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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is my first fanfic based on SG: SG1. It is ongoing, and starts with an established relationship of Sam and Janet with flashbacks to significant events of their past. Feedback? Yes please everyone knows writers thrive on feedback. It was a wild idea I had brewing for a long time and had written fragments of it and finally decided to put it all together. I also used Miss Teryl's take on how she saw Janet's family in The Stargate SG1: Illustrated Companion Seasons 1 & 2, too bad Miss Amanda had not done the same for Sam, make things a little easier had she done so. Also want to note that the Malakim are supposed to have been the angelic beings running around with swords of flame in biblical text, being all-virtuous, any info on them can be found in A Dictionary of Angels. It is a great archive to look up angelic (Asgard maybe even the Tok'ra) and demon (Goa'uld) names. And for Sam I used the textbooks Astrophysics as well as Quantum Physics, paraphrased of course and used WEB MD for Janet.
SPOILER: This is a fairly independent series, with several mentions of seasons past. (Note this is also going that Dr. Daniel Jackson has returned in the upcoming season seven). It also is set far into the future.

Exiles Gate
By Elizabeth Carter

Chapter One


It would rain for another week. The ridge was slowly becoming flooded and with the constant rainfall below as well the heavy mists remained trapped concealing all enemy movement. The rain continued to fall for another three days before any action would take place within SG's camp.

The mists hide everything. They swirl and slide around you as you walk, caressing you with unseen hands, clutching at your feet. Once in a while the mists play games with you. Most of the time you walk through a thick fog unable to see more than a few feet in front in any direction. Your own boots lost in the mist carpet below. Sometimes though the fog closes in suddenly and then you cannot see at all.

SG warriors blundered into more than one tree when that happened. There was a war at mistfall. The sun became for a short time vicious in the first of the daily battles but now the conflict was renewed. The mists began to creep back to the heights as the as the temperature fell. Wispy grey-white tendrils stole up slithering from the valleys and curled around the jagged mountain peaks like ghostly fingers. Then the fingers began to grow thicker and stronger and after awhile they pulled the mists up after them one by one they struck, wind covered summits were swallowed up for another rain-soaked night. The lapping white ocean covered the tops of trees far below even as it closed around the precipice. Always the mist came lapping as the ocean against the cliffs. Colonel Samantha Carter's determination to wait it out had inevitably failed. The rain had worked its magic on the moral of her company as well. Soon even the stoutest willed of her warriors began to despair. They were anxious to leave the sodden lands. They were hungry for warmth and dry cloths, better foodstuffs and warm hearths; they wanted to be free of the confines of the caverns they had taken shelter in. They waited to move, wondering if their commander was going to yield or fight. Waiting was no longer an option. Sam knew it.

Under her command in this particular mission, not only was Sam the CO of her normal SG team, but also SG3 a small troop of Marines. And then there were the Malakim warriors, who had deferred to her as their commander in this particular operation. The Malakim was a unique species, which was indigenous to P35633 though the binary code of the planet had been replaced by its true name, Chimera. The Malakim were winged humanoids, appearing rather like angelic beings then aliens with the wingspan of at least twelve feet which ranged in colors of iridescent black-blue to the hues commonly found in the tale feathers of peacocks. Their eyes were almond-shaped not unlike the dark orbs of the Asgards, with an array of rainbow hues. Their long thick hair came in a rage of unique colors as well from teal to purple to white to most shades found on a human head, was not unlike the Nox. Their ears were long and tapered, coming to sharp points. They were tall; with the smallest of them standing six feet, though most stood nearly seven feet in height. Their voices were lyrical not unlike a concerto of flutes and violins, sweet to the ear, and pleasant to soul. The Malakim's resonance was honor, a framework of integrity even more sacred to them their own lives. Because Sam had saved inadvertently the life of the Malakim's chieftain Novalis, the tall blonde had thus gained the support of her warriors. This particular band of seven winged folk had pledged not only their loyalty to Sam, but also their honor to her specifically.

It was one of these warriors now who touched down in front of Sam's lodgings. She approached the colonel's table, which had atlas atop of it, and small miniatures representing the three Goa'uld motherships, where the Stargate had once stood before it was destroyed by a Jaffa cannon, as well where the SG camp was located with in the cliffs of Razorback mountain range, the Eyrie, home to the Malakim and the temple far below it. The winged warrior knelt before her Colonel, her great purple wings sweeping the floor of the cave, her closed fist clapped over her heart in a salute.

"Colonel, aerial recognizance reports very little. The Goa'ulds Imhotepe, Baal and Zipcana and their Jaffa guards remain near their base. They have not moved out, the rain has caused a flood in the lower ravine they are immobile from ground movement. And in this inclement weather they are as grounded as we are, it is futile for them to operate their Death-gliders." She now stood before her commander.

"At least we have that working for us." Sam muttered softly. "Arian, this cave system goes further back into the mountains, right?" Impossible blue eyes watched the young woman in front of her, waiting for some measure of hope however small.

"Yes Colonel." The tall lavender haired warrior titled her head. "But as I said it is perilous to traverse further, the structural integrity is very questionable. The seismic shifts of the rock are precarious at best any sound could create an avalanche."

"We are trapped here, Arian. And we are running out of options. We are cut off from the Eyrie, the Stargate is obliterated and I have no way of knowing if my transmission got thru to Stargate Command. We are running out of food and the only thing we have plenty of is water. The Jaffa wont be stationary for long and eventually they will discover what happened to us. The lure of the Naquaada in this mountain is too much of a temptation for them not to come." Sam lifted her ice blue eyes peering at the mouth of the cave, past the encampment of her troops.

At the very least, the new moon played havoc upon the plan of the Jaffa for the dark became exceptionally dangerous to negotiate not only the mountain but also the ravine far below. The woods seemed ever more daunting as it was lost not only in the dark but the thick wall of fog. Not even the superior technology of the Jaffa warriors could penetrate the veil of mist, it was simply too wet, too dark and too foggy to make an effective offensive against the SG teams. But still Sam had to make a move. She had to do something. Sitting her waiting to be picked off wasn't an option.

Outside the cave, black malignant clouds gathered, pregnant with more rain, a deluge of cold ice water fell, backlight by purple-blue lightning, accompanied by a cacophony of thunderous roars. Nature itself was at war, taking any prisoner, for she did not discriminate between good and evil all were equal in her eyes.

This was not the first time; Sam had faced overwhelming odds and come thru. What seemed like ages ago she when still a captain she had with the then Colonel Jack O'Neill, Teal's and Dr. Daniel Jackson and Master Bra'tac had taken down two Goa'uld ships belonging to an arch nemesis Apophasis. She had died by Apophasis' hands and resurrected by the Nox. Trapped in the Artic, believing she was on some ice-planet, frustrated beyond belief because she felt inept that she couldn't make the gate work. There was the time she was taken by the disease Broca Syndrome. Hell she had even been taken over by a Tok'ra and suffered infestation by the Entity nearly dieing in both cases if it wasn't for her beloved's decisive actions. There were far more instances that Sam could count that the scales had weighed against her. In fact, her beloved remarked once upon a time, that danger and impossible situations had to be Sam's hobby.

Her beloved…Sam looked out at the night teaming with torturous storm clods, reflecting back to another similar storm.

It was pouring out; the roads leading from Cheyenne Mountain Complex were nearly flooded, making negotiating them upon her Indian more then dangerous, it was a fool's folly. Of course she had to have rode her bike to work last week, now the young Captain was stuck riding it back home.

Deciding that she wanted to hit Graystokes before she went home, Sam turned off route that would take her down to the private ladies club. Besides the woman's only bar was a wonderful way to rid herself of the tension built up after becoming a slave to the chauvinistic male dominated Chav'adie and O'Neill's bantering about the dresses she was forced to ware. Yeah a few drinks, would feel good right about now, time to relax and let her hair down or so to speak. Hell maybe the storm would let up, by the time she would leave.

By the time she pulled up to the bar she was a sodden mess. She parked the Indian under the eaves of the bar and pulled off her helmet tucking it in the saddlebag before she moved into the bar's warmth. In the coziness of the club there were a few of the regulars who knew her by name, friends if not acquaintances, that knew only that Sam was an astrophysicist, and she kept it that way. Of course there were a few Marines who belonged to SGC who knew the young blonde to be more than that, but the ladies being in the same boat as the captain had kept the knowledge that Sam was apart of the military silent, just as she did for them.

On this particular night, Sam after ordering an imported malt beer, noticed a young beautiful dark haired woman. What struck her first was the woman's stature. She was so tiny, just a little bit of a thing. Sam was intrigued. She watched for a moment, gaining a glimpse of the Lilliputian woman. And when she saw her face, Sam felt the breath sucked out of her lungs. She was stunning. Dark red-auburn hair framed angelic features. Brilliant chocolate brown eyes, gleaming in the dim light of the club, had captured Sam's own blue orbs. Fine delicate yet well defined perfectly proportioned frame.

"Holy Hanna, the woman is gorgeous." Sam uttered into her beer.

"What a catch huh?" Said Stacey, Sam's long time friend she had met in Desert Storm; they had even dated at one time. "I've never seen her in here before." Stacey was one of Graystokes part-time bouncers. She was once a Marine diesel mechanic but now into turned Harley mechanic, had known every face that had ever been in the establishment. "Why don't you go up and say hi?"

Sam snorted, "First contact and I, not exactly good friends. I never know what to say."

"So…" Stacey prompted. "Never seen you back down from a challenge before Flygirl."

"Isn't that a bit sophomoric, challenging me to see if I can't pick her up?"

