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Play it Again Sam
By Elizabeth Carter

The road wound its way through thickening woodlands, the trees as gnarled fingers stretched and twisted, as the bony fingers of a decrepit old woman reaching out to steal the very breath of the living. An ancient forest was of dark foreboding, a place of twilight, a place it was rumored by the locals to be occupied by half beings. A twilight world of spirits, of ghosts, of ghouls, and banshees, and appreciations of the netherworld, of darkness and cold. A horrifying timewarp of disembodied souls lost forever in purgatory. A place of stark and strange happenings. The ground clotted with white blue mist that rose in the air, swirling about the trunks of trees as if to snuff the tenuous life they held.

When Daniel Jackson had related this to his teammates all had scoffed at the Halloween tale of terror conjured by superstitious peasants. This place had never been inhabited by the Goa'uld or the Unas, they had been long ago been deposited here by the Asgard. There was no reason to believe in the horrors spoken about by the villagers

The teammates of SG1 encroached with hesitant care, their boots grinding–popping against the gravel road, their flashlights reflecting off the fog, in flickering shadows... they were shadows weren't they?

'Damn Space Monkey and his stupid ghost stories. He even has me jumpy. I am just saying might be a little prudent to keep an eye out for the snakeheads...maybe?'

The wind is unmerciful in its galling forcefulness, nearly whisking the four from their feet. Somewhere in the distance a church bell tolls - hollow and lonely - haunting carrying the foreboding of the darkness.

Sam swallowed, trying to squash down the rising fear in her soul. Something about this thing was so off. So wrong. The only thing was, was that Sam could not explain what and that was what frustrated her.

A derelict hill loomed over them. A strange and barren hill, a place where birds won't sing and animals won't go, horses shy and dogs run with hackles raised in fright. Nothing much grows there any more. It is a dank and desolate place, where nobody stays for long. This was a place on the edge of darkness. Here people whistled bravely to themselves or try to despite a sudden dryness of the mouth, a quickening of the heartbeat. If the hairs on the back of their necks rose they would be intelligent enough to not to look back.

"Something is really really wrong," Daniel said.

"I agree sir, I've been here before," Sam echoed. She was an adrenaline junkie and despite her better judgment to feel at least a fraction of fear, Sam was secretly thrilling to what lay beyond the next bend. Still her mind screamed at her, that she had been here before. Walked this path, heard the bells and felt the chilling winds kiss her face.

"I too have a feeling of receptive existence," came Teal'c's deep baritone voice.

"Deja vu, T-Man it's called Deja vu. And Yeah I know what you mean. Okay Campers keep your eyes open," Jack answered feeling the hairs on the back of his neck rise once more.

Before the four of SG1 and the old derelict church stood the old wooden covered bridge. When they started to move, thunder crackled above, in that gloomy black sky, though not a cloud was cast above. In a flash lighting flickered in white-blue fingers against the inky firmament and the full moon pregnant with silver light. It was a warning perhaps, not to cross that bridge. But nothing would stay SG1's curiosity. They approached with intrepid purpose. They felt like teenagers on a dare to explore a forbidden estate, with no fear of consequences.

Where through the centuries past the path became overgrown with choking foliage, they would need to walk with deliberate care, but there was truly nothing to worry about. A foot upon that first wooden plank and the bridge moaned, groaning with the weight. A groan with the second step and dust fell from the floorboards to the watery darkness below...perhaps there was something to worry about after all.

But everyone knows that manifestations of the spirit world are but figments of the imagination. Everyone knows that. Don't they?

The wind was unforgiving, with its galling force, whipping canvas BDUs around lean frames in chilling bites of its tantrums. Its sound a wailing dirge of sorrow and lamentation. Its sudden appearance like the lighting and thunder above was uncanny and spectral. The smell of rain thick in the air, the stink of ozone as the lighting tore through the firmament. The wind as a bansidhe's cry.

Some people don't believe in ghosts, but in certain places and at certain times the unbelievable does happen. No terror is greater than that forged by an imagination that has had its reign. Gone unchecked in the inky blackness of a storm filled night, with the wind howling; the drumming of cattails against an old wooden stump, can cause the blood to burn madly in frantic rushes from the heart. And the darkness pulls in everything, shapes and shadows... light and sound... the beating hearts... the darkness gives the mind twilight apparitions and visions from the beyond. And it gives off a powerful smell of night. Damp and miserable cold. Fantasy all. And the bell tolls from that ancient church, the hour of the night, in thick brass notes. Midnight. The witching hour, the primordial realm of twilight when the walls between the worlds exist not.

"Maybe there was something to the villagers' stories," Daniel commented.

"Danny, I am a little too old to believe in ghost stories. There's a rational explanation for everything. Right Carter?" Jack commented affixing his ball-cap on his head for the umpteenth time.

Sam glanced about her, hearing the thrumming of cattails on a hollow log and shuddered despite herself. "Right sir."

"That doesn't sound too convincing, Carter."

"Yes sir," Sam simply answered.

Jack rolled his eyes, not wanting to admit he felt like Ichabod Crane, and the bloody Headless Horseman was going to attempt to neutralize him. Oh well let him come then, Ichabod didn't have a M-16 in his hands, or a Zat as a sidearm.

Apparently Ichabod didn't need either firearm, not when he had at his fingertips a far more paralyzing weapon.

The sky opened with the tearing of lighting, causing the members of SG1 to shield their eyes. Something wasn't right, this was no ordinary lighting across a dark wood. It was if the lighting was a living being, an entity unto itself. Their nerves already on balanced on the edge of a knife, the four stalwart warriors ducked for cover, shielding themselves from further attack. They knew that not all alien encounters would be with humanoids.

Dodging for either side of the road, rolling and came back up in a crouch their weapons aimed at what they knew not. Appearing before them was a man with such a absurdity that the four could only stare. A part of them recalled the ludicrous look of the 'Keeper," and his virtual reality hell. He too was a puny creature, but he complete nuisance and a menace. This male if it was a male was dressed in a variety of garments that made him look as if he was employed in Venice, Italy rather than a priestly man.

He had a wide brimmed hat with ribbons, his legs were covered in black and white striped stockings ending in patent leather shoes, with red heels and golden buckles. The whole outfit was loud and garish. This creature took a look at the alien warriors and darted off for the ancient church. The first on his feet was Daniel Jackson.

