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New Beginnings
By Geekgrrllurking


Dr. Janet Frasier closed the car door behind her, smiled weakly to the bespectacled man behind the wheel and headed up the short walkway to her house. Fumbling with her keys, she found the right one and waved good bye to her date who sat waiting until she entered her home. Quietly shutting the door behind her, Janet leaned back wearily against it and sighed.

Another dud.

Janet had met Leonard Meyer at her adopted daughter Cassie's school dance last week. They had both been chaperones that night, and Leonard had seemed nice enough so when he suddenly plucked up the courage and asked her out, she thought why not.

Truth be told, Janet couldn't remember the last time she'd been out on an honest to God date. Mostly she preferred to hang out at home instead, spending quality time with Cassie, and her friends from the base. She knew it was time to start meeting new people; it was just a shame that it was such hard work. Well, at least she had had a nice time with Leonard. They had gone to a nice restaurant, had a nice dinner, saw a nice movie. That was the problem. No sparks, no excitement, no nothing.

Maybe a second date, possibly with some time….

Janet suddenly had a flashback to his hyena like laugh that had surfaced that evening, more than once, and she shuddered.

Nope. Not even time would help that.

Shaking her head, Janet pushed herself away from the door and wandered into her kitchen, pulling out California Chardonnay from her fridge that she had opened for dinner the other night with Sam and Cassie. Pulling out two wineglasses, she slipped off her heels and padded into her living room.

Sure enough, two blonde heads were peeking out from under her favourite green comforter, watching The Princess Diaries. An empty pizza box sat on the coffee table in front of them. Janet moved to sit with her girls only to find them both asleep.

Her heart clenched at how adorable they looked together. Janet tiptoed past them and sank down into the chair beside the couch. Pouring herself some of the wine, she grabbed the remote and stopped the movie. She liked Julie Andrews and all, but this was no Sound of Music. She called up the jazz channel on her satellite dish and leaned back with a sigh.

"Hey there…" A groggy Samantha Carter mumbled from somewhere under the comforter. "What time is it?"

"It's a little after eleven." Janet sipped some wine, and watched a tousled head poke its way out.

Sam rubbed at her right eye and yawned. Speaking of adorable…

"You're home earlier than I expected for a Friday night." Sam took the glass of wine Janet had poured for her. "Thanks."

"Yeah," Janet sighed. "I had a nice enough time…" She couldn't really come up with much to say on the whole evening, so she just stared at Sam and shrugged.

"Uh-oh, I hear a 'but' in there." Sam smiled sympathetically as Janet just took another drink of wine. "So did you give him the 'Let's be Friends' talk or the harsher 'Don't call me, I'll call you' line?"

Janet snorted and shook her head. Sam always seemed to know how to make her feel better.

"No it was more of a nice neutral 'See You Around Sometime' thing." Janet shifted out of the chair and moved to the couch. "Hang on, let's get our girl off to bed and we can talk." Janet was secretly thrilled she was still able to scoop the petite teen up in her arms and carry her to her room. The time was coming when the girl would be too big to do this any more, so she savoured moments like this even more.

Sam watched the compact doctor head down the hall with Cassie, admiring the lean leg muscles that flexed and flowed beneath the dress. She's really much stronger then she looks. Sam stretched and yawned again, waiting for the wine to kick in and her fuzzy brain to wake up.

Another suitor down the drain.

A bubble of happiness erupted inside of Sam as she smiled to herself, and then was almost immediately ashamed. She knew if Janet couldn't be hers, then she at least wanted her to be happy.

Sam had accepted a long time ago that Janet's friendship was too important to screw up by hitting on her. In fact she had no clue if Janet even leaned that way, and there was always the risk that the good doctor would run screaming to the General if she made any sort of overture. But Sam didn't think so somehow.

Add into the mix Sam's almost obsessive commitment to the Stargate program and well, she knew it was just better to be a friend, keep her distance, and try to be as professional as possible around the doctor. The best laid plans of mice and Majors however flew out the window when Cassie had arrived on the scene, and things changed.

Sam couldn't help opening her heart to Cassie and inevitably Janet soon followed, despite her best intentions and now as far as she was concerned they were her family. The hard part was going back to her lonely house and leaving Janet's home. She desperately wished it was her home too.

Janet came back to find Sam staring moodily at her glass of wine. Janet often thought she looked so sad and lost sometimes…so alone.

"Penny for your thoughts."

Startled blue eyes looked up, then warmed as Janet snagged her glass from the table and joined Sam on the couch. She had changed from her burgundy dress into a grey t-shirt and black track pants. Slipping her cold feet under the comforter, she leaned against the large pillow propped against the opposite arm and watched Sam.

"Nothing important." Sam smiled but it didn't reach her eyes. "So Lennie was nice but no bells or whistles, huh." Janet stared at her a moment longer than necessary, clearly noting the change in the subject but choosing not to pursue it.

"God," Janet snorted and rolled her eyes. "Not even a buzz." She sighed. "Why is this dating stuff so hard?"

Maybe you're looking in all the wrong places. The thought danced on the tip of her tongue as Sam rubbed Janet's foot sympathetically through the blanket.

"It'll work itself out. Don't worry." Sam murmured instead. Janet stretched catlike beneath the comforter and lounged with her feet across the blonde's lap. Sam slid her hands under the blanket and started to rub tired toes. She shivered as Janet moaned with pleasure at her touch.

"God that feels so good, Sam. My heels were killing me tonight." Janet practically purred, her eyes half closed in bliss. "Then again, at least I'd be put out of my misery with Leonard."

Sam chuckled and continued to massage her feet. Janet sipped her wine and silently watched the steady rhythmic movements of her friend. She loved these rare opportunities. Sam was so intense when she concentrated on something. She adored that little crease between her eyebrows, which at the moment she could barely see with her blonde bangs mussed up like that. Janet felt herself starting to drift off.

She's so cute…

Sam felt her friend fall asleep. Finally she could look at Janet unobserved. She loved to watch her sleep, but it didn't happen often. Once on a camping trip with Daniel and Cassie, Janet fell asleep beside her at the campfire. And the time she came across her asleep in her office, when Janet had gone 40 hours straight trying so desperately to figure a way to combat a deadly virus SG-12 had contracted. And occasionally it would happen here on the couch while the three of them would watch a movie together. Janet rarely made it all the way through a movie without nodding off. A habit Cassie seemed to be picking up from her mom.

