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Situation Normal...
By Geonn


Sam sorted the mail as she headed upstairs. Lieutenant... no, she was a Captain now... God, that would take some getting used to... Hailey's car was parked in the driveway. Cassandra had been toying with the idea of entering basic, following her mother's footsteps. Sam had initially joked with her - "You can't take my orders to clean your room, how are you going to handle a drill sergeant?" - but became her ultimate supporter when she realized Cassie was serious about it.

Sam had put Cassandra in contact with Captain Hailey to discuss the rigors of getting through the Academy, basic training and the like. Sam was happy to see the girls seemed to genuinely like one another; there was no real reason for Hailey to drop by two or three times a week, but they seemed to be fast friends.

She separated her mail from Cassandra's and knocked on her bedroom door. As she opened the door, she said, "Cassandra. You have a letter from Nana and Pop--"

There was a flurry of movement on the bed. Sam's heart froze, and she drew in an extremely cold breath. She'd been in this situation, sure. But never on the decidedly less-fun side. Her face went pale and she saw everything; Hailey's unbuttoned blouse, Cassandra's unbuttoned and unzipped jeans, the smeared lipstick and the wild, loose hair that could only be produced by raking fingers. "Shit," Hailey cursed, holding her blouse together with one hand as she furiously wiped her fingers back and forth on the sheet.

Not happening, not happening, not happening, not happening, not happening, Sam said to herself. "Luh," Sam said. "Um. L-letter." She held up the mail, felt blood rush back into her face like a burning wave, and looked at the ceiling. "Um..." she said. She turned and left the bedroom, slamming the door shut behind her.

She leaned against the wall and covered her eyes with both hands. Shit, shit, shit, shit. She had not just walked in on that. She had not just seen that. Cassandra wasn't sexually active. Shit!

Through the wall, she could hear whispered voices and the squeak of bedsprings. She fled, hurrying downstairs where the sounds couldn't reach her.

When Janet gets home, she'll...

Sam was hit in the gut.

Two damn years and she was still lying to herself. She closed her eyes and realized she would have to deal with this alone. She gripped the railing and went downstairs calmly, traveling into the living room like she was being pulled by an invisible leash. She dropped onto the couch, rested her hands on her knees and stared at the armchair across the room.

Janet was draped across Sam's lap, her head on Sam's shoulder. Sam had nearly fallen asleep watching the candle dance on the table. Janet had undone one button on Sam's blouse and now had her hand against the warmth of her stomach. Wool socks and a thick blanket protected them from the cold of the night.

Sam had unbuttoned Janet's jeans and was brushing her fingertip against the lacy top of Janet's underwear. "Stop," Janet breathed. She squirmed closer to Sam's shoulder.

"The blanket will cover us." She kissed the shell of Janet's ear.

"Let's just go upstairs."

Sam put her hand inside Janet's pants. "Shh," Sam whispered.

"Oh, Sam, you whore..."

Sam giggled and bit Janet's earlobe. Her hand slipped under Janet's panties and touched her. Janet sighed and tilted her head back. "Well, if you're going to force me, you can at least kiss my neck."

"Right here?" Sam asked, kissing Janet in a known sweet spot. Her fingers traced the wet lips of Janet's pussy, split and then spread them apart. "Mm," she sucked on Janet's neck. Janet twisted her hips to give Sam more room to maneuver.

"Take me upstairs," Janet whispered.

"Come first," Sam insisted.

"I'll take off my jeans," Janet whispered. She turned her head and kissed Sam's lips. "I'll strip for you. Slow. I'll give you a lap dance... I'll put on my to-oy..."

"Come first," Sam said. Her smile was evil, insistent, undeniable. Janet groaned and thrust her hips against Sam's hand. Sam moved her lips to Janet's ear and said, "I'll let you take over upstairs. Throw me down, tear my clothes off... whatever you want. Just come for me. Come for me right here in this chair, Janet, come on my hand..."

"Sam," Janet gasped.

"Yes, Janet..."

"No. Sam."

Sam opened her eyes, saw the frantic look of horror on her face and turned to look at the stairway. The upstairs light was on, but there was nothing that she could see. Before she could ask, Janet hissed, "Shit. Cassandra was just standing there." She buried her face into Sam's shirt and said, "I'm pretty sure she knew what we were doing."

"But the blanket," Sam said.

"It's a blanket, Sam, not a bedroom door." She raised her eyebrows, making her point.

