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By Annette


The whoosh of the Stargate heralded the return of SG1 from their recent visit to P3X612. A visit that was cut short when the team discovered that they'd each developed an extremely aggressive and angry rash. Full HAZMAT protocols were in place as the arriving soldiers were stripped down, flushed with water and moved directly to quarantine. Sam sat on a chair in nothing but a dressing gown trying her best not to start scratching at the red welts covering her body. The analgesic she'd received was beginning to wear off and she hoped Janet was on her way with more. Just as she was about to give in to the itchiness she was feeling, the door opened and in walked a figure shrouded in neoprene and plastic, only the diminutive stature of the person giving away her identity.

"He-ey Major, how are you holding up?" Janet asked as she prepared another injection as well as a topical steroid cream.

"Honestly, I was just about to start scratching, so good timing Doc." Shifting slightly in the chair, she added, "Um, Janet?"

Knowing that the use of her first name meant Sam was about to ask a difficult question Janet gave her her full attention. "What is it, Sam?"

"Um, well, the uh rash… it, well, it's everywhere now."

The way she emphasized everywhere gave Janet an idea as to what Sam was getting at so she quickly handed Sam the topical cream. "Okay, well let me get this injection into you and you can start putting this cream on your… everywhere."

"Oh, great, thanks!"

After wiping down the injection site Janet stepped back to look at the rash that was now covering… well everything. "Alright, Sam, I need you to take off the dressing gown so I can see the extent of the rash. Also, I'd like to get a few samples to take back to the lab for testing. I'm hoping to find the root cause of this little bugger so we can treat it."

Standing up Sam untied the gown and let it fall to the floor. Janet turned to look at Sam and gasped at the sight of red welts as far as the eye could see. "Oh, Sam, you weren't kidding." Moving around the blonde Janet couldn't believe how much of her skin's surface was covered.

Meanwhile, Sam was busy slathering every spot she could reach with the steroid cream. "Yeah, I'm just glad it's not poison ivy itchy. I think you'd have to sedate me if that were the case." Contorting her body in order to reach as much as she could Sam added, "How are the guys making out? I imagine the Colonel is being difficult."

"Actually, I've given their care over to Warner. The Colonel was more than happy to show me just how far reaching his rash was." Chuckling, she added, "And Daniel… well, he is incredibly shy so I thought it best to hand them off." Noticing Sam's struggle with the cream Janet took it from her. "Here, let me get the rest for you."

Standing perfectly still Sam did her best not to moan as Janet began rubbing the cream onto her back. "Th…thanks, I couldn't reach…" She was struck momentarily speechless as Janet began to move lower. "That's good, I think that's got my everywhere covered."

"Alright Major, I'm going to take these samples to the lab and see if I can figure out what makes them tick." Gathering up her samples and the rest of her detritus Janet headed toward the door. "Try and relax, and no scratching."

It was well into the night when General Hammond made his way to the lab to check on his CMO's progress in determining the cause, cure and/or contagion level of the rash currently afflicting SG1. He found the good Doctor poring over notes and computer simulations, and he knew she'd stay there for days if he didn't pull rank and order her to rest and eat. "Doctor Fraiser, you've been at this for long enough, I'm ordering you to have a meal and get some bunk time in. You can get back to it at O-600 hours and not one minute sooner."

"But General…" Seeing the stern look and rigid posture of the man before her, Janet acquiesced. "Alright, sir… I wasn't really making any headway. This is one very stubborn little bugger." Running her hand through her hair she continued, "There's no obvious pattern, I don't know if it's an allergy, infection or simply contact with an irritant. I've taken samples from all three of them and am in the process of completing a set of assays on them." Blowing out her frustration Janet shut things down for the night. "I feel bad for SG1, I can't imagine what they're feeling. But looking at this with a fresh set of eyes might be best."

"You're right, Doctor, and we are all doing everything we can to make them comfortable while we look for answers. At least they're here with us and in one piece this time."

"You are so right about that, General. Well, goodnight then Sir."

"Goodnight, Doctor," Hammond said as he gave the exhausted woman a stern look. "I don't expect to see you here until O-600 at the earliest. That's an order."