"Yeah, and you're point would be?"

Sam cast a dubious look to her old friend, then back to the tiny dark maned temptress across the way. "She could be with some one, I can't imagine anyone like her being alone."

"Go look in the mirror, Flygirl." Stacey nudged Sam's shoulder. The other woman was a love child between Chyna and Xena, complete with a long mane of dark locks and dark mahogany eyes, nearly reached six feet in height and far more built then Sam, nearly knocked the slightly shorter blonde's drink out of her hand. "You're drop dead gorgeous and alone, so…hell…go for it."

Sam took a long draught of her beer, weighing her options, the one thing she didn't want to come off as to this goddess was an overly lust driven slut-puppy. Gaining the tiny serine's attention would need a great expenditure of tact and finesse, but not so much that Sam would come off sacrin and false.

Sam sucked in a breath of deep air pondering just how she would approach the other woman, her mind racing a thousand parsecs a minute. First things first, she had at least look presentable; she knew that coming in from the downpour outside she had to closely resemble a drowned cat. Running a hand thru short-cropped hair Carter, tied in vain to get her unruly honey colored hair in order.

"Go on, Flygirl you look fine." Stacey urged. "Okay so you appear little wild and windblown but hey that look was always good on you. You don't want her to get away before you had a chance to at least say hello."

"I'm baiting my time Stace, I have to make sure that she is actually not someone's girl. The last thing I want is egg on my face, and besides I like a little brains with those I date, beauty isn't enough."

"You won't find out if she has gray matter Sam if you don't go talk to her." The tall dark haired bouncer pointed out. That was one thing she knew well in her ex, that Samantha Carter had a tendency to over analyze things. Of course when you were a card-carrying genius that was an easy thing to do.

What was the phrase? She had an IQ like a long distance phone number; of course Sam's IQ was an overseas long distance phone number. Stacey when dating Sam had been astonished at the woman's intellect. On a wager, with friend of theirs they had tested Sam's capabilities. The tall blonde recited the periodic table back-to-front, listened to Wagner's Sigmund, played chess with the international champion, won in four moves, without even looking at the chessboard, watched, Prophecy, a movie she had never seen, without sound and was able to narrate what had been said, and built a perfect scale model replica of the Vatican, using Legos, and all at the same time. It was hypothesized that Samantha Carter used more then just 10% of her brain, but she was never officially tested to what she was truly capable of. The military was simply thankful they had her in their ranks.

Samantha Carter was the sort of person that had to keep busy; she was always working on some project, whether scientific, or inventing some computer program, making a model F16 with all the bells and whistles for aerial reconnaissance or her greatest passion researching the stars. It was absolutely impossible for Sam to remain inactive and simply tune out the world. Hell the young captain even if she was at home watching a TV program she had her laptop out working on some project or at least a half a dozen. And it was rare that she let herself simply take a brake and hang out at the bar, for the simple pleasure of not doing anything.

To Stacey who was a workaholic herself had thought more then on one occasion that the young blonde needed an intervention because of her addiction to work. There were a few reasons they had broken up, but they had remained long time good friends afterwards. The mechanic was loath to see that Sam, had yet to become seriously involved with someone…hell it was like what 18 months since the blonde had dated? Then there was that fiasco with what was his ugly face? Sam had decided to take a trip to boy's town and date that megalomaniac, yeah the bastered was charming and Sam almost took the plunge before she came to her senses. Stacey blamed herself for part of that, for it was just after they broke up that Sam experimented with a heterosexual relationship. Seeing her ex, intrigued by the Lilliputian dark haired woman was a way to make up for the past.

Janet Fraiser a newcomer to Colorado Springs, had decided to check out the local nightlife, not that she would have a lot of time to indulge in such a life, but at least she could be familiar with it. She had looked up on the Internet the "family" establishments, and found a highly rated woman's bar, called Graystokes bar and grill. It had a high rating in all departments and the young doctor on impulse decided to check it out. And she was not disappointed. The bar was not large, but warm and welcoming. Three pool tables with purple velvet and two electronic dart bards were quarantined off in a corner of the bar near a large picture window. There was a small dance floor, and DJ, booth, a piano bar that seemed that it had not been used in sometime for now its horizontal plan was used for patrons to lean on and chat as they would watch either the pool games, or dancers. There was a karaoke set up nestled near the DJ for the occasional nights sing-fest, to the left of the main entrance upon a small dieses several round tables were set up after all the establishment served some of the finest foods or so said the webpage. Then there was a wrap around bar, complete with rainbow taps, and servers mat in front of the server's station.

When the young doctor walked in she turned quite a few heads, but she chalked it down to the regulars that populated the place watching the newbie traipsing around their watering hole. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a tall blonde, with disheveled wet hair, leaning up against the bar talking with yet another amazon. The tall blonde captivated the young physician she seemed all legs, but it wasn't her height that caught the doctor's breath. The young woman had the most intriguing, impossible blue eyes she had ever seen. So intense and brilliant that they stole into your soul and seemed to know your heart's truth. Janet was enthralled. The one thought that ran into her mind was that she had to meet this woman. She was the icon of beauty and awe. Hopeful the younger woman wasn't the stereotypical image of blondeness. Brains and beauty, if Janet could be so lucky to met such woman.

But how to approach such a figure, without coming off as superficial, now that was a riddle to be solved. Then of course there was a dilemma; the blonde seemed to be very close to the taller dark haired woman standing just her to side. 'Figures, the one soul you find captivating and she's probably already taken…what the hell, picking up women wasn't something I was apt to do. A one-night stand… no strings attached? Yeah in theory it sounds great, but take a good look at yourself Fraiser, a year divorced, and new in town, going to a top-secrete facility to be a CMO, a lot on my plate already, do I really need the complications of a new relationship? A one-night stand seems better idea already. I came here for what? A drink or a little action…don't fool yourself, Fraiser, it was both. Hell you wanted to met someone… of course I didn't think that someone would be a tempting blonde goddess. And god is she phenomenally gorgeous.'

Janet sucked in a thick gulp of air, it was now or never, approaching the bar on the pretence of ordering another rum and coke would be an in to at least become nearer to the blonde. But even as she made a move forward, the young doctor was halted by the figure of mousy brown haired woman, wearing black fatigues and black t-shirt with a garish wolf picture printed upon it, and obviously the woman wasn't wearing a bra and her size double D she needed to. Her grey eyes looked Janet up and down hungrily. A lustful smile flashed on the woman's face.

Janet took a step back, a bit put off by the abruptness of the other woman sudden appearance before her. Granted the young doctor had come to the bar in hopes to meet someone, but this someone was not the individual that she had any desire to know.

"Hey, you're new here." The tall dark haired woman's voice was husky, smelling foully of far too much beer and stale cigarettes.

"Just stopped in." Janet responded with detached cordial politeness.

"Well then let me welcome you properly, what are you drinking?" The woman closed in, making Janet take another involuntary step back, feeling her personal space invaded.

Sam watched as one of the regulars stepped in front of the young dark haired beauty. 'Kat, you are an incorrigible miserable letch. She is defiantly way out of your league. Of course you are too dense to get the clue she is obviously not interested in you…given your rep, slut-puppy it's amazing anyone is.'

"Geez, Kat is on the prowl again." Stacey commented darkly. "She has all the sophistication of a stampeding bull."

"Undoubtedly. And I'm not going to allow her to make the first impression here."

"What are you going to do?" Stacey smirked as she knew her once love's mind.

Sam flashed a mischievous smile over her shoulder, "Run interference." Ruefully the tall blonde navigated the crowed bar like a shark swimming thru the coral reefs, stealthfully she moved around the dark haired goddess and Kat, coming up behind the small woman. Gently she put her arm around the diminutive woman, pressing a kiss to her temple.

"Hey sorry I was late Baby-girl, but the roads were a bitch on the bike." Sam said softly.

Janet whirled to see that the tall blonde amazon she'd been staring at all night had been the one to hold her. Her heart leaped up into her throat, her entire body froze in her astonishment. She saw one of the blue eyes wink hummingbird quick and the smile breath taking as it was conveyed the ruse.

Janet placed a very chaste kiss on the delicate lips, her heart pounding loudly in her ears, that she thought she might go deaf from the thunder of it. "Hey its okay…um…babe...I am surprised you rode your bike in this rain…what where you thinking?"

"Sam." Kat's voice shrilly broke the conversation. "I...had no idea she was with you."

"Well now you do, Kat, so excuse us we have plans." Sam moved her captive over to a table in the shadows. As soon as they were out of sight Sam drooped her hand immediately. "Ah…. sorry…but Kat isn't exactly the brightest crayon in the box. And she has a hard time taking no for an answer."

"You did me a favorer, no problem. The least I can do is buy my newly acquired champion in leather a drink. My name is Janet. Janet Fraiser."

"Samantha Carter, but um…Sam, I prefer it." She flashed a warm smile that caused a whole flock of butterflies to swarm Janet's stomach.

"Let me guess, Samantha is what your parents call you."

Still smiling Sam answered. "Something, like that. And sorry about being so forward, I ...um...don't make a habit …of coming…onto…um…"

Janet, touched the fine boned long fingered hand of the tall blonde, "Hey its okay really. Besides isn't customary for heroes to get a kiss."

"Something tells me you hardly need rescuing on a regular basis."

"You mean I am not the damsel in distress type?" Janet mussed.

"Am I wrong?"

"No you're pretty dead on. I'm pretty good at taking care of myself, but hey doesn't mean I can't use a hand now and then." It suddenly occurred to the young doctor that she was still holding Sam's hand, and quickly snapped her's back, she felt a flood of heat flushing her face, clearing her throat she murmured. "How about that drink?"

