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Glad You Came
By Firedancer


It had been one of those months. Two months really. The kind where every mission had been a struggle and the Goa'uld had been dogging them every step of the way. On top of that, Kinsey had been piling on the bureaucratic bullshit heavily, which resulted in General Hammond being so on edge that even his own god-daughter was treading lightly around him. Everything culminated in a mission that had gone so sideways that Sam still wasn't quite sure how they'd made it back alive. Desperation and luck had been the major contributing factors to the not so small miracle.

After their post-mission physicals they'd all staggered to the showers, where Sam lost the coin toss for who got to go first. Thankfully, the guys didn't linger. Once she was all dressed they dragged their weary bodies back to the briefing room where they all fought valiantly to stay awake. Daniel lost the battle within the first ten minutes. Jack yawned his way through the entire briefing while Sam kept starting to nod off and then would jerk her head upright every few minutes. Teal'c seemed to be the only one alert enough to follow the conversation, but Sam noted that his normally stiff posture was considerably less than perfect and his eyelids seemed to hang a fraction lower than normal.

Janet, who had just come on duty in time for their physicals finally looked at the General and called for a halt to the briefing. "Sir, I hate to interrupt, but nothing is getting accomplished here. SG1 has been on continuous duty for the last fifty six days with their only downtime being spent in the infirmary. I think this mission proves beyond a doubt that they are not up to mission readiness right now. As the CMO I am going to have to insist that they all be pulled from active duty for at least four days to recover."

Hammond opened his mouth to protest, but then he noted that not even O'Neill was protesting the doctor's orders. That was when he finally took a good look at his flagship team and sighed heavily. "You're right Dr. Frasier. Hell, this whole damn base could use a break."

"We could General. I know things have been difficult in the field, but sir, even you have been overextending yourself. I will be frank in telling you that it isn't just with SG1 that I have been tempted to pull rank on," she admitted with a stern look that warned him not to argue with her.

He smiled faintly. "Duly noted Dr. Frasier."

For once, the Colonel had had nothing witty to say on the matter as it would have probably taken too much effort. In the conversational lull, Daniel's soft snores drove home Janet's point. "Alright people, I would say go home, but I don't think any of you are up to it. So go to your quarters here, get some sleep and then you are hereby relieve of duty for a week. Major Carter, if I catch you working in your lab I will make it two weeks. Understood?"

"Yessir," she mumbled, not upset in the least.

"I will be recalling all SG teams early if they are able and the base is going to stand-by mode. All personnel will be rotated through leave…including the medical staff. Doctor despite trying to keep your own staff on regular shifts you have been working double and triple shifts…don't think I haven't noticed Janet. And while it has been greatly appreciated I am going to insist you follow your own advice. Call over to the Academy, get us some replacements, and then I want you on leave for a week as well starting no later than


"But, sir-," she began to protest and Sam smirked slightly.

"No buts, Doctor. That's a direct order. With the SG teams being recalled we shouldn't have anything that any other doctor can't handle. If it makes you feel any better though, you will be the first I call if anything major comes up."

Janet glared a bit, but sank back into her chair with a sullen look on her face. "Yes, sir."

"Good. Now someone wake Dr. Jackson up…he's drooling all over my briefing table. The rest of you grab some rack time and then get off my base."

The exhausted team shuffled to their quarters and Sam dropped onto her bed without even bothering with her clothes or her boots. She was asleep before she hit the pillow.

The thing about working underground is that it's terribly difficult to tell what time of day it is. Sam hadn't even realized they had arrived back at base shortly after 0600 earlier that morning and that they had been sent to their quarters for some much needed rest by 0800. A solid twelve hours of sleep had done wonders in reviving Sam's energy levels, and she was slightly dismayed to discover that it was well into the evening by the time she reached the surface.

With a sigh, she slipped her helmet on, mounted her bike and made her way home to check on her mail and plants while she decided what to do for the evening. Once at home she took care of the basics, and then pulled a beer from the fridge and went to stand out on the back patio as she watched the last bits of light fade into darkness. Part of her was tempted to call Janet and see what she was up to for the evening. But it was getting later and Jan had most likely worked a full shift trying to make preparations for her enforced vacation.

