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Interlude 3:
Bringing me home

By Celievamp

The key was waiting for her at the hotel front desk, along with a message. Janet recognised Sam's distinctive handwriting on the envelope. Standing in the lobby she opened the envelope and took out the note.

J. Go to our room, have a long relaxing bath then put on the clothes laid out for you on the bed. Wait for me. S.

Suppressing a smile, Janet went to the lifts and pressed for the fourth floor where their room was reserved. They had not used this hotel before but Janet liked it all ready. The room was large, elegant and comfortable. There was no sign that Sam had been here other than the clothes laid out on the king sized bed.

Janet ran her fingers over the dark plum coloured velvet and silk. Goddess, she was going to look like a million dollars in this, she thought, wondering where and when Sam had bought the outfit and just how long her lover had been planning this weekend.

She exited the bathroom without bothering with a robe. There was no one there to see her. She crossed to the bed and was just about to pull on the plum silk teddy when she caught a movement in her peripheral vision.

Sam Carter lounged in a chair by the door, watching her, a sensual smile playing over her lips, her eyes sparkling. She was dressed completely in black, a tight black sweater, black leather pants and a black leather vest over that. In the dimly lit room her pale skin seemed almost luminous.

"Sam! I didn't…" Sam shook her head, placing her finger to her lips. Janet immediately fell silent. She made no attempt to cover her nudity instead taking up an almost parade stance, showing herself off to her lover. Sam wasn't the only one who could improvise, even if they were supposed to be working off her script.

Sam got to her feet, stretching catlike for a moment, her sweater riding up revealing a tantalising glimpse of toned abdomen. Janet held herself perfectly still as Sam walked towards her, round her, her hand trailing for a moment across the bare skin of her hip. Then Sam was facing her again, her hand caressing Janet's cheek.

"Good girl," Sam whispered. "First rule for tonight – don't speak unless asked a question. Get dressed now." Her thumb brushed across Janet's lower lip and greatly daring Janet took it into her mouth for a moment, swirling her tongue around it. She wasn't imagining the slight flush of colour that came and went across Sam's cheeks before she removed her thumb.

"Get dressed now. I have a wonderful evening planned IF you're a good girl, my love."

Taking her time and making sure to give her lover a good show Janet slipped into the teddy savouring the sleek kiss of the fabric against her skin. The discreet underwiring pushed her breasts up and in, the low cut top skimming the top of her nipples. Tightening and fastening the velvet ribbons, she made a slight adjustment, not wanting to display all of her assets straight away and then turned to face her lover.

Sam's steady gaze went from the tip of her bare toes to the top of her head and back again, her expression inscrutable but her blazing eyes showed her true feelings. Janet allowed herself a private smile. Yep, she still had it.

Without any apparent urgency, Sam walked slowly around her again. Janet could not suppress a shiver as Sam's fingers made brief contact with her left shoulder, the bare line of her spine, her right hip, her fingers running diagonally down across her centre, the slight pressure of her nails through the thin fabric making Janet catch her breath.

Sam fished in an inner pocket of her waistcoat and drew out a thick silver chain. She let it run through her fingers, gazing speculatively at Janet. "You need to know that you belong to me now," she said. "This collar marks you as mine. Every good pet needs one to show that she's owned and cared for. Do you like it, pet?"

Janet realised that this was her cue. "Yes, it's beautiful… mistress." The sense of relief she got just from saying that last word made her pause.

Sam realised that something was wrong. She placed a gentle finger on Janet's chin, tilted her head upwards so that Janet was forced to meet her gaze. "Janet, sweetheart, if this is making you feel too uncomfortable, we can…" Janet drew her down into a deep wet kiss.

"Thank you," she whispered. "Thank you for looking after me, mistress."

Sam bowed her head and went to stand behind Janet, fastening the silver chain around Janet's throat. Her hands dusted over Janet's collarbones and shoulders again. "My girl," she whispered. Sam's hands moved down to cup her full breasts, fingers gliding over Janet's hardening nipples.

Janet moaned, fighting to stay perfectly still. Sam was in charge. That was the agreement. She would not weaken again. Sam started to kiss the side of her neck, nuzzling and cat licking at her skin. Her hands, soft yet strong, slid along Janet's shoulders and down her bare arms.

"I want you to touch yourself, Janet."

"Oh," Janet whispered. Her hands rose, sliding up the sheer fabric to the slope of her breasts. Her nipples were like pebbles, almost painfully hard. One hand moved down again to cover her centre. She was already damp, the wetness beginning to seep through the delicate fabric. Slowly she began to rub herself through the teddy, the friction delicious against her swollen flesh. She felt feverish, dizzy and yet curiously more alive than she ever had before.