For the next couple of hours, the two women simply sat, talking, telling each other, bits and pieces of their life. Janet reveled that she was newly posted as a doctor at the Airforce Academy Hospital, and was just getting to know Colorado. She was taken agog by the beauty of the mountains and the forests, she had wanted to go to the Garden of the Gods, near the Springs, but had yet to go. Sam without even thinking or stopping herself volunteered to show Janet around the national park.

They spoke of past mistakes each admitting they had dated a man and regretted it ever since. Both truly amazed to have revealed so much to a stranger. In less then three hours, they knew more about each other, than life long friends had in all the years they knew them. Shocking as it was, the revelations were not disconcerting. In fact each had wanted to know more about the enigmatic woman sitting across from them.

"So if you're a doc at the Airforce Academy, I take it you're Airforce?" Blue eyes stared intently into dark brown soul searing orbs.

Janet stared into her drink, then looked up to the blue questing eyes of Sam, falling into their depths. "Sam, I have to be very, very careful if my CO finds out…or hell even a fellow officer, I could…"

"Don't ask don't tell, right?" Sam put her hand upon the delicate hand of the smaller woman. "And a fellow officer dose know." She flashed a crooked smile, "Captain Carter." She did a lazy solute. "My official post is at the NORAD observation, I monitor satellite and deep space telemetry."

"Like what SETI?" Janet raised an auburn eyebrow.

"Something, like that."

"So do you believe there is sentient life out there?" Janet made a general wave of the ceiling indicating the sky above.

"Of course, I mean if there wasn't what is the point of it all? We can't be so vain as to think that we are the only intelligent life in the galaxy." Sam turned her lips in a small almost sad smile. "You probably think that I'm some sort of space cadet believing in E.T.s and all."

"No!" Janet denied right away. Hell if she could just tell the blonde that she was now the CMO of a facility that its soldiers went thru an intergalactic jump-gate, Sam would be beside herself. 'Trust me Sam as unbelievable as it is I know there are planets out there that have life, and talk about your E.T.s of course their not the sort that have glowing chests, eat Reese's Pieces, and run around with little boys making their bikes fly. These aliens were a nasty bit of parasitic beings that infest an unlikely host and completely dominate it. Not that I had the displeasure of encountering one of the …Goa'uld. "Not at all Sam. In fact I agree with you. But go around saying you believe in life on other planets and people think you're some X-Files fanatic teasing you about Roswell and the Grays."

"Tell me about it." Sam nodded, flashing that breath-taking smile once more. 'You have no idea how real alien life is. Of course you'd wouldn't expect it to be a slimy worm-snake symbiotic things pretending to be gods either, or that a lot of worlds are populated with people abducted from earth and seeded across the galaxy.'

Sam had admitted that she was a theoretical astrophysicist holding a PHD in Quantum Mechanics and an expert in plasma/particle physics. And like Janet she too was a military brat. They spoke of their interests, Sam's desire to reach the stars, Janet's goals to find cures for a score of infectious diseases. Both admitted being in the Gulf War. Sam had flown a 100 hours over enemy air space had engaged in several dog-fights, in a F-117 stealth fighter, and had special training in F-117/F16 planes. She had worked at the Pentagon for two years, until her expertise in Astrophysics got her stationed here at NORAD.

Janet felt as if she had always needed to prove herself to her father, this was why she had entered the USAF and became a medical doctor specializing in exotic diseases. She had even earned the Kuwait Liberation Medal/ Kingdome of Saudi Arabia for her specialized work in diseases.

They spoke of family, both saying they hadn't seen them in a while. Sam said she missed her niece and nephew and even her pain of a brother. Janet had two brothers both of which younger than she. One like her father was in the Army, and the other was a zoologist working in San Diego Zoo. Which incidentally was the same city Sam's brother Mark was living.

Sam cast a glance over her shoulder, as she caught the sounds of Golddust Woman playing. She straightened her back; squeezing Janet's hand, "Like to dance?"

Janet titled her head, allowing a deep smile to cross her alabaster face, gods she'd love to feel the taller woman's arms around her, even if it was for the brief passage of a dance. "I'd love to."

Sam stood up first, and then pulled Janet to her feet, escorting her companion to the polished hardwood dance floor. Janet turned slightly, her heart hammering loudly as she felt an arm coil around her middle; the butterflies were back swarming with a vengeance. She closed her eyes slightly simply enjoying the feel of Sam's presence, the touch of the tall blonde body pressed against her own. Taking Janet's hand into her own, she brought the long fingers to her lips softly kissing the tips, her eyes locking sight into gorgeous mahogany orbs, her smile deepened.

Their bodies pressed close together. Sam brushed her lips against Janet's forehead, her mind silently whispering to herself 'Pressing my body against yours like this, moving to the music is almost as good as making love.' She slid her hand down Janet's spine to rest upon her hip. She could feel the heat rising in her body; already she knew she was flushed, her pulse erratic.

Sam's heart thundered in her chest as she saw the breathtaking smile spread across the smaller woman's delightful features. They moved slowly upon the dance floor, feeling as if they were children sneaking a peek at the Christmas presents early, for dancing together could be construed as deeply taboo. But the there was none here would file a report upon them, still they could not fully repress the thrill that sparked in their minds. The mood passed as blue eyes gazed into dark brown, seeing only each other, feeling only each other, as the world around them faded away. Janet sighed as she nuzzled into Sam's neck laying her head upon the blonde's shoulder and felt her partner trace with her fingers what felt like a symbol for eternity upon her thigh, closing her eyes, the doctor faded into the euphoria of holding and being held by this remarkable woman. She pressed a daring kiss into Sam's throat drinking in the sent of Xerious cologne and leather. The blonde made a small, happy sound and her arms tightened around Janet. The hand upon the hip trailed down to a thigh then back up to the small of her back to rest finally the cheek of her backside. They continued to move to the music even as the notes of the song ended and moved into another slow ballad by Guns and Roses.

When the song 'Bootielious' sounded, Sam moved behind the smaller woman, her arm coiling around the slim waist pulling the slight body against her as her hips gyrated to the rhythm. Janet allowed herself the freedom losing all self consciousness as she swayed to the music, her arm reaching up behind her holding on to back of the tall blonde's neck. Their eyes closed they moved in primal unity. A daring long fingered hand slid down Janet's thigh, gently yet forcefully kneading the flesh. The arm that held her waist migrated up, brushing ever so slightly the round globe of Janet's breast.

Janet moaned softly, her breath heavy as she felt Sam's touch upon her body, needing more, wanting more. She could already feel the white heat gathering in the apex of her core; all with the minimum of touch, and erotic music the young doctor was more than ready to give into a far more ancient dance.

Turning around, Janet placed both of her arms around Sam's neck; she had to reach up on her tiptoes to reach soft satin lips, but found them waiting, accepting hungrily her kiss. Her mouth was heated satin as she dove her tongue into the cavern of Sam's mouth. The tip of her tongue ran across the points of teeth feeling the polished sharpness, teasing Sam into suckling her tongue. A soft moan elicited out of the blonde's throat as she gave into the hunger.

Sam's eyes glazed over from the power of the kiss, she had never dared hope to accept from the little serine held tightly in her arms. Her heart was beating so loudly she knew that Janet had to have heard it, how could she not? Lightly Janet cupped Sam's chin in her delicate long fingered hand, her eyes lost in hers, her breath for the moment stolen until she thought never to recover it. Sam's beauty staggering had rendered Janet utterly immobile. The tall blonde's very touch was fire itself upon Janet's waist, as she would take her tightly in a stronger hold. Eyes locked, embraced arms encircling each other's waists, Janet would dare to utter words in her satin voice, praying it not lost to her.

"Let's leave here…Sam."

The younger woman barely managed a nod of her head as she allowed Janet to lead her not only off the dance floor but also out of the bar, just before she grabbed her leather jacket form their chair at their table.

The storm outside was in full force had not let up even marginally, if anything it had intensified. There was enough power in one of those gusts of winds to slap a walking person off their feet. Janet was insistent that Sam ride with her and leave her bike parked at the bar, fearing it was far too dangerous for the young blonde to navigate the Indian on roads they could scarcely see clearly. Deferring to better judgment, Sam allowed herself to be talked into traveling with the beautiful doctor.

Locked in desperate hungry kiss, the women somehow managed to make their way to Janet's hotel room door. Sam had pinned the young doctor against the door, her hands holding firmly against Janet's waist reaching hurriedly to shed the doctor of her jacket.

"I…I …don't normally take advantage…take…someone like this…" Sam stuttered as she frantically kissed a line down Janet's neck to her throat, feeling the hardy pulse of her heartbeat against her ruby lips.

"S'kay…I don't normally...let...myself …don't take strange woman…hotel…room." Janet fumbled for her keycard, trying to unlock her door as Sam continued her assault upon welcoming lips.

"A moment…" Janet mumbled into Sam's mouth. Reluctantly Sam parted letting her new found lover to open the door, when they heard the satisfactory beep of the lock click Sam pounced once more taking Janet's mouth, slipping her tongue into the wet cavern. Janet's delicate long finger hand reached out for Sam's jacket pulling her one step then another and another into the hotel room. The tall blonde waved her hand behind her catching the wooden barricade and slammed the door shut behind her.

Sam managed to have enough coherent thought to negotiate the buttons of Janet's shirt, to peel the cloth off of her. She pulled the young captain down, finding and devouring her lips in a passionate all consuming kiss. The warm, wet cavern of Janet's mouth tasted slightly of rum and sweet cola. When they separated, Janet moaned low in her throat. Whether the moan was from want or distress at the lack of contact, Sam didn't know.

