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SOUNDTRACK: "It's alright Baby's coming Back" by the Eurythmics from the Album `Be yourself Tonight'
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I'll Be
By Celievamp

They saved the world. They came home to a heroes welcome, all charges of insubordination dropped. Sam, Teal'c and the Colonel came back with Master Brata'c in two purloined deathgliders. Daniel's route home was quicker and stranger. He had been fatally wounded in a firefight and had stayed behind to cover their retreat. He managed to drag himself to Klorel's sarcophagus and heal his injuries, then jump through the Gate to the Alpha site and then back here.

All our people are safely home again. Operation Exodus dusted off until the next time its needed. Samuels has gone back to the Pentagon with his tail between his legs and our critics are silenced for now. Rather than being shut down the SGC is being refunded and expanded. More teams, more work.

Cassie has finally gone to bed after being Sam's shadow for most of the day. And my beloved is sitting with her laptop on her knees writing up her journal. She still looks tired but she was remarkably uninjured. She turned down the offer to go celebrate with O'Neill, Daniel, Teal'c and Ferretti to spend some time with Cassie. And me.

I can see the hint of a smile. She knows I'm watching her. Slowly I undo a button on my shirt. Her fingers still on the keyboard for a moment and then resume typing. I undo another button, slip off my shoes. I undo the button at the waistband of my skirt and pull down the zipper. The sound seems unnaturally loud in the quiet room. There is certainly no sound of typing.

Although her head is still lowered, I know she is peeking at me from under her fringe. Her cheeks are definitely a little pinker.

I encourage my skirt to slip down over my hips and fall the rest of the way to the floor. The white satin half slip soon follows. I hear her gasp and can't help the grin that I know wreathes my features. My underwear is far from being regulation issue.

Fire engine red satin and lace. No mistaking what I want. Garter belt and sheer stockings. I raise one leg, place one foot on the coffee table. "Sa-am?"

She is looking at me, her eyes wide and dark. Not her usual rabbit in headlights look when she's startled. No.... I feel my mouth go suddenly dry. This time I'm the rabbit, and she's the very very hungry predator. What have I started?

"Janet?" she whispered.

"W-would you like to give me a hand?" My voice quavers. Her grin is not so much Cheshire Cat as feral Tiger. I am in so much trouble here. I feel my centre twitch in anticipation and know that if I hold this position for much longer she is going to see exactly how aroused I currently am.

The laptop is shoved to the floor. She gets up, crosses to me and then kneels at my side. Her hand brushes over the top of the foot that rests on the coffee table then circles my ankle, her thumb rubbing up and down the base of the tendon. She nuzzles at the strip of bare skin between the top of my stocking and the edge of the shirt I am still wearing.

"What do you want Sam?"

"You. You smell so good," she whispers. "I want you, Janet."

"I'm yours," I tell her solemnly. "All for you, just for you, Sam. My Sam." I feather my fingers through her short blonde hair as she unfastens the catch on my garters and starts to slowly roll the stocking down my leg, pausing every now and then to kiss and nuzzle at the bare skin that is revealed. She pauses for a moment at the fold of skin at the bend of my knee, lavishing particular attention on that spot. I tighten my hold on her hair simply to stop myself falling then move my hand to her shoulder not wanting to hurt her. The stocking slides down my calf, her hand smoothing over my skin. The touch of her fingers is electric, the signal going straight to my centre. I feel the dampness beginning to spread. She must be able to see or at least smell just how excited this is making me feel. Carefully, making sure I am balanced she lifts my foot and eases the stocking from it, then places my foot on the floor. This turns me slightly and has the advantage of placing her face to face with my crotch. I watch her inhale. She noses against me and I feel the flat of her tongue touch me through the thin material. My legs are beginning to tremble.

She withdraws, then unsnaps the other stocking and begins to slowly roll the sheer material down my leg. I rest my hands on her shoulders again to support myself, literally beginning to go weak at the knees. Her breath is hot against the top of my thigh. At her touch I lift my foot so that she can ease the stocking off. She plays with the ends of the garter belt for a moment and then her hands are on the bare skin of my midriff under my shirt. Her hands are cool against my burning flesh, I feel my muscles quiver under her touch. She presses her face to my belly, kisses my navel through my shirt then undoes the final three buttons. My shirt gapes open and she holds me close to her face again, her tongue swabbing out and around my navel as she gets smoothly to her feet again. Her fingers touch the clasp of my bra, also red lace and it opens, freeing my breasts for her attention. She touches my chin, raises my face to hers.

"Thank you," she whispers, then kisses me her hands moving around my back under my loose shirt. I try to suppress the squeak of surprise as she dips me, her mouth still plundering mine for a moment before moving down to take one breast into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the peak, her free hand pinching and gently massaging its twin, her other hand and arm holding me securely to her.

I have no idea when I so comprehensively lost control of this little welcome home party I had planned and to be honest I don't care. I feel wonderful and she's obviously having a good time as well.

At last I am returned to the vertical and she plunders my mouth again. I give as good as I get, my fingers running through the short hair at the back of her neck. My calves are beginning to ache from standing on almost tip-toe.

I step back a little, look up at her, resting my hands on her shoulders. Her chest is heaving, her eyes dark and glittering. "Take me to bed, Sam," I order. We have done this before. Her hands rest on my waist as I jump and she lifts me upwards. My legs go round her hips, my ankles locking over her butt. Her hands are on my behind as she straightens herself, our faces almost level. With little apparent effort my lover carries me upstairs to our bed.

The night is, after all, young.

The End

(lyrics slightly altered for gender)

It's alright baby's coming back
And I don't really care where she's been
It's alright baby's coming back
And I won't turn her around this time

I'll be your cliff (you can fall down from me)
I'll be your ledge (you can lean upon me)
I'll be your bridge, your flowering tree
You can still depend on me
And I'll be (the ticking of your clock)
And I'll be (the numbers on your watch
And I'll be (your hands to stop the time)
I'll even be your danger sing

And I'll be (your grace your dignity)
And I'll be (your night your destiny)
And I'll be (your comfort and your ease)
I will be your storm at sea
And I'll be (your sharp intake of breath)
And I'll be (your work I'll take no rest)
And when the world falls to decline
I'll be yours and you'll be mine.

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