That made Sam smile. It was a rare thing that she and her best friend had time off together and she would definitely have to call the small brunette tomorrow. Tonight however, she was restless and her body felt primed and ready for a night of blowing off steam. And she knew just the place. Knocking back the last dregs of her beer, Sam went inside to change and then grabbed her keys up once more and gunned her bike to life.

The night air was filled with the smells of spring and just cool enough to make her feel alive without being too cold for comfort. She pulled up in front of the somewhat battered appearance of an establishment that rested at the far edge of town. Pulling her helmet off, she secured it next to her spare that hung from her saddle bag, ran her hands through her hair, and then headed inside.

Just inside, Sam took a moment to soak up the atmosphere and exhaled slowly as she felt a good deal of her tension drain away. The inside was a little better off than the outside, but the owner of the bar had gone for the rustic look so upkeep was minimal. Despite its appearances however, the beer was cold, the liquor strong, the food fried and delicious, and the atmosphere varied enough to fit just about anyone.

"Sam!" A familiar voice called out from behind the bar and Sam looked over at the tall redheaded woman that was waving her over. With a brilliant smile Sam sauntered over to the establishment's owner and primary bartender.

"Hey Jess," she greeted warmly and then found herself being yanked forward by her dog tags and kissed soundly.

"Hey yourself soldier," Jess purred at her as she nipped Sam's lower lip gently before releasing her.

"If that's the way I'm going to be greeted every time I come in here, I need to visit more often," Sam laughed, knowing she was blushing furiously.

"You sure as hell do Major. I was about to stalk your house to see what had happened to you!"

"Sorry Jess. It's been ridiculously busy up at the Mountain and they've been working me hard the last few months."

Jess looked her over appraisingly. "They sure have. You've lost weight again hot stuff," she noted in slight disapproval. But she smiled to keep the sting out of her words and tugged on Sam's hand, pulling her towards an empty seat at the bar. "Come sit and I'll have Margie fix you up a heaping plate of your favorite while I pour you a nice tall cold one and I can tell you all about the latest gossip around here."

Sam did just that, and soon she was immersed in good food, good drink and good company. For the next hour she simply enjoyed chatting with Jess and a few of the other regulars while she relaxed and finished her meal and her beer. Despite the increasing business, the redhead had kept up a steady conversation with Sam, and the blonde appreciated it.

"So how's that lady doctor friend of yours?" Jess finally asked with a teasing grin.

Sam blushed and nearly choked on the whiskey she'd switched to a little while ago. She carefully set the drink down chuckling at herself even as she felt her cheeks flush slightly. "She's good. We are finally on stand-down and she's probably home hugging her pillow."

"Too bad. She has no idea what she's missing out on." A saucy wink was thrown Sam's way for good measure and she felt her face flush for an entirely different reason.

Sam had discovered this place shortly after being posted to the Mountain, and after one of her first particularly trying missions, she'd desperately needed to let off some steam. Jess had spied her dog tags and they'd struck up a conversation about the difficulties of being gay in a military that had rules about that sort of thing. Sam had found the redhead understanding without being pitying, and extremely easy to talk to. It had been a quiet night at the bar, and when closing time came, Sam had still felt restless. Ever observant, Jess asked her what was wrong and Sam had admitted that she had come looking to burn off some steam and that the conversation had helped but she was still wide awake and full of energy.

That was when Jess had told her to stick around while she closed up. Sam sat on her stool, sipping the last of her beer as she watched the red-head chase out the last few stragglers who eyed Sam with more than a little envy. When the outside lights were off, and the doors locked, Jess came back to stand in front of Sam and pulled her into a deep kiss that left no doubt as to what the redhead was offering. And Sam had gladly taken her up on that offer. Repeatedly, that night.

Early the next morning, Sam had rolled out of the woman's bed and leaned down for a lingering kiss of gratitude after she'd dressed. "Thank you Jess. You have no idea how much I needed that."