Sam smiled and snuggled down deeper into the comforter, enjoying the warmth of Janet being so close, and wrapping herself in her memories, she slowly fell asleep herself.

Janet felt the commotion around her before she actually heard the muffled cries. Her eyes snapped open, and she felt two strong legs pushing, almost kicking, against her. A blonde head thrashed from side to side, and the green comforter was tangled around the two of them.

"No…lookout…Colonel, she's been hit…Janet…no…" Sam was clearly having a nightmare.

Janet pulled the blanket off her legs and slid over to sit beside Sam. She grabbed Sam's shoulders and started to gently shake her awake.

"Sam, it's okay, it's just a dream."

"No…Janet. D-don't move…" Sam stared up at her, eyes unseeing, thrashing under the heavy blanket. "Dear God, Daniel get something to stop the blood…"

"Sam its okay, I'm right here, honey." Janet shook a bit harder, concerned this was a night terror. The doctor inside of her started to worry she had somehow missed the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. "Come on wake up…"

"No…Janet, come back…" Sam was practically weeping. "I love you, you can't leave me now…" Janet reared back at that comment, not sure she had heard it right. "Daniel, please…help her….The Goa'uld, behind you Colonel….Ahhh!!!!!!" Sam woke with a start and sat bolt upright, practically launching herself right into Janet's arms.

"I've got you, Sam." Janet quietly whispered. "I've got you now…" Janet held her close, muttering soothing words all the while her brain whirling. She knew that they had always been close friends, but Sam loved her?

Sam clutched at her, the dream fading as the seconds passed but her eyes were still wild, her heart felt like it was trying to beat it's way out of her chest and she gulped down much needed air into her lungs. Fuck, she hadn't had one like this in a long time…

"The Goa'uld broke into the base and they started attacking…." Sam whispered, terror lacing her voice, still not quite free of the nightmare's grip.

"Shh, you're here and you're safe…"Janet stroked her fingers through the short blonde hair, pushing it from her damp forehead and rubbed the sweat soaked back. Her mind raced trying to make sense of what Sam had just admitted. How could she be so blind? "It was just a dream…"

Sam soaked in the warmth and safety of her friend. The familiar scent of her shampoo and the soap she used and just a hint of perfume soothed her frazzled nerves. She thought she had lost Janet, shot point blank in the chest. The dream had seemed so real. Reluctantly she pulled away.

"There now…see. Just a dream, I'm fine, no Goa'uld, just us." Janet smiled and stared at her slowly calming friend. "I'll get you some water, okay? Hang on." Janet whispered and dashed to the bathroom.

As the water poured from the tap Janet looked at herself in the mirror. Did Sam truly have romantic feelings for her? Somehow that didn't seem to come as a great surprise to her in fact it seemed to make a great deal of sense. The question was, did she have feelings for Sam?

Sam was her best friend, knew all about her job, and was a brilliant, charming woman whom she trusted implicitly, not only with her confidences but also with her daughter. Cassie adored her, and she loved the way the three of them had turned into a family. Actually now that she thought about it, all night with Leonard she had felt like she'd rather be at home with Cassie and Sam.

Switching the tap off, Janet stared hard at the woman in the mirror. How could you not have realized what was right in front of you?

Checking that Cassie was still sound asleep, Janet brought the glass of cold water back into the living room. Sam was sitting with her right hand covering her eyes, like she was trying to remember something. Her hand came down and her sharp blue eyes locked with Janet's dark brown. She could tell Sam was worried if she'd revealed anything…if she knew the truth.

Janet came over and sat beside the nervous woman on the couch and handed her the glass. Their fingers touched briefly, Janet now very aware of even this simple contact, sliding her fingers along the back of Sam's hand, enjoying the sensation.

Sam watched mesmerized as Janet touched her hand. Was she dreaming still? Her eyes snapped up to meet dark eyes and it all clicked. What had she said in her sleep?

"Janet, if I—"

"Shh…" Janet placed a finger against Sam's soft lips, and glanced down, staring at it there. Wondering for a moment what it would be like. Their eyes locked again and she smiled softly at the fear she saw there. "Drink your water, Sam."

Sam held her breath as Janet slowly trailed the back of her fingers across her cheek, and then couldn't help but turn into the gentle caress, closing her eyes. Opening them, she once again found dark velvet eyes watching her. Sam brought the glass to her lips and drank deep.

Janet watched as if entranced, before taking the empty glass when Sam had finished. Turning, she put it on the end table and flicked off the side lamp before turning back to the woman waiting for her on the couch.

Waiting. For. Her.

Janet swallowed hard and shivered at the implications of that thought. How had she not seen this before? Sam sat perfectly still as Janet shifted closer again. The ball was in her court, Janet could ignore this new truth or act on it, possibly changing everything between them. She had to know.

Decision made, Janet realized that Sam was suddenly mere inches away, eyes half lidded. Unsure yet excited, Janet slowly dipped her head, pressing her mouth against Sam's water cooled lips. She could hear her friend inhale, felt her tremble slightly against her, and knew from a million tiny tell tale signals that Sam wanted her.

Janet reluctantly pulled away from the sweet taste of Sam, and knew her own truth.

She wanted Sam too.

Janet blinked and then smiled. Nothing, and everything, had just changed. She stretched, pulling the green comforter up from the floor where it had fallen and tucked it around Sam's legs. Sam shifted down lower and stared up at Janet, a soft smile playing around those tempting lips.

"Good night, Janet." Sam whispered into the darkness, praying she had not just screwed everything up with her friend, afraid to hope for anything more. Janet pushed damp bangs out of Sam's eyes.

"Sweet dreams." Janet stood and made her way to bedroom. Somehow she didn't think she'd be getting a lot of sleep.

They both had a lot to think about.

Saturday morning arrived bright and early. Cassie was up watching cartoons and Sam was in the kitchen making bacon and eggs when Janet finally shuffled into the kitchen, rumpled and still half-asleep.

Sam felt slightly off balance, vulnerable, and unsure how Janet would be around her. As she stirred the eggs in the pan, she felt a warm hand run across her lower back and a voice husky with sleep send a shiver down her spine.