"Wait! We mean you no harm! We are peaceful explorers." he started for the man.

"For crying out loud the man never changes." Jack grumbled as he rose to his feet to hike after the errant archeologist. Behind the colonel were Sam Carter and Teal'c.

"One day his impetuousness will bring us great trouble." Teal'c said under his breath.

"I think it already has," Sam answered. She came to a halt as did the mammoth Jaffa before an altar that Jack and Daniel were already standing near.

Sam frowned. This was all too familiar, too real...no too surreal.

"Sir, Daniel its imperative you fall back now." Sam called out.

"Go away!" The would-be monk said lifting his hand, he pointed to the crystal construction growing up out of the stone alter. "Pul'mi urtle!"

"Hit the deck!" Jack roared.

Janet Fraiser the CMO of Stargate Command was hovering over bed four bandaging Siler's ribcage. "Honestly Sergeant, next to SG1 you are the most accident prone person I know." Janet said with a smile on her face to take any would be sting out of her reprimand. "You'll be on down time for a week before I clear you for duty. Your ribs need time to heal properly. You're fortunate Sergeant that you only sustained one minor fracture, it could have been worse."

"I know Doc." The light haired man said pushing up his glasses with a finger. "Thanks."

"Next time, you might want to remove that massive wrench 'before' you move the ladder." Janet further abolished.

The sergeant could only nod. In fact he had been extremely fortunate the four foot wrench crashed down on to his side rather than his head.

"Yes ma'am...good advice." He nodded prosaically. Siler was one of the few people in the SGC that could almost claim they had their own bed in the Infirmary the others included Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter and Jack O'Neill. Out of SG1 Teal'c was the only one who came away with very few scrapes and near fatal wounds. Siler was also one of the very few who didn't mind the Infirmary so much. He thought a lot of Janet Fraiser, she was always so caring and giving. Her bedside manner was beyond reproach. She never made him feel like an idiot like Warner did. Warner might be the chief surgeon but he was no Fraiser. His bedside manner was appalling.

"Lay back and rest Sergeant, I am going to give you something for the pain, and I want to keep you here for observation for twenty-four hours for any complications. There was some swelling I am concerned about, but it is only precautionary," Janet patted his arm smiled and helped Siler to lie down.

She gestured for Alicia Davidson her head nurse to administer Morphine, just before the klaxon warning of an incoming wormhole. This event though a wonder in of itself was such an ordinary thing that Janet would pay no heed until she was called for.

"Med-team to Embarkation room, Med-team to Embarkation room." It was the voice of Tech-Sergeant Walter Davis.

Janet slammed down the professional physician's mask and hurried with her people to the gate room a train of gurneys trailing behind them. She berated herself inwardly for praying it wasn't SG1. There had been seven teams off world, one of them being the flagship team. Janet's personal favorite for several reasons. Despite the fact she had established very deep relationships with each of the members of SG1, there was one person on the team she loved deeply.

General Hammond could only stare at the members of SG1 with confusion, awe and apprehension. None of which shown on his face. The SF's still had the four under guard, unwilling to stand down until ordered by their CO. Even for them this was odd, and the gathered personal had seen many a strange thing pass through the Stargate. This one took the cake.

All four members of SG1, were present and accounted for, however their state of dress and presence was another thing. Only Samantha Carter was recognizable to one person. And that was General Gorge Hammond himself. For each of the members of SG1 had been turned into teenagers. All of them no older then fifteen, perhaps even sixteen.

Daniel Jackson's voice still had yet to fully drop, Jack was nearly there, only Teal'c sounded as if he had gained his adult male voice. And Sam Carter though developed was yet to fully fill out in her woman's body.

"Uncle George?" Sam approached the man she knew only as her godfather. "Sir, what's going on? What is this place? Where's Mom and Dad?"

She took a step forward but the presence of the SF's stopped her. The young blonde looked nervously to the fifteen guns pointed at her skull and back to her godfather. "Sir?"

Hammond took a step forward. "Its precautionary, until we get you checked out by Doctor Fraiser."

"I don't remember wandering off in a restricted area. I am sorry. Sir, can we get Dad?" Sam said

"Ohhh Daddy's little girl need him to get her out of trouble," jibbed a sandy haired brown eyed boy.

Sam turned on her heel. "Oh bite me."

"An ass like that I'd be glad too bite it, honey." The boy sprouted a full grin.

The kid in glasses had the mind to duck just before the girl punched the taller boy in his side. She stuck him so hard that he landed ass over tea-kettle off the metal gantry.

"What a jack-ass." Sam spat.

The boy sprouted up quickly whipping the blood from his face before he darted for the girl but he was waylaid by the arms of one of the SF's.

"Let me go. Just because she's a frigging girl doesn't mean I can't hit her back! She started it."

"Jack O'Neill... that will be enough." Hammond's command causing Carter to giggle she had not intended to make a pun out of the irritating boy's name but when she thought of it she had to laugh. Jack-ass… well she had a new name for the twit.

"She started it!" Jack whined.

Sam snorted. "Looks like I finish it too."

"Go call 'daddy,' Blondie I am sure he'll pull strings to get his little princess anything she wants. AND out of any trouble she got her poor 'wittle' self into," Jack quibbled still infuriated he wasn't allowed to strike the bitch back, she had a lot of nerve.

It was at this moment that the medical team came in.

Hammond steadied himself. They looked like teenagers and apparently they were behaving like teens. Only Daniel Jackson and Teal'c had remained silent.

"I need the four of you to go to the infirmary and comply with Doctor Fraiser. If there are any unacceptable outbursts as there were displayed here, then all four of you can remain in the brig, which you might end up doing regardless."

Daniel chose that moment to sneeze. "Sorry...um... general sir… I have bad allergies."

"God, a ninety-five pound nerd with the classic allergies and glasses." Jack chuckled. "What's your story big guy?" the teenaged O'Neill nudged the large black kid in the side.

"I do not fully recall, though I do know I am not supposed to be this young nor are you O'Neill. DanielJackson and MajorCarter are also not as they should be."

"Teal'c... you recall who you are?" Hammond said both relieved and astonished.


"Sir..." Janet intervened. "If you don't mind the questions can wait until I have examined SG1."

"You're right of course Doctor." Hammond relented. "However I want them under surveillance."