"Mmmm I should be the one thanking YOU," Jess had purred, a sexy little smile playing across her lips. "For a woman who doesn't see much action in the bedroom, you, my dear Major are one hell of a lay. If you ever need to blow off steam like that again, I will be more than happy to free up a spot on my dance card for you."

Those words were everything Sam had needed to hear just then. Not only were they a desperately needed boost to her waning ego, but she knew that the previous evening's fun had come with no strings attached. Better yet, she had someone who was willing to repeat the experience and understood that emotional attachment could never be involved- not while she was still in the military.

Sam had become a regular at the bar after that, making it clear that she didn't expect and wasn't always looking to get laid. There had even been a night or two where she'd left with someone else. They'd hooked up a handful of times over the last several years, and Jess was a very good listener when Sam felt like opening up to someone. She knew of Sam's deepening feelings for her best friend, but also sympathized with Sam's reluctance to initiate a relationship with the threat of a Dishonorable Discharge looming over her head. It didn't stop her from teasing Sam every now and then however, and the blonde enjoyed the banter.

Sam noticed a DJ setting up off to the side of the dance floor. "What night is it?" she asked.

"House/Techno. I know not everyone around here is into it, but we've had enough requests for it I thought I would give it a shot a couple of times a month. You missed the opening night last month, but we had a decent crowd turn out. I think tonight will be even bigger. Sorry if you were looking for a little bit quieter venue tonight."

"Actually, after the last two months, I feel like loosing myself in the beat tonight."

"Be sure to save me a dance then soldier," Jess laughed and Sam winked at her over her the rim of her glass before she began scanning the crowd once more. Ten minutes later the house lights dimmed, newly installed strobe lights began flashing and the DJ began coaxing everyone out onto the floor as the heavy bass beats of a popular dance song began thrumming through everyone's bones.

Unable to resist the pull, Sam slammed back the last of her whiskey and headed out onto the floor. For the next hour she did just as she said and lost herself to the beat and the press of bodies around her. She'd lost count of dance partners, knowing only that hands had roamed her freely as she had explored others. That was the one thing she loved about dancing- the raw sensuality of it and the freedom to just…let go and express one's self however they chose. Sweat beaded her body, alcohol flowed through her veins, and the music washed over her, pushing away all thoughts of work.

Back at the bar, Jess looked up as a tiny brunette slid onto the stool in front of her. "What can I get you!" she called out over the music.

"Whatever is dark, cold and on tap!" she replied with a wide grin.

Jess winked back at her and expertly poured a tall pint of Guiness for the woman. "Here you go. First time here?"

A nod accompanied the question as the brunette scanned her surroundings and then looked back at Jess. "Normally go to Tully's but after the last few weeks I've had, I needed something more…."

"Visceral?" Jess supplied as she nodded towards the press of sweaty bodies on the dance floor.

"Yeah. Janet by the way," the smaller woman said by way of introduction.

"Jess," the red-head answered wiping her hand on a bar towel and reaching out to shake hands. Her eyes widened slightly as the brunette leaned forward as well and military dog tags slipped out from her partially opened blouse. She looked the woman in front of her over carefully once more and felt her grin widen. "Military, eh?"

Janet looked down at her tags. "Um, yeah…that isn't going to be a problem is it?" she asked suddenly looking hesitant.

"Hell no!" Jess laughed. "If one of my other girls help you out, just be sure to let them know as well. You ladies get a two for one drink special. Least I can do for you!"

"Oh…well thanks!"

"Once you finish that beer your should go enjoy the dance floor," Jess encouraged with an enigmatic wink of her eye before she glided off to help another customer.

Janet sipped the thick beer as she sat back and surveyed the bar for the next ten minutes. She was just finishing her beer when the dance crowd parted slightly and revealed a sight that nearly made her choke on the last of her beer. There in front of her, clad in leather pants and a tight white wife beater that clung to her sweat soaked body was one Samantha Carter. Her eyes were closed, her body moving sensually to the rhythm, her dance partner no one and everyone.

"Drink?" Janet heard absently.

