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This Love From a Gurney


Sam gingerly picked at the new bandage on her arm. Another planet, another injury…. She was getting a little sick of this. Well…. To be specific she was over the pain, had been for a while now, but the caring look Janet gives her when patching her up was worth every second of it. She would probably be sent to a shrink soon. This was the 6th planet in a row where she had fallen, tripped, fell, tumbled or slipped. She has fobbed off her new-found clumsiness as simply letting her mind wander while gazing at the scenery, but to be honest she couldn't even describe a single leaf or rock from those planets. The only thing in her vision during the time of these unfortunate accidents was the woman now bandaging her ankle.

"Sam, leave your arm alone." Janet ordered without looking up from what she was doing.

Sam huffed and lay back on the med bed. I wonder if I can convince Janet to let me stay with her to recoup…?

When Janet was done she nodded to the nurse to remove all the medical paraphernalia while she addressed her patient. Janet held Sam's unscratched hand tenderly, "I know I say this every time, but Sam you really need to be more careful. I know you think I'm the best Doctor in the galaxy and all, but I'd rather see you healthy and unbandaged."

Sam gulped, several images flashing through her head at the thoughts of being "unbandaged" with Janet. "I'll try…"

Janet gave her hand a squeeze before moving off to continue her work.

A week and a half later and Sam was being wheeled on a gurney into the infirmiry. Janet looked at her sternly but her expression changed immediately to worry when she saw the gash on Sam's head. She hurried over and started inspecting the fresh injuries.

"Sam, what have you done this time?" Janet whispered.

Sam's eyes focused for a second on Janet and she smiled. She must have lost more blood than she thought, because her mouth answered before her brain could say no. "I love it when you touch me…"

Janet's look of shock quickly vanished when Sam passed out. Her Doctor Mode quickly took over and postponed thinking about the butterflies in her stomach at Sam's words.

Sam groaned in pain when she tried to move her arm.

"Hey, easy, don't move." Janet soothed from beside her.

After a few moments Sam opened her eyes and looked at Janet. She smiled, the pain suddenly forgotten.

Janet squeezed the hand she was holding but didn't let go. "You gave me quite a scare. Do you remember what happened?"

Sam frowned. Ravine, path, no path, pain, Janet… Sam's eyes went wide when she remember what she said before everything went blank. She looked down at the cast on her arm and shrugged with the other shoulder.

Janet, being the intelligent observant woman she was, didn't miss the deer-in-headlights look and squeezed the hand again. "It's ok Sam."

Sam looked up at her, "So you're not against this love from a gurney?"

Janet smiled brightly, "I'm not against your love from anywhere."

The End

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