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Side Effects
By Geekgrrllurking


Samantha Carter was dreaming, wasn't she?

Surely the strong hands roaming her body, tickling and caressing, exploring her every curve and hollow, was the phantom touch of her over active imagination. The dark tousled hair that her fingers were sliding through was just wishful fantasy, created by too many long hours in the lab working impossible hours. The soft lips tracking across her stomach, licking lower with each thundering heartbeat, couldn't possibly be real…

Could it?

"Sam…" The rumbled moan against her abs made her arch against her midnight lover, wanton and needy.

"Please…" Sam cried out into the night. She would have cringed at how desperate she sounded, if she cared, but all she could think of was the flesh and blood woman making tender love to her. The dark head looked up, but Sam already knew who was in her bed. The only woman she had ever wanted there, trusting and loving her for all time. Janet's eyes seemed to glitter with something wild and raw, and it made her heart thunder even louder to see the desire laid bare before her.

Janet moved down to spread her long legs, sure hands sliding along the creamy inner thighs, creating room to snuggle down between them. A puff of warm breath brushed against damp curls. Sam moaned low in her throat and arched closer. Janet spread her fingers out over Sam's flat toned stomach, drawing them across the hollows of her abs, keeping her pressed down against the sheets.

"So wet for me…" Janet murmured as long fingers trailed down, tickling through the damp blonde curls at her lover's crotch and across the swollen lips of her pussy. A trail of moisture clinging to her fingers, evidence of Sam's obvious arousal. Janet dipped her head and ran her tongue across the stiff clit begging for her attention. Her moan of pleasure vibrated along Sam's tense body.

"Fuck…" Sam slammed her head back into her pillow, clutching the sheets beneath her and writhed with desire, still needing more from Janet.

Humming with satisfaction at how wet and ready her lover was, Janet kept gently sucking as she sank her fingers in deep, stretching and filling, claiming her as her own. Finally she started to pull back, before filling again, and again, slowly building an irresistible rhythm.

The accompanying gasps of pleasure only emphasized the bucking of Sam's hips, as she arched to meet the penetrating caress of her focused lover. Moaning and needy, she tried desperately to match Janet's pace, meeting her thrust for thrust, straining to pull her in deeper.

Making a sympathetic sound at the back of her throat, Janet smiled as she curled her fingers and found the spot Sam could never resist. Sam's body started to tense beneath her lover's hands, as if dancing on an edge, waiting to tumble over. Capturing the swollen clit with her lips, Janet flicked hard with the tip of her tongue, driving her insane, pushing her closer to the edge. And then…

The Stargate horizon field rippled and Captain Sam Carter lurched through to the other side. Panting hard, Carter groaned in frustration. It had happened again. She gathered her wits about herself and slowly headed down from the small platform.

"Damn wormhole side effects…" Carter murmured. She really needed to figure out what caused these freaky time jumps. Sighing, she ran a hand through her short blonde hair, getting her heartbeat back under control. She definitely was looking forward to her future escapades with the aloof Dr. Frasier, if that little time jump came true.

Sam looked up at the looming circle of stone and smiled, before turning and dashing down the small pathway to catch up with the rest of SG-1.

The End

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