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Interlude 10:
Rock Paper Scissors... Dynamite?

By Celievamp


“Uh-huh… dynamite blows up rock. I win.”

“No way!” Janet scowled, fending off Sam as she reached for the last chocolate. “No way, flygirl! Dynamite!”

“Yeah… dynamite blows up rock, as I said.”

“There is no dynamite in Rock Paper Scissors.”

“Of course there is…” Sam said, trying to reach past Janet again for the coveted chocolate. The box had been a present from Jonas. The two women had discovered in their time on their friend’s homeworld that the Kelnownans made the most fantastic chocolates.

“No there isn’t! If there was it would be called Rock Paper Scissors Dynamite!”

“When I used to play with Mark we had dynamite.”

“Let me guess… your idea!” Janet laughed at the sight of her lover’s bright grin. Sam Carter, the ultimate rocket scientist, was known, almost revered at the SGC, for her penchant for blowing up things. “Just how dangerous were you as a kid?”

“How often did I blow things up do you mean?” Sam considered the question carefully wondering how much she could tell her lover before the doctor put her in for a psych evaluation. “Well, I went through a phase of building and launching my own rockets when I was about nine or ten...”

“How did you launch them?” Janet asked.

“Compressed air at first but that didn’t work so well then … homemade gunpowder…”

“You made your own gunpowder? Isn’t that a little… dangerous?”

“Oh yeah… but I was nine, what did I know… I researched it in the library got the recipe bought most of the ingredients in the local hardware store. Made it in the garage.”

“What did your dad say when he found out?”

“He… was away a lot around that time, on various missions in Europe, the Middle East. He was home the time I made the rocket fuel though. That really worked well… until the garage caught fire.”

“My god, it’s lucky you survived your childhood in one piece…” Janet stared at her lover. “How the hell did you make rocket fuel?”

Sam shrugged. “Easy. Sodium chlorate, rubber cement and epoxy resin hardener and some sulphur. Once you get the proportions right it’s simple. Pretty stable too.”

“So how many months were you grounded for burning down the garage?”

“I got off pretty lightly considering,” Sam grinned, “even after he found my notebook. I had recipes in there for home made dynamite, plastic explosive, even napalm. It was like something from the young Anarchist’s Handbook…”

“I suppose with that pedigree that Rock Paper Scissors Dynamite does have a certain validity to it,” Janet said. Her hand snaked out and she grabbed the last chocolate before Sam could reach it. “Ah ah… you still cheated… you should have explained the variation in the rules to me in advance.”

Sam pouted. Janet just laughed at her. She placed the chocolate between her lips, biting down into it slightly and pulled Sam closer. Sam delicately closed her lips around the other half of the chocolate as they shared it and the kiss that naturally followed.

“So what’s next… I mean dynamite is pretty small scale for you these days,” Janet gently goaded her lover. “You’ve gotta up the ante a bit, Sam, blowing up a star, the trick you and Jonas just pulled… rock paper scissors dynamite naquadriah?”

“Nah, not explosive enough,” Sam smiled, moving closer to her lover again. She caught hold of the smaller woman, her hands deftly beginning to remove her clothes, her intentions absolutely clear. “I can think of something with more explosive potential every time… certainly makes the earth move for me.”

Janet laughed huskily. “So you’re going to light my fire now are you, flygirl.”

Sam let her actions speak for her, lowering her head to nibble gently on the exposed flesh of Janet’s upper chest, moving down to nuzzle at one full breast, taking the pert nipple into her mouth as her hands smoothed over the soft planes of her abdomen and thighs. One of Janet’s hands was threaded through her hair the other resting on Sam’s upper arm, fingers trailing slowly up and down the sleekly muscled skin.

Janet let herself relax, concentrating on the sensations playing through her body from her lover’s practised touch. It amazed her how their lovemaking was essentially the same ‘recipe’ but still felt wonderful and new every time as if every time Sam touched her like this she was rediscovering her. She lifted her buttocks as Sam eased her jeans down and then her pants, opening herself to her lover’s touch. Sam’s fingers parted her folds, she heard the catch and amused giggle in her lover’s voice as she discovered just how wet Janet already was. Her touch light but sure, Sam raised herself up, supporting her weight one handed as she looked down on her lover. Her thumb rubbed gently and then with slightly more force over Janet’s clit as Janet arched her back.

Janet knew that Sam liked to watch her when she was ‘in the moment’, that she got almost as much satisfaction from it as Janet did herself. She tried to keep her eyes open, watching Sam’s face, her expression, the half smile on her face, the way her blue eyes darkened, the colour that rose in her cheeks, spreading like the dawn across her upper chest, the beauty of the body that arced above her, the absolute knowledge that this woman loved her.

“Kiss me, Sam,” she whispered. “Ple…ase.” The muscles in her thighs and lower abdomen clenched briefly, her breath hitching. Sam leant in, the change in position enough to angle her fingers slightly more, moving deeper now through her slick hot folds, touching teasing that place that always… always…

Stars exploded, the earth shifted on its axis. Janet screamed Sam’s name into her lover’s mouth, clutching at her fiercely as chemistry at its most basic worked its magic.

Sam Carter, rocket scientist extraordinaire, had done it again.

Rock Paper Scissors Dynamite Naquadriah… Janet Fraiser.

The End

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