Janet knew she had to agree, however the SF's knew better than to interfere with her infirmary. They would remain at the exits of the examining room and stand watch. Later each member would be assigned their own personal guard that would tail them everywhere. Samantha Carter of course would be designated a female SF.

'God, she's hot!' young Sam breathed. The teenager couldn't believe that anyone on earth could look so divine, so beautiful and be so real. Her cerulean blue eyes watched the diminutive doctor move into the infirmary as if gliding on air. "She's a goddess...." The seeming fifteen year old gulped hard as she watched the Doctor Janet Fraiser approach her.

"You're my doctor?" Blue eyes sparkled in amazement how could she be so lucky to have this gorgeous woman as her physician.

"Yes." Janet was a little guarded. Once too often she had seen the woman she cared about take over by enemy forces: Jolinar, the Entity, the Synthetic made by Harlen, to but name a few. Fraiser wasn't about to be duped by a familiar face even if it was half the age of the person it was supposed to be. "Try to relax, we have a few tests to run before we discover just what happened to you and the others. "

Samantha nodded suddenly going quiet. Everything was very surreal at the moment. Complying with the beautiful doctor was the surest way to get her own answers. The young blonde looked over the infirmary and saw curtains being drawn around the beds of the boys, giving each of them privacy.

"You don't remember me?" there was a slight hurt tone that Sam could not help but pick up.

"I know I should. But I am sorry Doctor I can't recall your name....Uncle George said we have go and see Doctor Fraiser. So I'm guessing you must be she." Sam shrugged and licked her lips, looking up under her bangs.

"Uncle George?" Janet lifted a red eyebrow at the sudden familiarity with General Hammond.

"Well sure! He's my Godfather. Best-bud to my Dad. Though last time I saw him he was a Lieutenant Colonel, not even a full bird. Obviously something went a little south in the Time-Space Continuum." Carter explained.

Janet stared at her.

"What?" Sam frowned. "Look apparently my memory is messed up right now, and I am a bit younger than I am supposed to be. But just because I am blonde doesn't' mean I am stupid. I knew a few things about astrophysics and quantum theory. In fact I am studying it in University." Sam pulled a long leg up under her chin and sighed in a heavy breath. "Or at least that's my most recent memory. Nothing around here is familiar, nor anyone but Uncle George. And even he has changed a bit since the last time I saw him. He is a little more thick round the middle and has a bit less hair. But the look of concern in his eyes...." there Sam stopped as if terrified she had said too much. "It doesn't matter."

Janet witnessed the familiar signs of Sam pulling back into the recesses of her mind, as she did with anything that started to overwhelm her. The tell tail sign was Sam biting the nails of her left hand as she sat with her right knee tucked under her chin. Janet placed a warming hand upon the blonde's arm and flashed an encouraging smile. Perhaps it was time for a change of subjects.

"I need you to undress and put this on," Janet said showing Sam the hospital scrubs.

"At least they don't have a hole in the back," Sam tried to joke and for her effort she was rewarded with the tiny woman's smile.

"Report Doctor," General Hammond said as Janet Fraiser came into his office.

"Sir, their DNA match perfectly. In fact 'young' Samantha Carter carries the protein marker left over by Jolinar, as well as the Naquada in her blood. Daniel Jackson had acute rhinitis, and Teal'c has his symbiote, which is younger as well."

"They are who they say they are."

"Yes sir," Janet nodded. "Some how the device on PX50773 managed to regress them in age. Their RVN sequences were modified, there are breaks in the chain that caused them to age in reverse. And they are all suffering minor amnesia. Apparently they don't recall anything past the age they are now. Sam still....sir....in her mind she has just lost her mother."

Gorge closed his eyes not wanting to have go through the darkness in Sam's life once more. She had pulled so deeply into herself and rebelled so hard against Jacob that only her 'Uncle Gorge,' managed to break through her walls. Briefing them on what had happened was going to be difficult enough. Perhaps the necessity to break Sam's walls down once more would never come up. After all he wasn't about to allow the foursome to leave the mountain.

"Doctor, I think its time we brief SG1, I want Lieutenant Hailey and yourself in on the briefing. Hailey comes highly recommended by Major Carter, which was why I authorized her to be the major's lab assistant. We need to uncover just what happened."

"Yes sir," Janet nodded, "And sir....what about the incident in the Gate-room?"

"As far as I am concerned they were under the influence of alien technology. And according to their memories they are not officers in the air force. Major Carter will not be cited for striking a superior officer."

For her part Janet looked reassured. "I am sure Major Carter will be relieved to hear that sir."

"Doctor, since they are not in their correct minds I think it is prudent to isolate them as much as possible. And we should refer to SG1 as civilians, until they are restored."

"Yes sir. I agree Sam and Col....um...Jack should NOT be in the same room. They seem extremely antagonistic. She doesn't seem particularly found of the Colonel."

Jack O'Neill as a handful as an adult, now George and the rest of the SGC got to see what sort of teenager he could be. Shaking his head the general said with a slight smile behind his face, "I think its best we isolate Jack O'Neill from the rest of the base as well."

Janet shared the slight moment of joviality. "Yes sir," She could not have agreed more. All during the exam Jack had done something his elder self had never done, he hit on Alicia Davidson the head nurse. If he kept hitting on Sam, she was going to return the favor with another physical blow.

Sam Carter was bored out of her mind. The cute doctor had gone to brief Uncle George, and had been gone for an hour and a half, presumably telling her godfather the findings they had discovered during the extensive testing.

Now here Sam was sitting in her isolation ward playing chess with the kid named Daniel. Teal'c and Jack-ass were in another room presumably playing video games on the Playstation 2. Sam didn't mind the big jock with the gold tattoo, nor did she mind Danny. In fact she got on well with the skinny kid, he was a little like her in some ways, though he did tend to ramble on and on about Egypt. Who cared about pyramids when there was that whole cool wormhole to figure out how it worked. The possibilities of folding time and space effectively making a teseract that made a wrinkle in time fascinated Sam beyond her imagination. How she longed to get a closer look.

She remembered something the very cute Doctor Janet had said. "Sam, earlier when you were speaking of Time and Quantum Theory you sounded like the older Sam I know… I was surprised only because you can't be more than fifteen. I know the adult you, but I guess I was taken the child you was... is just as intelligent and articulate."

