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Cossatot Means What...?
By Geonn


The helmet was roughly twice the size of Janet's head. She had to tilt her chin up and look out from beneath the edge to see the sternman as he warned them of the dangers. She tightened the strap on her helmet and made sure her life jacket was secure. Next to her, Sam was shifting from foot-to-foot in anticipation. "You excited?" Sam asked when the sternman finished his spiel.

"What did he say Cossatot meant?" Janet asked.

"Oh, I... didn't hear," Sam said evasively. Janet squinted at her but picked up her paddle nevertheless.

Sam picked up her own paddle and turned. "You sure you don't want to join us, Cass? It is your vacation!"

"No thanks," Cassandra said. "I didn't come all the way to Arkansas to die. I'll just hike with Colonel O'Neill."

"Spoil-sport," Sam said. She put her hand on the small of Janet's back and led her towards their sternman. "Now, you have gone rafting before...? The first section is a Class III rapid, so..."

"I'll be fine," Janet assured her.

The sternman said, "You ladies ready?"

"As I'll ever be," Janet said.

The bowman was already setting the canoe off the dock and they followed the sternman down. He helped Janet in, taking a moment to take in the curve of her yellow-and-pink flowered bikini bottom as he did. Sam shunned his offer of help and muttered, "Get a good enough look, pal?"

He had the good sense to look chagrined as they took their seats.

The sternman pushed them away and Sam adjusted her helmet as she put her paddle in the water. The bowman kept his paddle in the water on their port side. The two men were there only for insurance; Janet had wanted to take in the scenery and that was easier if someone else was taking responsibility for keeping them upright.

"You ladies ready for a helluva trip?"

"Hell, yeah," Sam said.

Janet made a quiet whimpering noise as she saw the waters coming up. "What does Cossatot mean?" she asked.

"Indian word!" the bowman called. "It means skull-crusher!"

Janet paled under her red helmet. "Sa-am!"

"It's only dangerous if we capsize! And we won't capsize!"

"You're darn-tootin'," the sternman said.

Janet closed her eyes and prayed.

"I thought you said we wouldn't crash!" Janet said as she hugged her knees to her chest.

"I said we wouldn't capsize," Sam said. She took off her helmet and dropped onto the stump. "And we didn't. We crashed long before we capsized."

Janet glared at her.

The sternman was standing a few feet away from the bank, scanning for the road. "I think we're about four miles from the Ed Banks Bridge. I could hoof it, bring back help. Or we could all go together..."

"No way," Janet said. "My ankle isn't going anywhere." She bent down and massaged her sock, hissing softly.

"Ma'am, no disrespect, but I think a doctor would be better..."

"She is a doctor," Sam said. "I'll stay with her. You two go get some help. We'll be fine until you get back."

"If you're sure..."

"We're sure," Janet said. "Go!"

The men slipped off into the woods and Sam leaned back. Janet took off her helmet and dropped it onto the gravel bank. She kicked it away and hissed as her ankle screamed. "Damn it."

"I am so sorry," Sam said. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine," Janet sighed. She reached out and touched Sam's knee to assure her she wasn't angry. "I just feel like a damn fool. Getting hurt like that."

"When you went under..."

Janet squeezed Sam's knee and Sam didn't finish her thought. "I'm sorry," Sam said again.

Janet laughed. "I wanted to come. And I'm glad I did. God, I'm still burning up all that adrenaline from that giant wave coming around the bend about a mile back." She brought her hand up and the fingers trembled. "I've got goosebumps..."

Sam looked down at Janet's arm and inadvertently let her eyes wander to the curve of her ass against the tree stump. She bit her lip and reached out, slipping her fingers under the drenched yellow material of Janet's bikini bottom. Janet yelped, slapped at Sam's hand and hissed, "Samantha...!"

"Come on," Sam said as she scooted closer. "We're all alone out here... you just said your adrenaline was spiking... you look so hot..." She leaned in and kissed Janet.

Janet moaned and curled her fingers in the wet hair at the nape of Sam's neck. "Mm," she sighed into Sam's mouth. "Okay," she said against the kiss. "Okay, but... I have to be on bottom."

"Deal," Sam said. She pushed Janet down and climbed on top of her.

"Ow! Fuck..."

"What," Sam gasped.

"There's a rock..."

"Oh," Sam said. She swept her hand over Janet's bare ass and rubbed the divot the pebble had left with her thumb. "Better?"

"Mm-hmm," Janet said. "Now. Get back to apologizing..."

When the instructors returned two hours later, Janet was sitting on the stump. Sam was lying on her back on the gravel, staring over the top of her head at the water. "Sorry it took so long, ladies," the bowman said. "You ladies keep busy?"

"Yep," Sam said. A paramedic came down the sloped bank and knelt next to Janet. He examined her ankle and said, "This has already been wrapped."

"Like the lady said," Janet smiled. "We kept busy." She held her hand out and Sam helped her stand. She wrapped an arm around Sam's waist and said, "Now, boys... if you wouldn't mind showing us the way out..."

The instructors led the way, followed by the EMT. Janet slid her hand down and cupped Sam's ass, which was now clad in extremely tight, extremely wet yellow-and-pink flowered bikini bottoms. She pinched Sam's right cheek and Sam squirmed uncomfortably.

"Take your punishment," Janet said under her breath.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll laugh my suffocating ass off if your panties fall down around your hurt ankle."

The three men leading the way looked back as Janet laughed.

The End

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