Three fingers of something amber was pressed into her hand as she stared, and Janet gulped it down, gasping slightly at the fire that raced down her throat. Dazed she turned to look at the red-head who was grinning knowingly.

"Go to her Dr. Frasier."

It wasn't until halfway to the dance floor that Janet realized she had never told the woman her title or last name. By that time however, she was already being drawn towards her friend like a moth to the flame. Sucking in a deep breath, Janet stepped onto the floor and cut a path straight to the blonde.

Sam was lost in the moment. This was what she'd needed. She could feel the burn of her exertions, she was breathing heavier now, her head was buzzing from the alcohol, and her body was singing under the playful caresses of countless hands. Eyes still closed and head tilted back as she soaked everything using the rest of her senses, Sam felt another presence slide into place in front of her and she grinned as her new partner claimed her from the rest.

Hands ran along her hips and sides, and Sam reveled in the sensations that raced along her sensitized flesh. She felt her partner sway in time with her before the other woman tuned away from her and pressed her back firmly up against Sam's front, her body grinding suggestively against the blonde. This was by far the boldest anyone had been all evening, and there was something almost…familiar in the small body pressed against hers.

Opening her eyes, Sam looked down and froze in shock.

Janet, who was now immersed in the beat, pheromones, and alcohol turned to face her friend and offered her a wicked smile. "Don't stop on my account Major," she called out over the music.


"Don't think….just dance," Janet ordered and after blinking a couple of times, Sam finally gave Janet one of her Carter smiles and obeyed. She dragged Janet back against her, front to front this time, and began a new kind of dance. This time, their eyes remained open and locked on each other as they swayed, pressed and teased one another in a game of slow seduction and intent.

Neither could quite believe this was happening and both were seizing the opportunity with both hands….literally. Janet's hands had been freely roaming the defined muscles she knew oh so well and had been craving to touch with something more than professional care for years now. She watched with a hungry gleam in her eye as Sam shivered and shuddered against her caresses and pressed further into the touches. She could feel the vibrations of Sam's groans as her deft fingers traced the toned muscles of her stomach when her shirt rode up. The music finally faded as the DJ took a break and both women leaned against each other breathing heavily from their exertions and their arousal.

Janet could feel Sam's heart pounding in her chest beneath where her cheek was pressed and she felt the blonde lean down and place a kiss against her temple. Gathering her courage, Janet snaked a hand up between Sam's breasts to grab hold of her tags and pulled her even further down as she tipped her own head upwards.

Their lips met in a heated kiss full of longing, need and promise, and both were oblivious to the cat calls and whistles they had drawn from the crowd that was hanging on the edges of the dance floor. The embrace was hot, wet, and left just about every woman in the bar jealous of the intensity they were bearing witness to. When the two women finally came up for air and leaned against each other, a cheer went up all around and startled them slightly.

Sam blinked and looked around, feeling the heat of embarrassment flooding her cheeks. She caught Jess grinning at her and flashing her a wink and thumbs up, and chuckled. Leaning down she pressed a gentle kiss against Janet's temple again. "Want to get out of here?"

"Yes," Janet breathed immediately, uncomfortable with the attention, and desperately wanting Sam for herself.

Sam went back to the bar and paid for their drinks and collected her leather jacket. Outside, the night air cooled the sweat from their overheated flesh and Janet shivered slightly even as she took huge gulps of air to try and clear her head and catch her breath. Sam draped her jacket around her shoulders and Janet closed her eyes at the scent that enveloped her.

"You want to drive? My bike will be fine here for tonight."

"Sure," Janet answered as she fished her car key from her purse and headed towards the car with Sam close behind her. As she went to open the passenger door, Sam grabbed her by the waist, spun her around and pinned her against the door as she leaned in for another toe- curling kiss.

Janet whimpered into the kiss, her hands clinging to Sam's back as desire slammed through her harder than she'd ever experienced before. When they finally broke apart, panting for air, Janet looked up at her friend with so much emotion in her eyes. "God Sam….I had no idea."

