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TIME LINE: this takes place just after Need for Stargate and Infinite Regress for Voyager. (Slight note on continuity: Since this falls into season 2 of SG1 the Replicators, aka pre-Borg Lego-spiders, had not been encountered yet, so Sam & Janet won't freak when they go to the food replicaters and order blue jello : )) Oh there is a scene I borrowed from Upgrades. It was too cool not to use)
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Star Crossed Love
By Elizabeth Carter

Part 4

Sam wandered through the halls, her mind in a fog that wasn't created by the ingestion of alcohol. When she came to the door of her quarters she stopped dead cold in her tracks. Her blood froze in her chest. She could face off against the Goa'uld but telling a woman who was only five foot two that she was in love with her absolutely terrified the scientist.

Janet watched as the door open and the tall blonde walked slowly in. B'Elanna's words echoed in the doctor's mind and heart, but she couldn't find a voice. She could only watch the blonde slip in. Before Sam had arrived the words were in her head, she had rehearsed them, was prepared to say them, but suddenly her mouth was dry and her mind was blank.

Both women set eyes onto one another. There was a flash of warm smiles, slightly open mouths closed, but words never formed.

"Mind if I hit the shower first?" Sam asked.

"No, go ahead." Janet gestured to the bathroom.

The blonde smiled her thanks and disappeared.

"Okay, okay. I can tell her when she comes out," Janet mumbled. "Just tell her and close my eyes."

Sam leaned against the wall in the bathroom. "Okay, okay. I can tell her when I'm done. Just tell her and hold my breath."

It's amazing how easy it is to procrastinate when there is something you want to do but are too terrified to do it. Sam came out of the shower, Janet pretended to be a sleep, and the night passed in silence.

In the morning it was cheerful smiles, coffee and breakfast.

"In twenty hours we should be in our own time," Sam announced with a large grin. " We're going home, Jan."

Relief flooded the doctor's face. "Then all the simulations are done? Everything works?"

Sam had been keeping Janet appraised every step of the way, but there were times when the blonde scientist fell into her work and became obtuse to anything outside the project before her.

"Seven and I are going to run a few more tests first to finalize the corresponding fluctuation in the power output in the EM field surrounding the Guardian of Forever. And B'Elanna asked me to stop by engineering, there was a problem with the DHD."

"This won't set us back?" Janet couldn't disguise the concern in her voice.

"No." Sam reached across the table, past the plates of half eaten omelets and bacon to take hold of Janet's hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. "Even if the DHD is inoperative, B'Elanna and I came up with a contingency plan. That's another thing that she and I will be going over. Don't worry, Jan, the three of us, you, Cassie, and I will be together again." The blonde winked and rose from the table. Her hand, still holding Janet's, dropped gingerly as Sam reached for her cup of coffee, which she downed quickly.

"You know, you can always come down and lend a hand," Sam hinted hopefully. She desired to be close to Janet, especially at this momentous time. Janet always gave Sam strength, even if the doctor never knew it. When discouragement set in over a task that seemed too daunting, all Sam had to do was to look into those large dark brown eyes and somehow the blonde would find the strength, the courage to move on and overcome. So how come Sam could not overcome this fear gripping her heart and simply tell this woman the truth about how she felt about her.

"I might, but I want to lend a hand in sickbay for a little while," Janet quickly excused herself. She couldn't be near Sam right now. She couldn't face the blonde knowing she was keeping the truth from her. Nor could she face the eyes of B'Elanna who had prodded the doctor to tell Sam that she was in love with the youthful captain. Every time Janet looked into Sam's blue eyes, the words and courage froze solid.

Jane looked down at her uneaten toast, unable to meet the disappointment in Samantha's eyes. "I'll be down, I promise. But first I want to spend a few hours in sickbay."

That brought a large smile to Sam's lips. "Great!" she beamed. Then she blushed, thinking herself too much like a schoolgirl. "Um…. You're going to miss the sickbay, aren't you?"

"No more than you will the astrometrics lab or all that stuff in engineering," Janet teased.

"Guilty." The blonde winked. "Well, I'm gonna take off. See you in a while."

"You're distracted," B'Elanna accused Sam as they were running a tricorder over the crystals in the DHD matrix. "I can relate. If I was this close to home I'd be excited to. Or is it something else?" B'Elanna said with an almost knowing tone in her voice.

"What else would there be?" Sam had a sinking feeling that Seven had spoken to B'Elanna about the mess hall last night and the Klingon was prodding for details. Telling B'Elanna that she was afraid was like telling Teal'c the same thing. There are just some things you never tell a member of a warrior race. One of them was to admit that you're petrified of emotions.

The Klingon shrugged. Dealing with Seven, B'Elanna had became very adept at reading the unspoken words behind aloof walls. Seven and Samantha Carter were both geniuses and their interactions with people suffered. They didn't mean to be aloof, more like they had no idea on how to react to their emotions and so they became detached, and believed they wouldn't have to deal with this more complex side of the heart.

