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Chimaera the Way it Should Have Been 1
By Celievamp

Pete stopped the car outside the house. "This was nice, Samantha. I hope we can see each other again sometime. In fact, as I don't have to be back in Denver until the day after tomorrow – what are you doing tomorrow night? Perhaps we could go dancing?"

"I'm sorry Pete, but I'm going to be busy for the next couple of days, I'm afraid," Sam lied. In fact she was still on medical leave for the head injury she had received on the Prometheus. Reflecting, she thought that that alone could account for her monumentally stupid decision to allow her brother to fix her up for a date with his friend who happened to be in town. That and she was too chickenshit to tell Mark that she was gay and in a happy stable relationship with a beautiful woman who meant the world to her. A beautiful woman who had hopefully by now calmed down enough for Sam to explain to her the rationale in doing this.

She glanced up at the house and was relieved to see that the door was open and that Janet was sitting on the swingseat in the porch, enjoying the evening warmth. Watching and yet not watching them. At the same moment she realised that Pete was closing in for a kiss. She put out a hand to forestall him.

"I'm sorry, Pete. It has been a really nice evening but… I'm not looking to get into any kind of relationship at the moment. I'm sorry if Mark led you to believe otherwise."

"Hey, don't get ahead of yourself here. I'm not talking about a relationship, I'm just being friendly is all," Pete said, trying to kiss her again.

Sam evaded him, opening the car door. "I should go." She was half out of the car door when he grabbed her wrist, almost pulling her back into the car again. Even without looking to check, Sam knew that Janet was on her feet and heading down the drive towards them.

"Please, let go of me," Sam said, trying to keep her voice even. He had another ten seconds or so before she really hurt him. Cop or no cop.

"Sam, is everything okay?" Janet asked, stopping a few feet away from the car.

"Everything's fine, lady," Pete said. He was getting a vibe from this. He'd always had an instinct for these things. He tightened his grasp on Samantha's wrist, feeling the fine bones creak and then yelped in pain himself as his thumb was suddenly at an impossible angle and felt as if it was coming out of its socket. Agony speared up his arm. Where the hell had she learnt to do that? He let go of her and she backed away from him, the smaller woman putting her hand on the small of her back.

"So, I'm guessing Mark doesn't know about this side of your life, Samantha because no way does a guy set up his best mate with his dyke sister."

"No, Mark does not know," Sam said. "Because it is really none of his business how I live my life." He had made that plain to her years ago.

"And I guess your bosses don't know either. Establishment takes a real dim view of gays in the military."

"Just go, please, before you say something you'll really regret. I'm sorry if I dented your expectations for the evening," Sam said. "Please, just go."

"Oh, I'm going, but you haven't heard the last of this, lady. I'm gonna have a real interesting conversation with your brother for starters." The car door slammed shut, the engine revved and he was gone.

Sam slumped against Janet. "Oh god, that was awful."

"Well, if you'd followed my advice in the first place, sweetie," Janet said. "Come inside now. I think we've given the neighbours enough free entertainment and I want to take a look at your wrist, make sure that ape didn't do any damage beyond bruising." She could feel the young woman was starting to shake. For a hard as nails combat trained front line military officer Sam Carter hated confrontations. "And I think you need to repeat the Infirmary Mantra a few times."

"Dr Janet is always right," Sam said her face breaking into a tired grin. "I will not question Dr Janet's judgement on any matter."

"And you'd better believe it, sweetie," Janet said, pressing a quick kiss to her lover's cheek. "And once I've checked your wrist I think you should phone your brother and kindly ask him not to set you up with any more Neanderthal testosterone poisoned rednecked imbecilic pricks!"

That did it. Sam started to giggle. "Get my revenge in first, huh. That might work." She sighed. "Janet, love. If I ever do anything that stupid again just to appease my brother, shoot me!"

"Well, shooting you seems to be a bit excessive," Janet said. They were in the house now, Janet leading her towards the small downstairs washroom so that she could bathe Sam's rapidly bruising wrist, one hand still resting comfortingly in the small of Sam's back. "I could always spank you, though." Her hand slid down to her lover's perfectly formed rump, feeling Sam shiver under her touch as she gently squeezed the firm flesh.

"I think I deserve that," Sam said, her voice suddenly husky. Janet stared at her lover's reflection in the small mirror over the sink and swore she saw Sam's eyes darken several shades. Oh yeah, the thought of that really turned her on. She did not miss the wince of pain however as Sam immersed her bruised wrist in the cold water.

"Save that thought for later," she said, reaching up on top of the cabinet for the first aid box and a support bandage. "Let's get your wrist sorted first and then you can dump on Pete to your brother."

"Sounds like a plan."

The End

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