"

"Pah! Coward." And with that Urgo gathered his robes, turned on his heel and marched away.

Sam stared at the empty space for a second or two and then shrugged and grabbed her boots. This was ridiculous, she thought. She didn't need advice from a… a damn hologram about her feelings… or love life! She had a mission to carry out!

SG-1 had been back from P4X-884 for three hours and there was no sign of Urgo anywhere. Like O'Neill, Daniel and Teal'c; Sam couldn't remember what had happened on that planet but she could remember everything that had happened before they gated there a second time.

Sam sat on a sick bed and let her feet dangle while she waited for Janet to clear her for duty. Again she thought about what Urgo had told her in the locker room. Even if Janet did have a picture of her in her desk and looked at it from time to time, that didn't mean Janet shared her feelings… or maybe she did?

No, Sam decided. There was never the slightest hint that Janet could be interested in her THAT way. But she had learned early in her career to hide her preferences. What if Janet had done the same? Could it be possible?


She looked at her friend as Janet stepped beside the bed holding her patient's file in her hands. "There's no trace of the alien device in your head, anymore." She smiled at Sam. "You're officially cleared."

Sam smiled back. "Thank you." She hopped from the bed then hesitated for a moment looking back at Janet. What if Urgo was right? What if she let the only chance she might ever have slip away?

"Something else?" Janet asked curious about the behaviour of her best friend.

"Ah, you know, next month Cassie and I want to go over to Colonel O'Neill's house to watch the meteorite shower through his telescope."

Janet smiled. "Yes. Cassie is really excited about that."

"Um… Do you think she would be unhappy if I didn't go?"

Janet's expression became serious. "Well, yes. Maybe a little. But if you have to do…"

"I…" Sam interrupted. "Would she understand if I explained to her that I would like to take her mother to dinner and a movie?"

Janet blinked for a moment thinking about Sam's words. "Dinner and a movie? Just the two of us?"

Nervously Sam shuffled her feet. "I didn't mean… I mean… I… I can understand if you didn't want… I can still take Cassie with me to the Colonel's…" Suddenly fearing Janet's reaction Sam looked her in the eye. "I mean if you still want me around you and Cassie…"

Realisation hit Janet and her eyes grew wide as she saw Sam's face pale. She laid her hand on Sam's arm. "Sam! Stop babbling."

Sam's mouth snapped shut. She felt her heart hammering in her chest while she waited for Janet's decision.

"I would like to have dinner and go to a movie with you." There was a tingle in Janet's belly… It was similar to the feelings she had when her first boyfriend at high school had asked her out… A date with Sam… A date, she thought. She had just agreed to a date with her best friend… a woman. That would change a lot… But in a bad way? No, decided Janet. But they would have to talk about this; they couldn't jump into it without thinking… But most important, she wanted it!

Sam's smile could match the bright sunshine of a warm summer day. "Really?"


"Great!" Sam exclaimed. She beamed at Janet. "What do you think? Should I talk to Cassie during our boat trip?"

Janet remembered the talk she had had with Sam in her office when they thought Urgo had been destroyed after Sam created an EM-pulse in her lab. "Yes. You should ask her permission to date her mom." Janet's eyes sparkled.

Sam's eyes grew wide.



Janet couldn't resist a smile at Sam's expression of pure wonder. "There's a debriefing waiting for you."

"Oh, yes. Ah… See ya later?"

"Sure." Sam gave her the impression of a teenager in love… It was a side of Sam she wished she had seen earlier.

Sam left the infirmary and Janet watched her walk away for a moment. She shook her head. Never had she expected that this could happen. Sam was always so… reserved. And now… suddenly she'd made a move on her… Janet hoped that Sam would come to her office right after the debriefing so they could talk about the boat trip… and the date…

Sam hurried down the hallway towards the conference room. Suddenly she stopped and whispered, "Thank you, Urgo."

The End

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