B'Elanna frowned at a sound that only a chief engineer would likely hear. A moment latter the klaxon of alert sounded in Engendering.

"Shit!" B'Elanna shouted.

Sam was up on her feet ready for any emergency. She was a captain in the USAF, and a member of the flagship team, SG1. Danger she was used to.

Both women saw what caused the red alert to sound. On the wall near the warpcore, Joe Carry and Susan Niclolettie had been monitoring the venting of the plasma relays when the panel sparked.

Sam reacted almost immediately just as the flare of the exploding plasma relay erupted in front of Niclolettie. The blonde tackled the smaller brunette to the floor. Adrenaline added strength to the young captain, and Niclolettie went flying across the room. But the plasma was insistent on claiming a victim.

Thick smoke choked the air with the stench of melted plastic, plasma and charred flesh. Extinguishers propelled Freon, snuffing out the plasma fires.

"Get the area contained, now!" B'Elanna cried out, ignoring the pain in her ribs as she sprinted for the very still Sam Carter. "Erect a level ten force field."

A chorus of 'Aye sir's' answered her.

Niclolettie had the wind knocked out her, the side of her face bleeding from the impact her flying body had taken against the rail surrounding the warpcore. But she could have been in a lot worse condition had the plasma relays erupted in front of her. Had it not been for Carter, Niclolettie might have been dead.

"Oh, God," B'Elanna moaned when she saw the massive plasma burns covering Sam's face, chest, arms, and left leg.

Sam was only aware of the sudden explosion of pain striking her. Her lungs felt as if she had a ton of bricks pushing on them. Every breath was sharp and painful, and she couldn't get enough air. Something was constricting her. It would be so easy to allow the darkness to take her, to just slip away. If she closed her eyes she wouldn't feel any more.

"Lieutenant, you all need medical attention now. We have the plasma leak contained. I can take over until you are cleared," Vorik offered.

B'Elanna was about to protest, but she stopped when she heard the gurgling sound of Sam speaking. "Janet…."

B'Elanna struck her combadge " Sickbay, we have a medical emergency. I have three people with plasma burns, . . . . one critical. Carrey, Niclolettie, . . . and Carter were exposed to the equivalent of over 9 grads of neutron radiation resulting from direct contact. Full body exposure of over seven." B'Elanna announced. " Four to beam to sickbay."

Janet paled when she heard the name of Carter mentioned. Slamming down the medical mask, she prepared herself to receive the casualties.

"Understood," the EMH responded. "Tom, I need your aid. Dr. Fraiser, I am glad you're here."

"Right, Doc," the young blonde helmsmen said.

In a moment the three biobeds filled with bodies.-, with B'Elanna standing at Sam's side. She was the worst of the four injured.

Janet was at the blonde's side instantly. 'Oh God…'

"Janet…" Sam coughed, blood trickling from the corner of her mouth. Her pale eyes opened, staring dully at her friend.

"I know how to deal with this," the EMH said without emotion. "You see to the other patients. Bone knives and bear skins won't save her."

"No…." Sam moaned, her hand grabbing hold of Janet's wrist and not letting go. "You…Janet…you….need you…"

"Doctor Em'H, I am not going to argue!" asserted the tiny brunette. "You see to the others." Janet turned her attention to her newest patient. "Nurse, I want 1 milligram epi's, an EKG, and an EEG, stat!" Her last order was addressed to Tom Paris.

For a moment Tom didn't move.

"Tom, now!" B'Elanna barked.

"I am not going to let you treat her, Fraiser. I know about plasma burns. You are a novice." If the hologram had had veins, they would have been standing out on his face and neck.

Janet ignored him as she took the hypo from Tom. "Epi's in."

"I AM THE CMO here!" The EMH growled.

" ….want….Janet…." Sam crocked out.

"Then act like you're the CMO," Janet flung at him with disdain. "You have three other patients that need you." Janet pushed the button on the biobed to engage the EKG and an EEG. She looked at the readings then pushed past the hologram.

"Doctor, please," B'Elanna, pleaded as she indicated both Carry and Niclolettie, cutting of the EMH's arguments.

Begrudgingly the hologram turned his back on the worst of the four injured and started to treat the two engineers.

"Nurse, set up an ambubag; draw 2 grams of magnesium sulphate." Janet ordered.

" It's in." Tom said

Janet had another hypo filled with 5cc of Valium ready to set and inject into Sam to stop her from seizing.

"Nurse, she's stabilized. Assist the Doctor," Janet ordered.

Tom nodded and sprinted over to the other two beds, not stopping to correct Dr. Fraiser that he wasn't really a nurse, just a medical–tech in training.

"Sam, Honey…? I need you to focus," the tiny doctor said gently, wanting to touch her friend but afraid to make her pain worse.

Sam's blue eyes were heavily dilated as she stared into Janet's dark concerned eyes.

"You've been exposed to a lethal dose of radiation, but we can treat it and neutralize the poisoning. I need you to fight the sickness. This is going to be painful, I know. But I am going to be right here." She feathered back the damp locks of gold.