It had been a few days now and Janet was no closer to finding a cure for this rash. She couldn't even determine origin. It was extremely frustrating and everyone on base was feeling the pressure. The SG team was now allowed to interact with one another but that was as far as it went until they knew for sure that the rash wasn't contagious.

"So, Danny, when's our next groping session?" Colonel O'Neil asked with a smirk.

"Groping session?" Sam looked from Jack to Daniel awaiting an answer.

"Yeah, Carter, doesn't the Doc check your, you know, parts when you get your daily physical?"

Blushing, even though it was hard to tell with the rash, Sam chose not to answer. It looked like Jack was about to press the issue when the intercom buzzed. Save by the buzzer…

"Good morning, everyone." Janet's voice came over the intercom. "I wish I had better news for you, but I think I've hit a wall."

General Hammonds voice broke in as Janet was having difficulty continuing. "We've contacted the Cleisians and have been in negotiations with them for information or for the cure. They refused to provide us with the cure but they have agreed to administer the cure to all of you. You'll need to return to their planet."

Upon hearing that, Jack quickly jumped to his feet. "Whoa, there, General, how do we know they'll cure us if we go back there?"

"We have to take their word for it, Colonel. There doesn't seem to be an alternative other than remaining in quarantine indefinitely."

A silence settled over the group as the futility of the situation was made even more real.

"You'll be leaving at O-800." Looking out at the reddened faces of his best team, the General said a silent prayer that this would work out for everyone. "I know all of you have questions. Unfortunately, we don't know much about the cure, other than it will take two full days. Doctor Fraiser has been in contact with the Cleisian healers but they are not being very forthcoming. We'll just have to hope for the best."

"Absolutely not, Doctor! You will not accompany SG1 to the planet!" General Hammond spoke with resolve. There was no way he was going to expose another member of his staff to this unknown contagion.

"General, I am a leading virologist and I can't put a dent in this rash. The Cleisians are not going to hand me step-by-step instruction on the treatment of this, this… whatever it is." Exasperation was quickly setting in and Janet knew she had to find a way to get the General to agree to allow her to go. "I fully understand that I will contract the rash, but I will also receive the cure. If I can experience both the symptoms and the cure for this, I might be able to figure it out."

"I'm sorry Doctor, but I can not knowingly allow a member of my staff to put their life in danger without a good reason."

"That's just it. I have a good reason, General. I might be able to reverse-engineer whatever treatment the Cleisians use. Even if this disease never reaches Earth the treatment might be useable for other, similar diseases." Seeing the slight softening in the General's stance, Janet pressed on. "There are so many possibilities here, General. I can't turn my back on this opportunity. Besides, with my expertise in virology and my medical knowledge I would be able to determine if the Cleisians were affecting a cure or not." Bingo!

"Very well, Doctor, you've made your case. Now don't make me regret my decision."

The whoosh of the Stargate heralded the arrival of the SG1 team—well, the slightly altered team, as Doctor Janet Fraiser took the place of Teal'c on this particular mission. They were met by a small contingent of Cleisians and were led to a room and motioned to the chairs that flanked a large table. Taking their seats, they awaited further instruction and the commencement of their treatment.

"So, Doc, feeling a little itchy?" Colonel O'Neill quipped as he noticed the quickly spreading redness that matched the one he saw on his own face every morning.

"Jack!" Daniel gasped, not believing the audacity of the Colonel's remark.

"Hey… I'm just saying it looks like the good Doctor is joining the ranks of the rashed ones."

"It's alright, Doctor Jackson, I'll just keep the Colonel's cheekiness in mind when he has his next physical."

Just as the Colonel was about to plead his case, the door opened and a different set of Cleisians entered. They were a humanoid race that seemed to be living in what could be considered archaic Greek times. From what Doctor Jackson was able to discern, they were a peaceful race that took pride in their art. Sculptors, painters and poets made up most of the population and those who were less skilled would assist the masters. It was a fascinating world and the good doctor regretted having to cut short his research because of the rash. He hoped he'd have the opportunity to continue his study once they put all of this behind them. He had managed to snap a few photos of one of the monoliths and had spent his quarantine time working on translating them. It appeared to be Attic Greek which was a fairly difficult language to master. So far he'd managed to translate, with some confidence, only a few words… SOMEONE WHO LIKES TO hurt, or harm or something along those lines, and HAVE A QUIET MIND. He hoped to complete it when he got back to earth.

