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Why She Likes It
By Elizabeth Carter

"Sam, babe, you want to tell me what's with you lately?" Janet asked of her lover as she leaned over the blonde's shoulder and placed a butterfly kiss against the soft flesh of her neck. Sam was sitting between Janet's legs with her back pressed against the redhead's breasts.

The two women were sitting on a plush carpet of turf in their backyard, gazing up with love-drunk eyes at the stars twinkling above. More often than not their attention drawn to a single constellation. Gemini designated with a new name Jan-an'-I a year ago by Sam. It wasn't two brothers embracing, it was two lovers entwined. Whenever Sam was off world Janet would look at the constellation and she would find a smile. For all of the earth would see the celestial portrait of her and Samantha, and yet not know that they were. More than that, looking at Jan-an'-I, the doctor felt closer to her absent love.

Sam had completely indulged in the evening. The soft breeze kissed the naked flesh of their arms and legs. Sam had her eyes closed, soaking in the warmth of her lover's arms that cradled her. When Janet held her thus all was right with the world. But apparently it wasn't. Something had caused the smaller woman to ask a concerned question.

"Huh?" Sam opened her eyes. "What do you mean?"

Janet shifted so she was holding Sam tighter in her arms, her chin now resting on the blonde's shoulder. "I mean." She drew out the last word with emphasis. "Hon, something has you changed. Last week you called me Sweetheart. The week before that it was Honey, this week it has been Babe." Janet pressed her lips to Sam's temple. "Okay so Babe is one of your regulars, as is Love. But what happened to Babygirl?"

Sam looked down to the hands that were not her own clasped around her waist. She traced the delicate bones under the soft flesh of Janet's hands simply enjoying the touch. "I…. thought, maybe you merely tolerated it," Sam sucked in a bit of breath. "I saw a movie with Cassie the other day and this man had said the same thing to his would be girlfriend and it sounded demeaning. In fact it sounded down right piggish."

Janet knew which movie Sam had referring to. A thug had whined to his girlfriend, trying to get her attention so that she would give him a blowjob. "In that movie, yes it was."

"It's demeaning." Sam said softly.

"I didn't say that." Janet placed another kiss along Sam's temple.

Apparently the blonde didn't hear her lover. "I mean…. well I love wearing leather and my bikes but Babygirl is kinda biker-chick and you are far more than 'my bitch.' I'd not call you that anyway. Just that…."

"Sammy, listen." Janet turned the blonde's head so she could gaze into those blue orbs. "When you say Babygirl, it's never whining, never grating, never whimpering. It's nothing like that movie. It's a soft subtle whisper. In fact you almost always whisper the endearment."

"But it's not exactly…."

"What, Sam? What isn't 'Babygirl'?"

"It's more straight."

"So are lesbians supposed to have designated endearments?"

"No…yes… well no….." Sam mumbled.

"Sammy, I like it." Janet placed a quick almost chaste kiss upon Sam's lips. The blonde whimpered when her lover pulled back "You want to know why I like it?"

The younger woman merely nodded.

"First because…well I have always thought it was said because I am petite."

"The cute side of petite," Sam corrected.

Janet grinned and giggled. "Anyway, with your long legs there Gazelle, you're a bit taller than me, and I kinda thought Babygirl was homage to my small stature."

Sam smiled.

"And besides, like I said you always whisper it and its sweet. Like my mom would say when you utter it, it's 'sweeter then scent of bee pollen on a summer's breeze'."

Sam chuckled. Janet mimicked her mother's slight southern accent perfectly.

Janet cupped Sam's chin in her small hand. "I will be honest, Love. If anyone else would say it to me I'd hate it. It definitely would NOT be my favorite."

Sam tried to look away, but Janet's hand caused her to be immobile. The doctor would not allow her beloved to shrink away in the blonde's surprising shyness. Actually Sam was very shy but forged ahead despite her natural want to be introverted.

"Listen to me." Janet placed yet another soft kiss on Sam's lips. "WE both gave Cassandra the motherly endearment of Honey. Because of that it lost all of its romantic qualities though none of the love overtones with its saying. The same is kinda true with sweetheart. And besides I don't like Honey said to me. It's to damn close to 'Honeybuns' and I've always hated that."

Sam knew exactly why. Hell she would hate 'Honeybuns' she didn't even like the pastry if that was indeed why Richard, Janet's ex-husband, had called her that. Sam suspected it was due to the fact Janet had a very shapely ass. The Blonde was loath to know that scum of the earth was granted the privilege to have seen this goddess nude. Worse yet to touch her.

As if reading her mind, Janet kissed her lover. "It's okay babe. He's long gone and so is the memory of him. Okay?"

Sam only nodded.

"Like I was saying," now both hands were on Sam's cheeks. "I don't mind sweetheart or even honey really, but they have no romantic qualities because we call our daughter by those, though they do convey love." Janet kissed Sam's lips once more but quickly pulled away before the blonde could in full reciprocate. Janet wanted to convey her love and make Sam realize what it was her heart was feeling. The tender quick kiss was the best way to exorcize the demons that would otherwise capture the blonde's heart.

"Babe, when you and only you call me Babygirl, I enjoy it." Janet placed yet another kiss on the doubting blonde's lips. "Something that is so it is sooooo un-you. But I think they forget the Sam that has a wicked since of humor. They never saw the Sam that wore a pink cowboy hat with zebra stripes. Do they even know the Sam that has a bellybutton ring? They forgot the Sam that feels emotions so deeply that the only way to safeguard herself is to put up a shield until she comes home to the woman she loves. They forget the Sam that collects plates because her mother did. They forget the Sam that will swing on swings with her daughter. They forget the mischievous Sam. The Sam that loves homespun quilts.

"The most anyone sees is the Sam that can calculate algorithms easily without the use of a calculator, that knows quantum physics backwards and forwards. They know the Sam that recites the periodic table when she's bored on a forced march on an alien world. They see the soldier…the scholar…. they never see the Sam that wears a tight tie-die shirt that has the word cute scrawled across the breast. And you know what? That secret Sam is mine. All mine. That Sam calls me Babygirl not to demean me, but because she thinks I am on the cute side of petite." Janet kissed her lover once more. "That is why I like it."

Sam looked down then back up once more. "I love you, Babygirl."

This time Janet could not pull away from the kiss. This time the kiss from Sam was demanding, questing, dominant and yet utterly submissive.

"Babygirl." Sam whispered and felt Janet shiver under her touch.

The End

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