Cassandra was a very bright girl and looking in the eyes of a teenage, Janet had by default suspected Sam to be as insightful as the average straight-A teenager. Cassandra was no slouch in the intelligence department but she wasn't a prodigy either. Perhaps Sam truly had been fifteen going on thirty for apparently she was now.

"I am an overachiever, what can I say." The blonde tried to shrug off the comments she had heard so often in her past how can a fifteen year old be going for her doctorate. Of course anytime she tried to explain what she was doing or what she was studying her passion would rise and she become excited about it. Unfortunately those around her tended to cut her off mid explanation, or scoff at her insights. The same thing she gathered happened to Schrödinger, Einstein, Newton, all the time, if it happened to them, Sam decided she could suck it up and move on.

"Sam I am not disputing your intelligence. In fact I know better than anyone else just how intelligent you are. And what it has cost you."

"Cost? Like a social life, not a lot of people want to pal around with a fifteen year old chick who can explain quantum mechanics."

"You should know you have several friends here on Base."

Sam snorted, "Yeah sure. Me? Look, I am a geek, been called that since I was a little even from my ol'man. I don't collect friends, I collect books on plasma partials, quantum physics and stuff the boys club in the science field have hardly touched like wormhole physics. I get into motorbikes and lock-picking, and playing the guitar, maybe getting all Zen with a potters wheel, not friends to pal around with."

"You'd be surprised." Janet continued softly.

"Who, Danny? Okay he's like me, a bit a bookworm, that Teal'c kid who looks like a linebacker, or that Jack'ass'?" Sam scoffed. She'd like nothing more than to pop Jack'ass in the mouth again, even if she did find him slightly cute, he was grating and irritating and Sam had little patience with that kind of attitude. Jack'ass actually made her think of her brother Mark in far more ways than one.

"To name a few." Janet looked down and back up. "There is me...and Cassandra...."

"Cassandra?" Sam frowned. There was such love in the gentle woman's voice when she uttered the voice. 'So she plays my side.....but she's with someone.....damn that sucks.....'

"My daughter."

"You're married?" More disappointment. 'Not batting a thousand here......gaydar went wacky too along with the memory department.....shit my whole brain is going on vacation.'

"No.......she was found by you on Hanka, a distant planet, as the only surviving person on her planet. She was brought here and she bonded with you, Sam. But because of your position it was nearly impossible for you to keep her. I convinced you not to give up your position on SG1 because I would adopt her."

"So I turn out just like him," Sam's voice found a scornful edge to it.

"Like who, Sam?"

"My Dad. The Airforce was always more important to him than we were. Its why mom is ......" once more Sam clammed up not willing to risk opening up a floodgate she would not be able to close off.

Janet placed both hands on Sam's shoulders, her deep silky chocolate brown eyes stared deeply into the ocean depths of blue. "No. I said I 'convinced' you....there are a lot of details I can't get into right now, but it was the best all around decision. Sam you are one this country's natural resources if not national treasures and you are needed out there on the front lines of SG1 to protect Cassandra, and others... who care about you. And a whole world that doesn't know what you do, depends upon you to save them from an enemy they could never fathom. You see Cassie on a very very regular basis and when you can't she understands. Cassandra is a military brat, just like you and me."

Sam was astounded by the beautiful woman's words that she could not think to counter them with her own uncertainty. She felt a blush strike her cheeks as she looked down to her hand. "So we're close?"

"You and Cassandra?" Janet nodded. "You're like her second mother to her."

"Second mother?" Sam smiled...."So you and I...we're close?"

"We are very dear friends Sam. Best friends. On base in front of others we are a bit more formal, but typically refer to one another by our names, not ranks or salutations."

Sam even at fifteen had a brilliant smile. Janet touched her arm and Sam felt a rush within her. 'Close... how close is close?'

Janet sensed a time to address the issues Hammond would wish to bring up later. "Sam, I need you to write up anything you can recall about what happened to you just before you were altered."

"Easy. I was racing my bike." Sam shrugged.

Janet pinched the bridge of her nose forestalling the headache that was edging ever closer.

"You're not going to turn all 'Mum' on me are you? Cuz' I don't need to hear it." Sam clamped down suddenly. The last thing she needed was someone trying to be yet another parent to her. Of course Dad was mostly absent even if he was there in the physical presence, he never was in the mind or heart. Uncle Gorge was there trying to tell Sam she had a future but she was blowing it. NASA could use her, she was the sort of person they were looking for, but she needed to direct her focus from being the reckless adrenalin junkie to the very studious person she could be. Since the death of her mother, Sam had felt totally lost and abandoned. Mark was in his own world of doomed gloom, Dad was on her case or he ignored her and Sam simply wanted to fly from it all.

Janet having been the mother of a child who lost everything recognized the antagonistic defensiveness for what it was - a way to hide. "No, I am going all doctor on you.'" The physician retorted. "Sam I need to understand what happened so I can try to restore you and the rest of SG1 to your normal selves."

Sam felt her neck and ears redden in her embarrassment. "Sorry." She hung her head. "I can get a little caustic sometimes."

"Yeah, I know." Janet smiled good naturally. "Your adult-self is my best friend."

Sam felt like a heel. "You miss her don't you?"

"I intend to get her back." Janet said matter of factly. "However its going to be interesting to see what kind of kid she was."

There was that brilliant smile once more that had so captivated the younger woman. "Sam I need you to rest and if you recall anything, anything at all write it down on this pad." Janet held up a briefing folder and placed it on the rolling tray that was at the foot of her bed.

"Okay." Sam smiled and lay her head down upon the pillow, hoping she recalled something if only not to disappoint Doctor Fraiser.

She hadn't realized she had fallen asleep until she woke up with a start. Wiping the sweat from her bow and taking a sip of water to cool her throat, the young blonde concentrated on controlling her breathing and recalling what it was that had suddenly jolted her awake. Sam had indeed recalled something. She wrote in her neat and precise written what she would retell in the briefing only four hours after her forced nap.

Around the briefing table sat the teenaged SG1, Janet Hammond and Dr Mackenzie as well as Jennifer Hailey and SG 7 the scientific corps.

