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AUTHOR'S NOTE: For geonn who asked for Aspect 24. Bath-Time Girl – Janet Fraiser (Prompt: Sam makes Janet a bubble bath after a long, hot, no-good, very bad day.)
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By Debbie


In yet another 24 hour grocery store, five different ones already visited; there was still no delivery of fresh milk. Janet sighed at the empty shelves where the milk should have been, and pondered her luck.

It was 6am and Janet was exhausted. She'd been on her feet for nearly 24 hours, and this was just another addition to her day of woes.

It all started yesterday morning with a phone-call from Cassie's regular sitter. She was ill and unable to spend the day with the youngster, leaving Janet with the unwanted hassle of finding a replacement at very short notice.

Luckily, on contacting the base to say she was going to be late, she'd found Sam Carter had arrived back from off-world a few hours before schedule. A quick word with Cassie's other mom had solved that problem.

From then on, things had just gone from bad to worse.

SG3 had been ambushed on Kaolin, leaving two seriously injured and two with minor injuries. After two hours of surgery, one man had lost a leg, and one woman would never have children.

As soon as that crisis passed, Sergeant Davies had called into the infirmary with a bad case of nausea; even now, two sets of uniform later, Janet could still smell the stench of vomit that Davis had been unable to stop from covering Janet.

Then, after barely a quick bite to eat, Daniel Jackson arrived with a severely swollen thumb. He'd been trying to juggle with Thor's hammer (!) and flattened his hand.

After that, the one bright spot in Janet's shift, Nurse Williams had collapsed with stomach pains, and sheepishly admitted she was 12 weeks pregnant.

To cut a long story short, at the end of her normal day, adding insult to all that had gone before, Janet received a call from the base hospital to say an outbreak of something like salmonella was ravaging the hospital staff, and could she by any chance cover Dr. Harris' night shift? A quick call to Sam and Cassie unfortunately ensured she could.

So, 22 hours after starting her day, Janet made one final pit-stop, and still no milk. She slammed her hands down on the roof of her car. She was going home; without milk. Surely, Sam and Cassie would have seen there was none and bought a gallon, wouldn't they?

Thoroughly exasperated Janet pulled into her garage to be confronted by darkness. Sam had promised to fix the interior light the next time she was on world; obviously a day spent with Cassie didn't count towards that promise.

She opened the front door to silence, and promptly fell over the dog. She sighed. There was no welcome home hug from her daughter, no smell of breakfast, and, opening the fridge door, no milk. Seething, she continued through the house until the sound of a computer game's monotonous background music competing with the vocal talents of Wheatus guided her to her bedroom.

Marching into the room her anger spilled over, "What the hell are you playing? I've had the shift from hell, nearly lost two people, been vomited and shit on, run around all night after that buffoon Gordon, and all I want is a nice warm shower and my bed. What do I find? There's no heat, and probably no hot water; there's still no milk in the fridge, never mind the fact there's no welcome home, hot drink, or breakfast, and you… you… *you* are listening to that cat's choir and playing computer games. I don't work all…"

Her words drifted off at the sight before her, a roaring log fire in a newly lain hearth, two steaming hot cups of cocoa with plates of Danish pastries and pancakes, and, through the open bathroom doorway, she could see an obviously drawn bath of hot water smelling of vanilla and jasmine. She pulled up short as the room's occupant advanced on her.

Janet stuttered on, "… What are you smirking at young lady?"

"Janet, just shut the hell up…" murmured Sam, as she reached out to envelop her lover, "… and kiss me."

One long, sweet, kiss later; the type of kiss that banished all thoughts of the previous 24 hours to the waste basket, Sam pushed Janet towards the waiting bath and both women smiled.

The End

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