Her deft fingers moved for the clasp in Janet's slakes wanting to see her new lover in all of her glory. She knelt almost reverently as she helped the doctor out of her shoes and hoes. She then rose up allowing for Janet to lift the hem of her black t-shirt up over her head, which promptly went flying across the room with very little care. Next came the sports bra witch in the morning would be found somewhere near the window. Janet's fingertips traced circles around the burgundy circles of Sam's areola, blazing a trail over the smooth expanse between Sam's breasts and collar, lifting up to kiss the faint scares she had discovered, in the back of her mind she wondered how this beauty had come to be so marred. Her hands continued upward, searching out her new lover's face. Enjoying each fine line, each curve, and each angle memorizing all.

Janet leaned down and kissed her way once more from the blonde's shoulder to the sensitive spot near her pulse point at her throat and shoulder blade.

Talented hands unbuttoned the fly of Levi jeans, even as Janet nudged Sam backwards towards the mattress. Janet's continued her lock upon the pulse point having discovered that it was an erogenous point for her tall blonde lover. Janet desperately maintained her hold, effectively pinning Sam on the bottom and gently rocking herself on the taller woman's thigh. Sam swallowed, instinctively bending her knee brining them a far more intimate touch. Janet opened her mouth allowing a heated breath to escape, white heat flooding her body as she swayed on the blonde's captive leg. Sam moaned, rolling her head to one side arching into the kiss, allowing for Janet to devour her. Her hands weaved through the other woman's brunette hair, wanting, needing Janet close. The small temptress migrated to Sam's satin lips falling into all consuming kiss, both of them collapsing against the thickness of the mattress.

Slowly, reluctantly Janet broke the kiss to remove boots and jeans form her lover, she wanted to be able to touch every part of her new lover. She would intentionally move slowly kissing her way back up the sculpted torso of the blonde amazon. Loving the six-packed abs, well-defined muscles of pure marble wonder.

"So beautiful." Janet uttered in a smoky breath now pressing her face against the blonde's warm stomach, her hands tracing circles on her lover's toned thigh. She pulled back, gazing at the triangle of downy blonde hair between the tall blonde's muscular legs. She ran her fingers through the short hairs, feeling the moisture that had accumulated there. She looked up, locking eyes with Sam before sliding her hand between her legs. Janet placed one hand on Sam's hip, steadying the taller woman against the bed before working the tip of her index finger slowly, teasingly against her lover's moist folds. Sam moaned, her hands instantly moving to hold the back of Janet's head. The doctor turned her hand slightly, pressing lightly against the supple pink flesh of her lover's mound, teasing a very delicate line against the swollen rosebud. Sam let a gasp of hot air pass between her parted lips, her heart hammering as Janet continued to explore. Her breathing was ragged and sharp causing her breasts to rise and fall with each hardy breath. She smiled as she found a small mole that rested in the valley between Sam's legs and lowered her head to softly kiss it.

She teased the hypersensitive flesh, she slipped her wet fingers across Sam's slit, moving from back to front until she found the hard rosebud of the blonde's clit. Janet moved with extreme exquisite care, gently parting the other woman's folds before continuing onward wanting it to last. Enjoying the succulent torment she was putting her blonde lover in. Janet bent her head down and extended her tongue, finding and massaging Sam's clit with her tongue in small circles, suckling intently upon the flowing juices. Sam was panting heavily now, her hands firmly planted on Janet's shoulders, mindless that her nails had grained against her warm flesh. "J-Jan…" Sam whimpered. "Janet, I'm-I'm going to... to... ohh god my love!"

The brunette's searching hand was suddenly wet, her fingers slick and her palm glistening in the dim light sneaking in the room from the shaded window. Sam flooded with her orgasm couldn't tolerate more stimulation pushed Janet from her, moving up slightly, her body glinting in sweat, her breathing heavy and hard. She pulled her lover onto her sweaty body, wanting to hold her little love close. Locked in the afterglow, Sam had lost more than her reserve this night; she had fallen head over heels in love with this tiny woman.

Sam pulled Janet in for a desperate kiss; her tongue surged into smaller woman's mouth, meeting no resistance as she endeavored to taste herself on the brunette's mouth. She gladly accepted the salty-sweetness of her own juices. She raised one bare leg, hooking it around Janet's hip and rolling them along the bed until Janet was the one pinned. Neither woman wanted to break the kiss, but eventually their lips came apart in a reluctant bid for oxygen.

Sam stroked Janet's face, moving her long fingers over the alabaster skin. Now it was her turn to memorize each line, each angle, and each curve, savoring all of it. Her blonde hair matted around her face, her stunning blue eyes gazing locked intently into the dark brown orbs of her lover. "You are so incredibly gorgeous Janet," she uttered in a smoky heady voice, moving her lips to trace Janet's eloquent jaw line. She looked up at Janet with such love in her blue eyes she never knew she was capable of. The doctor rose up, facing Sam before she leaned forward and began to devour her lover in hungry kisses.

Sam knew that Janet was already close to her own organism, having been overly stimulated by her own release. Sam slowly placed soft light butterfly kisses all along the sensitive lips of Janet's center. Slowly teasing her by running her tongue up and down, but not quite reaching in to taste of her lover. She slid first one finger, then two into her lover's depths brought deep moans and sighs... then, as she began to plunge her fingers in and pull them out... twisting and turning all the while, Janet began to quake... Sam, sensing that Janet was so very close, captured her lover's clit in her mouth and began to run her tongue in wild patterns over the sensitive rosebud teasing, tasting, nipping and sucking…as her fingers continued to stroke in and out.... and in seconds, she sent her lover over the edge into pure white lighting filled rapture.

"Oh god...Sam…my beloved…" Her breath short hiccupping gasps. Her nails tracking red lines down Sam's back mindless that she had drawn blood. Sam gripped the smaller woman's hips, holding her tight as the brunette neared orgasm intensifying her administrations. Sam rose up moving quickly up Janet's torso capturing one erect pink nipple in her mouth and suckling on it like a hungry infant keeping her hand pressed tightly against Janet's heated core. Janet threw her head back and began moaning loudly. Sam released the doctor's breast, her lips savagely taking Janet's mouth with a near brutal kiss, arching into Janet's passion throws of near release.

"That's it baby, let it go…let it flow…cum for me my love." Sam smiled wickedly

"Sam...please..." Janet moaned and tried to press herself into her lover's touches. "Please...my love."

A smile lit Sam's face as she heard Janet begin to plead with her. Sam soon had Janet dancing for her...again as she felt the orgasm work its way through the small doctor's beautiful little body... and as she felt Janet floating back to her, Sam pulled her into her arms and held her tightly.

"Oh God Sam…my love…my god." Her hot breath rose goosebumps upon Sam's flesh. They lay like that for several more minutes before complete exhaustion overtook them, sending them into a blissful slumber in each other's arms, amid a tangle of sheets and blankets, with Janet using Sam's breast as a pillow, fully thrilled by the beating of the blonde's heart.

Blinking from the warm glow of the sun peeking in from the Venetian blinds, Sam sucked in hardy breath of morning air. As she did she felt a warm weight upon her chest, looking down she saw the beautiful sight of a tiny brunette woman nestled against her, her arms holding Sam's body tightly even in her sleep. Tenderly and carefully as not to disturb her new lover, the tall blonde ran her fingers thru the ruddy locks, enjoying the silky feel of waves against her skin.

Sam was able to move just enough to place a kiss upon the dark hair, as her thoughts ran back to last night. It was so unlike her to seduce anyone, much less fall into bed with them before they even had a chance to date. More to the point it was very much unlike her to reveal so much about her past. Hell not even her teammates on SG1 knew so much as this enigmatic woman she cradled in her arms.

The intensity of their passion last night had certainly blown past experience out of the water. Yes she had, had very good sex in the past, but one night with this temptress had escalated beyond anything Sam had previously known. Sam's mind raced deeper, realizing that she had called Janet her love…this wasn't something merely uttered in the throws of passion; in her heart of hearts Sam had meant it with all that she was. And she wanted it to be true more than anything she had ever wanted, and that scared the hell out of her. What if it wasn't reciprocated? To have to let go of this wonderful woman in her arms, to never to touch such spirit, not to know her…to love her…in a matter of hours Sam had lost her heart to this woman, and her world had changed forever. But what if she had to let go…?

The very thought of having to give Janet up caused her eyes to sting with tears. Blinking the rebellious emotions away, Sam closed her eyes, allowing herself the luxury of just holding the tiny woman, if only to make it last.

Janet was awake, and she had felt the tender butterfly kiss upon the top of her head, felt Sam running her fingers thru her chestnut hair; she savored every moment of it. The steady rhythm of Sam's heartbeat against her ear had lulled her in that warm space between dream and waking fully. And Janet didn't want to wake; least she find the blonde was but a dream. She didn't want to let lose her hold on the blonde goddess, least she fade away in the mists of morning light.

Never had she thought herself capable of letting go of every reserve, as she had last night with this near feline lover. Yes. Janet had to admit if only to herself that she had called his woman her beloved… and it was deeper than that, she had meant it withy every fiber of her being, it was her soul's truth, this woman was her love.

Dark chocolate eyes flashed open with sudden clarity as she recalled that the endearment had been fully exchanged. Sam too had uttered the word, 'my love.' Could it be that Sam felt the same? Where they words muttered in the explosive release of passion? No…somehow, someway Janet knew that this blonde champion had intended every word of it. It wasn't false sentiments; it had been real truths that had issued forth.

