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SPOILERS: My AU Meridian universe where Sam not Daniel Ascended.
NOTE: I wrote the poem for my niece the day she was born. She just turned two which was why it came to mind. She's also blond and blue eyed.
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Ghost 5
Interlude 1: A Poem for My Daughter
By Celievamp


Sam lay on top of the bedcovers next to Janet who was deeply asleep, recovering after the events of the previous day. In the cot next to the bed Sophia Catherine Carter Fraiser was also asleep, a scowl on her screwed up face. Only one day old and she already looked as if she had a few issues with life so far. Sam dropped a gentle kiss on Janet's temple and eased herself off the bed as Sophia began to wiggle more meaningfully and opened and closed her mouth once or twice. Their daughter was about to wake up and since every time so far she had announced her wakeful state with ear splitting crying Sam decided to take her downstairs out of Janet's immediate earshot. Her girl needed her sleep. Sam picked up the tiny baby girl, wrapped her in her blanket and quickly carried her out of the room.

On the desk downstairs were several sheets of paper with lines scribbled down, much crossings out and false trails. Amongst them, on a sheet of the ivory hand made quality writing paper that both Janet and Sam favoured for important letters was a fair copy of the poem Sam had written the night before when she was too buzzed to sleep. Sam sat down at the desk and cradled Sophia in her arms singing softly to her under her breath.

The baby snuffled and butted her cheek against Sam's breast. Sam grinned and stroked the soft skin with her finger. "Barking up the wrong tree there, baby girl. Better wait till Mama wakes. You going to be sociable with me for a while and let your Mama get some more sleep, eh?"

Sophia squinted at her and then opened her eyes fully, staring up at Sam with every evidence of recognition in her smoky blue eyes. Sam just lost herself in their gaze for a moment or two, smiling down at her daughter. "You wanna hear what I wrote for you Sophi-girl? Well, I wrote it for you and your Mama cos I love you both so much and I'm not that good sometimes at saying it out loud." Easing the baby into a more comfortable position, she picked up the sheet of paper and began to read aloud.

"Sophia Catherine Carter Fraiser - Welcome to the World

A small miracle
Writ large
The hand of the unknown
Touching man's
A spark of life
Of being

She sleeps and dreams
Of milk, warmth, a mother's touch
And sometimes
Of that other life
Floating in the echoing dark
Of inner space
Multicellular existence
Soon to be forgotten
Except in deepest dreams

What secrets would she tell
If she could speak

Hand curls against cheek
A flower opening to the day
Lips part, breath sighs
Dreams of milk and mother
And the warmth of loving hands
The beating of hearts
So much to learn
Blurs become faces
Noises words names
Of things to see and touch
Smell and suck
The breath of life
To learn that there is more
Than milk, warmth, a mother's touch

But not yet
Not just yet
For now
This one small miracle
Is enough

Sophia Catherine - Welcome to the World"

As she finished, someone's arms wrapped around her and a soft kiss was dropped on the crown of her head. "That was beautiful, Sam. Just beautiful."

Sam craned her head back to look up into soft brown eyes brimming with tears. "Hey, we were being good and letting you get some sleep."

"And I woke up all alone thinking that my girls had abandoned me," Janet pouted. "Actually, if she's ready for a feed, I think the milk bar is open for business."

"Well, she did try her luck with me a few minutes ago so I think she's amenable to the idea," Sam smiled.

Janet settled herself on the couch and Sam laid Sophia in her arms. As Janet put her to her breast the little girl latched on immediately, making Janet giggle. "My god she's insatiable," she quirked an eyebrow at Sam. "I wonder where she gets that from."

Sam sat on the floor at her feet watching the process with something like awe on her face. "I will never get tired of watching this," she whispered. "It's so amazing."

"I can't describe how it feels," Janet said. "We're going to be here a while, I think. Read me the poem again, would you, love? We'll have to put a copy in her box with all her other baby things."

Reaching over to the desk, Sam snagged the sheet of paper. Settling down again, her head resting against Janet's knee, she began to read.

The End

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