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That Thing You Do
By trancer


"Dammit," Sam fidgeted in her seat, hands gripping the edge of her desk with knuckle-whitening intensity.

It had been less than 48 hours since their return from their latest jump. While Sam had narrowly escaped being married to a 14-year-old Prince. She hadn't escaped their 'magical fertility elixir'. A drink she happily consumed, it did taste good after all, before discovering exactly what it was.

A drink she now suffered the affects of and Sam was, in a word, in heat. And, like the proverbial cat on the proverbial tin roof, she had an itch she really, really wanted to scratch but just couldn't, at least, not inside Cheyenne Mountain. Not with the million and one security cameras in a million and one places. And the last thing Sam wanted was to see herself in a commercial for 'Military Girls Gone Wild'.

Suddenly, an idea hit her and she was bounding out of her office wincing at every arousal inducing step.


"I didn't do it!" The woman skidded to a stop, arms held up in surrender.

Sam grabbed Vala by the arms, practically cutting off the circulation. She leaned in close, whispering. "You know that thing you do with your tongue?"

"Which thing?"

"You know," Sam wiggled her eyebrows. "That thing."

"Oh, that thing," her lips spread into a wide toothy grin while blue eyes suddenly turned smoky. "Are we going to have sex?"

"Oh yes," Sam hurriedly pulled Vala towards the nearest supply closet. "We are soo going to have sex."

The door slammed shut and locked behind them, Sam began yanking at her belt, giving in to the drug coursing through her veins, flaring with intensity from Sam's arousal. At Vala's teeth nipping at her neck, hands groping at Sam's breasts through the thick material of her BDU's.

And soon, Sam was on her back, thighs on Vala's shoulders because, while there was always time for romance, tenderness, foreplay, today was not that day.

Then, Vala did that thing, the thing with her lips, teeth, fingers and an oh-so expert tongue. And Sam's back bowed. Her hands clawed desperately at the cement floor. Teeth clenched together to keep the scream bubbling in the back of her throat from erupting. And the heat within her, the heat that had been boiling, bubbling, churning within her like molten lava finally exploded in a thunderous wave of release.

Sam eventually returned to reality, a reality of Vala's warmth and weight atop her, her lips gently caressing Sam's neck, fingers still playfully doing that thing which made Sam purr like a kitten.

"All better?" Vala asked.


"Good, now it's your turn," she lifted onto her knees and began peeling out of her shirt. "To do that thing you do. You do remember don't you?"

"Oh yes," Sam licked her lips, hands cupping the now exposed breasts before her, knowing it wasn't just the drug that made her aroused. She gripped Vala by the waist, quickly flipping the woman onto her back and pouncing. "I know exactly which thing to do."

The End

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