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SOUNDTRACK: Stay by Me by Annie Lennox from the album `Diva'
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Stay By Me
By Celievamp

Teal'c says that the blindness will pass soon. I don't think I've ever been so scared. And I actually bit the Colonel. He did commend my attitude. But I bet his hand is sore.

So until it does pass we're all kind of stuck. Those shock grenades are pretty fearsome. They seem to completely paralyse the nervous system. Make our flash-bangs look pretty tame.

More than anything I wish that the first thing I see will be Janet's face. But that's not looking too likely right now. It's more likely to be Klorel or one of his goons. It breaks my heart to see Skaara used in such a way and I barely knew him. God knows what the Colonel and Daniel are feeling. And Teal'c – Teal'c has his own guilt to face.

And we know that Skaara is still in there somewhere. That he is fighting against Klorel's control every moment of every day. So what we were told that `nothing of the host survives' is obviously a lie. Skaara broke through when we zatted him. And he knew us.

Janet. I wonder what she is thinking right now. Probably dreaming up ways of kicking my ass from here to the middle of next week. I try to work out what time it will be at home, probably the middle of the night. She'll be at home, asleep. I wonder what she told Cassie. And now I hate myself again. What was I thinking? I'm not the same person I was six months ago. I have… responsibilities, commitments. People who care whether I live or die. I still have to get used to that, I guess.

She'll be at home, safe, asleep. I've spent hours watching her sleep, marvelling at how truly beautiful she is when all her guards are down, when her Dr Fraiser game face is put away for the day and Janet is let out to play.

I let my thoughts drift, imagining myself waking her with a kiss. Several kisses. Many kisses across the bare skin of her shoulders, down between her beautiful breasts across her abdomen, dusting the top of her thighs and then as she draws me up towards her, her beautiful face, nibbling at her lips, feeling the caress of her eyelashes against my cheek. And here and now we're just two people who love each other. I don't know anything about saving the world I just want to be with the woman I love. I want to make this moment last forever. A million kisses would not be enough. I sigh as I imagine I hear her voice.

"I love you, Sam."

"Sam?" Someone touches my shoulder. It is Daniel. After what happened with the Colonel I note that he is very careful to stay away from my face – particularly my teeth.

"How are you doing?" he asked softly.

"Okay," I murmur. "A little tired of sitting in the dark."

"I think the effects are starting to fade a little. I can pick out some lighter areas now," Daniel said encouragingly. "I don't think we were unconscious that long."

All of my equipment is missing. No weapons to speak of. I try not to giggle as the Colonel suggests just letting me bite them. I am never going to hear the end of that. It's going to be like the Shavadai dress and P3X-595 all over again. I have no idea how long we have before the C4 we planted blows. Suddenly there is a smear of light in my peripheral vision. I turn towards it, blinking and slowly slowly it resolves into a light panel set in the wall.

Okay, so it's not Janet, but it's something. Time to start looking for a way out of here.

I woke with a start, alone yet with the strongest feeling that Sam was here. Cassie was here when I fell asleep but she must have gone back to her own bed at some point. She is adamant that Sam will be fine and come striding back through the wormhole at any second. Nothing else is acceptable. I wish I had her certainty.

I glance at the clock. It's still early. I won't be expected at the Mountain for another hour or more but I also know that I won't go back to sleep. It was a strange dream, formless and dark. I could not see her but I knew she was there. And I knew she needed me.

Then suddenly she was here beside me, and we were kissing. Well she was doing the kissing and I was just the one being kissed. My shoulders, my breasts, my belly, my thighs, and then my lips. Each kiss burns through to my soul. A million kisses would not be enough to sate me. If I died there and then in her arms my life would have been complete and I would not have had a single regret. I remember saying "I love you, Sam," and then I woke up. Alone.

I'm just contemplating having a long leisurely shower and maybe going over that dream a few more times when my pager beeps. It's the Mountain.

Two unknown spacecraft have been sighted by long range telescopes. The first pictures confirm that they match what we know of Goa'uld design: Motherships. World killers. And they're coming here. Dr Jackson was right.

Colonel Samuels takes charge of the military operation. Area 51 have come up with naquada enhanced warheads that they assure us can take out the ships. No other option is being considered.

It failed. General Hammond invoked Operation Exodus, sending personnel and chosen civilians out to the Alpha Site. Cassie is on the list as my dependent. I make sure that an airman picks her up and brings her to me.

"Is there news about Sam?" she asked.

"Not so far, sweetie. You're going on a trip through the Stargate to somewhere that's safe," I tell her. "It's just a precaution." Her eyes filled with tears.

"Not without Sam. Not without you." She clung to me.

"I'll be coming through as soon as I can," I told her. "So will Sam." Please don't make me a liar, I asked the fates silently. Bring her back to us. "Nurse Daniels is going through with the next group and she'll look after you, sweetie. I'll be through with another group in about an hour."

"You promise."

"I promise," I said, kissing her and hugging her. I noticed that she did not ask about Sam again. Sometimes my daughter was too perceptive for her own good.

Samuels bumped himself up the list for the Alpha Site, the coward, but Hammond would not let him go. I was waiting in the Gateroom to go through when the word came from NORAD. The two objects had been destroyed in a series of explosions. I glanced at the General, saw the look of satisfaction on his face. SG1 – it had to be.

Sam was still out there, fighting. And as news came that two craft had been spotted escaping into high Earth orbit we began to celebrate. Our people had made it. They were coming home. Sam was coming home.

The End

Stay By Me - Annie Lennox - Diva

Stay by me
And make the moment last
Please take these lips
Even if I have been kissed
A million times

And I don't care if there is no tomorrow
When I could die here in your arms
Even if the stars have made us blind
We're blind we're blind
So blind in love

Sweet darling
Don't you know that we're no different to anyone
We stumble
We falter
But we're no different than anyone

And all the winter snow has melted know
Into a pool of silver water
And we were standing in a thunder cloud
Dark as your hair
Dark as your hair

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