Slipping her hands to the mattress, Janet pushed herself so that she hovered over Sam's prone body. Balancing her upon one hand, she feathered the golden locks of Sam's arrant bangs aside, before gently placing a phantom kiss between the blonde's eyes. "Good morning Sunshine," She whispered.

Luminous cerulean eyes opened, gazing deeply into dark coffee-brown, "Morning, Love." Sam answered, a smile creeping across her expressive features as she saw that her endearment was fully accepted by the wondrous beauty. The younger woman reached up yearning to stroke the soft alabaster skin of her lover, the pad of her thumb traced the eloquent line of her jaw. "Janet do you have any idea how beautiful you are?"

"No more beautiful then you." Came Janet's answer, placing warm light kiss upon the blonde's lips. She felt the butterflies return once more swarming her stomach. Somehow Sam had made her feel as if she was in love for the very first time.

Biting her lower lip, Sam's sapphire orbs, steady intently, as she came to an inner resolve. "Last night…it took me by surprise…"

'Oh…god here it comes…' Janet suppressed a shudder. Waiting for the rejection… the explanation…the statement that this was a one time thing…a one night stand…

Sam sighed heavily searching for the words. "Janet…I…"

"Hey its okay, I understand…we got caught up in the moment."

Sam winced. So Janet…had not wanted anything deeper, no strings attached. She was a fool to ever think that this wonderful woman would want something more. "Was it just a moment?" Sam sat up now, her hand falling to her side.


"Janet…I…my God I…didn't mean to…but I fell for you, hook, line and sinker…I don't want last night to be a one time thing…a cheep thrill…and I ...don't want…to push something…you...d---."

Sam was unable to get the last word out for Janet pressed her lips almost forcefully against the blonde's satin lips, eradicating any doubt. "I fell for you too Sam. I don't know how, but it happened. You stole my heart and I willingly surrender it to you. You swept into my life, and I don't want you to leave it."

"I wont."

Three days. They had three days to spend together before they had to report to their respective CO's never imagining they had the same General, or the same post. The first day, the two new lovers spent exploring the confines of their new established relationship, exploring each other's bodies, wants and longings. Enjoying every moment spent together. Their second day, Sam had convinced her lover to go to the Garden of the Gods, on her Indian. They would make a full day of it, a picnic, enjoy the sunset, and simply enjoy each other.

Sam was beside herself; in her own glee that she would spend the day with her beloved. Her beloved! How she loved the sound of it as it rolled around upon her thoughts, as it slipped past her lips. "My beloved." She smiled once more as she was packing the meal she had prepared for their picnic. Okay so prepared was a relative term Sam couldn't cook, she had admitted that much once to a Mongol like Chav'adie overlord. However, she could throw together a tasty meal from her purchases, from a great little store called Trader Joe's.

Garlic and toasted tomato humus and crackers, smoked salmon, with a miniature loaf of rye bread, pepper-jack, and provolone cheeses, little baby champaign grapes that burst with succulent juice as you bite into them, a pomegranate that she had cracked open and seeded with meticulous care placing the itty-bitty ruby orbs into a small plastic container, and a sweet merlot. (After discovering that was Janet's favored wine.) Another favored delight of Janet's was added, angel food cake without the strawberries. And for good measure she threw in a couple of peppermint patties, true they would both have garlicky-salmon breath, but hey a little refreshing flavor would be nice too. She packed all in a picnic knapsack she had intentionally bought for the days outing. Adding that to the flannel blanket, Sam was ready to pick up Janet at her hotel room. There was one more thing she included in her packing. Along with the med-bag she had always carried in her hard-case saddlebags, incase of emergencies Sam included an extra helmet and her old leather jacket for her love.

In moments Sam pulled up to the Holliday Inn and was outside knocking on Janet's door. The little brunette opened the door greeting Sam with a warm welcoming kiss. "Hey baby-girl you ready roll out?"

"Yeah, in a minute." Janet pulled Sam into her room, "Just let me grab my jacket."

"I brought my extra leather, if you want to use it." Sam offered.

Janet turned, her head titling to one side as she considered the offer. "The whole image thing?"

Sam snickered. "That and well leather is a bit more sturdier if I lay down the bike."

"Lay down the bike?" Janet's eyebrows shot up into her chestnut hair. "You mean if we wipe out?"

"Janet don't worry, I'm good."

Janet moved closer to her tall blonde lover, wrapping her arms round her, "Well if you can fly stealth bombers, a motorcycle is pretty much child's play to you." She reached up onto her tippy-toes so she could reach tasty red lips. "I trust you Sam. I'll always trust you."

Sam escorted her beloved to her bike, opened the one of saddlebags and pulled out a full-faced helmet and leather jacket that was ages old. "This is my first jacket I bought with my first bike. It is a little small for me. But you know nostalgia wont let me give it up."

Janet reached for the offered garment, brining the worn leather to her nose inhaling the richness of leather, and the undertone sent of Sam's collogue. Her lips pulled back in bright smile as she slipped the heavy jacket on. Her smile dripped into laughter, the garment maybe too small for Sam, but it was too large for Janet. The hem covered her bum almost completely and her hands were entirely covered. "Why do I feel like a five year old playing dress up?"

"You look cute." Sam uttered stepping to kiss the small doctor on her forehead, before handing over the helmet. "Come one, put this on, we have to protect that beautiful brain of yours." Strapping on her own helmet, Sam mounted the large bike, waiting for Janet to climb aboard. "You've never ridden before?"

"No, not a bike but horses yeah."

Sam turned kissing Janet's soft lips, "Don't worry, just move as I move, exactly how I move, and it's easy. All you have to do is hang on and I'll do the rest."

"Like I said, I trust you Sam." Without a second thought, Janet mounted the back nestling herself tightly against the blonde's warm body, her arms wrapped around the trim waist snugly hanging on, more out of the pleasure of holding Sam then the adrenaline rush of the bike roaring to life and peeling out into the busy street. Sam thrilled to the feel of Janet's sweet body pressed against her own; she closed her eyes briefly savoring her lover's touch.

Before too long they had arrived at the Garden of the Gods national park, slowly touring the roads, occasionally getting off the bike to scope out the rock formations. There was a hidden beauty deep inside the rock. Locked deep within the earth were caverns of such delicate, shimmering beauty that to step put onto them was a joy beyond all measuring.

The two young women had scaled a jutting precipice, wanting to reach the overlook of the deep forest far below. Sam grabbed hold of the rock beside her, reaching down to hoist Janet up to the next level. Just below her the rock fell away into a narrow chasm. To the left it climbed to meet a solid wall of rock. The young blonde grinned. To their right just beyond the gap, the cavern opened up to a landing perfect for viewing the creation below them.

"Is it any wonder they call this place Garden of the Gods?" Janet breathed as she stood upon the cliff's edge utterly astonished that such beauty existed. "This is so beautiful."

Sam had shifted her stance so that now she was standing directly behind the smaller woman, protectively, possessively her arms wrapped around the slim waist. "I'm glad it was me that has this chance to share this with you Baby-girl."

At that moment, Janet chose to sneeze. "Well that was a romantic response." The doctor chided herself, and then sneezed again.

"Bless you." Sam said automatically. "You okay?"

"Allergies, acute allergic rhinitis. I take very strong antihistamines everyday. Nothing to worry about love." She said easing the blonde's concern. "I've got it under control."

"Do you want to leave? I mean if being out here is causing a reaction…do you have your meds?"

"Sam, hon I'm fine. And yes I have my meds, never leave home without them." She quoted a well-known commercial ad. "And nooooo I'm not going to go into anaphylactic shock so stop worrying. And no I don't want to leave either. I'll be alright, I've had allergies ever since I was little." Janet leaned her back into the embrace feeling the soft mounds of Sam's breasts pressing against her as did.

"Baby-girl, I hate to tell you this but you're still little." Sam coiled her arms tighter around her catch.

"Hey blondie no short jokes." Janet teasingly hit the thigh of the taller woman. "You know I should make an effort to go back to Graystokes when that woman Kat is there."

"Why?" Sam scoffed.

"Because, if it hadn't been her annoying presence to be the catalyst for you to champion me, I don't know if I would have had the nerve to go up and talk to you." Janet craned her head back and found to her delight that Sam was smiling.

"You know I should thank her too…I saw you there that night and it may sound cheesy but you took my breath away. I wanted to introduce myself, but I had no idea on how to approach you."

"Oh I think you did just fine." The small brunette turned now in the arms that held her, so she could embrace the taller woman. "A bit more daring than I am accustomed to, but I wont complain."

"A whirlwind." Sam nuzzled the dark ember locks. "You only read about things like this, or shown on movies…reality…a whole different story."

"But this is reality, Sam not a story. This isn't fiction my love, we are real." She reached up stealing a kiss. "You made an impact upon my heart Captain Sam Carter. Are we moving too fast…? I don't know…I don't care…I only now that in this moment what I feel is right, and I don't want to give it up."

"You wont have to Baby-girl, I think you have me for always. And it is right what we have, I don't know…its like I've known you for years…for eons…only now reunited…I can't explain it, Janet…" she chuckled softly. "And I'm pretty good at explaining how things work, but what we share…is beyond all my knowledge." With this she pressed a kiss upon Janet's brow. "What I do know is what you said…it just feels right."

Time had gone by far too fast that day. The picnic feasted upon and finished, the sunset merging into the deep indigo sky in a parade of amber, pink and teal, flourished overhead, captivating two souls gazing into is celestial wonder. Turning to her beloved, Sam found herself smiling in awe and the magnificent beauty she beheld, and it was not the sky that had taken her attention.

