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One Day
By Celievamp

Janet looked right through me. And I realised. This was not real. We were somehow still in the VR on P7J-989. This was an illusion created from the Colonel and Daniel's minds. But because the Gamekeeper's system could not read my mind, I had no input into this. The Colonel and Daniel did not know about my relationship with Janet. They did not know that the two of us could have entire conversations coded into just one look.

Janet looked right through me. She had been distant during the physical exam but I know she found it hard sometimes to put aside her feelings for me and keep her professional distance: the whole doctor patient thing. So I put it down to that. But we were fine. And she was still distant. She looked right through me. She was not my Janet. She was not real. This was not real. We were still in those awful environmental pod things in a beautiful garden on a planet at the other side of the wormhole. A long long way from home.

Before I could say anything the Colonel had also twigged from some comment the false General Hammond had made. He got up, crossed round the other side of the table and started to look behind the general's ears for `the edges of the mask'. Then Kawalsky appeared again, confirming our suspicions.

We were still a hell of a long way from home.

Janet looked right at me. And I realised. I was home. There was such love in her gaze, such relief that I was safely home. She finished examining the series of small puncture wounds across my spine, abdomen and hip where the pod's life support systems had connected to me. "There's no sign of infection and the wounds are already closing," she said. Her hand lingered for a moment, stroking across the soft skin just under my navel. "And the ultrasound was clear. No sign of any damage to your organs. I don't think I need you to stay in the Infirmary but I want you to check back with me if you start to feel overly tired or hot or get abdominal pain of any kind, okay."

"You're worried about peritonitis?" I asked.

"You been reading the medical databases again, Doctor Carter?" she smiled, gently poking me in the shoulder. "And yes, a little concerned, though there's no evidence of it at present." She took out her penlight and shone it into my eyes again, her fingers slowly caressing my cheek. "Well whatever devices were implanted in your brains have either been removed or are undetectable by any scans we have at our disposal." Her fingers touched my temple, tracing the faint bruise that was all that remained.

"Mine didn't work anyway," I said. "We figured it had something to do with Jolinar." I could not repress the shiver that ran through me at that.

Janet's fingers stilled. "There have been minor changes to you physical chemistry certainly, but nothing that would indicate…" She looked upset.

"Janet, I'm sure you didn't miss anything," I said softly. "It probably falls into that wonderful catch-all category `beyond our current medical science'."

"Ah, that wonderful phrase that I keep butting my head against," Janet smiled, but it didn't quite reach her eyes which looked wary and more than a little tired. "It's becoming the cliché of choice these days."

I laid my hand over hers for a moment. "I know," I said. And I did. Even without the level of secrecy that surrounded 90% of what I did in my lab I was working with substances and theories so esoteric that there were perhaps a handful of people on the planet would understand even if I could ever tell them. I was just so glad that Janet was one of them.

"Well, you know what I'm going to say…. Any headaches, blurriness of vision or sense distortion…"

"I'll check back with you, I promise," I said softly. Again, I wondered what the machine would have picked up from me if it could have read me. If the Colonel and Daniel's experiences were anything to go by something pretty bad like the day my mum died. Or any number of incidents during the last couple of months with Jonas. Or one of a couple of hairy moments in the Gulf. Or Jolinar… Hathor… the cell on Apophis's ship, blind and waiting to die… sitting in the bunker with Cassie….

Or I could have been lucky. A day spent with my two favourite girls out in the National Park… any one of a number of childhood memories with my mum… the moment I first saw the Gate activate and the wormhole form… a day out on the open road, just me and my bike…. Janet, making love to Janet.

An eternity of making love to Janet. The day I first made love to Janet. The day that for the first time my whole life made sense.

If the Gamekeeper had offered me that I might not have wanted to come out.

The End

"One Day" by Bjork from the album `Debut'.

one day
it will happen
one day, one day
it will all come true

one day
when you're ready
one day, one day
when you're up to it

the atmosphere
will get lighter
and two suns ready
to shine just for you

i can feel it

one day
it will happen
one day. one day
it will all make sense

one day, one day
you will blossom
one day, one day
when you're ready

an aeroplane
will curve gracefully
around the volcano
with the eruption that never lets you down

i can feel it

and the beautifullest
fireworks are burning
in the sky just for you

i can feel it

one day
one day

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