"All right," Sam said. "Let's go upstairs."

"No, wait," Janet said, pushing her ass into Sam's thighs. "Finish. If I try to walk now, I'll come in my jeans. No sense wasting a good orgasm." She put her hand back into Sam's shirt and leaned back, rocking her hips gently against Sam's probing hand. Sam bent down and kissed Janet again.

"I'm sorry Cass saw us," she whispered.

"S'okay," Janet panted. She was very close now; she grabbed Sam's wrist with her free hand, squeezed her eyes closed and grunted quietly. "But... when she starts... having sex? You're... oh! Oh, Sam..." Sam pressed tighter and Janet trembled. Janet pressed her face against Sam's and finished her thought, "You are having the sex talk with her."

Sam smiled and said, "Deal."

She refastened Janet's jeans, threw the blanket aside and picked her up. She carried Janet to the stairs and said, "If I have the sex talk later, will you talk sexy to me tonight?"

Janet laughed and slipped her hand deeper into Sam's shirt.

"Looks like you got your wish, honey," Sam murmured.

A door opened upstairs and Sam turned to look towards the front of the house. Hailey came downstairs first and glanced into the living room. Sam's gaze froze her like a deer in the crosshairs, her hair once again pulled back in a neat bun. She cleared her throat and straightened her posture. "Colonel."

"Captain," Sam said.

They stood for a while in silence until Hailey motioned at the door. "Permission to..."

"God, yes," Sam sighed.

Hailey fled the house.

A few minutes later, Cassandra came downstairs. She hesitated at the living room door and tried to gauge Sam's anger. She toyed with the hem of her shirt, chewed her bottom lip and tapped the toe of her right shoe with the heel of her left. "You gonna say something?"

Sam looked at Cassandra and saw the frightened little girl hiding in tall grass. The little girl hiding in the bunker. She wondered when she'd stopped paying attention, but Cassandra was an adult now. Joining the Air Force, in a sexual relationship... she should have seen this coming. She managed a smile. "My Dad asked me if I used protection. I guess that's not as much as a problem here, is it?"

Cassandra blushed and finally breached the living room. She took a seat on the couch, as far from Sam as she could get, and clasped her hands between her knees. Sam leaned back and ran her thumb over her lip. The clock was ticking loudly. Sam glared at it and said, "Has that clock always been so damn loud?"

Cassandra smiled nervously and shrugged.

Sam crossed her legs and leaned back. "So you two are..."


Sam nodded. "How long?"

"Since you introduced us, I guess. I mean, the first time we met, it was like..."

"...like you skipped your feet across the carpet and shocked me."

"...electric. You know?"

"I do," Sam whispered. "Look, Cass, I just... I don't want you to get in over your head."

"I know."

"And... God. Look, I'm not going to say not to have sex. God knows you held out longer than I did." She held up her hand and said, "And please, if that wasn't your first time, let me live in ignorance. Please, babe."

Cassandra nodded and Sam scratched the back of her head. "Just be careful. Okay? Just because you can't get pregnant doesn't mean you're completely safe from everything."

"I know," Cassandra said.

"If you want to talk, just find me. Call me, send me an email, knock on my door, whatever you need. I'm here for you. I've been through it all before, and I'm here for you."

"Okay." She motioned at the door. "Jen is waiting to take me to dinner. Do you want to come with us and..."

"God, no," Sam interrupted. "Go. Have fun on your date."

"Thank you." She stood and paused. "And for the record, I knew Jennifer was a good person when I met her. She reminds me of you. After I started to fall for her, I realized that all the boys I knew in high school... I was just trying to find the same kind of happiness you and Mom had."

Sam stood and kissed the top of Cassandra's head. "I really hope you find it, honey. Go on. And don't stay out too late."

"I'll bring you back a slice if we go for pizza."

Cassandra went outside and Sam stood. She got to the door just as Hailey's car pulled from the driveway. Sam leaned against the doorframe and closed her eyes. She remembered the night Janet had assigned her the sex talk. She remembered the smell of Janet's shampoo, the taste on her tongue of sweat and sex. She kissed Janet's eyelids and had said, "You really think I'm the one who should talk to her about sex?"

"You'll be perfect," Janet said, her voice small and tired. "You're brilliant."

"When it comes to science or computers or... yeah, I'm smart. But love? What the hell do I know about that?"

"Enough," Janet had whispered, kissing the soft flesh under Sam's chin. "Just enough."

The End

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