Sam nodded weakly.

"Rest now."

Again a nod.

Janet turned to B'Elanna. "Now your turn."

It was a grueling three hours, but the minor injuries had been treated. Both Niclolettie and Carrey were cleared, but required to stay the day for observation. Tomorrow they would be cleared for light duty. The same went for B'Elanna. The three of them suffered more from their bruises than the exposure to plasma radiation. Only Sam remained in questionable condition. But at the very least she was stable.

The one thing that wasn't stable was the EMH's temper. Janeway found herself in Voyager's sickbay in the office of the CMO, for Janet would not leave sickbay, and it was this petite woman that was the center of concern.

"She took over my sickbay, Captain, and that is unacceptable," the hologram pouted.

Janeway looked to Janet.

"Captain, I am not going to defend my actions. I would do them again. I know Captain Carter's physiology. …"

'I know human physiology..." the Doctor snarled.

"But not Sam's," Janet pointed out. "You recall she used the Ribbon device? That's because she had naquaada in her blood like a symbiote. She has a Goa'uld protein marker in her DNA because she had been altered. I know what meds she can handle, which she cannot, and I know the dosages to administer. What I did was not only logical; it was standard practice of triage. The crewmembers and B'Elanna are better treated by their normal physician. Especially B'Elanna, as I know nothing of Klingon physiology."

"Still, you could have treated the humans," the EMH pointed out.

"Yes, I could have, but in a triage situation Captain Carter was a priority. My priority. Your nurse could have handled the crewmembers as well, to allow you to assess B'Elanna's condition. My point is it would have been a waste of precious time if you had treated Sam Carter, Doctor Em'H."

The holographic physician bristled but Janeway set a hand up forestalling any arguments.

"Dr. Fraiser is correct, Doctor, and we both know that." Janeway could readily identify with the other woman. After all, Kathryn would be suspect of the treatment of B'Elanna or Seven by someone not knowledgeable about their prior medical history or physiology.

"And the manner she was hurt, plasma burns. You can't treat them with bone…"

"Bone knives and bear skins," Janet finished for him. "Yeah, I head that one. Still not amusing. In fact, it is down right insulting, Doctor, and not professional. Or are you not programmed with a professional demeanor? I know all about plasma burns, Doctor, because I am the CMO at Stargate Command. Plasma burns are exactly the same wounds that are delivered by a blast from a staff weapon.

"We are on the front lines, Doctor, protecting the past of your Earth from the infiltration of the System Lords, so that you can live in this pristine future with out a system lord being your master. I know exactly what plasma radiation does to the human body. So don't you dare tell me what I do and do not know, when you have no clue about what I've faced. Now if you will excuse me Captain, Doctor, I have a patient to attend to."

Through the glass of the office Janet saw the stunned doctor turn back to his captain, But didn't hear him say, "If I didn't know better I would say she was related to B'Elanna Toress."

Janeway stood up and clapped a hand on the photonic back. "Our Lieutenant Toress is half human… who's to say Fraiser isn't an ancestor?" The captain smiled. "They both have that fiery sprit. B'Elanna could have as easily gained it from her human side as her Klingon."

"Latinos it is said are supposed to be fiery. But Doctor Fraiser isn't Latino," the EMH said. "But of course that doesn't mean that one of her decedents won't be."

When Janet came to Sam's bedside in the morning she softly stroked away the golden locks of hair. She flashed a warm genuine smile when she saw blue eyes open and look at her.

"He-ey. So are you feeling pretty lousy?" the brunette asked.

"Yeah, a little, " Sam admitted.

"I'm not surprised. The radiation affected your hypothalamus. Essentially, your internal thermostat went haywire. Your respiration, heartbeat and your temperature have been fluctuating wildly. Sam, if you want a full recovery I need you to rest. Seven has finished up the scenarios. And B'Elanna has overseen everything, so you are going to rest before we bug out." The tiny doctor punctuated her bullying with a big smile. "That's an order, Captain." Janet affirmed sternly.

Sam felt her will trickle away as she complied with the diminutive physician. "Okay." The young captain decided a quick answer was best considering the way too protectiveness of the Napoleonic power monger. …even if she was in love with the brunette.

"Sam…." Janet furrowed her brow, not buying for a moment the too quick passiveness in the stubborn blonde.

"Okay… No marathons."

Janet nodded. Looking at the scanners around Sam, the physician knew that Sam would be fine. Due to twenty fifth century medicine a lethal dose of radiation would not kill Samantha, as it would have in their own time. The pain threshold was even manageable with the right amount of painkillers and sedatives.

Sam still looked far too pale for Janet's liking. The dermal regenerator took care of several of the lacerations and abrasions, but it did nothing for the paleness.

For a moment all Janet could see was Sam's blue eyes. She was almost overwhelmed by the thought of never seeing them again.