The tall blonde sat back down drawing Janet into her arms. Loving the feel of the smaller woman pressing next to her own body. She was reluctant to allow the moment go, wanting to forever hold Janet, to love her for eternity. Her heart hammered loudly in her ears wondering as always if Janet could hear the thundering cacophony as well. Sam's fingers trailed up from Janet's trim waist to hold her face warmly and gently. The pads of her thumbs stroked against the silky skin of rosy cheeks simply enjoying the privilege of touching her Janet. The younger woman pulled a very willing lover to meet her questing lips. Together they would profess their love, their faces glowing, as surly as their hearts shown brightly as the stars just now emerging. What could be better than to be immersed in the love of your love? The first time either of them had loved, they loved forever, two hearts beating as one, forever dancing. Janet's tender lips would kiss Sam with her own passion's fire, her own want of promise. Sapphire and chocolate eyes smoldered for their want, for their love which was deeper still than their lusts. A marriage of true hearts, an intimate love of soul and of spirit, that only The Bard could have written of.

Three days and the little holiday was over with all too soon. Three days of loving touches, three days of professed love that slipped so easily from their lips. Three days of blissful, playful, tender lovemaking, three days of discovering each other, three days of sharing souls. Three days of knowing with absolute certainly that the love shared was deep, real and true.

Despite the fact they had traded cell phone numbers, pager numbers, e-mail address and landlines, Sam could not help but feel a little regretful that her new lover would not be able to contact her for a time. SG1 and the SG3 Marines were to disembark to planet P3X797 and despite the advertisements on the TV; Version did not have roaming charges that extended to the other side of the galaxy.

Captain Carter didn't know how long they would be gone off world, but she had promised to call Janet once she returned home. She was loath to have to mislead her lover, saying she would be out-of-state for a little while, and would not be able to be contacted until she was back to her regular post. Janet being apart of the military was accustomed to such procedures and took the situation in stride. The shorter woman had stilled the apprehensiveness in the blonde by saying she was more then likely to be so busy the next couple of days, she'd feel like a chicken with its head cut off, that she wouldn't have time to miss Sam. But the offer to help Janet move into her new home once the vanlines with her stuff finally arrived was accepted full-heartedly.

The briefing about the up coming mission was short, due to the lack of MALP probe feedback. However before the teams could disembark they were to report to the Infirmary for pre-jump-check ups. It would also give the teams time to meet the newly assigned CMO, considering their last Chief Medical Officer had died during the Goa'uld strike on base.

Heading down to the Infirmary, Jack could not help but notice that his 2IC was positively radiant, after her return from downtime. He nudged her with his elbow, smirking. "So tell me Carter, you seem to be in high spirits, excited about the jump, or does it have something to do with this weekend?"

Sam turned her blue eyes narrowing, not all together certain she wanted to ask the question she was about to, "Sir?"

"Ah come on Carter you can tell me…you got lucky this weekend didn't you."

Jaw set firm, blue eyes flames with inner rage, of all the juvenile comments! Sometimes Jack O'Neill could get under her skin and aggravate the hell out of the Captain. If he weren't her CO, she would like to slam him up a wall and let him have a piece of her mind, and tell him exactly what he could do with himself. Yes she trusted him to be there to cover her backside in a firefight, and yes he could be a friend, but he still managed to annoy her to no end. "With all do respect Sir, I don't think my off-time is any of your concern." Stepping off the elevator, Carter purposely marched down the corridor to the Infirmary.

O'Neill turned to his companions in the lift, namely Teal'c and Daniel a boyish smile on his confused face. "I think I hit it pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that."

"I do not think that Captain Carter was pleased with your question." Teal'c vanilla-ly pointed out.

"Gee ya'think?"

"Jack…" Daniel started.

"Hey, she wants to be treated like every other solider without exception despite the fact her 'reproductive organs are on the inside.' I'm just treating her like she wants. Then she has kittens because I do."

"I do not think it was prudent to try to pry into her personal life, Jack. I mean if she had someone on the outside, great, it's not our business." Daniel watched the retreating form of the blonde disappearing around a bulkhead.

"Well looking like that, I'd be surprised if she didn't have a host of guys wanting to get into her pants. Heaven knows she's turn a lot of heads here, if it wasn't for regulations I…might…have propositioned her."

Teal'c his stoic features seemed if at all possible all the more stoic in hearing his CO's comment. He could tell that the friction between O'Neill and SG1's second in command was high, and if Jack insisted on baiting her, it could escalate until someone did something very regrettable. As a former First Prime, this was not how one behaved towards subordinates you have to trust your life with. Nor did such friction make a cohesive unit. "Colonel O'Neill, DanielJackson is right, intentionally exasperating Captain Carter is departmental to team unity."

"Look the woman needs to know to take a hit, and get over it." Jack shrugged. "It was just a joke. Being in the military you can't have such a thin skin about those kinds of things."

Both men looked at him sternly.

"For crying out loud! You don't think when the chicks get together they don't gossip about who's doing who and how good it was? Come on…they are as bad as we are. Only its sexist if a guy asks the question."

Sam gritted her teeth, forcefully calming herself down, O'Neill was just being O'Neill his normal chauvinistic, sexiest self, no big deal. She rolled her eyes, thinking how much like her brother and father he was, annoying to the ninth-degree. Though she had to admit she admired his leadership qualities. In fact she had, had few COs she respect so well on that level, but as a person, O'Neill had a lot of growing up to do. The blonde's musings came to a teeth-jarring halt once she saw just who it was that was SGC new chief medical officer.

"Janet!" She smiled widely. "You?"

The small doctor turned a full 180 in hearing the sweet familiar dove-set tones of her lover behind her. "Sam…" She took a step forward wanting to embrace the younger woman before she recalled where she was and stopped dead still. "Small world…Captain."

Sam for all she was worth could not suppress a smile that had crept up on her face. "I knew we were getting a new CMO, but I never thought it should be you, but hell I should have pieced two and two together."

"I deliberately left it vague, I mean I do have an office at the academy, probably just like you do at NORAD for appearances, but I couldn't say anything…top-secrete and all."

"Yeah. Well now you know why I can't be contacted. I don't feel so bad leaving you like I have to now that you know where I'll be."

Janet allowed herself a small measure of a smile, before she took Sam by the arm to lead her around a curtained partition, "This way Captain. Dr. Warner can attend to the male members of your team, as I see to you're exam." She over explained in seeing that the rest of SG1 had entered the bay.

Once they were in the semi-private quarters of the partition, Sam leaned close whispering, "You know if you're my doctor, doctor, I don't think I'll hate physicals so much. Never liked stripping down for Warner."

"Is that so, you prefer me to him?"

The blonde nodded. "Hands down, any day of the week. And as an added bonus I don't have to come up with some plausible excuses as to why I have sixteen parallel scratches upon my back."

"I'm sorry about that." Janet said so quietly that Sam had to strain to hear.

"Like I told you that morning…it's alright, you know kinda a badge of honor that I at least pleased you."

"And then some." Another whisper. "Well you're badges of honor are healing, Captain."

Janet for the next few moments busied herself taking the vitals and preliminary status of her patient so that she could clear Captain for Jump. "Your cretonne levels are very high Captain, but I wouldn't be too concerned, I would surmise that they are do to some recent pleasurable activity during your down-time. Other than that you are in normal parameters of heath. I'd say you're very healthy."

"Thanks, doc." Sam said as she leapt off of the exam-table, buttoning her olive blouse. "See you after post-mission."

"Count on it." Janet nodded professionally, and then quietly she added, "be careful Sam. I heard about the Jump, that the M.A.L.P doesn't have any recon and you're team is taking SG3 marines with you."

"I will, Janet. I'll be alright, I'll take every precaution this is just routine when we can't confirm what's on the other side."

"Routine? Right, going clear across the galaxy in a watery wormhole is routine."

Sam looked down to the tile floor of the med-center then back up to chocolate brown eyes, mindful of watching eyes, she placed her right hand close to her chest as if to scratch an itch that wasn't there and used a very known sign for 'I love you' to convey to her lover of her heart's truth. "I'll be fine, all apart of the job. Nothing to worry about Janet." Blue eyes twinkled.

Sam lived for exploring the worlds in the Gate system; it thrilled her to no end. What a remarkable gift it was to be able to research the scientific wonders that awaited her on the other side of the gate. She enjoyed trying to figure out all the aspects of the wormhole, she had even started writing down research notes to write a book on the subject. One day she would finish it.

'Routine', Sam had said. 'Nothing to worry about' she said. Famous last words. Janet bit her lower lip utterly baffled as to how this virus had so quickly spread throughout SGC complex. The mission to P3X797 had been anything but routine. An SG3 rabid marine in the midst of a briefing had attacked Teal'c and two other SG3 men had fallen from the observation room to their deaths. Sam in primal motivation attacked her CO in the locker room with primeval lust. What O'Neill brought in the infirmary was a fierce feral creature far removed from the woman the young doctor had fallen in love with. And then not five minutes latter, the Colonel had beaten the living tar out of poor Dr. Jackson out of jealously because the younger man expressed his concern for Sam as she was his friend when he had discover she too was ill. Another airman attacked a wall in his cell until he and the bulkhead were bloody, and, and there were countless others that had attacked each other or tried to forcefully mate one another. It seemed the whole base had been thrust at warp-speed into a primordial twilit zone.