"Greeting, I am Alcaeus of the Cleisians. I will be overseeing your cleansing." Motioning toward the people standing at the back of the room, he continued, "You will each be assigned an Attendant to assist you through the process."

Taking that as an opportunity to ask some questions, Doctor Fraiser did so. "Alcaeus, what exactly does this, cleansing I believe you called it, entail?"

"Doctor Fraiser, as you are aware, our atmosphere has a high level of certain plant-based oils that, if not given preventative treatment, will cause the rash you have all developed. Had we been aware of your… visit, we would have provided this treatment."

Upon hearing this, Sam frowned as she asked. "If you could have given a preventative treatment, then why didn't Doctor Fraiser get this treatment?"

"We offered to allow her to accompany you and receive the treatment so that she could simply observe the cleansing, but she asked that she be allowed to contract the rash so that she could better understand it."

"Wow, Doc, taking one in the name of science… you've got cajones that's for sure." Jack chuckled in disbelief.

Ignoring the Colonel's quip, Janet turned her attention back to Alcaeus. "Please continue with your description of the procedure."

"Of course. You will be taken to 80-Sappho, an island just off the coast, where we facilitate healing. We can place you all into one room, or split you up as you see fit. What would you desire?"

"I'd desire not to have gotten this stinkin' rash in the first place." Colonel O'Neill smirked as he scratched his neck.

"Pay him no mind, Alcaeus, he's just a bit grouchy from all the scratching." Sam rolled her eyes at the Colonel. "Why don't your put Doctor Fraiser and I together and Colonel O'Neill with Doctor Jackson?"

"Very well." Gesturing toward the four Cleisians, he called them forward. "Major Carter and Doctor Fraiser, your attendants will be Pindar and Gyrinna." Pleasantries were exchanged and Alcaeus turned toward Jack and Daniel. "Colonel O'Neill and Doctor Jackson, you will be attended by Charmides and Phaedrus."

"Alright, Charming… Freddie… let's roll." Jack turned and walked toward the door turning when he realized he was alone. "Come on, people, the end of grouchy Jack awaits."

The group exited the building and was led through the streets to the seaport where they boarded a small boat. In less than ten minutes they docked at a beautiful, lush island, dotted with cottage-like buildings along one main thoroughfare. The women went to the far left cottage and the men to the far right. Each group walked into identical rooms with a large pool, an area replete with cushions and pillows, and a small ensuite. At one end of the room a table was set with a large urn and a pair of goblets. A tray with what appeared to be some kind of pastry also sat upon the table. Pindar was tossing small packets into the pool and soon the scent of herbs and flowers permeated the room. Gyrinna came to stand in front of Sam and Janet. "Please remove all of your clothing and enter the pool."

"Excuse me! I usually get taken out to dinner at least once before I get a request like that."

"Jack, let's just do what they ask and get this treatment going. I don't know about you but my clothes are kind of chaffing me."

"Fine. Let's go skinny dipping, Danny boy!"

After removing their clothes, both men sat in the pool and relaxed. Charmides knelt by the side of the pool and offered each of the men a goblet. "Please be sure you finish the contents of this goblet so you can avoid dehydration."

Accepting the goblets, they began sipping the contents without asking a single question.

Gyrinna had no such luck as Janet asked, "What exactly is in this drink and why would we need to worry about dehydration?"

"It is an infusion of herbs and fruit extracts, that is all that I know. As for the dehydration, the temperature of the room will slowly increase over the next 24 of your hours. This will facilitate the leeching of the oils causing this rash, and periodic visits to this pool will wash them away. I hope this puts your mind at ease."

"Exactly how high will the temperature get?" Sam wished to know.

"I assure you, the temperature will not reach levels that are dangerous. Pindar and I will also make occasional visits to refresh the herbs in the pool and refill the urn and tray."

After soaking in the bath, both men refilled their goblets and moved to the cushions and pillows. The temperature in the room was causing them both to sweat and they were also feeling a bit… odd. Conversation had ceased a bit ago and now they each were trying very hard to find something to say. Jack noticed that Daniel was holding a pillow tightly over his groin area and somehow he found himself very curious about just what he suspected was under that pillow. Slowly Jack reached over and, grabbing Daniel's wrist, pulled his hand and the pillow away.

