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Good News
By Olli


"Can you explain it again?" Colonel O'Neill asked for the fourth or fith time and Daniel Jackson took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose, frustrated.

Breathing deeply he put his glasses back on and started again. "See, Jack. Four weeks ago on P4X-593 Sam and Janet walked into that building that once must have been a research facility. Okay?"

O'Neill nodded. "Okay."

"Sam started to snoop around..."

"Who woulda thunk it!" O'Neill interrupted.

Daniel ignored him and continued. "She triggered one of these old machineries to life..."

"What else!" O'Neill quipped.

Daniel ignored him, again. "...and they were both enveloped in this bright, big, white beam of light, okay?" Daniel spread his arms as wide as he could to show how big the beam had been.

"Okay." O'Neill nodded.

Now came the complicated part Daniel knew. "Because of this really, really bright beam of light a phase oscillation had occured which changed the electromagnentic..."

"Eh!" O'Neill lifted his hand stopping Daniel's explanation.

Again Daniel took off his glasses, pinched the bridge of his nose and looked frustrated.

"Okay." O'Neill scratched his scalp. "Because of this... This beam..."

"Because of this beam, O'Neill," Teal'c rumbled, trying to support Daniel. "Major Carter became pregnant with a child fathered by Doctor Fraiser."

"Okay." O'Neill declared. "But how..."

In resignation Daniel and Teal'c looked at each other and Daniel, again, took off his glasses to pinch the bridge of his nose.

Sam Carter sat in a hospital gown on a bed in the infirmary and let her bare feet dangle. Calmly she waited. At the other end of the room she saw Janet, Dr. Warner, the SGC shrink MacKenzie and General Hammond standing closely and talking quietly. Finally, they looked at her and then Janet and Warner looked at the clipboards in their hands and again at her. Then the group walked over to her.

"Major Carter," Warner greeted her. Since Janet was involved in the situation, too, the greyhaired, grumpy man was in charge of the case. "It is confirmed. You are pregnant and Dr. Fraiser is the donator of the genetic material that generated your pregnancy."

"Thank you for your kind words, Dr. Warner," Sam snapped at him. It was not new for her. The nausea had started a few days ago and finally Janet had taken her to the infirmary for a full check-up. At first neither of the two women could believe the test results but finally it was undeniable. While Janet had informed General Hammond and Dr. Warner, Sam had the time to get used to the idea of having a baby. It was the way Warner had told her that annoyed the hell out of her.

"Major, you are on light duty for now. No off-world missions anymore and I want you to listen to your doctor's advice." General Hammond said, still a little confused about the whole situation. This was for sure one of the weirder events that ever had happened in the SGC. He had to explain to the President not only how a woman could become pregnant by another woman but that these two women were in an intimate relationship for almost six years now and he had known nothing about.

"General..." Sam started but Janet stopped her with a lifted hand and a glare.

"Sam, don't start this again. We already had this discussion." They had indeed and Janet had made clear certain things like a balanced diet, no working days of sixteen hours and more, no motor-biking anymore are mandatory from now on. Janet had never thought about having a baby - not at this point of her career. But from one second to the next everything had changed. To be honest, she had already thought about getting her old baby stuff from her mother but how should she explain who was carrying the baby and why without violating secrecy…

Sam slumped a little and relaxed. "Alright, Jan," she mumbled. At least Janet would be her doctor. Sam had insisted on it.

"Okay..." Suddenly Janet was interrupted by the klaxons announcing a gate activation.

As if there was anything to see everyone looked up at the speaker at the ceiling. "Tokra code confirmed. Opening iris," Sergeant Harriman's voice came over the speaker and everyone relaxed. Hammond walked to the nearest phone and spoke quietly for a moment.

Janet used the chance to explain prenatal exercise to Sam that made the blonde scowl.

As they discussed the need for counseling with MacKenzie, suddenly Jacob Carter rushed into the infirmary with O'Neill, Daniel and Teal'c hot on his heels. "Sam. George. Dr. Fraiser," he greeted and nooded at Warner and MacKenzie. "What happened? I've been told there was an incident." He looked his daughter up and down searching for injuries.

The old general registered the sudden change of mood in the room and saw Sam and Janet looking at each other uncomfortably. "Sam?"

Sam looked him straight in the eyes and dropped the bomb. "Dad, I'm pregnant."

After some more talking Sam got dressed and all of them gathered in the conference room above the gate room.

Jacob Carter approached his daughter and looked thoughtfully at her. Sam stood her ground and waited patiently for what ever would happen now. In the infirmary the old general had stood speechless until they had left. "You know, kid, since I joined the Tokra I've seen a lot of odd things." He smiled and drew his daughter in a tight hug. After a few moments he placed a kiss on Sam's temple and let go of a beaming blonde. "Who had ever thought I will become a grandfather?" He turned to Janet.

She couldn't resist but squirm under the old man's firm gaze. "Sir..."

"Janet," he interrupted. "I think you should start calling me 'Jacob'." He smiled and hugged the petite doctor, too. Then he turned to the others. "And should anyone around here start calling me 'Grampy'," he glared at O'Neill who looked innocent, "I swear I'll kick their butts straight into orbit."

"Well, I don't think we want that to happen," Hammond stateted grinning.

"So, it's settled?" Hammond looked around and O'Neill, Daniel, Teal'c, Jacob Carter, Warner and MacKenzie nodded more or less enthusiastic. Sam and Janet, hands clapsed above the table, agreed, too.

Hammond frowned at the two women and they released their hands. After some tough discussing with the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff the decision had been made that Sam and Janet would not be kicked out of the Air Force or even reassigned to other posts away from each other.

The support Hammond, O'Neill and Daniel had offered had been a great help but everyone knew that Teal'c and Jacob Carter had tipped the scales. Teal'c speaking for the renegade Jaffa and Jacob for the Tokra had made it clear that they and for sure half a dozen other alien goverments or organisations would be more than happy to have two such brilliant scientists like Sam and Janet working for them. Pondering that the President finally had decided that the Air Force could ignore something like a private relationship.

So the President had decided that, as long as their relationship will be kept completely out of the job, they can stay at the SGC. Finally the President had wished the two soon-to-be-mothers well and cut the line.

Everyone stood and Warner and MacKenzie left.

O'Neill shouldered Teal'c. "So, big fella. How your skills as craftsman?"

Questioningly the huge Jaffa lifted an eyebrow.

"After all we have to build a crib," O'Neill stated matter of factly.

"Indeed, O'Neill."

"Fine. Daniel, you can do the painting. Alright?"

"Ah, okay."

"And what about me, oh great commander?" Jacob crossed his arms in front of his chest giving a mock glare at the Colonel.

O'Neill looked at the older man like he was a little child. "Helping your daughter moving her stuff to Janet's, of course."

"Of course," Jacob replied deadpanned.

"Ahm, Colonel," Sam began. "You really don't need to..."

"Eh," O'Neill interupted. He pointed his finger at Sam and Janet. "You two are going to tell Cassie about getting a little sister."

"Oh, frak." Sam stated, causing a frown from Janet. But finally both women realized that he was right. They had to tell Cassie.

O'Neill slapped his hands. "Alright. Any questions? No? Then troop out, gang. Ah, with our permission, sir." He looked at Hammond.

The commander of the SGC did nothing but turn grinning to his office waving them off.

The End

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