Giving in to Sam was easy because it felt so good. So sweetly powerful. So damned sexy she was about to explode—

There was a polite knock on the door. Sam smiled at her. "Room service," she said. "Stay exactly where you are."

Janet's fingers stilled. She waited, slightly apprehensive. If Sam opened the door she would be in full view of anyone standing in the hallway. They would have very little doubt as to what she had been doing – what she was going to do. But she need not have feared. Sam opened the door wide enough only to acknowledge the bellhop and hand over the tip. Only after he had moved away again did she open the door sufficiently to bring in the trolley.

Sam pushed the trolley towards the side table and lifted the lids from the plates. "Good. Just as I requested. Come here, Janet. It's time to eat."

Janet came towards her, the smells coming from the food making her salivate. She realized just how hungry she was. Sam had finished setting out the food and the chilled bottle of wine and two glasses. She set her chair at a slight angle to the table and sat down. Janet was a little non-plussed by this. There was no seat for her and only one place setting.

Sam smiled, patted her thigh. "You sit here, pet. I'm going to feed you and you're going to feed me."

"Ooohhh," That suggestion got to her in an almost primal way. She settled herself on Sam's lap, feeling her lover's hand on the bare skin of her back. Sam picked up the fork, speared a piece of chicken coated it in the sauce and held it to Janet's lips. Leaning forward slightly, Janet took it into her mouth.

The wine and garlic sauce was perfectly seasoned, the chicken moist and tender. Janet chewed and swallowed, turned to Sam, kissing her so that she could taste the flavour of the sauce for herself.

"Beautiful," Sam whispered, They kissed again. "Your turn, now my pet. No spills!" she warned, Janet declined the use of cutlery and picked up a long spear of asparagus, holding it over Sam's mouth. She extended her tongue to take in the sauce threatening to drip from the end of the spear and then bit down, chewing the tender vegetable. Janet's other hand strayed to the back of Sam's neck, playing with the short soft hairs that she found there knowing how this always aroused her lover. Sam softly nipped her fingers. "Very good, my pet."

It took them a long time to eat their fill. Sam continued to use the fork, and whilst Janet was hand feeding her, her own hands took the opportunity to roam, exploring her lover's curves, settling after a time between her thighs, slowly stroking up and down the moist strip of fabric that covered Janet's centre. Janet's flushed cheeks and glittering eyes had nothing to do with the two glasses of wine that she had drunk and everything to do with the gentle pressure of those long, dexterous fingers. Her pulse was racing. She had no idea what Sam's next move might be.

"So, let's talk about dessert," Sam whispered in her ear.

Janet shivered with anticipation. "What did you have in mind, mistress?" she asked. Deliberately, she began to drift her fingers up and down Sam's ribcage.

Sam started to say something and then gulped as Janet's fingers grazed the outer edge of her breast. Janet smiled. Sam took a deep breath and started again. "Your naked body, warm caramel sauce pooling in your bellybutton and the hollow of your throat, my tongue licking it from your skin. How does that sound?"

"Wonderful," Janet breathed. Every sense she possessed seemed magnified at the moment, and all of them were focused on the woman toying with her. She squirmed a little until Sam tightened her hold on her, sliding her hand up the back of her head and pulling her hair, tilting her face up. Quickly, fiercely, she kissed her, taking her breath away. Janet let her hands drift over Sam's breasts again, feeling her lover's nipples harden, pushing against her fingers. "I want you, mistress. I want to touch you."

"Soon, darling, soon," Sam whispered, her breath hot on Janet's skin. "Your mistress wants you so badly." Her voice was hoarse with desire.

Janet was beyond desire. She could not wait any longer. Her fingers pulled at the leather vest, pushing it down over Sam's arms. The tight polo neck jumper resisted her initial attempts until Sam helped as well, pulling it up over her head. As Janet had already discovered, her lover had foregone underwear that evening. Her breasts were milk white, coral tipped. Janet took one peak into her mouth, rolling her tongue over the pebbling nub. She heard Sam's breath hiss in her throat. One hand started to stroke and pull at the other nipple, Sam's hands tightening their hold on her. She straddled Sam's thigh, the soft leather feeling wonderful against her skin.

Sam's hand trailed down her hip and then moved to her own waist, unbuckling the wide leather belt that lapped her slender form. "Easy, baby-girl," she whispered. She eased herself forward slightly so that she could pull the belt free. "Got to keep you in order, haven't I?"

