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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is an episode of The WOO Chronicles - very brief retellings of events that happened during the looping of Window of Opportunity as I have envisioned. There will be much mockery, and much corniness, but that is my intention so deal with it.
SPOILERS: Spoilers for 'Window of Opportunity' in season 4.
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SERIES: The WOO Chronicles.

Medical Advice


Janet looked up with pleasant surprise as someone entered her office. "Sam, to what do I owe the honour?"

Sam closed the door and turned to face her friend. "Oh, just dropping by, no reason in particular."

Janet frowned. Sam didn't sound herself. Perhaps she was suffering a side effect of the time loop. "Are you feeling ok? Come sit down. Let me check you out." Janet got up from her chair and walked around to the front of her desk.

"Check me out? Well, it's a start." Sam grinned as she sat down, looking expectantly at the Doctor.

Janet froze.

"I really think I need a physical though."

Janet didn't move.

"It's like my body is on fire. Do I look hot to you?"

Janet took a tentative step forward and reached out for Sam's forehead to feel for a temperature. "You don't feel hot."

Suddenly Sam stood to her full height in front of the smaller doctor. "My body's on fire, my heart is racing, I'm sure my pupils are dilated, and it only started since I entered this room. I'm not a M.D., so I could sure use your medical advice on this one."

Janet audibly gulped but stood her ground. She felt Sam's breath on her ear as the physicist leant down and forward.

"Any advice?" She whispered huskily.

The End

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