"I hope that's coffee I smell perking." Janet grabbed her favourite mug and filled it with the Irish Cream flavoured brew. "Mmph…perfection." Sitting at the table, she started to read the weekend paper. Cassie streaked into the kitchen, grabbed a glass of orange juice and zipped out again.

"Breakfast in five, Cass." Sam called after her. A muffled "'Kay!" floated back. Sam sighed happily to herself. Things were going better than she thought possible. Sure they had to talk about what was going on between them, but everything seemed fine this morning at least.

As the three sat and ate, Janet watched Sam and Cassie interact. Sam was definitely part of their family already. Did she dare risk disrupting this for the possibility of an intimate relationship? And just how did she really feel about Sam anyway? She didn't even want to think about how this could affect their careers if anyone found out. There was a lot to still figure out and discuss. Cassie's ballgame this afternoon might provide the opportunity.

Cassie disappeared with her friends around ten promising to be back by noon, leaving the two women alone in the kitchen. Janet tossed Sam the Entertainment section and started running water for the dishes. "Breakfast was wonderful as always, Sam. Thank you."

"My pleasure."

Janet heard the familiar sound of paper crinkling behind her on the table. Soapy foam rose in the sink, and the cutlery clattered in the hot water as she started to wash them. Soon she was scrubbing at a plate, almost not hearing Sam's question.

"More coffee?"

"Yes please." Damn ketchup. Janet plunged it back into the suds to soak. Suddenly she felt Sam directly behind her, long, lean and warm, pressed tight against her back.

"Where do you want your coffee?" Hot breath tickled her ear, a shiver of awareness running down her back. A long finger pulled her dark hair back and tucked it behind ear, as Sam whispered "Over here?"

Janet leaned into the solid strength and let the sensation of the tall woman nuzzling her ear overtake her. It took her a moment to realize Sam was expecting an answer.

"Sorry, what was the question?" Janet murmured.

Sam smirked knowingly. Nice to know she was having some sort of effect on the good doctor this morning.

"Not important." She hadn't wanted to rush Janet, but Sam had wondered if she wanted to play a little. Test the boundaries so to speak. She carefully placed the mug of coffee down to the left of the sink, sliding her body along Janet's back, her right hand falling to the woman's trim waist. Seductively moving against Janet's shoulder blades, Sam straightened and placed her left hand on the other side of her waist. Slowly she slid her hands under Janet's grey t-shirt, inching across the taut abdomen she found there finally meeting at Janet's belly button, then making a return route to their original positions. Sam worried she had gone too far in their little game. Janet's low moan told Sam all she needed to know.

Dear God that felt good… Janet could barely think, which was probably a good thing or she might have freaked out a little at how she was reacting to the woman's touch. Pressed between the sink and Sam, strong hands roving along her belly, earlobe being gently sucked, oh yes, this was definitely a good thing.

"Janet?" There was a hot rasp in her ear, as if asking permission. Janet arched her back, her traitorous body encouraging Sam's hands to explore.

"Please…" It was a ragged whisper, a wanton plea, desperately asking for more. Sam's hands moved up to cup full breasts, feeling Janet's stiff nipples sliding along her fingers, finally resting in her palms. Janet's throaty moan sent a shockwave through Sam's body and she pressed even closer.

Cassie dropped her bike in the driveway behind Sam's motorbike. Sarah and Jessica were on the sidewalk waiting for her to grab her glove so they could toss some balls before the game today. Hopping onto the back porch, she skidded to a stop her hand hovering above the knob when something caught her eye. It was a movement from inside. Peering through the small panes in the door she saw Sam and her mom by the sink. Sam looked like she was hugging her. And her mom looked like she was enjoying it.

Cassie's eyes widened as she realized what she was seeing. Shocked at first and then came joy. This was new but totally not unwanted. On the contrary, Cassie had been praying for something like this. On her planet homosexuality was far more accepted than here. She never really understood why everyone was so uptight about it here. Her uncle's spouse was wonderful man and she missed them both very much. Pain pierced her heart as she remembered all she'd lost, and then her eyes found the two most important people in her life.

Taking a few steps back, she leaped onto the small porch making the most noise she could. Then she turned and yelled back to her friends, "Hey Sarah, didja want me to bring my new bat too?" That ought to give them a heads up inside. Sarah nodded from the street and Cassie started singing to herself as she came to the door and opened it.

Sam was sitting at the table calmly reading the newspaper, and Janet was drying her hands on a tea towel, before grabbing her cooling coffee from the counter top. Cassie smiled and bopped through the kitchen. "I'm just grabbing some balls to practice with the girls for a while."

Sam and Janet watched the small whirlwind disappear down the hall.

"That was close." Sam exhaled. Janet sat down as Sam pulled her hand to her mouth, kissing the palm. "Is this okay with you? I didn't mean to rush you."

"It was fine. I just need some time, this is a little new. Take it one step at a time." Janet looked into the bright blue eyes staring back. "And that was one great step." Movement caught her eye and she looked down the hall as Sam quickly let go. Cass bounded into the kitchen.

"Hey Mom, Sarah might have a sleep over tonight, would it be okay if I went?" Cassie blinked adoringly at Janet, giving her mom her best puppy dog look.

"Jeez Janet, how can you say no to that face?" Sam chuckled at the girl's obvious tactics. Janet ruffled Cass's hair as she stood.

"Alright, but only if Sarah's mom says it's okay. Anyone need the bathroom? I'm going to have a shower." Janet disappeared through the door, already sure it was going to be a cold one. Cass waved goodbye to Sam and headed for the door.

"Suckers." Cassie chuckled to herself as she headed to her bike. Now all she had to do was figure out how to get Sarah to have a sleepover. She made her way towards her waiting friends, a plan already starting to form.

A travel agency in town sponsored Cass's ball team, The Travelers, yet it was oddly appropriate since most of the girls on the team were kids of SGC personnel. Sam and Janet sat just behind the dugout for the team. Daniel arrived shortly before the game was to start.

"Hi guys, am I late?" He balanced a hot dog and diet Coke in his one hand and his laptop in the other.