Sam looked at the gathered Airforce officers and her gaze for a moment rested upon Janet Fraiser then to the very young Jennifer Hailey. The young lieutenant caught her eye, not having her adult memories Sam felt her teenaged libidinous emotions rise, squashing the inappropriate feelings down the distracted teenager refocused her thoughts to the matter at hand.

"I don't recall much at all. Mostly there was this monk he looked more like a gondolier, I mean he had the stripy socks, shoes with the buckles and even that hat," she waved her hand over her head, "he was dressed in that whole costume, he really didn't look like a priest, but he raised his hand. Something that sounded like 'Pull my Turtle' and then poof the next thing I know we are all in the gate room, looking like this." She sighed heavily then started once more.

The expression she held on her fifteen your old face was the same expression Sam at thirty-five had when she was in her element and dissecting the secrets of a scientific enigma. "But clearly something had happened that was directly proportionate to where the we were standing and the blast that hit us. Clearly the energy shot had something to do with the crystal growing out of the center, as if it is a catalyst for the energy, acting like a reactor." Sam said. "Those caught in the blast radius are affected by energy wave in a molecular dispersion. Teal'c must have been hit by a ricochet wave of the energy backdraft. He was standing further way from the center, but of course it could be the presence of the infant Goa'uld. Obviously it isn't the naquada or I wouldn't have been affected, but I was."

Sam sat in the control room, leaning over the shoulder of a young lieutenant Jennifer Hailey, who was piloting a large remote airplane that was called a UAV. A device Sam learned that she herself had invented, or rather expanded on from the remote planes used by hobbyists.

Hammond wasn't about to allow another SG Team through the Gate, should the same thing happen to them, but it was necessary to try to gather as much INTEL on the citadel and the altar as possible so that some sort of antidote could be recovered. It would be another five hours before the mission was called. Hammond ordered the collected data to be analyzed.

What they had discovered was that past the covered bridge the UAV had started to lose control, as if the radio control was jamming. Hailey managed to bank it back to the right and head back to the Gate. It was obvious that any reconnaissance of the temple would happen on foot.

SG3 and 10 would go back to the village to interrogate the locals for information on the Gondolier Monk. It appeared no one was willing to come forward with much of anything useful. Only that he took those who trespassed and turned them into something other than what they were. People forgot themselves, people changed. Children would suddenly appear on the other side of the bridge and would need new homes.

Some people had lived a dozen different lifetimes over because they were made to be children with no memory or not much of one. The Villagers had a taboo never to speak of the past but adapt to the new. The Monk it seemed had changed everyone in the village at one point or another. It was why they had so adamantly told Doctor Jackson and the rest of SG1 not to go there. No one whoever went across the bridge ever came back the same again.

Hammond wanted alternatives.

Seven hours later. Sam had spent most of it in the company of Jennifer Hailey and sometimes they would meet with Janet Fraiser to go over their findings. Jack-ass was playing video games with Danny. Teal'c was meditating or training in the gym or in the company of Janet Fraiser as he was the only one not to be affected by the mind altering aspect of the change.

Sam sat watching the blonde work for a moment. Her young mind enthralled by the older woman. She was smaller than Sam herself but her spirit was larger than life and Sam was memorized. Her teenage hormones taking over her mind, the lanky teen decided to go with her instincts, before the fire within her burned her alive..

Sam leaned in taking the older blonde's lips with her own. She was pleased when she heard Jennifer moan . The lanky teen pressed her lips harder her tongue sneaking out to beg admittance into Jen's mouth when she felt the tiny blonde's arms go around her, Sam was thrilled and her own grip became stronger.

Then it suddenly came to an end. Jennifer stopped responding her hands pushing against Sam's slightly taller frame. "No..." Jen uttered barely managing to recapture her voice. "No..."

"No?" Sam blinked trying to understand why her would be lover stopped. "Why?"

"It's wrong."

"I am of the age of consent." Sam scoffed and moved back to recapture the smaller woman.

"That's besides the point," Hailey said sternly. "I can't. I am sorry. Gods you have no idea how much I would love this, but no."

Sam pouted. "The Air Force?"

"Janet Fraiser," Jen countered. "Sam... you and she... you're together. Damn but you two are made for one another, designed for one another. Sam... I would so love to love you. You have no idea how much. But you're not mine you're Janet's. Even if you don't recall now you will once you are restored. And I won't let you... let me destroy what you have with Doctor Fraiser. What you two have is so special. I would love to beloved the way you two do. I've never been loved like that or loved like that. But when I do I want it pure. And... and..." Jennifer drew in along breath. "I know it will never be with you. I don't want you to ever regret anything... and loving me... Well it's wrong on so many levels."

Sam took it all in, every word Jennifer was saying. And she was so silent that Jennifer began to worry about the harm she could have caused the now young Samantha Carter.

"And well... um... once you are restored you are my CO, there is that whole fraternization with a junior officer thingy..."Jen tried her hand at levity. "I have to admit this is a fantasy come to life for me. Maybe if you weren't with Janet... but… but... I won't cross that line. I'm sorry."

"No..." Sam shook her head. "You have nothing to be sorry about. I got carried away. You're beautiful, smart, sexy.... and.... and..."

Jennifer took pity on the younger blonde. "Thanks." she smiled brightly thinking how wonderful it was that Samantha Carter thought her beautiful and sexy. Yes, Sam had told her she was brilliant, but to hear she was sexy from the very lips she had so fantasised about was something she had hardly dared dream. But it must always remain thus... a dream. "Sam... when you are restored... I just don't want you to regret anything you've done now... I am never going to say if... because hell with the both of us working on this Doc Fraiser will have her Sam back in no time."

Sam wrapped her arms around the older blonde and smiled as she gave her a platonic hug, "You are also a very true friend. Thank you."

Jen blushed. "Come on... we… Um... have work to finish." She had never seen Major Samantha Carter so flustered. Of course this wasn't the Major... this was a teenager with an overly active intellect and the boundless energy of youth. She was awkward as she was trying to master her gangly form as any other teenager who was nearly all arms and legs. Well legs anyway. She also had a hyperactivity of a spirited adrenaline junkie that had been contained.

Jennifer knew the older Sam the Samantha she knew had that same energy but it was harnessed and directed not unlike the Naquada reactor or plasma cannon the Major had invented. It was this energy she used to stay up three days in a row if need be. Now a teenager unless directed she was all over the place, not literally but the energy needed to be contained. Or like before young Sam would act on impulse. Jennifer thought well she really hadn't minded the kiss, in fact she enjoyed it far too much. And there was Janet to consider. That was the last person Jennifer ever wanted to see to come to harm.