She watched as Sam swallowed hard, her expression open and hesitant. "Are you okay with this Jan?"

Janet let loose a slightly hysterical laugh. "I just stumbled across my best friend in a lesbian bar, have just been kissed senseless by the woman I have been secretly wanting for…years now, and am about to head home with her. How do you think I am Sam?"

Sam had to chuckle at that, but she had managed to process everything that Janet had just revealed. Her expression grew serious once more and she leaned in for a much gentler and slower kiss this time before she continued speaking. "I've wanted you for so long Jan," she admitted. "I never wanted to jeopardize our friendship or careers though by confronting you with my feelings. You mean too much to me for that. I want you so badly right now sweetheart, but if you aren't comfortable with this or you think it might ruin everything between us, I'm happy just keeping things the way they've been."

"I know we still have a lot to talk about Sam…but tonight? I want you to come home with me," she answered in a steady voice and with a look that assured Sam that there was no doubt as to how she wanted this night to end.

Another smile lifted Sam's lips and she leaned in for one final kiss before she pulled Janet away from the car and gently pushed her towards the driver side. As soon as they were on their way, Sam turned to stare at her best friend with new eyes.

"What?" Janet asked a bit self consciously after a minute of Sam's perusal.

Sam gave her a cheeky grin. "I'm just enjoying a side of you I've never seen before. We've had girls night out and cut loose before…but I never had a clue."

Janet laughed. "Speaking of sides that we've never seen before! God Sam, words can never describe how I felt when I first spotted you on that dance floor. You were so beautiful…so…sensual."

Sam blushed furiously. "With everything that we've been through I just needed to lose myself tonight."

Janet laid a hand over hers, and glanced briefly at her out of the corner of her eye. "You could have called me Sam."

"You've had it just as bad as us Jan. I figured you would have passed out early and didn't want to bother you. I was going to call tomorrow."

"Once I had a few minutes to think about it, I realized the General was right and actually became excited for some R&R. I managed to wrap everything up by noon and took a long nap as soon as I got home. I know what you meant about feeling the need to cut loose tonight. I can't tell you how happy I am that I decided to check out someplace other than my usual haunts."

"I'm glad you came too."

They smiled at each other and fell silent as they each became immersed in their own thoughts for the rest of the drive home. When they pulled up outside Sam looked up at the dark house. "Cassie?" she asked looking back at the brunette.

"Weekend slumber party," she answered with a grin.

"So….we can make as much noise as we want huh?" Sam asked huskily as she leaned in towards Janet slowly.

"Mmhmm," Janet murmured against her lips before she pulled back and took note of Sam's dilated pupils. "Which is a good thing, because I plan on making you scream my name Major," she whispered as she unbuckled her seatbelt and crawled into Sam's lap.

By the time the two women made it inside the house, their clothing was in various states of being undone and they couldn't keep from touching each other. As soon as they were inside, Sam shoved Janet against the wall and took control of another searing kiss while Janet struggled to free the blonde of her t-shirt and bra. Sam raised her hands and helped pull the two over her head before she reached down and completely ripped Janet's blouse apart and dropped it to the floor in a forgotten heap. Lips attached to Janet's neck and shoulder by this point, she crouched slightly, wrapped strong hands under the brunette's thighs and lifted.

Janet let a surprised gasp, and then wrapped her legs around her soon to be lover as Sam began blindly carrying her towards the staircase. They had to stop twice as Janet's lips, tongue and fingers threatened to topple them both to the floor. "Jan," Sam panted in an almost pained voice as she braced herself against the hallway wall.

Janet looked up from where she had been nibbling along Sam's collarbone, her fingers tugging relentlessly on turgid nipples. "Yes?"

"I….I…Keep that up love and we'll never make it upstairs."

"Fuck the bed Samantha," Janet growled out as one hand slid down between their bodies and into Sam's unbuttoned pants.

"Oh god," Sam cried out as she staggered against a wall for support. Her vision blurred and she spotted the stairs right in front of them.

