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Some Space, Some Time
By Celievamp

I finally relented and let Sam and Dr Greene out of the infirmary after 24 hours observation. I couldn't find any lasting effects from whatever Linea did to knock both of them out. Knowing what we know now we're very lucky that that's all she did to them.

The Destroyer of Worlds. And we welcomed her as a friend.

I could tell Linea had made a big impression on Sam. Another scientist. Another genius. She was the same way with Linea as she had been with Narim. Linea was obviously interested in Sam as well. I just wish I could work out what she wanted from her. A pupil, perhaps. Another initiate into the mysteries she wove about herself. A companion? Someone to impress. Someone to dominate. And if she controlled Sam then she would also have a hold on the rest of SG1. Maybe she just saw her younger self in her. Another path she could have taken. Before she became the Destroyer of Worlds.

Linea abused Sam's trust and that's hurting her right now. She has taken Linea's betrayal very personally. Yet Sam freely acknowledges that Linea saved her from rape or worse on Hadante. She showed Sam miracles of science that seemed commonplace to her. She offered to share her knowledge with us – always one of the quickest ways to Sam's heart.

So Sam's feeling a little vulnerable right now, I guess. She's still not back to her old self after Jolinar. I don't know if she'll ever be the same Sam again. But getting to know this new Sam is intriguing. She's a little quieter, certainly more reflective. Not uncertain exactly just not quite so cocky. But still so easy to love.

So I'm letting her set the agenda for now, giving her time, giving her space and hoping I'm doing the right thing.

But I may have to jump in and talk to her about Linea. About there being no chance at all that Sam will head down the same path. Linea was darkness to Sam light. I wish I could say that I could tell as soon as I met her but she fooled me as she fooled everyone. Like Sam, I wanted to believe that she was a good person, that like SG1 she had been imprisoned unjustly.

The Destroyer of Worlds. And we let her out of her cage.

I'm not like her. I'll never be like her. I don't think Linea ever had anyone remotely like Janet or Cassie in her life. I know that they will always keep me straight, so to speak.

I think she recognised something in me. Whether it was as a tool or a protégé I don't know. I don't think I want to know. When she thought I was asleep she reached out and touched my hair. I think I reminded her of someone she once knew, perhaps someone she once cared about. Perhaps that's why I'm still alive.

It's small consolation to me that she fooled everyone even Janet who's normally an astute judge of character. We knew that we had been imprisoned injustly so when she claimed the same thing it was easy to believe her. And she offered us technology. And in her own way she was kind to me.

If we had not escaped from Hadante I can imagine that we would have been close. I don't know that she would have hurt me as such. She would have tried to control me. And through me the guys. I don't know whether I would have been strong enough to see that. The atmosphere on Hadante was pervasive with fear, a place where only bullies and the morally challenged survived. It would have been easy to live under Linea's protection. Easier than most of the alternatives anyway.

Janet is staying close but isn't pressuring me into talking about what happened. She is my rock. I must find a way of showing her what she has come to mean to me, how much I appreciate her kindness, her loving care of me. She knows me well enough now to realise that the best way of getting me through something like this is giving me space and time to pull myself together. I love her.

I don't know whether we could have reached out to Linea. I think she passed that point long ago. You don't get the name `Destroyer of Worlds' overnight. We have come to naively believe that the Goa'uld lie at the root of all that is evil in this world. But Linea had never encountered the Goa'uld. She had managed to embrace that darkness all on her own.

She left behind a sample of her `accelerant', the key to her cold fusion. There are elements within it that defy analysis. It may be useless to us unless we can identify those elements. The only thing I can do is log their profile in the computer and make a note to the science teams to check every new element we come across on our travels against them. One day we might discover its secrets. But not today. I think the only reason she left it was because she knew it was beyond us. She meant to frustrate not to help. And to be honest I am chary about looking too deeply at it. Her reputation makes me nervous.

Linea is out there somewhere. All debts are paid she said. And the more we see of the universe the more we realise its not such a big place after all. The next time we come across Linea she will not be so forgiving, I think.

The End


All that she said was true
all that she said was true
give her some time
give her some space
all that she said was true

All that she meant was good
all that she meant was good
give her some time
give her some space
all that she meant was good

How you reacted was right
how you reacted was right
give her some time
give her some space
how you reacted was right

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