They would review old mission logs, old MALP transmissions and spend hours analyzing data. Soon, along with Janet Fraiser, they would go to General Hammond with their findings.

"Actually we both came up with it," Hailey said. "Because we can't get closer to the altar, and the Gondolier monk has gone AWOL we have come up with a possible solution. Sir, according to quantum physics, matter exists in both particles and waves. By altering those waves and particles the Gondolier Monk regressed SG1 in age at the cellular and molecular level. I think we found a way to reverse it.

"Now on P3X562 there were crystalline people, if you recall one of them doppelganged Colonel O'Neill. If we can talk to them, they might be willing to help. They can in conjunction with the ultrasound plants from PJ2445 of the pod people, reproduce the resonance sounds from the Gondolier altar. I did some digging sir into the past records that's how I figured it out. Sam... er Major Carter thinks if we transport one of the Crystal People to PJ2445 for a moment it can amplify the correct particle and wave frequencies to restore the mitochondria in the cells. Doctor Fraiser knows more about it sir."

"Doctor?" Hammond urged the tiny woman to take up the explanation.

"Sir, in each of our cells there is a microorganism that is called mitochondria, and it creates adenosine triphosphate within the cell. Now if nucleotide is altered there are various side effects one of which is ageing. We don't have the technology yet to control this effect, but obviously this monk person does. There is in the mitochondria an equivalent energy of 200,000 volts per cubic centimeter, some how with those crystals of his, he was able to tap into that energy. Lieutenant Hailey and Sam's idea should theoretically reverse what happened to them."

Hammond felt as if he only understood half of what the CMO had told him, but if she said it would work, even if it was only a running theory he trusted that more than other people's facts. There was still something that troubled him. "But why were their minds altered, their memories?" he demanded.

"I can answer that sir," Janet shook her head, her dark eyes resting on the others sitting around the table the last was Sam Carter. "When their bodied regressed on a cellular level it also regressed their minds, like forced hypnotism they can't rise out of. Their CAT-scans show higher dopamine levels which allowed for this process to program their minds to a certain age."

"Are you telling me this monk programmed SG1, to behave as they were as teenagers?" Hammond didn't like the fact the flagship team had been so easily compromised.

"In a word yes. A hypnotist can regress a person to a certain age, they can't control the memories only bring them to the surface. Junior prohibits Teal'c from high dopamine levels which have made the rest of SG1 subjective to programming. Like Nem the Calamari-guy on Oannes."

Hammond nodded, "He convinced SG1 that Daniel had died in the fires of the planet. But Teal'c was programmed as well."

"The Gondolier Monk is using a different method, but essentially sir the results are the same." Hailey said. "They should have their memories restored nearly the same way. Reading the briefing reports on the Oannes mission it was visions of bubbles that triggered memories until Major or rather 'Captain' Carter underwent hypnosis. Here it isn't altered memories but regressed memories coming to surface."

The bald general turned to his CMO, "Doctor are you sure their memories will be restored?"

Janet nodded, "They are already showing signs of their adult selves, mannerisms, adult habits. We treat them like amnesia victims. In fact sir I think the treatment that Ke'ra came up with to help the people who suffered the Vorlix incident will greatly help them if not heal them. I'll have to run some more tests, but I am confident it will work."

Hammond nodded, "You have a go. Doctor, Lieutenant.... godspeed."

"Yes sir." both answered in unison.

"Sam, I want you to return to quarters, until mission start."

"I'd like to give a hand to Jen and Doc, if I may, sir." Sam said hoping her godfather would consent. When she saw him look to the other ladies she knew he was going to let her. As she saw both women nod, Sam grinned widely.

"We could use her help, sir." Janet added her voice to the nod.

'Very well, but Sam you follow their orders."

Sam was grinning so large it threatened to crack her jaw. "I promise I won't be a nuisance." the teenager was overly excited.

Jennifer had convinced Sam that food was their priority then they could go back to the lab.

"Besides you're a growing girl you need your energy." Hailey teased which promptly gained her a prompt tongue stuck out at her from the teenager. Both snickered and entered the commissary

Going into the line, Sam picked out blue Jello from the dessert section first and gained a wide smile from her older companion. "What?"

"You always eat blue Jello." Hailey commented. "Its just good to see the Samantha Carter I know peeking through."

"I'll settle for other flavors, but blue is the best." Sam said dipping her finger in the whipped cream.

They went through the line each getting lemon chicken and a caesar salad before choosing their seats. They weren't in there more than a few minutes when two boisterous voices could be heard echoing from the hallway.

"Great....Jack-ass." Sam snarled. "I can't stand that stupid kid."

Hailey nearly choked on a piece of roman lettuce. "Sam...you...um...." To Jennifer and everyone else on the base it was odd to see both Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter bickering and trading insults. They were so close as a team that it held everyone agog that the teenagers were nearly always at each other throats.

"Oh look it's the blonde. So Uncky Georgie let you play with a chemistry kit with the grown-ups?" Jack laughed "What the fuck makes you so special little girl?"

"The fact I am ten if not twenty times smarter than you, Jack-ass." Sam sneered. "And by the way my Uncle George? He's a highly decorated officer in the Airforce you should afford him respect!" Sam was nearly rising out of her chair.

"Ohhh listen to her 'afford him respect' my, aren't we articulate?" Jack continued to push.

Sam chose to ignore the comment but the sixteen year-old's next words she could not so radically dismiss.

"You know the only reason you get to play in the labs is because that highly decorated officer...IS your godfather. If you're all grown up and in the military as a woman you're either a dyke or given good head to an officer. Girls and guns don't mix. We guys will always have to save your soft asses in case you break a nail! No way you are a combat solider. Fuck, if you are lucky they may let you fly a transport plane. So go play Hot Lips Hoolahan, and leave the real fighting where it belongs little girl."

Sam moved so quickly her chair toppled over, and Jack O'Neill never knew what hit him until he had a ninety-five pound seriously pissed off blonde on his chest. Sam's fist continuously rained down, harder and harder with each stroke. Her rage was so strong, so overwhelming she couldn't hear anything outside the thudding of her own heart.