Her knees buckling, she managed to set her precious burden on the third step up before she was on her knees in front of her lover. Frantic hands tore at the remains of their clothing and Sam found Janet at the perfect height for pleasuring. Janet may have had plans for her later, but Sam showed Janet that she applied the same determined focus to love-making that she did in everything else. It wasn't long before she had the small doctor writhing under her hands and mouth and crying out her name as she came long and hard.

Sam shuddered with a small release of her own and as they both calmed down some, they found the strength to drag themselves up the stairs and stumble into Janet's bed as they tried to regain their breaths. Moments later, Janet was returning the favor, and Sam found out first hand just how incredible it could be to make love to someone who had an intimate knowledge of the human body.

The rest of the night passed in an intensely pleasurable blur, and the sun slowly rose, it's soft light bathing the two sweat soaked lovers in its warmth as they drifted into a deep and contented slumber.

A couple of hours later, Cassie quietly let herself into the house, unsure if her mother would be awake or not. She paused and heard no signs of life and figured her mom was finally catching up on some much needed sleep. Pulling her shoes off she tip-toed towards the stairs in her socks, intent on retrieving her toothbrush and cell phone which she had left on her dresser by accident the previous evening while packing.

She made it as far as the living room when she noted the first bits of clothing on the floor. Tilting her head to the side she bent over to pick up her mom's shirt, noting that it was missing most of its buttons. The bra was hanging off the back of the couch and she collected that a slow grin starting to spread on her face. Did her mom bring someone home last night? Hey, wasn't that…Sam's shirt?

Dropping the discarded clothing where she found it, Cassie crept up the stairs with a wicked grin lifting her lips as she noted a familiar set of leather pants hanging over the railing. Her mom's door was wide open and she paused before she got to it and listened. She could hear the steady breathing of her mom and the faint occasional snores that she knew to be Sam's. Hoping she wasn't about to be too scarred for the rest of her life, Cassie held her breath and peeked around the corner.

And almost let out a noise of excitement at the sight before her. Thankfully, both of her parents were covered by a sheet, though it was obvious neither had any clothes on underneath it. Sam was flat on her back, with Janet curled up half on top of Sam. The blonde's arms were wrapped protectively around her lover and Janet's face was nuzzled against Sam's neck under her chin. Both looked at peace, happy, and….right. Cassie felt her throat tighten in happiness and she had to back away to her room quickly as she began sniffling.

In her room she exhaled in relief and wiped at the tears in her eyes, laughing silently at herself for being so sappy. But she couldn't help it. She loved both women deeply for all that they had done and given her. Neither had ever tried to replace her own parents and family, but they had both welcomed her into their own with open arms and hearts. She knew she had put them both through hell earlier in the year, but they'd never given up on her and that's when she realized just how much they loved her and she them.

Cassie had seen their obvious affection for each other long ago, and had questioned Janet as to why they weren't a couple. Janet had explained they were just friends and same sex relationships were socially tricky on earth still. She also explained the U.S. military's views and regulations against such a thing and Cassie had found that confusing and very unacceptable. But she had kept quiet about things and had simply watched. She saw how much they cared for each other and knew that rules be damned, something would give when the time was right.

Apparently last night was that time. She was so excited that she almost forgot to grab the items she'd come to retrieve. Grabbing them up, she tiptoed past their room silently, and made her way down without disturbing anything else to give away her presence. She knew both of them would be mortified if they knew she'd seen them like this, and while it was a little embarrassing, it would be a moment she would forever treasure. Grinning to herself, she exited the house quietly and wondered if she would be able to play off her surprise when they got around to telling her about their change in relationship. She seriously hoped they wouldn't drag this out because there would be no way she could fool them for long.

"What are you grinning about?" her friend Jamie asked when she got back into the car.

Cassie winked at her. "If I told ya, I'd have at kill ya," she teased.

Jamie rolled her eyes at the common phrase, but laughed and resumed their previous conversation as they pulled out of the driveway. Cassie half listened, but her gaze was drawn back to her house, smiling to herself once more as she realized that as she exited her house it had truly felt like home for the first time. She hoped it would stay that way for a long time to come.

The End

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