'Love is first smelled and you have her scent all over you.' Janet could hear B'Elanna's words spoken just a few days ago. 'It's there even if you haven't touched her. You should tell her that you're in love with her….. One does not run away from her battles; if you can't fail you can't succeed. Conquer what you desire, Janet. Show her your heart.'

B'Elanna words continued to echo loudly within the young doctor. Hours ago, Sam's life lay on the brink and she had almost been lost. And the young captain would have never known that she was loved.

' It seems that you know love but you will not allow yourself to experience it, or do you even recognize it. How can someone so smart overlook the obvious?'

Seven's words flared to life within the blonde causing cacophony-jumbled emotions. Hours ago Janet had struggled to save Sam's life. And she would never have known that she was loved.

Two heads looked down trying to find courage. Twin sharp intakes of breath. It was now or never.

"I'm in love with you," two voices spoke at the same time.

Two heads looked up, two sets of eyes flared in disbelief.

"What did you say?" Once more the words were said in unison.


Toothy grins.

"Jan, did you say what I thought you said?"

Janet moved to the side of the taller woman's bed so that she might sit down upon it.

Without realizing it, Sam moved her hand so she could touch Janet's. The diminutive physician took the hint and gathered the long fingered hand into her smaller one.

"I said I am in love with you. I almost lost you … Samantha, I had to tell you.. I had to...concur what I desire and not run away from my battles. I was battling a lot of fear… and I … just had to tell you. I love you. No…. I am in love with you."

Sam lifted a hand and traced the slightly tanned skin of the woman who had captured her heart, letting it linger on the brunette's cheek. "Because of who I am I never thought I could know love. At one time someone told me I had never known love and he was right. But he was wrong, too .. ..I ….I…. was too too… um…. I overlooked the obvious. I don't want to do that… I want to see clearly…. See everything. When I do I…I see you Janet. I am in love with you."

Janet took Sam's hand from her cheek so she might kiss it before she leaned over and kissed the blonde's pale forehead. Her eyes met Sam's own, both falling down the pale cheeks of the blonde.

They moved as if the world had shifted into slow motion, hesitant, unsure, frightened but exhilarated. Janet's lips tasted Sam's for the first time. The doctor didn't know whose heartbeat she was feeling, her own or Sam's. She was only aware of the thudding rapidness of it.

Soft velvet warmth. That was the only way Sam could describe the lips of her beloved. "Like running a rose petal across my lips," Sam whispered smokingly before she captured Janet's lips once more.

Janet felt a swarm of butterflies surround her. She moaned softly as she pressed deeper into the kiss.

"This is a whole new meaning to bedside manor!" B'Elanna joked as she came around the corner with Seven of Nine in tow.

The two lovers blushed as though they had been caught making out by their parents.

The two Voyager women smiled smugly. Seven leaned close and whispered so only her BangwI might here. "As you said, 'playing cupid' was a worth while endeavor. They do indeed make 'a cute couple'."

"I told you so," B'Elanna smirked as she eyed her tall blonde, blue-eyed lover.

Janet rose from the bed but her hand never let go of Sam's, the pad of her thumb idly stroking the too pale flesh. "B'Elanna, how are you feeling?"

"Five by five, Doc. Not to worry. I wasn't the one playing hero." B'Elanna was still smiling.

"You, Sam?"

"Better, thanks. I might be able to sweet talk my doctor into letting me go early." Sam playful raised her blonde eyebrows up and down.

"Don't count in it, Blondie. Or have you forgotten your physician is 'the Napoleonic Power Monger with very large needles'?"

"I thought you saved those threats for the colonel and the marines," Sam mockingly pouted.

"Oh, well, and in special cases very stubborn blonde quantum physicists," Janet shot back before she raised Sam's hand to her lips to kiss it.

"Look, Sam, I appreciate what you did for my people, but are you insane!" B'Elanna roared.

"I beg your pardon?" Sam blinked.

"You dead. That isn't something that can be afforded," B'Elanna said. " It's like the Borg taking out Zefram Cochrane. You spearheaded wormhole physics, everything we are taught in the academy…. Hell, a lot of other institutions use your theories, your work, as equally as they do those of Leah Brahms, Cochrane, Einstein, Schrodinger, Newton, and a lot of others. You just can't go around getting yourself killed in this century."

"Oh, please…." Sam dismissed the supposed importance she had played in history

"B'Elanna is correct, Captain Carter. I assisted in the assimilation of thousands when I was a member of the collective. Many space-faring races depend upon the Carter theorems of wormhole physics and quantum mechanics. Your actions in Engineering, though highly commendable, were also very irresponsible for our maintained future. Had you perished the loss would have been more grave then you can imagine," Seven pointed out. "What would your own progress in science be if you had not the theories of Niels Bohr, Einstein or Schrodinger, Carnot, Kepler, Planck, Joseph Henry, Rydberg, Archimedes…." Seven listed.

"Okay, okay…" Sam said holding up her hands in surrender. "I get the picture." A slight modest smile graced the beautiful face. "So….um can I see this book I was supposed to have written?"