"You chauvinistic swine!" punch "I will" punch "be" punch "the" punch "best" punch "Officer you ever come across and I will do it all on my own!" another punch "One day Jack-ass you will see just how valuable women are to this program. WE are a hell of a lot better than you hairy-backed paramecium brained trogaldites give us credit for."

"Stand down!" the order was sharp and commanding and coming from one Doctor Janet Fraiser, very dedicated major of the USAF. "Both of you in the infirmary now. Airmen escort both Miss Carter and Mister O'Neill and keep guard."

"Yes ma'am." a tall airman answered and quickly obeyed the officer's orders.

Moments later, Jack O'Neill was being attended to by a cool demeanored Janet Fraiser. If not for his youth she might have used a little more force behind her gentle care. She had just entered the commissary when she heard the sexist comments spouting from the mouth of the teenaged Jack O'Neill. Apparently he had been a sexist for some time. Privately the woman in Janet cheered the girl that would one day be Major Samantha Carter. The doctor in Janet scolded the same girl for inflicting so much damage.

"You going to have her thrown in the brig?" O'Neill's voice cracked in the middle of his question.

"No." Janet answered. "I am going to have you both confined to quarters. And before we restore you Jack O'Neill to your older self, you may want to consider the words you spoke today in the Commissary. There are a lot of hard working female officers. Every woman here saved the life of every male on this base. I want you to read the reports surrounding the incident concerning a Goa'uld Hathor. And then I want you to read several other reports concerning SG1, especially the briefing on Edora. You are going to have a lot of apologizing to do. Because your words alienated every single woman on this base."

Jack glowered.

"And for the record? You got what you deserved."

"I thought you were supposed to be a doctor."

"I am also a major in the Airforce, young man."

"So you heard." Jack sighed. He hadn't meant the cute doctor with doe eyes, he was just so frustrated at the blonde. She was way way smarter than he would ever be. And she wasn't afraid of anything. He never met a girl like her before. And he liked her. "I ...look maybe I was over the line."

Janet didn't say anything. "Maybe the next time you decided to put down women think of what you would do if someone dishonored your mother. And how that makes you feel. You're done." Janet snapped off the gloves.

"Airman, escort him back to his quarters and make him stay there until otherwise ordered by myself of General Hammond."

As if to make a point not all the males on base shared the boy O'Neill's view on ladies in the military, the Airman snapped a very crisp salute, "Yes ma'am."

For a moment Janet watched them leave her infirmary before she returned back to her office where a very subdued Samantha Carter sat with her head lowered and her eyes cast to the floor. Jennifer Hailey sat in the room as well keeping watch over the girl

"What were you thinking hitting O'Neill?"

"Aim high?" The teen offered.

"Not funny."

Hailey had to struggle not to laugh thinking Sam had once asked her the very same question when she herself had struck an upperclassmen.

"Look Jack-ass started it..."

"Sam his name is Jack. And he will be your superior officer."

"He's only a superior pain in the ass! Shooting his mouth off like that, I mean come on!" Sam was now passing the short area of the office. "He's so annoying! Was he like that as an adult? Does he really think the only reason women in the military get anywhere is because they open up their legs or go down on their knees? Its not fair the guys...."

"Sam, I am not here to argue the injustice of sexism in the military. What I can say that here at the SGC, it is not tolerated . Everyone here is handpicked for various reasons. From the lowest lab-rat to the SF's to Field units. And believe it or not SG1 is very very tight. I want you to read a few briefings. One concerning Edora, others will follow, I think you would benefit from reading about the Antoniek armbands and Jolinar. And until further notice I am sorry but I am going to have you restricted to your quarters. Obviously the stress of your regressing age has affected your judgment."

"But Janet!" Sam pouted.

"Lieutenant, escort Samantha to her quarters, and make sure an SF is outside."

Sam followed the older blonde out grumbling it wasn't fair. Jack-ass could say anything he wanted and get away with it and she was sent to her room.

"She didn't have a choice Sam. But...um... thanks for sticking up for all us ladies of the Military. But just so you know. The man Colonel O'Neill isn't a bad guy. He'd do anything for his team. I've seen it. He's a pain as a teenager but he is a good leader. One you respect a lot, Sam, and not because of his rank. He earned your respect." Jennifer said. "I'll get the briefing reports Doctor Fraiser wants you to read. I think she's right it will help you out. SG1 is the best for a lot of reasons. A part of it is that the four of you are very tight. There isn't anything you four wouldn't do for the other."

Hours had past and both Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter had gone over each briefing from the past five years and learned that yes SG1 indeed was a highly knit group. Teal'c had even spoken to O'Neill, as he was disappointed in how his best friend and a woman he respected and called friend were fighting as they had been.

'You have admitted you care for MajorCarter a lot more than you are supposed to." Teenaged Teal'c said. "And what you said about the females of this facility is dishonorable."

"Yeah well the Doc already told me that T." Jack grumbled.

"It is dishonorable to the man who is Jack O'Neill as well as to these females."

Jack shrugged. "I didn't really mean it, I just wanted to get her goat. But ... reading some of this stuff... Damn she's way way smarter than I am. She's a doctor of Quantum Physics at age twenty seven, and she so hot! And god she's sexy as hell all grown up. So you got the goods T, spill she and I are we..."

"No." Teal'c said.

"And if you two were, I doubt after today you would be a couple, when we are restored" Daniel commented. "You were pretty harsh on the ladies, Jack. I think they are all seriously pissed off."

Jack remained silent. His pride was too large for him to apologize but he knew he was wrong. Maybe the grown up Jack was a better person. Teen-Jack decided if he was ever restored he'd leave the mess for adult-Jack to fix.

SG7 was sent several hours before to P3X562 to negotiate with the blue crystalline beings. They came back with positive news, the Crystal People on P3X562 had agreed to help. Jennifer Hailey herself carried the crystal that called itself Charlie after Jack's departed son. It had made it back in time before and if gone only for a few hours it would still be alright before EM-Cascade failure started to harm it.

The four young teens of SG1 accompanied by Janet Fraiser, SG 8 and SG7 stepped through the other side of the wormhole onto the planet designated PJ2445, the home of the benign mutes. The plant like organisms hummed in an ultrasonic sound that no human could hear. "Charlie" however tingled in a slight vibration.