Sam and Janet found themselves in a similar predicament as the conversation waned. Sam found that she could no longer look at Janet without feeling a tingling in her belly. Janet had no such reservations and continued her open and obvious appraisal of Sam. Her appraisal is what led her to take action; she knew Sam was feeling something, could see the signs of arousal in the blonde. Taking a healthy swig from her goblet, Janet moved to kneel in front of Sam. Reaching out, she cupped the blonde's cheek. "Please, Sam, look at me." Slowly Sam raised her eyes. "You feel it too, don't you? This connection I think we've always had…"

"Yeah, only it's ten times stronger right now, Janet, and I don't think I can control it."

Desire-darkened blue eyes bore into Janet and she shivered. "Then don't."

It was all the permission Sam needed as Janet found herself suddenly on her back in the nest of pillows. Sam hovered over her, touching first with her eyes, then her hands, and finally her mouth…

Over the course of the 48-hour cleansing Pindar and Gyrinna visited every 8 hours to refresh the herbs in the pool and replenish the supply of tea and cakes. Each time they smiled at the two women so obviously enjoying each other. They also took note of the receding rash and, after 24 hours had passed, altered the herbs and tea and began to slowly lower the temperature in preparation for the return of the earthers to their planet. At this time the Major and the Doctor were lying intertwined on the cushions fast asleep. While Pindar refreshed the herbs in the pool Gyrinna placed the tray of cakes and two goblets of tea at the edge of the cushions so that the women would be sure to see it and drink and eat.

Some time later Sam awoke to the sensation of a hot mouth covering her right nipple and small, yet powerful fingers pinching her left. Gasping at the combined sensations she opened her eyes to find herself trapped in blazing brown orbs as Janet continued her assault on Sam's breasts. Removing her mouth from its happy task Janet spoke. "I never thought you'd wake up sleepyhead. I just lay here staring at you and I couldn't wait any longer."

"God Janet… I really don't mind what you were doing."

With that Janet returned to her task, only this time her left hand traveled down the flat plain of Sam's stomach to slip between her legs and into her heat. It wasn't long before Sam was pushed over the edge and as she recovered she thought about all the ways she planned to return the favor.

Janet, upon noticing the cakes and tea, turned to Sam. "Looks like our attendants paid a visit. I'm feeling a bit parched so I'm sure you are. We really should drink more of this tea. Dehydration is not a pretty thing."

"Nope it's not. But you certainly are."

Caught off-guard by that Janet found herself blushing. Something she hadn't done in… well a very long time. "Oh Sam, the things you make me feel…"

A naked Sam was lounging against a large pillow reveling in the sight of an equally naked Janet. She could hardly believe what was happening… she expected to be undergoing some sort of medical procedure but instead she found herself essentially enjoying a spa-like experience with a woman she had considered an unattainable dream.

Janet was feeling a similar euphoria. From the moment she laid eyes on the good Major she hoped for a day when she might breach the protocols placed on those who serve. But she knew the reality of the situation and knew that Sam was dyed in the wool military. Somehow they'd managed to move beyond those strictures and instead give way to their truest feelings. Her brow furrowed at that thought, how was it possible? It seemed so easy – too easy. The analytical wheels began spinning as Janet tried to make sense of the situation. She realized she was thinking more clearly now and perhaps there was something clouding her judgment. Lifting the goblet to her lips to take another sip she stared at the contents… Could it be? Could there be something in this drink or those cakes that lowered inhibitions or caused false emotions?


Looking up at the petite redhead Sam smiled brightly at her. "What can I do for you Janet?" She asked quite saucily.

Feeling a shiver of arousal at the obvious come on Janet shook it off as best she could. She needed to try and clear her head because she needed to speak to Sam. Needed to know what Sam's thought on the matter might be. If this was just a side effect of the treatment what happens when it's over?

"How are you feeling?"

"I feel amazing, never better, I am floating on a cloud. Why, aren't you?" Sam asked with just a hint of fear and confusion creeping into her voice.