"Nope, just in time." Janet leaned forward and clapped her hands "Come on batter, batter, hit it like I know you can now." She had on a black Nike baseball cap, dark sunglasses, white sleeveless t-shirt and black jeans. Sam could barely stop herself from staring at her.

"Daniel, what's with the laptop?" Sam shook her head at him, blonde hair blowing over her sunglasses, a Travelers adult blue sleeved baseball shirt and faded Calvin Kleins. A crack of the bat caught her attention.

"Oh, who was that? I have a stats page started for the Travelers coach." Daniel handed his drink to Sam and stuffed his dog into his mouth as he popped open his laptop. Sam glanced down to the dugout to try and spot the coach. Easily finding the nicely muscled man, she admired Daniel's taste in men yet again.

"It was Jessica Sanderson, Lieutenant Maria Sanderson's daughter. Just like her mom, tough and wiry. Come on batter, let's go Travelers!" Janet clapped again.

Daniel tapped away at the small keyboard, then stopped and bit into his hotdog. Grabbing his drink from Sam, he chewed happily. "Hammond wants that code from planet PXN-454 deciphered ASAP. So I'm doing some homework this weekend." He took a big swallow of diet cola. A groan went through the crowd as the batter struck out.

"That was little Chrissy Zupina. She's the daughter of Private Mark Zupina from level 2." Janet clapped some more.

Sam looked over at Daniel, dutifully entering his data. She had come out to the man several years ago, not long after they had started working together on the Stargate Project. They had stumbled across each other in the only gay bar for hundreds of miles around, The Tumbleweed.

Daniel had been sitting at a table near the jukebox, and she had gotten up from the bar to play some Patsy Cline when he tapped her on the shoulder and invited her over. They bonded that night, and it turned SG-1 into a tighter unit, into family. For awhile O'Neil thought they were dating, and they both denied it, but still the rumour persisted on base. In a way, it was a convenient cover for them both.

Sam knew it threw a bit of a twist into Daniel's dreams of being with Jack however. Still, stranger things had happened, and this morning was a testament to that. Her eyes seemed to naturally stray towards Janet. At least this answered their eternal is she, isn't she, debate.

Janet was standing now, cheering on the runner to third. Sam flashed back to the silky skin she'd touched while in the kitchen and to the soft lips that had kissed her good night. So many surprises, she couldn't begin to thank her lucky stars. With Cassie at a sleepover, maybe she should take Janet out to dinner tonight and show her The Tumbleweed.

Daniel noticed how Sam followed the Doctor's movements. He was a little shocked at how obvious she was being today. Daniel had seen the attraction there long ago and Sam had never denied it, usually just giving him a sad lopsided grin and ordering another beer. Sam caught him giving her a look. She leaned over.

"The Tumbleweed tonight? Elevenish? I'm bringing a date." Sam bit back a laugh as Daniel's eyebrows just about shot off his forehead.

Daniel grinned at her and nodded his head. Well, so much for pining after Doc Frasier apparently. This looked to be shaping up into an interesting night. The last date Sam had shown up with at the Tumbleweed started a bar brawl. He still had a scar on his forearm from a broken beer bottle. A little scary but damn it had been such a good time….

"Cassie's up!" Janet sat nervously as her daughter came to the plate and stared down the pitcher, ready for anything. With the loud crack of the bat, she leapt to her feet, screaming as her girl belted the ball into right field. "RUN!!!"

Cassie rounded second and hesitated. The base coach signaled for her to run to third, as the right fielder was throwing to second. The ball went high, fumbled by the short stop and Cassie made it to third with no problem. Unfortunately, she was stranded at third as the next batter hit a pop fly out. Still, Janet, Sam and Daniel were cheering her on as she grabbed her glove and headed into the outfield. Today was turning into a great day.

Soon the game was over and Daniel offered to buy a victory snack for his best girl. They ended up at the fifties style diner that he often took Cassie after they'd see a movie. Over fries and chocolate milkshakes, Cassie replayed the game with Janet filling in bits here and there. The two seemed so connected, this shared love of the game. It amused Sam no end.

Daniel and Cass headed over to the Wurlitzer in the corner to pick out an Elvis song. Sam leaned forward and stole a fry from Janet's plate.

"Hey, thief!" Janet playfully held out another one for her, Sam snapping it with her teeth then inching forward to pull it from Janet's fingers, lightly kissing her thumb. Their eyes locked and Janet tried to remember to breathe.

"Hey, Doc, will you have dinner with me tonight?" Sam asked as nonchalantly as possible as she sat up straight and held her breath. This was it, a new boundary about to be crossed.

"Of course Sam, I'd love to." Janet sensed this was a bit of a test, to make sure she was comfortable with the direction they seemed to be headed in. It was clearly an attempt at taking things slow. Like that was going to happen…

Janet was quickly coming to realize how she truly felt. A long cold shower and an afternoon thinking about Sam's touch left little doubt that she was attracted to the woman. She knew Sam better than most people already, their friendship was very important to her. The big question was not whether or not she was attracted to Sam. Rather, did they dare jeopardize the relationship they already had? Their military careers was another huge obstacle, she still didn't even want to start thinking about. Cassie and Daniel plopped down into the booth, knocking her out of her heavy thoughts, Love Me Tender floating over the noise of the busy diner.

"Sorry to eat and run gang, but I gotta get some stuff done back at base." Daniel was starting to collect his laptop and sunglasses from the seat bench. "Great game, Cass. I'll see you ladies later." He gave Sam a quick nod, silently confirming he'd see her sooner than later. She nodded back, mischief dancing in her eyes. She was definitely up to something.

The threesome soon headed back to Janet's house, where Sam hopped on her bike. Cassie dashed inside with a quick "I gotta get ready to go to Sarah's, see yah Sam!" Janet hauled Cassie's equipment bag over her shoulder and stood on the grass beside Sam's bike.

"I'll see you around seven?" Sam asked. She had her helmet ready to go. "Are you okay with taking my bike?" Janet seemed surprised at first, but a smile lit up her eyes a moment later.

"Sounds like fun. See you then" Janet turned and started to head into the house. Sam started the Indian with a roar, tugged on the black helmet and headed back to her apartment. Janet stood on her porch and watched her disappear down the street.

Two dates in as many nights. However, this one had so much more potential, an adventure just waiting to happen. Janet shook her head and smiled to herself.