"Grandfather paradox, Sam. Sorry," B'Elanna said, "but you had a lot to say, over 2,000 pages of genius," the Klingon winked.

"You know, you've been wanting to write a book on wormholes and quantum mechanics for a while now," Janet said, touching the blonde's shoulder.

"I know. It's just . . . I never have the time. Nice to know that eventually I'll find it," Sam smiled. Then deep concern filled her eyes. "I don't see Ensign Niclolettie. Was she released?" This question was directed to Janet.

"She wanted to help with the lab work that's left to go over. She wanted to pay you back for saving her life. The doctor let her go, but he is monitoring her vitals," Janet said.

"And her chief is keeping an eye on her as well," B'Elanna said. "She's helping with the final runs in the simulations. We think we found the timing that is necessary to start the dialing up of the DHD just as the flare is starting. The flux of EM pulse in both gates will simultaneously activate, just like you said they would, Sam."

"And so with the marked timing we jump through the Guardian of the Gateway," the blonde captain finished. "The wormhole itself will be redirected closer to the sun because of the planet's magnetic field. The increased gravity should slingshot us back to said planet and the power of the Guardian of Forever will insure we land in the right time."

It was at this moment that Captain Kathryn Janeway and the EMH decided to join up with the quartet of ladies.

"You certainly know how to keep things exciting around here, Captain Carter," were the words of greeting coming from the redheaded older woman.

"That wasn't exactly my intention," Sam responded sheepishly. She started to move so that when sitting she could swing her legs over the side of the bed.

"Sam, you're not exactly strong enough . . ." Janet's words of warning were cut short by the fact that the blonde wavered as a wave of dizziness surrounded her mind in a haze of grayness.

"Dizzy…" said Sam.

"See…" Janet rebuked. " You're fortunate you didn't fall off the bed. Now lay back down. Captain. That's an order."

Sam complied with a minimum of fussing, but the stern look in the dark chocolate eyes of the petite physician had the tall blonde silenced immediately.

"Good to see I am not the only one who has difficulty with patients," the EMH said jokingly.

"Well, you can always threaten them with very big needles," Janet instructed with a chuckle. "They might be archaic now… But trust me. To keep the disobedient patients in line, a mere threat of needles will get even the most stalwart of Marines to back down and become kittens. It works on Jaffa, too, so I am positive it will work on stubborn Klingons and ex-Borg, should you have to resort to it."

"Hey!" B'Elanna yelped. "Standing right here!"

"Janet knows. That's why she said it." Sam smiled.

"I'll keep that in mind." The balding physician smiled, rocking on his photonic heels.

"Yeah, well, just remember who it is that you call to realign your matrix, Doc!" B'Elanna commented. "And you…Doctor Fraiser, that's fine gratitude for all the free advice I gave you." Her words were growled but the merriment in her dark brown eyes and the smirk took the sting out of them.

Sam gave a quizzical glance to her newly proclaimed love.

"Captain, your doctor is right," Janeway stated. "You need to rest before your journey home. All the simulations have been tested, rechecked and triple checked. Everyone is confident that the cross flux of the two gate's wormholes will take you where you need to go."

"And what of you?" Sam asked. "I have promises to keep, so I can't give you the gate address to earth. But there are uninhabited planets in what you call the Alpha Quadrant that I can give you gate addresses for. Once you gate there, Seven and B'Elanna, I'm sure, can create a communications array to contact your Starfleet Command."

"Thank you," Janeway smiled. "That has been our quest for six years now -- to reach home. And I understand about Earth's address. And as a leader in the military, I respect and commend your dedication. For the last three days, it has been an honor to have you amongst our numbers."

"Thank you," both time-travelers said in unison.

"She's right, you know," B'Elanna said. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you could fit right in, in our century. Hell, Voyager would be lucky to have you."

"But both must return. Captain Carter's contribution to science must come to pass or everything we know now about wormhole physics will be severely hampered," Seven argued. "And for her part, Dr. Fraiser is not without impact upon medicine, is she Doctor?" The tall blonde ex-Borg looked to Voyager's physician.

"Indeed," the man said. "I was ordered not to speak of it."

"Those orders still stand, Doctor," Janeway said in a no argument command voice.

Both Sam and Janet recognize the unmentioned 'Grandfather Paradox.'

"Well, if Sam is to get her rest, then I request that visiting hours are cut short," Voyager's doctor dared.

"I agree," Janet said. "Sam, I need you to rest."

"Janet, you know I hardly ever rest well in the infirmary."

"This isn't the SGC, Sam. I've worked here for the last three days, you forget, and it's generally quite. But I'll agree to allow you to return to our quarters 'IF' you take a nap."

Sam nodded emphatically. "Please."

Once Janet was satisfied that Sam was tucked into the bed she sat a moment longer on its edge, softly stroking the blonde locks, scarcely believing not four hours ago she had told this woman she was in love with her. More unbelievable was that Sam had returned the words and had meant them.

"There is room for two," Sam said sleepily.

"You're supposed to be resting."

"I will. And more soundly, once I have the woman I love in my arms."

