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SET: Season 5. Spoilers for Proving Ground.
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Shifting Ground
By Weejee

Sam and Janet sat finishing up their dinner in the SGC mess as Sam related the events of the day's exercises with the new Academy graduates selected to undergo testing to see whether they were good candidates for SG teams. The conversation took place in hushed tones as Sam was aware of the presence of the four candidates, Hailey, Elliot, Satterfield, and Grogan at another table across the mess. The two women leaned forward and spoke in conspiratorial tones under the watchful gaze of the young officers.

"She did not say that!" Janet exclaimed, trying to keep her voice down.

"I swear, she did. She said that Satterfield didn't shoot Daniel because she thinks he's cute," Sam laughed. "And I swear I heard Satterfield mutter that Hailey didn't shoot because she thinks I'm cute."

"Well, we knew she was smart," Janet smiled, glancing over at Hailey, "but if she knows what's good for her, she'll admire you from afar." She couldn't help but notice that Hailey had been looking and turned away quickly when their eyes met.

"Ooohh," Sam whispered. "I like the jealously."

"You're mine, Major. And don't you forget it."

Sam turned her attention to the blue jello before her, smiling at the emergence of Janet's possessive streak and thinking of a retort when their playful banter was interrupted by the arrival of Colonel O'Neill.

"Colonel," Sam began, "I thought you'd gone home for the night."

"I thought about it," Jack replied, taking a seat at their table and grimacing, "but I wanted to finish up these training reports.

"Well, that's my cue," Janet said, standing and gathering her tray and winking slyly at Sam. "I'll see you two later."

"See ya, Doc." Jack started in on his dinner as Sam turned her attention again to her jello and the two discussed the new recruits. Sam smiled as Jack picked apart Elliot, Satterfield and Grogan in quick succession.

"Then there's Hailey."

"Oh yeah," Jack grinned. "Four-foot nine fightin' machine."

"Colonel," Sam smiled, trying to admonish him for his sarcasm, but failing in the face of his humor.

"Alright, fine. They're the future of the Air Force, the Program, the planet, god help us."

"Try to remember when you were in their shoes," Sam suggested, amused by his refusal to give the young officers a chance.

"I wore boots."

Sam tried again, hoping he wouldn't be offended by her reformulation. "Think back to when you were their age."

Jack paused. "I was never their age."

Sam shook her head in mock annoyance.

"I'll tell you something," Jack said through a mouthful of food, glancing over at Hailey. "Four-foot nine wouldn't mind replacing five-foot two."

Sam almost choked on her jello. "Sir?" she managed to squeak out.

"Aw come on, Carter, I've seen the way she looks at you."

"Who, sir?" Sam replied, beginning to get worried.

"Well, Hailey. And Frasier." He took another bite of his food, ignoring the blush spreading across Sam's face. "And lots of other people," he muttered.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about, sir," Sam said, trying to get control of the situation and feeling the solid ground she had worked so hard to maintain shifting beneath her.

"Forget it, Carter, no need to duck this. One thing I know for sure is that life's too short not to take happiness where we find it." He moved on to his jello. "She makes you happy, right?"

Sam shook her head as if to wake herself from a dream. "I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you."


"Yes," Sam said finally, unable to contain a smile. "She makes me very happy."

"Good," Jack responded, taking the last bite of jello. "I like the Doc. Don't trade her in anytime soon - and certainly not for four-foot nine over there." He glared at Hailey, who had been sneaking glances at Sam again.

"Don't worry, sir. I have no plans to trade her in at all."

Jack gathered up his dishes and tray and stood. "Good. My work here is done."

Sam sat in stunned silence, finally turning to finish her jello and trying not to notice Lieutenant Hailey's gaze.

"He did not say that!" Janet exclaimed, grabbing Sam's arms, pinning them to the bed above her head and straddling her hips.

"I swear, he did. He said not to trade you in because he likes you."

"Well, I never thought I'd tell you to take Jack O'Neill's advice on relationships, but I find I must agree with him on this."

Sam laughed. "Yep, that's a first."

"How could you even consider Lieutenant Jennifer Hailey," Janet said, her eyes narrowed and her hands gripping Sam's arms tightly."

"What?" Sam cried, struggling against Janet's hold, both of them knowing that she could break it any time she chose. "I never. She's so young." An evil grin crossed Sam's features. "And short."

"I see," Janet said as she let go of Sam's arms but remained atop her. "So, you don't like short air force officers?"

Sam took the opening, flipped Janet onto her back and spread her exposed body across naked flesh. "There's one short air force officer who's caught my eye."

"Oh really," Janet said, still pretending to be annoyed. "Do tell."

"Oh, I don't think words can do justice in this case." Sam planted a kiss on Janet's neck. " I'll have to offer some other sort of proof."

Janet tried to reign in her immediate response to Sam's touch in an attempt to maintain the pretense of anger, but failed. "Well, I hope you're up to the test, Major," she whispered between sighs of pleasure.

"Oh, I assure you, I am."

The End

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