Utilizing Jennifer Hailey's face and the sound of her voice, Charlie spoke. "Your theories are sound Lieutenant Hailey, I can amplify the sound and touch the afflicted." the chiming sound of Charlie's new feminine voice vibrated in the air as the pod-plants shifted the harmonics. "Bring them here."

The young blonde Lieutenant nodded and shifted her attention to the others milling about the Stargate. They were very careful not to damage the plants knowing it would have a devastating effect on the populace.

"Doctor, Charlie says we should get them ready."

Janet nodded, and ordered her medical team to lay out the cots and set up the iv-drips. The process of rapid growth would undoubtedly be a painful experience and so she ordered SG1 sedated and monitored. The vitals of each teenager were checked as the drip started to work its magic. The last person Janet checked had been the first in her thoughts, Sam Carter.

"He-ey." She smiled, "Hang in there okay? What do you say a girl's night out once you've aged fifteen years."

"Sounds like a plan, Janet." Sam said groggily. Her lids grew heavy and closed as the sedative took hold. "We have a go." Janet waved to Jennifer.

The young blonde set Charlie down near the plants which had monitoring cords attached to them leading to the patients. "Kay, Charlie our people are in your hands..." Hailey blushed realizing she flubbed for the crystalline entity had no appendages, "I mean er... its your show."

"I understand your meaning Lieutenant," Charlie's blue crystal face turned into a smile. "I will do all that I can." In moments their senses filled with the keening of crystal vibrating in the air. It reminded those of present of a person running a wet finger around the rim of a crystal goblet. The whole air filled with the sound.

Janet and SG8 continued to monitor the teenaged SG1. At first there seemed no discernable difference in the four. Then in their drug induced sleep their young bodies started to shift and change. Limbs popped and screeched, muscles filled out, hair grew and faces morphed from the young teens to young adults until finally they became the faces everyone knew. Janet raised her hand signaling to Hailey to command Charlie to stop the 'singing'.

"Okay, lets disconnect them." Janet ordered as she herself freed Sam from the cords leading to the plant. The medics did likewise for the others of SG1. "Inject twenty cc's of the Ke'ra-Vorlix serum." Janet ordered. "I want them sedated, until we reach the SGC."

"Ke're-Vorlix serum in." One of the medics of SG8 reported.

Each member of SG1 had a medic close to assist in the seizure that followed the serum, a bite-bar was place in the mouth so patients wouldn't swallow their tongues as their bodies were wracked with spasms. But it would soon pass. And SG1 lay still once more.

Janet satisfied herself that her patients were stable, before she headed towards Jennifer and Charlie. "I wanted to thank you for your help." Janet smiled.

"I am pleased to offer assistance and ease their pain." Charlie now spoke with the crystalline voice that sound like Janet's own, even the blue limpid construct was Janet's face. "It was an experience."

"Yes it was. Charlie, I know you must be tired, I'll have Lieutenant Hailey return you to your home. And once more thank you." Janet reached out and touched the blue smooth surface of Charlie, hoping the crystal entity would feel her heart-felt gratitude. "Lieutenant you and the rest of SG7, please escort Charlie back home."

"Yes ma'am." Jen saluted.

Janet turned her attention back to her patients and SG8. "Lets get them home."

"Janet?" Sam's hoarse voice whispered out cracking on her own dryness. She forced her blue eyes open and for a moment the haze refused to go away, then closely came in focus. She saw the strong willed doctor hovering over her bed, seemingly double checking the information on a clipboard.

"He-ey, welcome back. How are you feeling?" Janet was instantly at the tall blonde's side.

"Thirsty." Sam tried to clear her throat.

Janet reacted quickly as she poured water into a plastic tumbler and slipped her arm under Sam's neck bringing the tumbler to the chapped lips. "Take it easy. Your body has gone through some massive changes. We had to keep all of you on muscle relaxants because of the extreme sudden changes you suffered. And the four of you will have to have a few weeks of physical therapy but you are all healing," Janet softly touched her lover's brow. "What do you recall?"

"Everything." Sam muttered. "I think I have a few apologies to make." Sam muttered slowly.

"Well I don't think Jack O'Neill will have anything to hold against you. He did antagonize you and at the time you and he were relieved of duty." Janet explained.

"I'm not talking about the fist fights." Sam looked down "I... I..."

"Sam...?" Janet was growing worried. Her hand reached out and took a hold of the blonde's "What is it?"

"I... IkissedJenniferHailey." Sam said all in one breath.

Janet smiled and leaned down so only Sam could hear her, "I know, Four-foot-nine told me. She didn't want something like a misunderstanding of crossed-signals to stand between us. And I don't. Sammie you weren't exactly yourself. You were a hormonal teenager, who had only the recent memory of being a teen, how can I hold that against you?"

"You're not mad at me?" Sam was flabbergasted.

"No. And you have only ever been honest with me. I knew you would tell me eventually when the time was right. Besides you got Jen back for the kiss she planted on you when she was drunk. " The next words were only mouthed 'I love you.' and it was enough to once again secure Sam's heart.

"Besides, that was only minor compared to what Jack-ass did to the ladies of the base, I think he isn't going to live that down for a long time to come."

"God...I can't believe I called him that." Sam shook her head.

"I thought it was rather funny, and apparently so does every other female officer and even General Hammond. Who was none to pleased to be accused of favoritism or the nickname Uncky Georgie. He made me promise to use very big needles for the Colonel's next physical." Janet winked. Her hand reached out and stroked Sam's soft cheek. "Welcome home Sam, I've missed you." she leaned close once more to whisper, "And once the CMO clears you for check out you can make up that little kiss you gave Jennifer, to me....I expect to be ravished and worshiped in bed, Sammie."

Janet touched her finger tips to her lips and then touched those same fingers to Sam's lips. "For now I want you to rest. Doctor's orders."

"Yes ma'am." Sam nodded and closed her tired eyes, the thought of having her lover cry out her name as they made love resting comfortably on her mind. She dreamed of Janet telling her 'to play it again, Sam...' as she would make Janet writhe in pleasure several times. For now it would remain a daydream because Sam whole body felt as if it had gone through an old fashioned ringer washing machine. Her lips curled into a smile, content to know that her Janet had once more restored her back to health. Janet always made everything better, she always would.

The End

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