Janet stared speechless into the deep ocean blue of Sam's eyes. "Sam…"

"I love you Janet. I love everything there is about you."

The smaller woman tenderly kissed the soft pink lips of the blonde.

"I dreamed abut you," Janet whispered. "But I never thought to hope I could have the dream. I thought your heart belonged to another."

She didn't mention who the other was. She didn't have to. Jack O'Neill was in love with Samantha, and the doctor had thought, as had others, that it was two ways. But because of their careers, of their ranks, they had never crossed the lines of the regulations.

"It belonged to you Janet. It always has. It's just that I never thought I stood a chance. So I took the easy way out and loved you as I was allowed to, as your friend."

"I want you to be more." Janet kissed the soft lips once more, and closed her eyes to the tender caress of the blonde's long fingers as they caressed her cheek.

"Please, Janet, let me hold you. Just to hold you like a lover would. I want you to be mine."

"Yours." Janet leaned close and felt those beautiful lips claim a spot on her throat and kiss her tenderly.

"Mine." Sam said kissing her again, marking a hidden spot on Janet's throat.

Janet nibbled Sam's throat in turn. "Mine," she uttered softly.


There upon the brunette's face was a massive bright smile that shamed the sun. Silently the doctor lay down on her back, but in response to a gentle prodding from the blonde, she rolled over on her side so that Sam might cuddle her next to her own body.

Janet wasn't the only brunette to be spooned by a tall lanky blonde.

Seven lay upon her side and tucked the compact body of her beloved to her own. Now in the quiet recesses of much needed lovemaking, the two enjoyed the bliss of each other's presence.

"I am gratified," Seven started as she placed a kiss upon B'Elanna's neck, "to know my words have been heeded by Captain Carter."

The Klingon chuckled. "Oh? So you think it was you that got them together? I think I might have played a significant role in the joining up. After all I pushed Janet into declaring herself to Sam. And, hell, I even told Sam she looked good with the little doc."

"They do make a fine couple," Seven responded. Once more she kissed the caramel skinned neck. "Perhaps something is to be said about blonde physicists and mercurial tempered petite brunettes."

B'Elanna rolled over and gingerly punched Seven in the arm. "Who you calling petite?"

Seven kissed her lover's nose. " The woman in my arms."

"Oh, you're going to get it, Gazelle!"

Seven chuckled. It was a sound only B'Elanna had ever heard. "Do you know that is what Janet calls Samantha Carter?"

"Oh, really!?" B'Elanna started to nibble the long pale neck. "What does Sam call her?"


B'Elanna growled. "That is an insult."

"No, BangwI. Not in the context you believe it to be. Captain Carter calls Janet this because when they were on a mission Janet was loaded down with a large supply pack, which was green matching their BDU's. The heaviness of it as Janet described it to me, nearly consumed her. And she felt like a turtle lugging around the pack that weighed nearly as much as she did."

To this B'Elanna did laugh as she got the mental image of Janet with a massive pack on her back. "So how did Sam get Gazelle?"

"Apparently Captain Carter asked her BangwI what animal she was and both simultaneously said gazelle. When I asked Janet why, she gave me a very puzzled expression and told me I should ask you."

B'Elanna let out a full Klingon belly laugh. "Oh, that is too sweet. Hon, she called you and Sam that because gazelles are gangly long legged mammals. Kinda like you and Sam, gangly and long legged. I'll show you a picture of a gazelle in the database some time."

Seven nuzzled B'Elanna. "You do know I would never call you a shelled amphibious reptile as Sam has called Janet. For I have never seen you loaded down with a supply pack weighing nearly your weight, nor do you wear green. Nor are you sluggish as those creatures are. From what I have observed of Janet she would be better described as a rabbit, for she is filled with a great deal of energy."

The Klingon kissed her lover deeply. "Is that why you think…. Never mind." B'Elanna didn't want to disillusion the innocence in her lover. Seven had no clue that turtlehead had nothing to do with clothing color, wearing a heavy survival pack or one's slowness of speed. Seven was still mostly Borg and the Borg would find bigoted comments irrelevant and a waste of energy. Though Seven knew bigotry as keenly as B'Elanna did. And it was enough for B'Elanna that Seven would never use such a hated term to describe B'Elanna.

"And I believe that for Klingons it does not have the same inference, correct?" Seven asked softly.

"Yeah, but, hey, it doesn't matter." The klingon tucked herself deeper into Seven's arms.

Sleep took all four prisoners.

You know how when you sleep hard during little catnaps you wake up a little disorientated and believe a whole day has passed, when in fact only a few hours have? This was a phenomenon that all four women experienced.

Four collective sighs of relieve were exhaled in two separate quarters as the truth of the time was made apparent by asking the computer the time and date. Likewise, there were feelings of being foolish for a moment's panic that they had all slept through the window of opportunity.