What the hell was she going to wear?

Seven o'clock on the dot, the Indian rumbled back up into Janet's driveway. The doorbell rang, and she opened the door to reveal a very sexy Major Carter standing there, dressed in black leather pants and t-shirt with a crimson blouse peeking out from the collar of her well loved leather jacket.

"Hi." Sam smiled shyly. Janet blinked and tried to remember to breathe again, before smiling back and leading her date into the house.

"You're right on time." Janet went to her closet door and pulled out a light leather bomber jacket in a dark caramel colour. "Will this be okay for the ride, or…?"

Sam took her time to check out the woman standing in front of her. Black leather cowboy boots hiding under the dark pant legs of Janet's button fly Levis, emerald silk shirt and a black leather vest. Concentrating on the question, she reached out and checked the thickness of the jacket.

"That should be just fine for tonight." From inside her jacket Sam pulled out a surprise. "I have something for you."

A single white rose. Janet felt her heart skip a beat.

" Oh Sam, it's beautiful." Taking the flower, Janet inhaled the scent deeply. Who knew the woman standing shyly before her was such a romantic? There was so much to learn about each other yet. She looked up and stared at the full lips quirked up into a lopsided grin. No time like the present to start…

"Thank you." Their eyes locked for a moment and then Janet brought the soft petals to Sam's mouth and softly ran the flower across her lips. Moving closer, she boldly followed the petals with her own lips. The kiss was warm and friendly, with a promise of more.

Pulling away, Sam smiled and held Janet's jacket open for her to slip it on. Before they left, Janet then went to the kitchen, pulled out a bud vase and took care of her fragile present. Returning to the front door, Sam handed her a helmet and they headed out.

"I've always wondered what it was like to ride a motorcycle." Janet said as Sam hopped on the Indian. She helped the petite brunette onto the back of the seat and pulled Janet's arms snug around her waist.

"Just lean into the corners with me and hang on. I'll take care of the rest." Sam snapped the chinstrap closed on the other helmet, did up her own, and then started the bike.

A throbbing vibration started between their legs, and Janet could understand the sexy appeal to these things. She slid her hands under Sam's jacket, clutching at the woman's abs and pressed tight against her back. She could get to like this, very much.

They headed out of town, onto the open highway, into the desert night. Sam had been lucky to get a reservation at her favourite restaurant. Although she thought Maria just worried about her and had happily made room for her tonight. The bike headed up into the foothills, to a small ranch. A row of cars was parked along a white fence near the ranch house. A small barn sat to the left with a natural pond and flower rock garden hiding beside it. Sheep were corralled behind the barn, their soft lowing echoing in the night air. Sam pulled up to the row of cars and parked. Janet reluctantly let go of her tall friend and was able to get off the bike without falling. Barely.

They left their helmets on the seat and started along the fence. A rose garden with a small swing surrounded the two story house that they were walking towards. A flagstone path led to the wrap around porch and they entered through the open door.

Inside Janet could see that what once had been a large home had been turned into a restaurant, small intimate rooms to the left with the living room a larger area for bigger groups. The place was packed but still it seemed cozy and homey.

"Sam how did you ever find this place?" Janet asked in amazement.

"I know the owners. Maria and Joan are good friends. I helped rebuild the fireplace when they first bought the place." Sam grinned down at her, placed her hand the small of Janet's back and directed her deeper into the ranch house. A plump Mexican woman came out of what once had been a kitchen and greeted them.

"Samantha Carter!" Sam was engulfed in a bear hug by the small woman. "It's been too long since you were here. You tell Uncle Sam to give you a night off more often!"

Sam laughed and rolled her eyes as she returned the woman's embrace. "I'll try my best, Maria." Janet watched, eyes twinkling with amusement. "This is my friend, Dr. Janet Frasier."

"A doctor! Well done Sam." Maria leaned even closer to whisper, ignoring the blonde woman's rolling eyes. Then pulling away she turned and shook Janet's hand "Nice to meet you Dr. Frasier. Come sit down, your table is ready." She led the way through a swinging door into the house's original kitchen, which held three tables. They were seated beside the staircase, two tall candles burning bright.

Maria opened the fifties style refridgerator and pulled out a nice white wine from the wine rack inside. Two wine glasses appeared, cork popped and wine poured before they knew it. Then Maria disappeared through a door to a back room.

"Is that another kitchen back there?" Janet asked. This place was certainly different, just like the owners she suspected.

"Yeah, Joan wanted a totally new one and it was easier to add on than to renovate this one. Besides they can use the extra seating space in here. El Rancho is gaining patrons all the time."

Sam sipped appreciatively at the wine. "They live upstairs. The restaurant is only open Thursday to Sunday and they have a small cabin further up the hill that they rent out. One of the out sheds is being converted now to be rented out for larger parties."

Another plump woman with short grey hair slipped out from the kitchen, white apron snugly tied around her waist. "Sam!" Sam stood and wrapped her arms around the woman.

"Joan. How are you?" Joan waved at Sam to sit back down.

"Good, good. Business is great." Joan turned to check out the pretty doctor Maria had just been raving about.

"Joan, this is my friend Janet Frasier." Sam's shy lop sided grin spoke volumes to her friend. She really liked this new girl.

Janet just smiled and took the chef's hand. This was another small test, meeting some of Sam's friends, having them check out her latest girl.

"It's a pleasure Janet. I must head back into the kitchen before Miquel burns something. We have three items on the menu tonight, chicken, fish or steak. I recommend the grilled Salmon steak with lemon sauce, greens and wild rice." Joan turned back to the tall blonde. "You want your usual steak I assume?" Sam nodded enthusiastically.

"The salmon sounds perfect." Janet said. Joan nodded her approval and headed back into the kitchen.

"So, do you think I passed?" Janet tasted her wine. Sam chuckled.

"Yeah, I'd say so. They haven't seen me much the last year or so." Sam sighed softly. Not since Cassie arrived, Janet realized. "Before that I hung around a fair bit helping out on my time off. Rarely did I bring anyone with me. Daniel's been here once or twice."

"Speaking of Daniel, the rumour for a while was—" Janet started a little awkwardly, but needing to know if he was competition or a ghost that needed to be dealt with.