"Yes, oh Sam yes, of course I feel the same but I was just thinking…" She looked at Sam trying to convey the seriousness of this conversation. "I couldn't help but wonder how this happened so quickly. I can't speak for you but I've had feelings for you for quite some time." Running her hand through her hair Janet continued. "I kept those feeling at bay because, well, I didn't think you returned my feelings."

"Oh Janet, that's not true! I wanted you the moment I laid eyes on you." Sam was emphatically trying to reassure Janet of her honest feelings. "I just didn't think you were gay."

"That's just it… why did we both all of a sudden decide to let all those reservation go and give in to our feelings?" Lifting the goblet up towards Sam she elaborated. "I can't help but wonder if there was something in this beverage, those cakes, or even the herbs in the pool that made it easier for us."

Sam lifted her own goblet up and sniffed the contents. "Wow, Janet, I suppose that's possible. And to be honest I don't feel quite as, umm, you know… out of control as I did before. But I assure you my feelings haven't changed and I will do everything in my power to make it work when we get back to earth." Not getting a response to her declaration Sam looked up into a tear-streaked face. "Oh, sweetheart, please don't cry"

"God Sam I love you. I. Love. You."

Suddenly Sam found her lap full of very appreciative Doctor and she was enjoying every minute of it as Janet showered her with kisses. Before long her kisses slowed and became more deliberate, more focused, as she kissed her way down over breasts and belly before reaching her ultimate goal. Sam leaned back on her arms as she watched the redhead make her descent and closed her eyes to enjoy the many talents of one Janet Fraiser. The pair made love for hours knowing their judgment wasn't clouded by anything - they'd merely been given an opportunity to explore something they both wanted.

When Pindar and Gyrinna returned at the 40th hour they found the two women in conversation. Glad that they didn't need to interrupt more intimate behavior they made their way over to them. "Good evening Major, Doctor. We have brought you some clothing to wear for your return to your planet. Your cleansing is complete and your final eight hours start now. We have brought something more substantial for you to eat and will return in the morning to see you back to the mainland."

Janet smiled at the two women. "Thank you both for being so, well, attentive. And for being discreet as well."

"We were most pleased to witness love so strong and pure and we both wish you many years of joy." Pindar remarked.

"Thank you for those wishes." Sam smiled. "We're glad that the cleansing was successful and even though we've enjoyed much of our stay here we look forward to going home."

Gyrinna smiled at that. "A good rest to you both then. We will see you in the morning."

The morning was bright and the mood was light as each member of the SG team prepared to return to earth. Rashes cured, everyone was in a particularly good frame of mind. Of course there were other reasons for the smiles on all four faces, but that was definitely not for public consumption.

"Let's go Danny boy, time to head home." Jack said as he stretched and adjusted his clothing. "Never thought I'd feel uncomfortable in my uniform but being naked for 48 straight hours kinda altered my opinion a bit."

Daniel was feeling a bit freaked out at Jack's obvious disregard for the situation. "Um, Jack… when we get back…"

"Don't worry D… what happens in Cleis stays in Cleis."

Finally meeting up with Sam and Janet at the dock for their journey home, Jack and Daniel greeted them. "Hey, you two. Looking much less red and itchy these days."

"Hey, Sam… Janet."

"Hey, Daniel. Yes, Sir, I'm only itching to get back on base."

"Oh, no. What have they done to you, Carter! That sounded suspiciously like a joke."

"Yes, Colonel, that it did," Janet agreed. "I guess a little R&R was just what she needed to get in touch with her inner jokester."

"Hey, although I must admit it was really a wonderful experience," Sam confessed dreamily.

"Mmm, yeah, Carter. Almost makes me want to get that rash again."

"I wouldn't advise that, Colonel," Janet admonished him. "Besides, there are plenty of perfectly good spas in the area."

Nodding his head, Jack agreed. "True, Doc. But somehow I just don't think it would be the same." Placing his hand on Daniel's shoulder, he turns toward the door. "Let's go, Daniel. I hear some fish calling my name."

Blushing slightly, Daniel simply waved at the two staring woman and followed Jack out the door.

Turning away from the retreating pair, Sam and Janet looked at each other in confusion. "You don't think…"

"Nah… Not Jack and…"


Simultaneously: "Oh my!"

The End

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