Sam sat up. Her equilibrium was still a little out of sorts, but Janet was there to lend a hand, giving her beloved a glass of water from the replicater as she had requested. Handing it to Sam, the small physician sat next to her on the bed and placed a hand upon the long back of the blonde, both giving her support as well as transferring the touch of her affection.

"You're still not a hundred percent, Sam. No pushing yourself."

"How can I? My doctor won't let me." Sam kissed the bridge of Janet's nose.

"What did I tell you about sweet talking your physician?' Janet giggled.

"Speaking of that…. Back home…."

"We keep things as they were, Sam. Everyone knows we're close friends, everyone knows we are raising Cassandra together even though I adopted her. We are both her parents. On base they see us as best friends. That won't change, that outward appearance is what everyone will see."

"And when we are alone?" Sam asked as she traced the heart shaped face of her love.

"Alone, we have no boundaries."

Sam smiled. "What do you think Cassie will do?

"Faint dead away that one of her wishes has come true, and that we've gotten together and can make a real family. Sam, I think she….No, I know she has been secretly wishing for us to get together and, truth be told, so have I."

"As have I. I was so afraid. I was terrified it wasn't mutual, that....I'd lose the love with you I did have, for a dream of what might be."

"That same fear was mine, Sam. For a long time. Since Cassie came into our lives, I saw you in a more than friend light. I watched you with her those first couple of days, and then that night after the bunker, and I saw how much love you had for that little girl and I fell for you. But to tell you…it would ruin everything."

Sam kissed Janet's soft lips once more enjoying the heady rush of butterflies that came with the kiss.

Janet felt those same butterflies. And in the tiny part of her brain that was still functioning she sent a silent pray of thanks to a klingon woman with soulful brown eyes who had prodded the doctor into action.

'Conquer what you desire….'

Those words would stick with the petite woman for a long time to come.

Sam had said it once before. 'Goodbyes really suck.' That could not have been more true today than it was the day she had first said it. Friendships were indeed sometimes brief candles in life.

On the way to the transporter pad, Janet thought everyone she had treated in the infirmary must have shaken her hand or hugged her a dozen times over. She was more than embarrassed by the attention she was gaining and felt a tiny bit bad for the EMH. He wasn't a bad man; he just wasn't programmed with a very adept bedside manner.

Of course, she had no way of knowing that he had asked B'Elanna to upgrade his program based on Janet's own demeanor when it came to treating patients.

In the transporter room the time travelers were greeted by Tuvok who surrendered their gear over to them, knowing they would need it once they returned to their own time.

Little Naomi Wildman and her mother were present. Samantha Wildman was elated to finally meet the woman her daughter had been going on about for three days.

"Oh, Dr. Fraiser, I wanted to thank you for what you did for my little girl. You took such great care of her while I was so far away. Nelix wanted to bring her down to where I was but the area was too dangerous…. But she got hurt anyway…" The mother looked mortified that her child had been hurt.

"Well, AS I said, "Every kid is entitled to one broken bone from tree climbing, bike or horseback riding, skate boards… It's apart of growing up. I broke my one arm when I was about seven riding a horse…" Janet laughed. "A single incident like that isn't neglect, Miss Wildman, it's just kids being kids. Cassandra, my own daughter, twisted her ankle ice-skating… We parents have to teach them to be a bit more careful, that's all. And of course grow a head of gray hairs worrying over them."

This made Samantha Wildman laugh. "Thank you," she grinned, then hugged Janet. "Naomi wouldn't stop going on and on about you, doctor. I think you have a fan."

Fraiser ruffled the locks of strawberry blonde hair. " Well, she's a good kid and a fine captain's assistant, I must add."

Naomi beamed at this and gave her own hug to Janet.

"Always neat to meet another Samantha," Wildman said to Sam. "Naomi says you prefer Sam, though."

"Yeah, I guess it's been my nickname since I was little. I got used to it. It's odd to hear my full name."

Both Samantha's chuckled.

The door swooshed open to reveal two more well-wishers: Susan Niclolettie and Joe Carrey.

"Captain Carter," Susan said. "I am so glad I had a chance to see you before you beamed down." She held out her hand to give Sam a very hearty handshake. "I…I owe you my life. What you did… It was amazing. I've only seen the Chief do something like that." Then, rubbing her bruised arm, she added, "And you're a lot stronger than you look."

Sam smiled modestly. "I just reacted….I didn't mean to throw you quite so hard."

Susan Niclolettie knew from the body language that Sam was uncomfortable about the praise, a lot like B'Elanna would be. A simple thank you was great, grandstanding wasn't.

"Just thank you." Niclolettie said once more.

The tall blonde beamed. "You're welcome."

"Hey, Captain Carter. I think the Chief will miss you around Engineering." Joe said. "It was kinda cool having you assist us."

"Are you kidding, I had a blast with the hyper…er warpdrive. It was really quite fascinating."

After the second day and a stern lecture from the Chief, no one was to talk about Dr. Carter's book or her genius. In fact, the subject was taboo; however, discussing theory wasn't, just the book. B'Elanna said the last thing she wanted was a Cochrane incident like when the Enterprise had nearly lost Zefram because they had embarrassed him. Everyone likes praise, not everyone likes to be gushed over.