"No! God, no." Sam nipped that rumour in the bud. "We're just friends. People think O'Neil and I are hot for each too. I swear the base is one big gossip mill."

Janet nodded having had heard that one too. She briefly wondered how bad the rumour mill would affect them, if they ever figured out about the two of them. She tried not to think about it.

Soon Sam was telling stories of her early days in the Air Force. Janet spoke of her residency at a large hospital in Boston. Their meals arrived and consumed with gusto as Cassie's latest science project was deemed in desperate need of help and they quietly debated the merits of what SG-8 uncovered last week. O'Neil's latest out burst was laughed at. Soon apple pie and ice cream was delivered and devoured, their excellent bottle of wine was long finished and coffee drained. One final farewell to Maria and Joan and the twosome were out the door.

"Are you ready for some dancing to wear off that wonderful meal?" Sam asked shyly as they meandered through the rose garden nestled outside the restaurant. A light breeze scattered the scent of roses around them.

"Sure, the night is young." Janet's breath caught as she looked up at Sam. The moonlight highlighted her blonde locks turning them a bright white, intense blue eyes watching her, full lips begging to be kissed.

Sam must have read her mind, as she moved closer and gently pressed her lips to Janet's. Time seemed to stand still, giving and taking, claiming and being claimed. All too soon they separated. Grabbing her hand Sam pulled away and led her back to her bike before they once again headed into the desert night, adventure waiting to happen.

The Tumbleweed was busy as usual on a hot Saturday night. Daniel held court at his usual table near the jukebox. The Travelers coach, Eddie Taylor, sat to his left, studying the printouts from today's game. A few other SGC personnel came and went. Daniel was impatient for Sam to arrive with her new mystery girl.

"Want a beer, Danny?" Eddie stood ready to head for the bar. My goodness he was tall… Daniel pushed his glasses up higher on his nose and nodded. The well built coach sauntered to the bar, and Daniel watched him go. Oh yes, the man had a very nice ass too. He sighed happily to himself.

"Jackson, you are such a slut!" Sam dropped down into the empty chair across the table, Coors Light bottle in hand. Daniel couldn't help but return her rakish smile, which promptly froze on his face as he saw Dr Janet Frasier break through the crowd beside her.

"I think I saw Sergeant Smythe by the pool table…" Janet said to Sam as she sat down too.

Turning she suddenly realized that she knew the friend Sam had mentioned they were meeting. "Daniel!"

"Janet!" His smile widened even more. "Sam, you could warn a guy!" He was incredibly happy for his friend.

"No kidding." Janet agreed. "I never guessed there was so many from the base here. Don't ask, don't tell is in full effect I see…" She looked up as the familiar form of her daughters baseball coach sauntered up to their table and put Daniel's Heineken down before sitting back down. "Eddie Taylor!" Janet couldn't believe her eyes.

"Doc Frasier! Good to see you." Eddie took a swig of his draught. Sam was chuckling away. Daniel just gave her an evil look. A popular dance song started up blaring through the sound system and Daniel was whisked off to the dance floor by the suntanned coach.

"Sam, this seems so surreal. There is this whole other world right there in front of me. I feel so stupid." Janet sipped her draft beer. A comforting hand covered hers on the table, and Sam leaned in and kissed her temple.

"Not stupid, just not what you're used to looking for." Sam smiled gently. Janet glanced up at the blonde woman, feeling slightly better. "This is all very new to you. Give yourself a break." Sam moved slightly away as Lieutenant Sandra Baker and her partner Lieutenant Terry Mitchell stopped at their table.

"Sam, Dr. Frasier, nice to see you here." Baker beamed. Janet's eyes narrowed and she had a feeling that a lot of bets would be settled with this new development between her and Sam. She wasn't sure how she felt about that really.

"Hey Sandra. Why don't you and Terry join us?" Sam asked, wishing they wouldn't. She didn't feel like sharing Janet a whole lot just yet.

"Sorry, can't. Terry's about to kick Spike's butt at pool." Sandra waved and the two disappeared into the crowd.

"Spike?" Janet asked, still slightly off balance at all the people she knew here.

"Uggghhhh, know it all pool shark, loves to bate military types. Terry's been practicing though. Hope she wins." Sam explained.

"Are they together?" Janet asked, already thinking back to how often she'd seen them mingling at work, or just eating at the base cafeteria together. Subtle.

"Oh yeah, about two years now. Sandra and I used to hang out for a while but we never got very far. When Terry transferred in she just knocked her off her feet." Like Janet had done to her. Sam didn't want to linger on her ex-girlfriend. The music started to change, a slightly slower song next in the mix. The thought of Janet in her arms was too much to resist. "Want to dance?"

Janet just grinned as the tall blonde pulled her up and onto the crowded dance floor.

Daniel and Eddie were still up, dancing and snuggling together. They make a cute couple… Janet blinked and realized that she was starting to get used to things. It still seemed odd to see men dancing with men and women with women. She turned her attention to the woman in front of her.

Sam moved smoothly with the beat, arms waving around her, showing off a little. Janet's movements countered Sam's perfectly and together they made an appealing couple. When Janet moved closer to Sam she could just hear her singing along with the song. It was adorable. Soon the music moved on. And they danced.

Daniel and Eddie were chatting at the table when the two women returned wearily to their seats.

"Janet, we were just saying that Cassie's average is up. That triple today really shows how hard she's been practicing at the batting cages." Eddie started enthusiastically, drawing Janet into their conversation. Sam excused herself as the talk turned to ball.

On her way out of the ladies room, Sandra came up beside her. "Samantha Carter, you've been holding out on us." Sam smiled to herself. She decided to stop and chat with her and Terry. "When did you finally get the nerve to ask her out?"

"This afternoon." Sam ran a hand bashfully through her short hair, unable to keep the huge smile from her lips.

"You dog." Terry leaned on her pool stick, smiling at the practically glowing Major. "I never thought the Doctor and you would ever get together."

"Hell, I bet money on it," Sandra chimed in. "And Jackson is going to make me squirm. Maybe I should change my bet on him and O'Neill."

"Are you girls gonna pose or play?" A familiar voice drifted over from the pool table. A dark head peered over the edge of the table as change dropped into the mechanism and the pool balls dropped. Janet's mischievous grin was irresistible.

