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SPOILER: Broca Divide

By Celievamp

She crouched in the corner of the white cold place she had woken in, growling softly to herself. The spirits were talking to her. She had to get out of here, back to the dark place. The spirits would show her the way. The One would come soon and then they would go. Together. Through the circle of light and water to the dark place. Their place. And She would keep the One safe. The spirits told her so. No one would harm the One. No one would harm She.

She stretched, snarled as the wound in her side throbbed. The One had taken the pain away with her magic. The One had smiled and spoken gently despite her fear. The One was small and soft but her body was strong and She had felt her need. The One needed She and She needed the One and soon they would be together. Away from this cold white place that smelt so strangely.

She got to her feet, her fingers scratching at the bandage on her belly. She stilled herself. The One had put it there to heal her. It was strong magic. She moved around the white cold place testing herself. She would need all of her strength and cunning to escape this place. She bared her sharp teeth and ran her strong nails across the soft thing she had woken on, tearing the surface and revealing what lay beneath. She tested it to see if it was edible but like everything else in this place it was poison. She spat it out and swatted the soft thing aside.

She heard something outside. Her heart rejoiced. It was the One. But there was another with her. She growled as the new scent filled her nostrils. A male. The One was not safe. She looked for a weapon and snatched up part of the structure she had torn apart earlier in her fury at being trapped and the One not here.

A hole appeared and a man and the One stepped through into the white place. The man held a strange stick in his hand. He raised it and the voices told her what to do. With her club she knocked the stick away and flung herself on him, her sharp teeth, her strong nails tearing into him. The One made a loud noise and tried to help the man. Then the One attacked She, stabbing her in the arm with a strange thorn. It hurt and She reacted automatically, punching the One hard, knocking her across the room to land in a crumpled heap against the wall. The man was still. He lived, but would not stop them. She pulled the thorn out of her arm and threw it away. She picked up the One and cradled her in her arms. She was sorry she had hurt the One. The hole in the white place was still there. Carrying the One, she stepped out into a gray place, the earth hard and cold beneath her feet. There were many strange smells, the air felt wrong, and the light hurt her eyes. Why did these people need so many little suns?

She was afraid of their magic, but the voices of the spirits told her not to be frightened, that it was a magic called electricity and that it would not harm her. The voice of the spirit told her where she needed to go. The One still slept in her arms. Together they would go from this place back to the dark world, where they would be safe. To do that, she needed to find the Ring, the circle of water and the light. The spirit told her strange words – magic words – gate addresses, chevrons, wormholes, Stargate, event horizons.

At the end of the corridor was another hole, leading to a room made of strange, cold, smooth stone. It smelt wrong, but the voices told her she must go there. She must press the wall in a certain place and not be afraid even though the room was small and moving at great speed. The spirits were caring for her. She would not be harmed. The One would not be harmed.

She shivered. The thorn must have been poisoned. Her face was wet with sweat and she felt strange. She needed to rest, but there was not time.

The hole appeared again and she carried the One out. There were men here; the spirits had lied to her. The grey haired one she remembered from her first wakening, the one she had tried to mate before she had found the One. And another, a man of dark skin and great strength who smelt strange indeed. They held sticks and more of the thorns.

"Captain – Sam – I know you're confused and you're hurting. Put Doc Fraiser down and let us help you," the grey haired one said.

The spirits gave her a name – O'Neill. The spirits told her to trust this man. She lowered the One to the floor and crouched over her, stroking her hair. There would be no escape to the dark world, no togetherness. As the grey haired one stuck another thorn in her arm, She closed her eyes and accepted her defeat.

"He-ey Captain. How are you feeling now?"

Sam opened her eyes. She was in the infirmary – again. The last thing she remembered clearly was being attacked by proto-human natives on a planet in the dark. And then there had been light. She remembered feeling hot and … oh god, let that be a dream, please. If she had attacked Colonel O'Neill, tried to seduce him for crissake, then that was the end of her career in the military.

"Captain? Sam?"

Sam realised that she hadn't answered the doctor. She looked at her and more dream/memories came to her. Of being this savage creature single minded in her need to protect some one – this one. "The One," she whispered.

"That's what you called me, yes," the young woman said. Her face was bruised. "Can you remember my name now?"

"Dr Fraiser… Janet," Sam remembered. Without thinking she reached out to touch the bruised cheek. "I did that. I'm so sorry… I'll fully understand if you want to bring charges…"

"It's okay, Captain. You weren't exactly yourself. Very few of us were. But we came up with a cure and everyone seems to be back to their old selves." The doctor grasped her hand, stroked it for a moment. "You were trying to protect me and you were in a strange place. No charges are to be brought against anyone for anything that occurred in the last couple of days. And believe me, you decking me was one of the lesser things that happened. Now, you need to rest. Sleep, captain."

Sam closed her eyes, realised that the doctor was still holding her hand. She felt safe. The One would keep her safe. She knew that now.

The End

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