"And I wanted to wish you a good journey home," the young man said.

"Thanks and you too. I hope the Stargate will work to get you guys to the Alpha Quadrant," Sam said sincerely.

Janet set Naomi down on the floor once more and tapped Sam on the arm. " It's time. B'Elanna and Seven are waiting for us along with Captain Janeway."


With little more said the two time travelers stepped on to the transporter pad and vanished to the moon's surface.

There Seven of Nine, B'Elanna Toress and Kathryn Janeway met them. The scene was similar to the first day the five of them had met. Of course this time no one was pointing zats, phasers or M60's at anyone.

"It's been a pleasure and honor to have known you two ladies," Janeway said graciously.

"It's been an experience," Janet returned

Seven and B'Elanna weren't so distant as the young Klingon clapped both women on the back in a hug as if saying good-bye to long time college buddies.

"So you really have to go, huh?"

"We weren't meant to stay," Sam smiled. She winked. "Apparently there is a textbook on theoretical constructs and wormhole physics I have to write."

Looking to Janet the blonde's smile deepened. "And we have a daughter to go home to."

"I have become accustomed to your presence. It is difficult in saying good-bye," Seven said.

The two time-travelers, having knowing Teal'c, could hear the warmth and care in the words that were delivered in a Borg monotone. They had also become accustomed to the presence of the tall Borg. Sam especially, as they had spent several hours bouncing ideas off of one another. And on that same note, the young captain would miss the chief of engineering. It was rare that she met another brilliant mind to talk 'shop' with.

Janet was a genius in medicine but sometimes there were things that were above Sam's ken when dealing with the world of a healer. Nevertheless, Sam loved to listen to her beloved speak about that world, just as Janet enjoyed listening to Sam speak about Quantum mechanics.

It was one more thing that the time-travelers had in common with B'Elanna and Seven. The ex-drone and Klingon hybrid could spend hours talking physics, quantum mechanics and science.

" Thank you for everything,' Sam said. She was going to shake hands with B'Elanna but the Klingon would have none of it. Instead the young woman drew Carter into a bone crushing Klingon bear hug. The same hug was given to Janet, who let out a woof of air.

"You're stronger than you look," the doctor said, catching her wind back.

"She is Klingon," Seven said proudly. "Size often belies strength."

They all chuckled at that.

The tricorder at Seven's waist bleeped. "It is time," she announced. "The gate must be dialed."

"Godspeed, then," Janeway said.

"Indeed, may your journey be without incident," Seven echoed.

"Qa'pla!" B'Elanna boldly said. "It means to succeed."

"Qa'pla," both Sam and Janet returned.

Janet nodded. Moving to the DHD, she started tapping in the code that would send them back to the moon's past.

The kwoosh of the active Stargate struck the Guardian gateway. The portal opened. Holding each other's hands, they leapt through……..

"Hey Carter!" Jack O'Neill balked. "I thought you were going to run tests on the organic gate."

Sam looked around, dazed, and found that the light in the eastern sky had dimmed. Hours must have passed. Looking to her side, Janet was just moving and waking up.

"Oh, Boy." Sam staggered and sat on the steps to the Guardian of Forever

"Now I know you didn't just lay down for a nap," her CO said. "What happened?" The silver haired colonel demanded.

Sam, now on her feet, shook off the disorientation.

"Qa'pla, Sam." Janet shook the dizziness from her own mind.

They shared a secret smile, for they knew it was all real, that what they had revealed to each other was real. And what had happened to Sam had been real.

"Doc?" Jack looked to the tiny physician at hearing the strange foreign word, sounding out of place, coming from the small woman. "All right, you two back to the base. Get check out, that's an order." He didn't like the fact that his 2IC was struck by dizziness and disorientation. Add that to the doc's smiling and talking weird, and it was more than a small concern for the former special ops officer.

"Yes, sir," Sam nodded and moved to the DHD. "Sir," the astrophysicist said as she nodded toward the two gates, "just to be safe, don't stand anywhere near the Guardian of Forever when the Stargate is opened."


"It's a quantum accelerator…."

"Ah….." Jack held his hand up, halting any Carterism-technobabble. "Save it for the briefing."

"Yes, sir," the blonde nodded.

Jack looked over his shoulder. At the moment it was enough to hear a warning from Carter. He trusted her and her understanding of the world of science. It was enough that he would know what the hell a Guardian of Forever was at the briefing. What ever it was, it had stunned his officers. Therefore, until Carter neutralized it with her explanation he classified it as a threat. He watched as the Stargate was opened and Carter and ol' Doc Fraiser disappeared through the wormhole, and were gone. His dark brown eyes glued onto the organic gate, he shock his head.

"Quantum accelerator? I'd like to know how you figured this one out, Carter. Quantum accelerator…. Isn't that the Sam….guy in quantum leap thingy? For crying out loud, what is with people named Sam and quantum physics?"

The End

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