"Dr. Frasier! I didn't see you there." Sandra turned at the sound.

"Rack'em up girls. Carter, you and me against the good Lieutenants?" Janet cocked her head slightly, eyes challenging. Terry and Sandra exchanged pleased looks and Sam crouched to pull the triangle out from the table and set up the balls. The waitress brought over a fresh round of drinks as Sam broke and the game started in earnest.

As Terry started to clean up the table, Sam leaned over to whisper in Janet's ear. "We're dead."

Janet shivered slightly at the warm tingle Sam's voice caused. She looked up into the blonde's eyes, smiling.

"Do you trust me?" Janet whispered back, the room seeming to fade from Sam's world.

"Completely." Sam suddenly felt like they were talking about a lot more than just pool. Janet stared calmly back into her eyes and smiled mysteriously.

Terry missed her shot, and Janet was up. The moment had passed.

"Then watch and learn, grasshopper."

Daniel and Eddie and a small group of their friends sat at his usual table. Sam and Janet walked up, Janet counting a small wad of money.

"Dear Lord, you didn't send her up against Spike did you?" Daniel shook his head in disbelief.

"He asked for it!" Janet plunked down onto a recently vacated chair. "He watched us beat Baker and Mitchell---"

"We!" Sam broke in. "You mean you!"

Janet waved her down. "Anyway, he needed to be taken down a notch."

"What are you some kinda con artist Doc?" Eddie leaned forward to hear better. Daniel rubbed his back affectionately.

"College champ, 1983." Frasier smiled at the men.

Sam's jaw dropped. "Really? You never said."

Janet looked over at her and smiled.

"That's just the tip of the iceberg, sweetheart."

"So I'm beginning to realize…" Sam muttered. The bar was starting to really fill up now, getting loud and smoky, almost claustrophobic. "Did you want to head out?" She wanted Janet to herself more and more now.

"Let's go!" Janet grinned back, more than ready to hop on that Indian again. "See you boys."

Sam walked over and gave Daniel a big hug. "See you later, Daniel."

"I'm so happy for you, Sam." Daniel whispered. If Sam could get Frasier, maybe someday Jack... he didn't even want to let himself hope. She hugged him tighter for an instant, then waved to Eddie and followed the compact brunette out of the bar.

Daniel lifted his glass as the two women left and smiled.

"About damn time ladies…"

Janet fumbled with her keys until she found the right one. She was having one of those weird deja vous moments from the night before except this time her date was standing beside her on the porch, distracting her by absently playing with a loose strand of dark hair tickling by her ear. She finally was able to concentrate and opened the door to the house. Ushering the distracting blonde inside Janet closed the door behind her guest before leaning back against it and sighing.

Finally they were home.

Janet suddenly realized that was exactly how she felt when she was with Sam, like she was finally at home, at peace with herself and the world around her. She liked who she was when they were together. And she couldn't believe that Sam wanted to be with her too. The woman was brilliant, funny, great with Cassie, considerate…

Sam turned at that moment to stare at her, emotions swirling deep within her intense blue eyes, stealing the breath right out of Janet's lungs. Beautiful. How could she have forgotten beautiful and dear God, sexy! Sam Carter could be with anyone, and all she seemed to want was her.

Janet shook her head at that thought and moved to flick the light switch on beside the door, but soon found her hands tangled inside Sam's open jacket instead. Her lips were captured in a searing kiss, her roving hands exploring the warm body beneath the jacket. Sliding between the lining and the silky blouse, Janet pulled the tall blonde closer. She knew what she wanted too, and Sam was it.

Sam broke the kiss, but Janet's strong arms held her close. She looked into the dark eyes before her, easily recognizing the desire sparkling there, and dipped her head to nuzzle along the brunette's fine hair on her temple, kissing a short path to a delicate earlobe. She thrilled at the sound of Janet's soft moan.

Sucking gently on the tender lobe, Sam's hands started to move against the small woman. She slid into Janet's bomber jacket and ran her hands across a taut stomach. "So soft," she whispered into the darkness.

Shifting slightly, Sam needed to taste the full lips before her once again. Long moments passed, tongues teasing and sliding against each other, wet and slick. Finally pulling apart for much needed air, their eyes locked. Sam needed to know one last thing before she went forward.

"Look at me and tell me that you don't feel the way I do. Tell me that you don't want my hands on your body right now, my lips on your skin, my voice in your ear moaning your name. Look me in the eye and tell me you don't want me as your lover, and I'll go." Sam knew this was it, Janet's last chance to save what would be left of their friendship or move it completely into a new direction, together.

Their bodies were pressed so tightly together Sam could feel toned abs moving against her own with each breath as Janet panted, thinking hard. She could see the flux of emotions flowing behind the chocolate brown eyes and waited for the final decision.

Janet could barely catch her breath. This was it, the final test, the last step. There would be no going back from this. There was still the opportunity to stop and call it a day. There was time to still salvage some sort of friendship from the ruins of what would be left if she stopped now.

But Janet didn't want to stop.

Sure she was afraid, for their careers, of trying to survive Sam not coming back from a mission someday, from somehow screwing up yet another relationship. Janet was scared of so many things beyond her control, but she only had to look into those calm blue eyes, so trusting and loving and everything else faded away. She had asked Sam to trust her, now she needed to do the same.

It was time for a new beginning. Together.

Sam gasped as the smiling brunette suddenly shifted against her, turning her and pressing her back against the door. She couldn't ignore the energy pulsing between them, nor the flush of desire that flooded through her body, as she was pressed between the wood and the very seductive curves of her date.

Janet's dark eyes traveled possessively down the long lean body before her, sexual tension lacing her words. Sam's soft gasp was not lost on her, nor was the racing beat of her heart twitching at the base of her neck. She could feel Sam's hot breath on her lips, the taut lean muscles of her stomach muscles stretching and tensing against her own.

"I choose you. This. Us." Janet cupped the gently flushed cheek and slid her fingers into the short blonde hair, pulling her soon to be lover closer. "Now kiss me good night, Major."

Before Janet knew it she was leaning forward staring into the bright blue eyes, almost daring her to make the next move, but hesitated, stopping just before touching her mouth. Sam focused on her lips a moment longer, before her eyes fluttered shut and she quickly closed the distance between them, her kiss sealing their fates.