Janet trembled, unsure for a moment what Sam had in mind. They had enjoyed mild bondage games before and even a certain amount of spanking, but only with the hand and never hard enough to leave any kind of mark. She raised her eyes to Sam's noticing how dark her eyes had become. "Mistress?" she whispered.

"Kiss me," Sam demanded. Janet did as she was bid, feeling Sam's hands on the thick silver chain around her throat. As she sat back again she realized that Sam had looped the belt through the chain almost like a tether, the ends held securely in her hands. She pulled gently, keeping Janet's face close to hers. "Show me how you love your mistress, Janet."

Janet kissed her hard, writhing against her lover as she straddled her thighs until the gentle pressure on the leash forced her head back a little. "Very good, my pet," Sam said, a little breathlessly, her eyes wide and dark, her cheeks and throat flushed. `She's really getting off on this," Janet thought absently before the sensations in her own body overwhelmed her again. The thin silk teddy seemed to caress her as it moved with her, succumbing to the gentle pressure of Sam's fingers as they danced across her skin. They were both breathing hard now, becoming increasingly aware of the limitations of the chair that they sat in. Especially when there was a king-sized bed only a few feet away.

Mindful of the leash and collar, Janet slid off Sam's lap, ignoring her low cry of displeasure at the loss of contact and pulled Sam to her feet. They staggered towards the bed, Sam managing to lose her few remaining items of clothes on the way.

Sam ended up on the bottom, Janet working her way down the long lean body, kissing and gently biting, fingers, tongue and teeth working in harmony. Sam's hips thrust up at her, her head lolling back, her breathing fast and shallow. One of her hands was still wrapped in the belt. She was not looking at Janet, but past her, up at the ceiling, which Janet belatedly realized was mirrored.

"See us, my pet," Sam whispered. "See how beautiful we are, such a good pet you are making me feel so special, so loved." She gasped as Janet nipped at a tender area. Janet sat up a little, rubbing her velvet clad wet centre across Sam's abdomen.

"Hot for you, so hot and wet. Can you feel me, Sam. Can you feel how hot your pet is for you?" Janet murmured, grinding harder now against Sam's body. She felt Sam's fingers pulling at the material that still covered her core, her nails grazing the edge of her labia, making Janet shiver in anticipation. She began to unlace the bodice of the teddy, preparing to pull it off her body but Sam was way ahead of her. The fabric at Janet's crotch parted, and Janet sank onto the two fingers that impaled her, the sensation enough to make her scream her pleasure.

"Time to come for me, Janet. Come for me, nice and hard. I need to hear you, I need to feel you around my fingers, my sweet girl. Come for me. Come for me, now." On the final now, Sam's thumb flicked over her swollen bud her other hand tugging on the belt and Janet felt as if she was about to explode, tensing for one long sweet moment her back arching before she shuddered, her voice breaking as she screamed out Sam's name.

Janet collapsed forward, lying over Sam's body, aftershocks trembling through her, her face buried in the nape of Sam's neck, Sam's arms gently yet protectively around her. Neither had any idea how much time had passed, the whole evening had had a timeless quality to it as if it were outside normal reality. Sam let her hands smooth slowly, gently up and down Janet's spine.

"Sweetheart?" she whispered. "Janet?"

She stirred a little but did not acknowledge her. Sam tried again.


Janet made a sound against her throat, Sam smiled and kissed her hair. "You were amazing, Janet, really. I never dreamt you would do anything like this for me, anything. You made me feel…" Words failed her. She gently stroked up and down Janet's spine again. "You okay, baby?"

Janet stirred, slowly lifting her head to face her dark hair damp and clinging in tufts and curls to her lightly flushed skin, the expression in her liquid chocolate eyes sweet and slightly vulnerable. She smiled, reached up to smooth her fingers down Sam's cheek. "Tell me," she whispered. "Tell me how I made you feel."

"I don't know where to begin," Sam whispered. "What you were ready to do for me… to please me, giving yourself over to me like that. Letting me pull that stunt with the belt…" Belatedly she remembered it and disentangled the leather strap from the silver collar, carefully checking that she had not bruised her lover's delicate skin in her excitement. "I love you so much, Janet. So very much." Their lips met in a sweet kiss.

"I pleased you," Janet smiled. "Good."

"You pleased me, amazed me." Sam carefully rolled them until Janet was on the bottom again, stroking her hand down Janet's side. Janet shuddered deliciously, her eyes drifting closed in sheer contentment.

"And you made me feel what you must feel when you are flying," Janet whispered. "I was weightless, the only thing holding me to the earth was you, your love for me. Bringing me home again, to you."

The End

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