Mr. Teal'c and Dr. Jackson for some reason were immune to the disorder that the doctor had dubbed the Broca Syndrome, after Pierre Paul Broca's theories of division in primitive man. Mr. Teal'c immunity was due to the larva Goa'uld, but why hadn't Dr. Jackson comedown with the disease? For that matter the doc wondered why she hadn't herself been afflicted. All the victims of the regressive disease had pronounced brow ridges complete with unibrows, thicker simian bone density, fingernails had turned into claws, and the canine teeth were exaggerated; some had even produced new follicle growth. Their disposition was more like low-level primates, then human. The explanation for that, Janet had put down to amines and colleens in the blood that released a hormonal overload that activated the nominally dormant primitive potion of the human brain. The aggressive behavior was due to exceptionally high testosterone levels active even in the females of SGC.

Janet knew the only reason Sam had sexually assaulted O'Neill was that all lower-level primates choose their mates who they instinctively know will sire strong offspring. Sam chose O'Neill because he was in fact the leader of her team, again going a long the lines that she-primates select pack leaders of the troupe.

Glancing at her charts, mentally consuming all the data, Janet began a hypothesis of how she could heal the disorder, taking a clear note that with enough sedative the primitive mind was deterred just enough for coherent thought to transpire. But of course at that level of sedation could lead to dire consequences, the least of them permanent brain damage. However gaining the blood sample that Mr. Teal'c and Dr. Jackson had been sent to go retrieve would lead her to the answers she needed. Of course while they were away more and more of SGC were falling pry to the syndrome the last was General Hammond who attacked Technician Walter Davies trying to put the young officer into a computer mainframe. The general wrapped in a straight jacket was now bunking with O'Neill. And they were running out of room to put them all, the cells were doubled up, the brig was full, private quarters were booked and even the storage areas had been converted into satellite dormitories were rapidly filling up.

Making her way back down to the infirmary from the cellblock, Janet paused her steps to check in on Sam, opening the viewing portal, she saw her lover crotched in a corner, feral eyes watching the door with a mix of fear and trembling rage. Daring, Janet used her keycard to pass the lock and entered the cell. "Sam?" She slowly, gingerly approached the near feline like woman.

Low toned growls rumbled forth from the blonde's throat. Each indrawn breath seared like naked flame, each breath expelled a snarl. Her taloned hands, clicked against the cold concrete of the cell. She was no longer Janet's Samantha, free of all expectations including her own, in extremity Sam was united to all that breathed and moved, fighting out the final struggle of any lone life against its own annihilation.

Whirling, she fought the cold intractability of concrete, the dark's indifference to her pain. The creeping numbness of all that did not feel, did not suffer. The beast within snarled a defiant challenge to the darkness, which did not answer but only was, lapping body and spirit with slow lethargy that, some moments seemed perilously like peace. It wasn't: it was the darkness she could not hold. She wasn't doing anything. Wasn't thinking anything. She was occupying a certain space, for a certain time. To the degree she was aware of anything, she was aware of that. Sometimes, she'd be somewhere else. But for now she was here.

As she was now, she'd have struck out against anything within her reach, so while she could still think, she'd made sure nothing would remain within her reach that could bleed except for herself. She stopped thinking some long, unmeasured time ago now she felt, raging against the limits of concrete, darkness and mortal flesh. That was when she realized some intruder was slowly approaching through the threshold of light; she'd been pursed even here. Her heart hammered in her ears and the sense of spinning intensified to a sickening whirl. Painting in open-mouthed growls, she set her shoulders against the wall, the feral creature turned at bay.


The feral stopped in her tracks taking in the scent of the newcomer preening the air like some feline huntress. "M…m…m…ate…m…min…mine" she coughed out between the light and dark of her fogged mind. "H…h…elp...m...m…me" The battling light and dark sides of her mind blurred her sight, choked off her breath. Everything was whirling. Reality had come off its hub and careened toward a crash.

"Yes, Sam…I'm yours…shhh…I'll cure you…baby…I promise…shhh it will be okay." Janet declared fighting back the tears.

Slowly feral Sam still crotched on the balls of her feet and hands stalked towards her mate, her head raised and lowered as if locked in the hunt, her nose wrinkling trying to gain better scent. Janet kneeled before her lover, slowly reaching out her hand, allowing for the blonde to sniff it, allowing her to know she was no threat. For a moment Sam merely crotched there, disorientated and agonized. Then she took a faltering step and teetered into Janet's arms, her body trembling.

Borne down by her weight Janet held her distraught lover tightly and was held with desperate tightness in return. Janet stroked the sweaty brow ridge, tracing a finger along the unibrow, down the pallid cheek pausing cupping Sam's chin. As in a dream, Sam couldn't move. Couldn't think, only feel. Perhaps it would then be alright to float in the diffuse awareness of the touch that was happening to her, everywhere alike, all the skin waking to itself and to sensation. The generalized, comforting warmth that was affection, the love of heart for heart, swirled into caresses, had always been caresses. Smooth and soft, circling against the lay of her hair. A sharper awareness. Points of heat gathering at her throat.

Janet started when she felt, rather then heard a thrumming from deep inside Sam's throat. Then it occurred to her, that the feral blonde was purring… she was actually purring! There was a placidness to it, as if Janet's nearness had provoked a claming to the storm raging within her. Sam was aware of herself for a moment, aware that everything hurt, but with generalized, remote, throbbing ache she didn't wonder at or question.

"Sam…" Janet called out to, desperate to reach that center deeply buried inside the feral blonde. She was frantic to reach Sam's mind, somewhere deeply buried in the darkness, somewhere her beloved lurked. "Sam…sweety, I'm here. You have hang on a little longer. I'll find away to bring you back to me."

Then, as Sam sensed movement at door of her cell, some spark of unease woke in her passive awareness. The purr tuned to snarls. Her face turning towed the door was ashen within the unkempt thicket of mane. The beast would grant her the power to overcome the threat to her mate, she crotched her legs, readying to spring as soon as her territory was invaded. Dark chocolate eyes rose in time with ice blue orbs to the door opening to the brightness of the hall beyond. An airman and one of Janet's own medics entered bringing before them Sergeant Styles, the young woman who had help Daniel Jackson to his feet just after Jack had beaten him. The young blonde noncom was now as feral as Sam.

Then it happened all to fast.

Without warning, Carter was moving: a lunching charge at the door, with such speed, such ferocity that was still a ghost of the terrible smooth quickness that was the beast in her attack. The guard and medic had no time at all to react. Her face a snarling masque, fangs fully bared, pale eyes wide and unseeing.

One thought: protect her mate. Nothing would hurt her mate; nothing would take her mate from her.

Styles reacted. The beast within her reacted.

It was quick; Styles grappled the airman's combat knife from his sheath, in one motion she had caused them to fumble back and the door to slam shut behind her, effectively locking them out. Styles lunched after Carter, one swipe the blade made contact with flesh. A roar of pure fury erupted from the taller blonde as pain and blood flared before her. Carter bowled over her attacker, one sharp magnum backhand sent Styles flying ass over teakettle landing hard on her face against the cement floor. Massively, gracefully Carter pounced, straddling the hips of the unconscious woman, ripped the smaller blonde's head back off the floor by her forelock, her right hand swung heavily back to strike the stretched larynx of the exposed throat to tear it out.

"Sam! No Sam! NO!" Janet shouted above the lioness roar, without a second thought she clasped her hand over the deadly talons. "NO!"

Silence. A hand lowed, blue eyes rested on the figure of her mate, her body trembling.

"She wont hurt me. Sam…let her go." Janet soothed. "I'm safe…let her go Sam. Please…Sam…let her go."

The door reopened, Sam turned a 180, facing the new threat, teeth bared she rose, pouncing into her new pray, the airman this time did not hesitate. He raised his tranquilizer rife, one shot. The hit was made. Sam stumbled back, whirling around to face her mate, her mate who could tell her why she was dying. Plucking the red thatched dart from her chest, looking stupidly at it, the blonde feral toppled bonelessly to the floor. The world was black.

Working with the time constraints of the tranquilizer, Janet was able to suture Sam's abdominal wound without further sedative. Fortunately the knife wound was superficial with any luck there wont even be a scar. Despite the bestial nature in Styles, she was not specifically trained with lethal combat skills, as was Sam, the Sergeant's attack was virtually ineffective.

It was then that the Jaffa returned to base and entered the infirmary. Janet looked up to him with a measure of small hope. If he had the blood sample of the Untouched, Janet might able to synthesize a cure to the Broca Syndrome. Glancing down to the now awaking Sam, the brunette doctor winced to see the pain so deep in those blue eyes, knowing that she could do little to relieve her beloved of her torment at the moment.

"Finish closing here." Fraiser commanded her nurse moving around the table to Teal'c. She saw the worry flooding in the large man's dark eyes, it mirrored her own. In some peripheral sense Sam had detected the presence of the Jaffa. Worried that thrashing about would further damage Samantha, Janet quickly moved Teal'c away from the table, least her lover see her with the large male and see him as a threatening rival.

"What happened to Captain Carter?" Teal'c didn't lift his eyes from the fidgeting figure of his teammate. The only thing remaining on the bed was the back of Sam's head and the heels of her feet as the Captain arched trying to free herself from the restraints. Wrathful puma-esk growls erupted from the hoarse throat in dark red-rage. She was the icon of fury.

"She was stabbed by her cell-mate, it's superficial she'll be okay." Janet tried to sooth Teal'c's concern, pulling him further away from the ragging blonde's view and hopefully out of range of her now very acute olfactory sense, and sharper hearing.