A moan, soft and needy, vibrated against Janet's mouth. Her hand snaked up into short blonde hair, almost painfully grasping the nape of Sam's neck to keep her steady and right where she wanted her as their kiss deepened. She was finally free to do as she wanted, to let herself explore and discover, to take and be taken. Janet didn't want to miss a second of it.

Somehow they found their way to the bedroom, a trail of clothing and desperate kisses the only thing marking the way. Sam pushed her soon to be lover down onto the soft bed, her eyes traveling down the tempting curves and valleys awaiting her touch. This was so much better than any of her dreams had even hinted at.

"Finally." Sam smiled tenderly before her eyes grew large again. Then she descended, devouring the petite brunette with sweet kisses, taking her into her arms, molding their bodies together, the silky friction of skin against skin driving her almost insane with pleasure .

The soft duvet below her and Sam's toned curves above were are almost too much for Janet to take in. She watched as Sam reverently ran her fingertips along her cheek, tracing her eyebrows, memorizing the flecks of amber hidden in the chocolate of Janet's eyes before she once more dipped down for a searing kiss.

Sam knew that Janet had been married before and as a doctor knew her way around the human body. Still it surprised her a little as Janet rolled her to her back and confidently started mapping her body, caressing and sucking, finding favourite spots as she willingly laid trapped beneath, moaning and writhing with need.

"Mine." Janet sighed happily, her roving hand suddenly slowing as she dipped lower, finding Sam wet and ready for her. Their eyes once more locked as Janet slowly explored, pressing deep and truly making Sam hers. Sam's hips arched off the bed to meet her thrusts as she began to set their pace, soon adding the extra strength of her muscled thigh between her legs.

Janet smiled as she heard Sam make a small sound at the back of her throat as she curled her fingers and found that spot she knew would be irresistible. She chuckled softly and made a sympathetic groan as Sam writhed below her, before she claimed her sweet mouth once again, kissing her hard. She thrilled as Sam's body tensed, bucking hard, straining to pull her deeper.

"Look at me, Sam." Blue eyes snap open at the soft request as her mind tries desperately to focus, but Janet's touch is too distracting. She was so close, and Janet knew it.

"I want to watch you come for me." Dark eyes sparkle and all Sam can do is nod and gasp as she is rewarded by a thumb suddenly circling her clit. It's like Janet could see into her soul, and she was overwhelmed by her. Suddenly Sam's body responds, coming hard, shuddering with release. Janet's name is ripped from her throat followed by breathy cries and still she stared into the velvet darkness of her eyes, exposing everything to her as asked.

Finally Sam's racing heart started to slow and she blinked up at her new lover. Janet's indulgent smile warmed her and she gently moved her hands along her lean body again.

"Holy Hannah…" Sam sighed, starting to catch her breath.

Janet chuckled, pleased with herself. She snuggled closer, burrowing against Sam's neck and the blonde put her long arms around her and held her, breathing her in.

"Good?" Janet felt long fingers trace lazily along the curve of her back and she shivered slightly.

"Better than good," Sam sighed. "Perfect." She lay there, her energy returning quickly as she started to plot her attack on the curvaceous body resting on top of her.

Janet slowly moved to once again take Sam's lips, sinking deeper into the languid heat of her mouth, tongues dueling and playing together. She didn't even realize she was being rolled over until her backside hit the sheets. As Sam settled on top of her, she slid between the strong legs and discovered just how ready Janet was for her.

"Jesus, Janet…" Sam gasped and rolled her hips slightly, grinding into her lover, before dragging her thigh against her center. Janet's needy moan hit her hard and she turned her attention to exploring the sweet body beneath her. Janet kissed her softly as she began roaming sensitive skin with her fingers, soft tickling trails down her sides, across her breasts and nipples, over her toned abs.

Janet seemed so small below her, tiny, petite, yet Sam knew she was a force to be reckoned with. She pulled away from the tempting lips and stared into the dark depths of this amazing woman. Janet wanted her. Now.

Nipping a trail down her throat, Sam licked across her collarbone, dipping between pert breasts to find her taut belly. Janet's sudden giggles make her tummy twitch and Sam looks up at her over the naked swell of her stomach, lifting a teasing eyebrow. Giving her a half smile, Sam ducked her head again and turned her attention back to tracing the salty hollows of her abs with her tongue.

With Janet's gasps urging her onward, Sam nuzzled along her belly button and then moved across to claim one breast and then the other. Long fingers skimmed the length of the doctor's body, the feathery caress barely there as her mouth teased the stiff nipples

When Sam's hand finally wandered down to where Janet's legs meet, she found her swollen and slick, spreading herself a little wider for her lover. Sam teased her clit, smiling as Janet arched up to meet her, gasping and trying to catch a deep breath, followed quickly by thick moans.

"Please…" Janet finally whispers on an exhale, slow and steady. Sam stared in awe, as Janet felt everything so intensely, responding so subtly to her sure touch, her body inviting her caresses with every movement. They both moaned with pleasure as Sam sank deep into her, their bodies dancing back and forth together.

Janet's arms snaked around Sam's neck, like she needed to feel her lover even closer to her. Sam instinctually picked up the tempo of her thrusts, angling deeper, and Janet moved with her, panting into her ear, rocking harder. She felt her start to tighten, her body clenching around her fingers. Suddenly Janet's back arched and she came hard, releasing a deep cry as she came, shuddered against her partner.

Tangled together in a heap, exhausted and spent, Janet softly kissed her, their thundering heartbeats slowing. Sam shifted her larger frame off her, sliding to one side but keeping close as Janet quiets in her arms and they hold each other, curling together, touching softly.

Janet stared at her friend, her new lover. What had she been so afraid of? She ran the pad of her thumb across Sam's full plump lips and kissed her once more. She was so damn beautiful it made her ache inside. Pulling apart slightly Janet finally knew her heart.

"I love you, Sam." She whispered into the night. Janet's arms were suddenly full, the long lean body crushing against her, nuzzling into her neck, just keeping her close. She felt damp tears against her neck, and sighed into the blonde tousled hair, surrendering to the peace. To the love. To the promise of a new beginning for the both of them.

Sam lifted her head and graced Janet with a watery smile. She had finally found home.

"I love you too."

The End

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