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By Geonn


"The wheels on the bus go around and around," Vala sang. She was bouncing her feet on the floorboards, tapping a rhythm on her thighs and leaning forward now and then to look down the road. "Are we almost there?" she asked.

"Five minutes closer than five minutes ago," Sam muttered. She steered the truck around a corner and glanced over her shoulder. The convoy wasn't having as much trouble as she thought they would. The back roads that led to General O'Neill's cabin could disorient even the best trained person in their motor pool.

Vala reached down to play with the radio, but a sharp look from Sam stopped her. "Well, pardon me for wanting a little traveling music."

Sam rolled her eyes. "The fact we're hunting another one of those mutant... things... doesn't dampen your spirits a little?"

"No," Vala said. "That's the problem with you people at the SGC. Never any time for fun. You have to analyze everything. 'What does this mean, how will this affect the world?' Good God, it's a wonder you all manage to dress yourselves in the morning." She looked at Sam's fatigues, remembering the sea of green that was driving the trucks behind them. "Then again..."

"Sorry, Vala," Sam said. "I didn't hear that last part. The world needed to be saved again and I zoned out."

"No, it doesn't. Not the world. One teeny little piece of land. From one teeny little... giant mutant animal. It's not the world that needs saving. So why do you put the whole world on your shoulders when it doesn't have to be?"

"I'm used to the weight," Sam said.

Vala sank against her seat and watched the trees pass by her window. Sam glanced over at her for a moment, then reached down and switched on the radio. Vala's face broke into an unnaturally wide smile and she said, "There. Was that so hard?"

"Don't push it."

Cam and Teal'c took one guest room while Vala and Sam set up in the other. Landry, naturally, took the master bedroom. He may have been 'just one of the guys' this week, but as the pig once said, some animals were more equal than others. Sam changed in the bathroom and, after a brief and uncomfortable run-in with Cameron in the hallway, went into her bedroom.

Vala was sitting up reading a comic book, legs crossed and her pajama top buttoned only twice across her breasts. The halves were parted to reveal her pale, bare shoulders and her tight stomach. "Where did you get a comic book?"

"One of the drawers on the coffee table. Have you heard of this one?" she asked. She held it up so Sam could see Superman on the cover.

"Yeah," Sam said. "Maybe in passing." She sat on the edge of her own bed and set her wristwatch for a seven am wake-up call. She turned off the lamp, casting her side of the room into darkness. "Good night."

"Good night?" Vala asked.

Sam slipped down in bed, pulling the blankets up. "Yeah. It's what someone says when they're about to go to sleep."

"No, I know that. Why are you going to sleep?"

"I'm tired."

"But we haven't told any ghost stories! I was going to ask you to braid my hair."

Sam rolled onto her back and stared across the room.

"Okay, maybe not. But... come on! I read all about sleepovers when General Landry invited me along on this and I've been waiting to do all these great things with you! Come on, let's talk about boys, give each other makeovers.... Oh, I know, we can make a pillow fort!"

Sam blinked.

"I'll... paint your toenails?" Vala said, some of the wind going out of her sails.

"No, Urgo, I don't want to play. I don't care if I'm it."


"Nothing," Sam said. She rolled over so her back was to Vala again. "Good night."

"Sa-am," Vala whined.

"No, Vala."

Vala slipped from her own bed and climbed onto Sam's. When Sam rolled over, Vala climbed on top of her. "We could play some more grown-up games too, if you wanted."

Sam blinked and tested Vala's grip on her wrist. It wasn't tight enough that she couldn't escape, but she definitely wasn't playing. "Vala..."

"Come on," Vala said. "Daniel won't play with me, Teal'c... well, I'm kind of afraid to ask Teal'c."

"What about, uh... C-Cameron?"

"I don't know," Vala said, tilting her head with a confused look on her face. "I get a been-there, done-that vibe from him. No matter." She looked back down at Sam and whispered, "It's okay. I read that girls experiment at sleepovers all the time."

Sam scoffed. "Where did you read that?"

"You'd be amazed what you can find on the Internet. Such a fabulous tool!"

"Oh, god," Sam said. She put her hand on Vala's hip with the intention of pushing her off. The hand somehow found a way to stay where it was, and so did Vala. "Well, Vala, if it will get you out of my bed, I already did the experimentation thing."

Vala's eyes twinkled.

Sam blushed.

"Girls tell secrets at sleepovers, too."

"I was fifteen, I was dared, I kissed Sarah Trevor in a closet for fifteen seconds."

"With tongue?"


"Did you touch her?"

"We slept together!" Sam hissed.

Vala blinked and sat up. "We-hell!"

Sam closed her eyes. She'd never meant to let that slip. She'd kept the secret for going on twenty-five years. But in for a penny... "Everyone knew that Sarah was gay. So we were at a sleepover and I was dared to go into a closet with her for a minute. And she touched my face and she told me she thought I was beautiful. And we kissed until they opened the door."

"When did you sleep together?" Vala asked quietly. Her voice was more solemn than usual. Not just intrigued; it was as if she knew how hard it was for Sam to be telling this story. The tenderness in her voice was the only reason Sam answered.

"A year or so later. We had a class together. I kept remembering her hands on my breasts while we kissed and... what are you doing?" Sam looked down at Vala's hands, the fingers now splayed over the chest of Sam's tank top.

Vala hesitated. "Is... t-this not what you wanted?"

"No," Sam said. Her voice didn't sound convinced.

"Should we find a closet?"

Sam hesitated and slipped her hand under Vala's pajama top. Vala grinned and bit her bottom lip.

Morning sent the sun into Sam's face and she groaned, hiding her eyes in the mass of black cotton in front of her. It smelled wonderful, like peaches and Vala.


Sam tensed and pulled her face back. They were in the same bed and she was spooned against Vala's back. She was wearing panties, but it was very obvious neither of them was wearing much more.

'I had sex with Vala,' she thought, adding the fact to the vast reservoir of her life. She rolled onto her back and pulled the blanket over her bare breasts. Vala murmured in her sleep and rolled with her, curling against Sam's side. Sam touched Vala's back and brushed her shoulder.

'I had sex with Vala,' she repeated in her head. This time, the thought made her smile.

The next time she voiced the thought, she amended it slightly.

'I'm going to have sex with Vala.'

The End

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