Nearly a week locked in the complex because of the orders of General Hammond and Janet was ready to go home, even if it was the hotel room. She was tired, sleeping on a cot wasn't exactly the most restful, and she was hungry for something more then what the mess offered. A good night sleep and a real meal would do wonders. Waiting for SG1 and SG3 to return from P3X797, with Daniel Jackson, Janet took the time to fully make her report on the Broca Syndrome and the serum azelastine hydrochloride. To tell the truth she could have done the paperwork back at the hotel, but she wanted to wait for the away-teams to return for her own self-gratification that they were safe. 'Oh who are you kidding? You want to make sure Sam is okay.' The image of her beloved, a snarling muscle-twitching beast had not been ideal. But Samantha Carter had been held prisoner by a force she could not hope to defeat by herself.

Alone in her office, Janet folded her hands together and leaned her forehead against them. The reprieve from the past few days was more than she could hope for. At last her Sam had been restored to the warm, intelligent bright soul she had met not so long ago. A soul she was emphatically in love with.

Wracked with grief and guilt, Sam Carter slowly made her way into Janet's office. O'Neill had made light of the situation that happened between them in the locker room, and the tension between them faded with one of his sardonic remakes about that 'sweet little tank-top.' And yes, it had stunned Sam that he had actually recalled the events, and even more that he had made joke of it, which taxed a true smile from her. But returning to base, the guilt of what happened raged in full force. There was another that has been affected by her course actions. And her shame was greater then it had been with the Colonel himself. What she had done to Janet was beyond forgiving.

She had to seek the young doctor out, whether to validate her overwhelming sense of guilt or to be judged, she didn't know. She only new that she would prefer condemnation to the distorting isolation over having experienced a profound trauma in some vacuum, some awful dream that, waking, no one else would confirm and dismiss as though it had never happened. Sam knew it had happened. There was a horrible knowledge that she had irrefutably hurt Janet. It terrified her knowing that Janet would be lost to her now. After what she had done, how could the brilliant woman want anything intimate between them?

Knocking on the door, Sam politely waited for an invitation, holding her breath, waiting to be told to go away. Janet had to have known they returned for Warner was checking Daniel at the very moment. It would not be long before Janet came into the exam-room to re-check all the files on the members of both SG1 and three. When no answer seemed to be forthcoming, Sam turned the knob of the office door cracking it just a little and took a step in. She saw the brunette hunched over her desk a cup of now cold coffee to her left, near a half eaten chicken-salad sandwich, perhaps she was sleeping then. God only knew how exhausted the CMO had to have been. Nearly three days of constant vigil, Janet had to be wiped.

Not wanting to disturb her further, Sam readied to move from the door, when a soft voice called out from the bowed head. "Yes?"

"Janet?" Perhaps it wasn't mere exhaustion that took Janet, but something deeper. 'Haven't you done enough already?' Sam berated herself. 'Yes. But she deserves to tell you to go to hell.'

Janet immediately came to her senses in hearing the soft dove-set tones of her lover's voice. She flashed a brief almost too polite smile, rubbing the sleep from her eyes she gestured for the tall blonde to enter the room.

One step and then another, Sam closed the distance between her and Janet, she closed the door, cutting off all light from the outside, for the only illumination in the office was a small desk lamp near the computer with the SGC screensaver slowly hypnotically turning on the blue-lite glowing monitor.

"You look beat." Sam said lamely as she slowly approached. She took one of the wheeled office chairs and sat upon it backwards so that her elbows rested upon the backrest.

"Nothing a good night sleep in my own bed won't cure." Janet muttered lazily. She reached for the cup on her desk taking a sip she promptly spat the dark liquid back into the mug, scrunching her face at the foul bitter taste of cold stale coffee. "And a good cup of coffee, preferably very fresh…you hungry, we could go to the mess get something that resembles food."

The doctor for a moment had gained some approximation of a smile even if it was a small rueful one from the blonde.

"Janet…" Sam bit her lip, sucking in deep breath of air before sighing. This she knew was going to be hard, but at the moment it was almost impossible to get her thoughts out. Janet was so removed, and detached. But holding off, waiting for some other time that they could discuses this wasn't doing either them a favor. Better to face it now, then down the line.

The smaller woman knew something was deeply upsetting her beloved. It was something to be uprooted with delicacy, and candid care. She reached out and touched the blonde's chin lifting blue ice to meet her own dark eyes. The implicit sensuality of the contact had electrified them both. Their eyes locked with the awareness. Sam immediately averted her eyes and would have turned her face away, but Janet wouldn't let her, cupping her chin almost roughly, forcing her to look as her and at the knowledge in her eyes. The moment had passed.

"Sam, tell me, what troubles you so?"

"I…lost myself." She said suddenly. "I …to use the ambivalence of the disease…is… nothing short of excuses…Janet…the things I did…to you…to others…when the sickness took me…Janet at that moment all I knew that something terrible was burning its way through me. I struggled to maintain some hold on myself and I kept slipping…I couldn't see anymore. There was nothing of me in that creature…the beast…"

"No." Janet reached for her hand her voice becoming sharp and desperate for a contradiction. She shook her head; that Sam considered her despair something she felt she must apologize for. "There was something of you in that 'creature'. More than you think. Sam when I was in that cell with you…you didn't attack me; you made no move what so ever to bring harm to me. In fact…babe…you clutched me, held me so tight as if I was your last vestige of sanity. " She feathered beck arrant locks of wheat, "Baby…" a deep smile. "Did you know you even purred?"

"What?" Blonde eyes shot up into unruly bangs. "I…purred?"

Janet nodded, "You did…for a moment…you had peace." Janet took the fine boned hand and lifted it to her lips kissing the tips. "You didn't completely lose your struggle. If you had, Styles would have been dead. But you stopped. You heard my voice calling you back from the rage and you stopped. You didn't kill her you stopped. Sam if the 'creature' was in complete control, you would not have. Not even my voice would have brought you back."

"If I had killed her…" Sam closed her blue eyes, not wanting to allow her imagination to travel down that path. It was one thing to take a life in war, another in cold blood. "I wanted to Janet. I remember…something…so much anger…pain…I wanted her dead…she was a rival…a threat to…you…and I wanted her slain. I wanted to kill her."

Janet considered for a moment; biting her lip, then spoke her thought. "But you didn't." She did her best to sound confident, defiant. "The darkness in your mind gave way to light, in a small fraction there was something greater in you that didn't want to kill her. And you didn't. That is human, my love."

Sam closed her eyes savoring this moment, this flooding of hearts adoration. "And the hurt I gave you?"

"Sam I told you, you never made a move to hurt me."

"That's not true and we both know it." She answered gently but with certain indignation.

"Sam the touch you sought…you fell into my arms…"

She was going to make her say it. Very well, for the pain she caused her beloved, Sam deserved no less then to be punished for it. "I betrayed you Janet."

Janet snorted. "How? How did you betray me?"

"Colonel O'Neill."

"Oh that." Came a very placid response.

Sam snapped her head up; soulful blue eyes steadied their gaze, lost in the deep dark orbs of the remarkable woman sitting across from her. How could she be so dismissive? Sam knew she had wanted in that heated moment, she had wanted Jack O'Neill to bed her…she wanted it, she had tried to take what she wanted with great force. No inhibitions had stopped her from trying, and nothing short of Jack's hand-to-hand combat skills had stopped the fury.

Lovingly exasperated, Janet said, "I'm going to say this once Samantha Carter. One can only imagine all sorts of terrible things when one is unwell. But above all things, you must not castigate yourself with imagined wrongs. What happened between you and the Colonel was pure primal urge. Scientifically speaking, lower level female primates chose their perspective mates in some instinctual knowledge they will sire strong offspring. The Colonel is your direct CO, a pack leader. Yes we all answer to Hammond, but…well…he would not produce a strong offspring, he isn't virile, the beast within knew that. You chose O'Neill out of pure animal drive to procreate, not out of your own desire to be with him. But in that cell…you called me your mate. So even then Sam your only want with Jack O'Neill was to procreate, not to claim him as a lifemate…you chose me for that."

"Great, your girlfriend is a knuckle-dragging-slope-browed- two-timing-bisexual-hairy- dominating- lust puppy Neanderthal."

"Don't for get purring." Janet added, her face bright with a warm welcoming smile. "A purring-knuckle-dragging-sloped-browed-two-timing-bisexual-hairy- dominating- oversexed-lust puppy Neanderthal. It could have been worse love, you could have been a paramecium-braided-troglodyte."

Despite her inner torment for the thoughts of betrayal, Sam cracked up laughing unable to hold the mirth brewing. "That would have been worse. Not by much mind you."

For a moment Janet shared in the laughed, overjoyed to see merriment in those haunting blue eyes once more. Then in a far more serious tone, Janet cupped her hand around Sam's chin.

"Sam, when we first found each other a week ago did I think I'd see you turned into a felinesk primordial primate? No. I don't think that crosses anyone's mind. And I want you to know I'm not going to cut and run, I'm not going to dump you because of what happened. The Broca Syndrome made everyone infected do horrible and regretful things. I'm sure Colonel O'Neill is berating himself for pummeling the snot out of Dr. Jackson. Sergeant Styles is terrified of court-martial because she tried to gut a superior officer…namely you. Hammond regrets trying to send Davies into a wall. We lost two men because they fought and threw themselves thru a plate glass window from the observation room. And there are so many others with the same story, friends attacking friends, assaults on every level imaginable. Sam a lot of things happened and no one can be held accountable for something they cannot control…and baby you tried so hard to regain control of yourself. So let this grief, this guilt pass from you. And let go of the fear that you scared me off, because you didn't. I love you, Sam. And I'm not going anywhere."

Beyond words, beyond the silence, Sam knew that this beautiful woman had changed her life forever.

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